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Khabarovsk Protests – Signal Of Wider Crisis In Russian Governance System?

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Khabarovsk Protests - Signal Of Wider Crisis In Russian Governance System?

An opposition poster: Moscow go away from our river, from our depths, from our resources, from our taiga. Go Away! Freedom to Furgal

Protests have been ongoing in Russia’s Khabarovsk region since July 10, when security forces detained the local governor, Sergei Furgal, as a part of the criminal investigation into organized killings in 2004-2005. Furgal, who was removed from his psot after the detention, is suspected of organizing of killings of several businessmen by an organized criminal group in 2004-2005.

The wave of protests, which started with a demand to release the detained governor, quiqly evolved into a wider campaign against the central Russian government that creates risks of distabiliztion of the entire region.

The part of the regional and federal elites affialted with Furgal has successfully organized a series of mass protests in the city of Khabarovsk and several smaller towns. The initial goal of the effort was to paint the detention of Furgal as somehow ‘illegal’ and a ‘political case’ in order to pressure the investigation and court. However, as of July 21, the protest wave turned to be fully anti-government and exploiting the supposed standoff between Moscow (as the central government) and Khabarovsk (as the region). The opposition has been trying to fuel a local sepratism (for example, protesters alsmost do not use the Russian flag) and create a division between the people of Khabarovsk region and the rest of Russia.

The largest protest, which took place on July 18, reportedly gather 30-35,000 people.

The protests are backed by an active propaganda campaign in opposition media outlets and social media. At the first stages of the protest, a strange bot activity was observed in the Chinese-controlled social media Tik Tok (link), which often limits the spread of political content. Nonetheless, in the Furgal case, the social media network in fact indirectly promoted content in support of the detained governor and against the Russian central government. Such an attitude of Beijing-controlled media is likely a part of the larger Chinese diplomatic approach. Beijing always uses a chance to weaken its partners in order to gain additional leverages of pressure and opportunities to gain revenue in the diplomatic and economic relations with them.

Later, the media campaign expanded to Twitter and Facebook, where it’s mostly run by the network of accounts and bots run by Western-funded organizations and the so-called “liberal opposition” (a hardcore pro-Western and anti-Russian part of the political spectre). The situatino in Khabarovsk is also covered by mainstream media outlets that seek to present the situation there as a result of the ‘political repressions’ and paint the current wave of protests as the signal of the supposed collapse of the ‘Putin regime’. Facebook and Twitter are assisting this kind of coverage as well as anti-government social media posts by pushing them to trends ans increasing their coverage. Officially, the social media networks deny any political-motivated actions of this kind. However, the practice and appearing facts (including recently appeared screenshots of the Twitter dashboard to manipulate accounts) speak for themselves. These factors demonstrate that the Khabarovsk protests are no more a local matter, which could be partially exploited by China, but a notable factor of the Russian internal politics and the point of instability that draws attention of foreign players that seek to distabilize the country.

Protests in Khabarovsk:

Western and opposition media outlets like to emphasize that the detained and dismissed govenor, Furgal, is from the opposition party – LDPR (Liberal Democratic Party of Russia). However, they often forget to mention that the person that became the acting governor after the Furgal detention is also from LDPR – Mikhail Dyagterev. Therefore, one opposition figure was just changed to another opposition figure. There are two options:

  • This is some very ‘wise political supression plan’ by the Kremlin, which can hardly be understood. However, who cares. The ‘Putin regime’ is evil and just makes fun by opressing some opposition governors.
  • The Furgal case has little common with the political battles inside Rusisa and is really related to his criminal past. Yikes!

In these conditions, it’s interesting to look at the reaction of the protests to the appointment of Dyagterev. They just continued with even more anti-government slogans. Some local experts say that the part of elites with the particular criminal record just understood that the recent anti-corruption and anti-criminal trend in the Russian political life poses a direct threat to them. So, they, with media support from foreign players, are working to distabilize the region and further in order to demonstrate the Kremlin that they will not leave the presecution of criminals unanswered. As to the local population, their protest intentions caused by particular social and economic factors are just exploited.

