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Kerry Urges for No Fly Zones in Syria to Save Truce, Delivers of Humanitarian Aid

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Kerry Urges for No Fly Zones in Syria to Save Truce, Delivers of Humanitarian Aid

At a UN Security Council meeting, the US Secretary of State, John Kerry, blamed President Bashar Assad for violations of the ceasefire in Syria and added that Assad “does not believe in ceasefire.”

This is why, according to the US official, the Syrian Air Force should be banned from flying over territories held by the so-called “moderate opposition” (most likely Kerry meant Jabhat al-Nusra or Jund al-Aqsa).

Kerry emphasized that this shouldbe done in order to deliver humanitarian aid in northern Syria.

He also said that the attack on the aid convoy raise “profound doubt” over whether Russia and Syria would live up to the Geneva deal. Unofrutnately, he forgot to added that there are no proves that the convoy was attacked by Russian or Syrian warplanes (more here).

In general, such a statement show that the US is not going to search a solution of the Syrian crisis by peaceful measures and just pushing own agenda on the diplomatic level.

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This is fucking retared. US is to blame for the collapse of the truce not Assad. He knows he is losing and his friends too.

Jens Holm

Syrians are 10 times as many as for 100 years ago, and they still deliever. That must be it.

And there is an after Assad which can include or exclude him and the Baads.

Who do You know can take over. Turks could take some – Kurds could. But what about the rest of it. Well oil companies could takeover oil and gas and throw bread out to the few left syrians.

chris chuba

The humanitarian convoy should originate in govt held territory, like Latakia, so that it doesn’t have to traverse over multiple borders and back and forth over different rebel held territories. If it started out in Syria then it could cross over govt positions and then once into the rebel held part of Aleppo.

Brad Isherwood

What’s with the USA circus freak Show? The screaming be’atches like Powers and Nuland. John McCain….Lindsey Graham and Horse Face*….John F’n Kerry.

If your an American. ….how can you shovel TV dinners down viewing the circus?

Tom will be along to remind us that America is the champion of Democracy and it’s the Will of God that Israel prevail! [ Movie V for Vendetta ]

Speaking of media and the call to justice. Why is it in America…after so many decades… ( 1967) No Mainstream media will seek disclosure on the USS Liberty Incident.

Thankfully…the Internet avails websites. .publish and audio interview of the horror The Libertys Crew endured… Americans are generally unaware their Government served up a False Flag event on Behalf of Israel…which went south…so they covered it up. Just like 911 is covered up.

From USS Maine in Havana. ..Pearl Harbor…Gulf of Tonkin.

We Lie!…We lie….so just deal with it!


Brad…What a “coincidence” those people that you mention in…What’s with the USA circus freak Show? The screaming be’atches like Powers and Nuland. John McCain….Lindsey Grahamand Horse Face*….John F’n Kerry…They are operatives member of the Council On Foreign Relations.

Brad Isherwood

Excerpt/Rothschild Bloodline


David Smith who has written the following article on the Rothschilds for this newsletter asked me to explain in this introduction about Rothschild and the Round Table Group. The men who formed Milner’s Round table group from the various clues in their lives were by and large secret satanists. Rhodes and Stead created a secret society which had a ,,circle of initiates.” This circle included such names as Albert (Lord) Grey, Arthur (Lord) Balfour, Sir Harry Johnston, and Lord Rothschild. Milner was on the executive committee of this secret group. Carroll Quigley dates the start of the group as March i 891. Apparently, the Rothschilds helped finance this secret society. In 1909-1913, this secret society in turn formed Round Table groups in British dependencies and the U.S. Eight of these round table groups were still functioning into the 1970s. Sir Abe Bailey supported the Round Table groups quarterly magazine called The Round Table in 1919, Sir Abe Bailey and the Astors financed the creation of the Royal Institute of International Affairs which in turn created daughter organizations such as the Council on Foreign Relations in the United States.

