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Kerry: ‘We are for a united Syria. We do not support an independent Kurd initiative’

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Kerry: 'We are for a united Syria. We do not support an independent Kurd initiative'

US Secretary of State John Kerry, left, shakes hands with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, on Aug. 26, 2016, as they met in Geneva for an expected push towards resuming peace talks for war-ravaged Syria. Photographer: Martial Trezzini/AFP via Getty Images

As SouthFront has predicted earlier this week, the US-Kurdish relations are far away from the image in what the Syrian Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD) wants to believe.

“We are for a united Syria. We do not support an independent Kurd initiative,” Kerry told journalists Friday after a meeting with his Russian counterpart, Sergey Lavrov.

Kerry emphasized that the American forces are involved in cooperation with “a component” of the Kurdish forces on a “very limited basis.”

Lavrov added:

“Kurds must remain a part of the Syrian state, part of resolving the problem, and not a factor that will be used to split Syria apart.”

The Russian foreign minister also noted that separation of “moderate forces from the Jabhat al-Nusra militants” is one of the key issues now. According to Lavrov, Russia briefed the US on a number of rebel groups that it considers terrorist.

“In fact, today our American partners for the first time gave us a list of rebel organizations who joined the cessation of hostilities after the US mediation,” Lavrov added.

Russia and the US have reportedly agreed on a number of issues aimed to push forward a peace process iun Syria. In the coming days, experts from both states will meet in Geneva to clarify the details of what has been agreed Friday.

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Olayinka Abdulgafar

Once again and probably not for the last time the kurds have allowed themselves to be used and their bloods spilled for the interest of the empire, and just like a used tissue paper they are being flush down the drain. If this is taken as their history I wonder if they’ll ever have a homeland till eternity as none will ever take they serious. At least hopefully they’ve learnt their lesson.

Tom Johnson

Only if al-Asshat leaves. If the Russians continue to prop him up deals off. Biden’s policy has always been, Sunni, Shis and Kurd.

chris chuba

1. If Lavrov falls for this ‘separate the moderates’ where the moderates also include Jaysh Al Sham (Army of Islam) then shame on him. Any ceasefire that includes those radicals is doomed to failure.

2. I don’t believe Kerry. If he was ruling out a Kurdistan then he would insist on having the Kurds in the talks so that they could be part of the formation of the new unified Syria. This is Kerry’s plan B, he is telling the Turks one thing, giving them partition B (Al Nusra-stan), and winking at the Kurds for partition C. My beloved country screws things up yet again.

Willie Rice

all I see is what is being reported in the news is always half truths you cannot believe most of what you read even the media has its own agenda most the time they never just report the news anymore The US has and will always support the Kurds in keeping the peace whether they will help the Kurds become a separate nation or not is yet to be seen.

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