At the same time, the lack of the proper reaction to apparent attempts to destabilize Russia’s Far East from Moscow also raises questions. If the situation is not contained and there is no response, it will easily lead to the negative tendencies across the entire country. If one region and its local elites, for example Khabarovsk, gain an additional independence inside Russia and resist to Moscow’s work to combat criminal and corruption there, other regional clans will seize this opportunity to repeat this case. So, any constructive efforts of the central government that supposedly damage financial, often corruption-linked, interests of the local clans will face a fierce resistance and attempts to destabilize another region: from the Far East to the South. The governance system will be undermined and Russia as the state will enter another crisis.

It should be noted that the current ‘soft’ response from the central government to Khabarovks issues is not the question of the lack of the political will of President Putin or his circle. Rather, this is the problem of the staff shortage for such cases. A large part of the Russian elites is infiltrated by pro-Western, neo-liberal and corruption elements that are not interested in real work to improve the economic and social situation in the country. The rent-seeking behavior and the indifference towards the fate of ordinary people among f the so-called “new Russian aristocracy” become a real problem in the conditions when it’s needed to take fast and effective steps to work out anti-crisis solutions.

Representatives of the Russian liberals and self-proclaimed aristocrats often have a pretty ugly face. For example, Gasan Gusejnov, the professor in the Higher School of Economics (the talent foundry for the liberals-ruled economic bloc of the Russian government), recently called the terrorist attack in Moscow’s Dubrovka Theatre in 2002 as an act of “national liberation struggle by the Chechen nation”.

The 2002 attack (also known as Nord-Ost siege) was conducted by 40 terrorists. 916 people were held hostages. 130 of them, including 10 children, died.  The group led by Movsar Barayev wanted to pressure the Russian government to withdraw Russian forces from Chechnya and an end to the Second Chechen War. By that moment the so-called Republic of Ichkeria (modern Chechnya) became a hotbed for various al-Qaeda-linked terrorist group. The Second Chechen War itself started with an invasion of al-Qaeda militants based in the modern Chechnya to Russia’s Republic of Dagestan in 1999. The group that attacked Dubrovka Theatre was in fact al-Qaeda-like terrorists.

Gusejnov already deleted his comment on Facebook on the terrorist attack, but it still can be easily found online:

While persons like Gasan Gusejnov continue working in top universities and even government-funded organizations of Russia receiving large salaries there, Russia will continue experiencing significant difficulties with developing a new intellectual class and the part of elites that really work in the interests of the nation.

However, there is a second, optimistic scenario of the development of the Khabarovsk situation. Authorities have an option to neutralize the instigators of instability and start an open dialogue with the local population (not foreign-funded propagandists interested in the further protests). The transparency of anti-corruption and criminal processes in the region together with the administrative work to address the real problems of the people will allow to overcome the current situation. Local media report that the acting governor has already started the work in this direction. Nontheless, he will apparently need assistance from Moscow to restore the regional stability.


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  1. Icarus Tanović says:

    Furgal is CIA guy, and all knows who instigated this.

    1. occupybacon says:

      The prove is that he didn’t mobilised enough people to vote in Putin’s referendum

    2. kamalashila says:


      he was reelected, he is a guy from people (populus, demos)

      1. Jens Holm says:

        Putin seemes to prefare the corrupt old USSR ones for fascist doing a prober cleaning job.

        1. cechas vodobenikov says:

          u know Putin?—u don’t know yourself—your amusing self humiliation is proof

          1. JIMI JAMES says:

            Good point,bang on!

      2. cechas vodobenikov says:

        likely not CIA—irrelevant if he is elected; any corrupt politician should be removed

        1. kamalashila says:

          the question is: is he corrupted?

          what now happens in russia´s far east, is politcal massacre. in far east the people does not like mowcow, hate putin*. in all large far east regions putins party lost. in khabarovsk putins party got 27%, furkal 68%. the numbers are clear.

          *moscow does not gove the money which belong to far east regions. tehrefore everything is rotten, rosted, destroyed. the young people must leave the region, the illegal chines come and come, the people feel themselves as lost. finally putin will lose that part of country. beacuse of own stupidity.

