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JUNE 2021

Kerry ratifies the objective of US troops’ deployment in Syria

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The main goal of the American intervention in Syria is fighting ISIL, Kerry said.

Kerry ratifies the objective of US troops’ deployment in Syria

US Secretary of State, John Kerry

During a visit in the Kyrgyz capital Bishkek, John Kerry, Secretary of State of the US, said that President Obama policy shift over American intervention in Syria by sending troops to the ground has no other objective than to support the struggle against the Islamic State in the Islamic nation

Kerry denied that this new measure could mean an attempt to overthrow President Bashar Al Assad’s government.

The Secretary of State also mentioned that the purpose of the countries taking part in the coalition operating in Syria is to fight ISIL in its headquarters and at the same time,  thwart the expansion of the terrorist group to further territories like Iran, Afghanistan and Lybia, since the extremists represent a serious threat worldwide.

The official also said that Kyrgyzstan can start taking part in the coalition against ISIS by preventing the recruiting of new militants in its territory.

It’s planned that a contingent of almost 50 commandos will be deployed next month in northern Syria to train, advice and support the so-called moderate rebels fighting ISIS in the region.

 Written by Lisbeth Mechter

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