The RIIA is also sometimes called Chatham House. The first Round Table group of the Rhode-Milner group were sometimes called the Cliveden Set because they often met at the Astor’s Cliveden Estate. Terence O’Brien’s biography describes Milner’s relationship to the Rothschild’s as very close Lord Alfred Milner (1854-1925) frequently visited the Rothschilds, stayed overnight with various Rothschilds, and even had some sleepless nights with them. without explanation as to why. Milner also worked for Rothschild as a director of Rio Tinto. Three Illuminati families stand out in the creation of the Round Table groups, which then became the RIIA and the CFR and related groups. These are the Rothschilds, Astors, and Greys. The Bailey family also shows up an important generational satanic family. The RIIA and its various branches such as the CFR are very powerful today. In my Be Wise As Serpents book readers can find a chart showing the role the CFR plays in the Policy Process of the U.S. ******************

The bottom line….Secret Societies. ..since Dynastic Egypt… [Shemsu Hor]…earlier Even… These control Pharaoh….Gov..bloodlines…and Priest Cast. Banking existed since Ancient Sumer. Jews and their Fake God YHWY. ..Learned Fractional banking when dispersion in Babylon. They also executed the art of socio manipulation by taking Ancient mythology Such as Gilgamesh and the Flood…and rewriting that with Hebrew characters like Noah and YHWY power spin. If people in general understood how fraud the Old Testsment/ Jewish Talmud etc was They would riot….so would Islam. ..seeing they are dupe 2.0 also.

Rothschild and secret societies follow 2000 years of proven Elite control.

They can be knocked down… Assyria crushed Israel……Babylon crushed what was left. The Bankers of those ages became the Venetian bankers. ..who pissed everyone Off as they funded wars…even funding the Mongols. The Pope finally flipped out and it was run the trash out…and nations did. Ran them off to the marshes of Amsterdam…where they later jumped The channel to Become City of London…then enter Rothschild during battle of Waterloo for the Epic con.

Now they have Wallstreet and the Military Industrial Complex of the USA.

Jens Holm

You again..

Tom Johnson

You’re a flake, I was going to call you an idiot but my Illuminati minions warned me about the “conflicts” in your programming. I will turn my mind control device on so pleae remove your tinfoil hat.


Kerry does not have a humanitarian cell in his body.


Washington is a circus made up of the depraved and degenerate.


“ John Kerry, blamed President Bashar Assad for violations of the ceasefire in Syria and added that Assad “does not believe in ceasefire.”…This is the upmost display of HYPOCRISY, despite its proven track record of deceit, they project on others their own actions, the US can also negotiate a limited ceasefire agreement and violate it for whatever reason it chooses – its impunity is secure in their FINANCIALLY CONTROLLED U.N. How in the world the Russian negotiate with people of so low moral values, they LIE and LIE and LIE and LIE with a strait face in front of the cameras assuming that the whole world is STUPID to believe their propaganda.

Carol Davidek-Waller

Syria doesn’t believe in the ‘ceasefire’ after the US bombed their military installation, killing and injuring their soldiers, minutes later, mounted a ground attack on the same Syrian military group, violated the cease fire agreement 302 times and destroyed a humanitarian convoy. Clearly it’s the US that doesn’t believe in the cease fire. The Syrian coalition managed to recover rather rapidly from US/terrorist treachery who are losing whatever advantage they gained illegally. Now, predictably, the US want to negotiate.

Jens Holm

Nato did stop bombing there. They are strong now and has been it since building up to Mosul.

If it was bombed intesionaly by them and ISIS got it, they should start by filling a very big crater.

Apart from all the terible killing I would enjoy Assads lost Der El Zor and he was there too.

Peter Jennings

Trolls begat trolls and they stick together like shit to a blanket.

Tom Johnson

Negotiate? No, the Russian’s want that. Obama is a joke and he has allowed this to get out of hand. You have no clue what it is you are facing and that is laughable-enjoy your ignorant bliss while it lasts.

Divesh Kumar

Because these US thugs think that only they have got brain and none else, only they have got eyes and ears and none else. Its high time that Russia and Syria should finish the game.

Jens Holm

Yes, go home to Damaskus or let Assad be a dentist in Kremlin.

888mladen .

You rather go back to WDC and be a personal gynecologist to Hilary..

Jens Holm

Looking for more presidents hu-hu.

Tom Johnson

Hama 1982, Hama 2011-2016, you’re historically ignorant.

Carol Davidek-Waller

Been there, done that.


Let’s create a “no-fly zone” over Charlette, N.C. and send in U.N. Peacekeeping forces.

Tom Johnson

Drop you in. pack your own?

Peter Jennings

It seems the next US revolution has started and it couldn’t come soon enough. This one will be against macdonald filed robots and gov’t, and gov’t robots.


a no fly zone is a good idea – no fly for usaf and allied (incl. Turkey and Israel) in syrian airspace


This request only goes to prove that the convoy “air attack” later downgraded to “helicopter attack and still later to “attack” was a another of a series of ‘false flag’ operations this time to deflect attention Deir Ezzor and to promote no-fly zones on a ‘humanitarian’ pretext to give the Al Nusra time to regroup and resupply.