    3. Jens Holm says:

      Everybody are CIA when You dont like them and are told. If not, they pårobatly are Jews as well.

  2. Fog of War says:

    Well, if the CIA can instigate this kind of effort in Russia, under Putin’s nose, then its not a good sign either way. Also, why would China participate in this ? Did they find out Russia is not being totally ” truthful ” with them ? Possibly just like the strange ” game ” Russia is playing with Iran ?

    1. Jens Holm says:

      USA and China is only in this as the everlasting excuse.

  3. occupybacon says:

    It’s the time for the Great Firewall of Russia, to protect the fragile minds of the hard working people, from the malign influence of the foreign trolls.

    1. Lone Ranger says:

      Nah, no need for it.
      Russians aren’t Ukrops.

      1. occupybacon says:

        I am not aware of such plan in Ukraine, while Putin mentioned it multiple times.

        1. Lone Ranger says:

          It’s already too late for Ukraine…
          They have already fallen.
          It’s a colony now.
          No need to implement anything there.

          1. occupybacon says:

            You are obsessed with Ukraine, the article is about Russia.

          2. Lone Ranger says:

            I only replied to your point.
            You mentioned Ukraine first…

          3. occupybacon says:

            I think you mix me with the voices that whisper you: Ukraine… Ukraine…. I commented about the long planned Russia firewall, Ukraine never mentioned such thing.

          4. Lone Ranger says:

            Because they don’t have to.
            They already lost and they know it.
            They do what they are told…

          5. occupybacon says:

            But Russia needs to isolate Internet, it’s one of the topics I agree with Putin. Do you?

          6. Lone Ranger says:

            It was never really about to isolate the Russian net.
            It’s a back up system in case the U.S. turns off the Internet access to Russia, Russia can still have an internet.
            And that new net cannot be turned off by the U.S.

          7. occupybacon says:

            I don’t think you understand the world backup, maybe google it. The least time Russian authorities successfuly thested RuNet was at the beginning of this year. As you said, USA can’t cut Russia from internet so fearing that is pointless. The RuNet will be activated to ‘protect’ the Russian citizens of Western malign intentions, the same as the Great Firewall of China does.

          8. Lone Ranger says:

            I said the opposite.
            The U.S. can turn it off anytime.
            But they won’t be able to turn off the back up system.
            The back up system will only be activated if the U.S. turns off the internet for Russia.
            So it’s nothing like the Chinese model sorry to disappoint you.

          9. occupybacon says:

            Allow me to repeat: internet is lead by the US like it was 10 years ago. So USA nowadays can’t turn off internet in Russia.

          10. Lone Ranger says:

            Thats your opinion.
            Not the reality.
            They can turn it off and not only to Russia but to any other country.
            Same with the U.S. GPS system.

          11. occupybacon says:

            You are entitled to your opinion also.

          12. Lone Ranger says:

            Except its fact based.

          13. Lone Ranger says:

            Thanks, very generous.

          14. MikeH says:

            “But Russia needs to isolate Internet…”

            Every nation should do the same. Much like the petrodollar, the Internet is managed from the West and subject to their whims. Building a stand alone, parallel structure is prudent.

          15. occupybacon says:

            Btw why are you here, exposed to international propaganda?

        2. Lone Ranger says:

          Only in case the U.S. would turn off Internet access for Russia.

          1. occupybacon says:

            Putin mentioned the malign unfluence of the West over Russian yourh and big US twch companies threatening Russian security, there is no way US could turn iff interned fir Russia. The Internet descentralized a lot in the past years if you didnt know already.

          2. Lone Ranger says:

            The U.S. still controls the main hubs and grid.
            Internet is a further evolution of the ARPANET which was created for a decentralized digital military communication system as a back up in case of WWIII.
            That was made accesseble for civs via the WWW hyperlink terminal port system developed in CERN Europe in 1993.
            But the U.S. still controls it and can turn it off same as it can turn off GPS access to any country.
            That’s why the EU, Russia and China all built their own independent global positioning systems.

