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JUNE 2023

Kiev Admits Russia Has Evidences of Sabotage Attempt in Crimea

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Ukrainian security agencies admit that Russia will have ‘what’ and ‘whom’ to show the Western interlocutors, when they will ask evidences of Crimean sabotage attempt.

Kiev Admits Russia Has Evidences of Sabotage Attempt in Crimea

Photo: Wartech

Sources close to the Ukrainian security agencies admit that the sabotage attempt really took place in Crimea, but, at the same time, they also convince that it was avocational, but not an initiative of the state, the Kommersant newspaper reported.

“The Ukrainian authorities found themselves in a delicate position. They do not want to admit even the partial rightness of Russian accusations, having a fear to ruin their image in the eyes of the West and to show that the security agencies do not control Ukrainian radical groups. For this reason, a course of ‘total negation’ has been chosen at the official level – in the public space Kiev promotes the version, according to which the incidents in Crimea are Russia’s falsification from the beginning to the end,” the piece read.

At the same time, the newspaper’s source familiar with the investigation undertaken by Kiev admitted that the situation is ambiguous for Kiev.

“Unfortunately, this is the case when there is no smoke without fire,” the source said. “And the Russians will have ‘what’ and ‘whom’ to show the Western interlocutors, when they will ask evidences. Apparently, our line of defense will look like this: radical patriots have decided to become famous at their own risk by committing ‘feats’ in Crimea. The state of Ukraine has no concern with their initiative.”

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If it’s not the SBU than it issssssssssss yes guess only once !


Only once? Not so easy then. Many are possible candidates. Could be Usaists (CIA), could be Usaists (NATO), could be Germans, could be Polish, Balsts would surely love to see it happening, English are at the top of any shitometer list, and so on. Many are simultaneously engaged in creating a havoc in Ukraine and they seldom act as one.

chris chuba

It doesn’t matter. The U.S. response ‘there is no evidence backing up Russian claims of an attack’.

Stories in the U.S. media, ‘What is Putin up to?’ as if the claim of an attack is part of a grand conspiracy. They also mention an increase of Russian military on the borders but there is no mention of the Ukrainian military, as if they are home playing solitaire.

waky wake

Is there really any need to speculate on what supporting entities maybe behind the kiev-ukraine’s SBU associated sabotage attempt in Crimea? They did it, we all know they did it and now the kiev-ukraine regime has no choice but to admit that Putin/Russia/Crimea has tangible, irrefutable evidence to prove they did it. I hope for the general Ukrainian populace sake, poroshenko and his boys finally understand where and what ukraine really is today and start making policy and decisions that will truly benefit the Ukrainian people, instead of what they’ve been doing. 1:} They have to accept that Crimea is gone, that is an absolute. 2:} If they want to start to heal, with the Donbas republics continuing to be associated with kiev-ukraine, they will have to federalize and relinquish absolute authority of Donbas republic elections and governance. 3:} Finally accept what neighborhood they exist in and that Russia is the “must have” trading partner for themselves, as well as Georgia, Moldova and all other eastern european states bordering it. 4:} Finally ‘STOP’ listening to scourges like v-nuland, mccain, soros and others. If poroshenko can somehow wake up out of the greed stooper he’s in, kiev-ukraine might still have a change. Otherwise, they might as well start the partitioning party today.


If there really is a floor devoted to the CIA in the SBU building in Kiev, and given the recent removal of the prime pawns in the PM and Finance posts, as well as the Tartar surnames of some involved in the attack, the claim that this happened without the top authorities in Kiev, say Poro or Avakov, NOT knowing is not entirely ridiculous. A US or Sunni ally initiative is possible.

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