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JUNE 2021

Kazakhastan May Allow U.S. To Use Its Ports To Deliver Military Supplies To Afghanistan

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On April 19, Kazakhstan’s Senate ratified the agreement allowing the US to use its ports of Aktau and Kuryk on the East coast of the Caspian Sea to transit military supplies to Afghanistan, the Russian news agency RIA news reported.

The supplies will be dlievered passing the next route: from Georgia and Azerbaijan via the Caspian Sea to Kazakhstan, then by rail to Uzbekistan and then they will reach Afganistan.

If the agreement is ratified by Kazakhstan’s President Nursultan Nazarbayev and US President Donald Trump, it will allow Washington to use the ports of Aktau and Kuryk on the East coast of the Caspian Sea. The use of these ports is accomplished in the interests of Kazakhstan, as “it intends to support peace and stability in Afghanistan”, according to Foreign Minister of Kazakhstan Kairat Abdrakhmanov.

Currently, the main route of material supplies to Afghanistan passes through Pakistan. However, after the deterioration of bilateral relations between the US and Pakistan, the Pentagon is considering to launch the “North” route.

The Russian media has already speculated that if the agrement is implemented, the US and NATO will militarize Kazakhstan’s ports. According to this version, the US is going to use these facilities to pursue own political goals in the region.

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Nevins Harding

Kazakhstan is falling into the West’s camp. Converting from the Cyrillic to latin alphabet and now this. Sad.

Pavel Pavlovich

And Armenia this week.

You see how it goes,
projection of power,

Daniel Miller

……who said that?

You can call me Al

“””The use of these ports is accomplished in the interests of Kazakhstan, as “it intends to support peace and stability in Afghanistan”, ”””

How do you support peace and stability in Afghanistan if you support the US military effort?

Neo Onh

Russia really must stop this….

John Mason

How? US buys politicians and they have bought them. Russia may have made a huge mistake by giving those states their independence after USSR collapse.


and gorbachev is still alive …

Neo Onh

Buy them back? Activate the russian 40% of the population? Close the Caspian Sea?


has no right. kazakhstan is free country.
but russia can make bases in mexico :-O

Ivan Freely

Abdrakhmanov either isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed or he’s looking for handouts from Washington. I’m surprised that both China and Russia allowed this.


The Caspian Sea is a landlocked sea. This doesn’t make any sense.


USA will make the military supplies to ISIS in Afganistan using Kahakhastan, I see.


How would Kazakhstan benefit from this at all? In Uzbekistan the late President Karimov was smart. He kicked the Americans out of Karshi because they began interfering in internal affairs in Uzbekistan. What motivation does Astana have to invite the US military into their country? I’d say you’d want the US military in your country like you’d want the bubonic plague in your country.


US mining companies have or have promised big mining developments, a big problem for Russia certainly.


russia had also that chance

John Mason

It is called encroachment and it is by design to surround Russia. Kazakhstan should not allow it because the next step could be something similar Ukraine.


Nursultan is in a bind as Kazakhstan national wealth of USD22.6 billion are frozen in several western banks controlled by the Rothschild. He has to stay away from Putin for the time being. And be a yes man to the US until he gets his money back. They are teaching him (Nursultan) a lesson for being too close to Putin.


Here is what i wrote several times: sentral asian republics turn back to russia. Please haters, bark on me, i will only laugh on you. A was right. Again. :)

Russian leader, mr. noname is stupid chess player and more stupid politician. he is not able to keep allied and friends.

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