          3. Fog of War says:

            Good , let them turn it off. The internet is the biggest most complete mind control mechanism ever invented.

          4. Jens Holm says:

            And knives are for bread only.

          5. cechas vodobenikov says:

            more pork thinking —from the bureaucratized feminine amerikan mind—few Russians use western search engines, fascist wikipedia—your LGBT propaganda only interests the few fake liberals in Moscow

          6. occupybacon says:

            Anyway, I will tell you farewell just in case little goblin from Kremlin activates RuNet.

  4. Lone Ranger says:

    These trolls will change nothing especially that far from Moscow.
    But it’s a good opportunity for ‘contact tracing” some CIAisis faglets…

    1. Jens Holm says:

      Everybody are trolls from You. You keep Yourself well in that illusion by learning nothing.

      1. Lone Ranger says:

        You are projecting again Jens…
        Why arent you asleep Denmark boy?
        Too much cocaine?

        1. Jens Holm says:

          I work as replacer – reserve. Sometimes I have many hours a week and sometimes none and thats 24/7.

          By that I often sleep in the morning and sometimes totaly random.

          1. Lone Ranger says:

            Sorry to hear that.

          2. kamalashila says:

            i see, teh best way is to block you, nazi troll

          3. Lone Ranger says:

            Projecting much Shlomo?

      2. JIMI JAMES says:

        You the accusers of no empathy,what gives you liars the right to judge? No,you’ll be!

    2. Icarus Tanović says:

      That’s right.

    3. kamalashila says:

      these are also citizens of russia. they are more important then filthy moscowians. thesepeople defese the border of russia. and they get nothing from moscow only kicks.

      1. Lone Ranger says:

        Cool story Shlomo.
        Dont let your mazto ball soup get cold…
        And dont forget to insert your Tampax ;)

      2. JIMI JAMES says:

        The conquer and divide narrative will fail,irrespective wrong or right,the kaw of the land will rule (period) An american executioner mentioned of his duty understands the bible,
        it also clearly states that fact,so if they problemsatic wanna spead corona all around,
        they will be accountable one way or another (period) matters not from which region,
        Sure moscow has share of hyprocracy,however it won’t stop putin 2020-2036 (period)

  5. Rhodium 10 says:

    In Siberia and Far east, the comunist party and far right LDPR are strong!..therefore any action vs governors of these partys have the rejection of the population because they may think that its for political reasons.

    1. Jens Holm says:

      It is for polical reasons too and very needed. Politics are internal devellopment with needed sober and advanced structures.

      You illusion fits well to ME, where everything has to be organized by center and thats not possible. Its about trust and influence and people here always deny to mention that fx Parlamentarisme is not only trust BUT BEING VERY RESPONSIBLE TOO.

      The jokes for Russia and ME often are the same.People hardly work because they have no systematicly structures for it. I am sire many in Russia also only know watches are for carbombs and they mainly are not rewarded for what they do but by familiy and party memberships.

      1. cechas vodobenikov says:

        LOL—u puritans live to work; we work to live and produce far more advanced technology and innovation than nordic or anglo[hone nations—this is why vast numbers of Chinese and Korean students are observed in Russian Universities…..while you may be rewarded for stupidity—your infantile insecure projections are irrelevant for us

      2. JIMI JAMES says:

        Russia houses all their peoples,and their poor live healther than most mid europeans!
        Russia is debt free,so their economy is dognificantly more robust than debt,it will show!
        Irrespective of akk the hype,all the lies,all the claims,Russia protects the most valuable aspect known to mankind being human beings and of children away from immorality,where as the west pursue their quest to devour,insult,decimate societys via the 21 gendered kgbtq/incestive disordinance,which is why the vast significant of real worlds hard workers,not fake stocks/part time bludgers but the real adults + familys
        acknowkedge Putin as the beast leader in the world with factual evidence which proved!
        This is why Putin 20320-2036,most soros/cia trolls will surely suicide by then,oh well…….

