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Keep Your Weapons From Being Stolen by Following These Simple Precautions



Keep Your Weapons From Being Stolen by Following These Simple Precautions

IMAGE: unsplash.com/photos/uEoJGsLuRME

Firearms and weapons are as dangerous as the handler itself. So when a gun is handled by the wrong hands, things could quickly get out of control. One concern all responsible gun owners share is keeping our weapons away from unauthorized people.

Gun safety is an issue that needs to be addressed carefully. If left unnoticed, a lot of sad and horrible events can happen. Fortunately, there are simple tips and technological innovations that you can use to fully protect your family while keeping your guns safe and secure. Here are some of the best practices you can do as well as suggestions to keep your weapons from being stolen.

Lock Them Up

The best and easiest way to secure your guns in your home is to lock them up in a safe. But as much as possible, put them in a safe that is designed for weapon storage, preferably with an electronic lock to make unauthorized access difficult. Using any other safe might affect the gun’s condition. A gun that’s deteriorating can be very dangerous to use. It may explode while you fire it or it may never fire at all.

Bear in mind that the thief’s common goal is to steal as many items as possible in a short amount of time, but when he comes up against a fully secured safe, they are most likely to stop and immediately head for an escape.

Size Matters

Small guns and pistols are often kept in small lock boxes and drawers. While this offers concealment, drawers and lockboxes are usually easy choices to a thief, and not all storage safes can prevent gun theft.

If you want to secure your guns properly, it might be a good idea to use gun vaults with heavy-duty locks. Not only do these vaults offer secured storage, but most of these vaults are also heavy enough for a thief to reconsider stealing your weapons.


As much as possible, the best way to avoid getting your weapons stolen is to not show it while transporting it. The last thing you want to do is attract potential thieves who have taken an interest in your guns.

Ensure your weapons are stored in your trunk before traveling and keep the ammo boxes and accessories out of sight. More importantly, never show off your gun. Even if you’re a licensed gun owner, it doesn’t give you the right to brandish your weapons while you’re out on the streets for a grocery run.


As stated earlier, the heavier gun storage is, the better. However, a great alternative of massive vaults is to anchor your gun safes to a nearby fixture.

Anchoring your gun safes means firmly attaching it to furniture or firm wall fixtures. This ensures that your gun safe stays put. While most safe manufacturers offer materials to anchor your safe, it is best to seek advice from your local hardware to look for the best spots to anchor your safe.

Advanced Gun Storage Technology

Gun safes have become the main force of preventing firearm-related accidents. With traditional safes becoming easier to open by thieves, we may have to resort to upgrading our traditional safes. The newest innovation in the industry is the biometric safe, and its given features pose an impressive feat in gun safety technology.

Biometric Gun Safe Technology

If you have handguns at home, consider using handgun safes with biometric features. These safes can be opened by fingerprint recognition. No one in their right mind would want other people to easily access their gun safe. Safes with biometric features offer a secure but quick way of getting your gun in and out.

Advantages of Biometric Safes

There are several advantages of owning a biometric handgun safe. The selling point of these gun safes is that it is secure enough against unauthorized accidents and, at the same time, quickly opened during emergencies by recognized fingerprint owners.

During a crisis where using a handgun is inevitable, you wouldn’t want to look for small keys or take time to remember the key codes. As long as you have registered to your fingerprints, all it takes is a quick scan to open the biometric safes.

As mentioned earlier, another excellent feature for biometric safes is they are capable of storing more than one fingerprint access. This ensures that people with access are approved gun users that can do proper gun handling in intense situations or unexpected break-ins.


Advanced technology and innovations have certain features that offer versatility and mode of access for users. And while gun safes would continue to improve over the years, biometric gun safes are sure to be mass-produced for a while. When choosing the best gun safe, make sure it offers quick access and durability. Biometric gun safes are perfect examples of it.



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