Tom Johnson

US has not down graded it. We are just waiting for Moscow to run out their really old playbook. Malaysia 17, KAL 007, you should read up. The UN is patiently waiting for Russia’s thrashing fit to wane.

Peter Jennings

Don’t forget your brainwashing appointment. It’s important that you remain ignorant.


More projecting from the crooks posing as the legitimate government of the us. If any aircraft need to be grounded in Syria it’s those who are violating international law by being there


Russia agreed to the UN’s no-fly zone in Libya – that turned out really well for everyone, well not Libya so much…

If the US is going to attempt this, they’ll need to do it without the corrupt UN resolution since Russia (you would hope) is going to veto the motion. They’ll do it regardless – f**k international ‘law’ – biggest joke ever.

After Turkey shot down the Russian jet and Russia set up their S-x00s, the pundits were all saying a no-fly zone in Syria was impossible for anyone other than Syria itself (with Russia’s gear)… I guess the neo-cons did not get that memo.

The US is on the verge of succeeding with their ‘plan b’ – carve off huge chunks of Syria which means the destruction of what’s left will continue with renewed vigour.

Done, done, on to the next one (Iran).

Brad Isherwood

SAA is clobbering the Takfiri trash…..significant gains in past months in Latakia/Idlib. Oh…Palmyra and East towards Raqqa….Damascus…Homs.

Israhell is stirring it up as their south foothold weakens as Hezbollah and SAA bottle The Takfiri trash up…same for Jordan border. The party days for dancing Jews and Takfiri on Captigon are Over!

2 Men enter….1 Man leaves.

Ladies and gentlemen….boys and girls……Dyin times here!

888mladen .

You sound like blood thirsty Washington demoniac. You have no respect for human life your one included. Unless you come to your senses your place will be in the lake of fire. To be a husband or child to a person like you must be a terrible torture. I feel terribly sorry for the members of your immediate and wider family.


You could not be more wrong.


no fly zone.

exactly that need isis and al nusra.

Jens Holm

Several off them and they should carry the airplanes now and then.

Divesh Kumar

Oh yes! I strongly second Kerry’s demand. He is just in begging for a no fly zone as russian and syrian fighters are biggest hurdle in regrouping effort of his head chopper scum FRIENDS.

Peter Jennings

If Syrian/Russian forces declare a no-fly zone, it’s game over for the USadmin and they know it. As soon as Russian ground-to-air defense gets there and deployed it will be.

Jens Holm

Syrians fly all over and up. Gabrial have to use net to get them all. And the Pope has taken the last oil. Some archeologists has just discovered their deserts are graveyards. Several places like Aleppo offer cheeper funerals with vertical burials and steel helmets, which ince were white.


Does Kerry seriously think that a no-fly zone would guarantee aid convoys would get through to trapped citizens of Syria? Better check what he has been smoking! No, it is just a ploy to aid the terrorists as usual. And what right does Kerry have to dictate what happens in Syria? Beyond words …….

Tom Johnson

Terrorists? Are you refering to the 80% of the Syrian population that have been oppressed and murdered for the last 50 years by the Assad family and their Iranian and Russian backers? Or, are you reffering to the population of residents of Aleppo? A population that has over 8000 years of history. Or the population of Hama who where massacred by Assad in 1982, and again starting in 2011. Russia has a very long history in Syria, a very bloody history. I find the posts here and RT laughable, but I realize that the “posting” population are ignorant Russians, or in your case that of a malcontented degenerate.


Yeah wright, here comes a white knight in a shiny armor to save Syria. A God of pure blue blood and eyes, he came, he saw, they all died (saved)? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fgcd1ghag5Y


If I am not mistaken, the positions on negotiation and truce, since February, are as follows: The Syrian governments offer to start negotiation at once, to set up a multiparty government, in which both parties (the government and rebels) could participate. On the other hand, the rebels insist that the Syrian government and the Syrian armed forces (and militias) must be disbanded before negotiation. In other words, the Syrian government must surrender before negotiation. Meanwhile, the western and gulf countries continually declare that the Syrian government do not want to negotiate. Thus, the honest question is: Which party really do not want to negotiate in good faith?

Peter Jennings

The Russian/Syrian forces should declare a no-fly zone themselves before the US murderers headed by the liar Kerry do it first.

The USadmin did the attack on the aid convoy through a predator drone and the white helmets were waiting on site to film their propaganda.

A Syrian/Russian no-fly zone now before more attacks of this nature happen and get blamed on the allied forces.

The public in the west need to get very active and should hound their politicians and stop their lies.

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