  6. kamalashila says:

    off: bitcoin is forbidden in russia

    on: putin is more and more unliked person in russia

    1. JIMI JAMES says:

      Bitcoin is satans system,either way nwo cashless homosexual run dream is 100% failed(period)

      1. kamalashila says:

        and i am asking, how is possible, that the russian site southfront can be paid with bitcoin???

  7. Jens Holm says:

    Blaming Westerns and for that matter China makes no sense.

    Putins systematicly remove and censur all changes away. It like a soup, where he bit by bit takes away everythig in it, which make the soup strong and stronger.

    And we see it well know. Outin are not able to Run Russia from the center. Its classic. There are 2 solutions. One is a stronger center and another is real decentral power – fx like in USA being own states in many, many things.

    Thos fellow seemes to have removed corrupt elements and people respect and like that, and its certainly needed and not only in Russia.

    The main result will be that one can run Russia a a whole country and great parts will be kept in unproductive bad old days as leftovers of leftovers from old USA. Only Oligarcs can feel fine about that. There hardly is a taxsystem for their incomes and plundering.

    If I write about possible and good solutions here, many will attack me and as usual say that Russia and Syria are much better then USA and the dollar as well as the whole western world as usual will collapse tomorrow.

    You have no proposals and systes for the needed changes because You dont learn to think in systems in school but in totalitarian misfits and obey. You not even has languages for it even You can learn a lot from succesfull possibilities all the way to greeks, rome and all is visible for free by internet.

    So if Russia or Syria has to grow and for that matter fx Venezuela and many others, You have to be raised different and learn all the things You are Njet and Haram about.

    Blaming west makes no sense as log as You cant even clean all the old garbage at all. China is not in this all. Why should they??? Their plans are to revitalize trade routes and they even has named it silk roads. So their intensions are to have a well functioning Russia, where they can buy minrals for almost free and sell their own produced stuff back.

    Most of You behave as infantile Ghostbusters of the worst and its Yourself creating Youir deepstate traumas. Most things Yopu name as secrets are not. They are not even on internet but alsi in publications and budgets from Our Gorverments given by TV. True Russians mainly dont speak Danish, but their Ambassador here can tape it and translate the important parts.

    But here we are agian for Putin,Erdogan, Assad and others. Its not in their agenda You should be able to understand and make changes. Thats good easons for, You ahve none and only are able to relate to the past.

    If I relate to Good old days in Denmark they wasnt good at all for most of us. But WE have made the changes by classic growing of knowledge for something better and changes where it might have been 5 steps back but also 2 steps back.

    Its should be easier for You. You can partly implement, what we have worked so hard for and by that dont make so many mistakes in the needed progress for all.

    Russia cant and wont change as it is now. People will become mopre and more poor in a slowly declining system.

    You have to create systems with internal trust. Look what happend with USSR. Older and older men from WW1 and some seniles runned that big Country into collapse. USSR dould have renewed itself if they fx had taken in a buch of Garbatjofs – but at least 10 years before he took over the ruin.

    1. cechas vodobenikov says:

      moronic lies—your educational performance is nearly as poor as amerikans—like the USA your extreme poverty is increasing while we have none—u produce nothing except potatoes and cheese—while we lead the world in tech, vehicles, hypersonic, etc….your wealth/income disparities and indebtedness rival USA—far less in Russia….zero indebtedness…u can worship money like amerikans and submissively pay for muslim immigrants; we already have 30 million indigenous Muslims, yet we r not plagued by rapes and violence like u uncivilized vikings with only a tiny peninsula colonized by Germans, Swedes and amerikans…..continue embarrassing yourself Tammy—I enjoy your feminine insecurity

    2. Alberto Garza says:

      the chinese communist party declared khabarovsk as chinese territory .

  8. peter mcloughlin says:

    Interfering in the internal affairs of another country does not ensure stability for its people, but rather ensures instability for all. Mankind now stands on the precipice of another world war, the warning cries of history ignored.

  9. JIMI JAMES says:

    No social distancing?So who are these soros/cia/nwo bio weapon teorrists supporting,murderers,righto!

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