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Kavkaz-2020 Kicks Off With Variety Of Drills, Mostly Focused Against All-Domain Invasion

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Kavkaz-2020 Kicks Off With Variety Of Drills, Mostly Focused Against All-Domain Invasion

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On September 21st, Russia launched the Kavkaz-2020 (Caucasus-2020) military exercise.

It involves more than 80,000 troops from Russia, China, Pakistan and others.

The exercise also engages up to 250 tanks, 450 infantry fighting vehicles and armored personnel carriers, 200 artillery systems and multiple launch rocket systems.

Various exercises took place such as defense from a landing on the shores of the Black Sea.

Destruction of a mock enemy convoy by the marines of the Caspian flotilla at the Kavkaz-2020 command and control squadron:

Night defensive battle of mountain motorized riflemen of the Southern Military District:

The work of the army aviation at the drills:

Blocking the area of concentration of a supposed militant formation in Abkhazia:

Rocket launches of the “Bastion” missile system at a sea target:

Flights of the Su-30SM of the Russian Aerospace Forces:

Rocket fire from the Black Sea Fleet warships:

Reflecting and responding to a massive missile and air strike at the Ashluk training ground:

Rocket firing from the S-300PM2 air defense systems of the Western Military District at the Ashuluk training ground:

The exercises are still actively on-going.

The marines of the Caspian Flotilla, as part of the Caucasus-2020 strategic exercise, under the cover of warships and aircraft, landed on an unequipped coast near the town of Zelenomorsk, located in Dagestan.

“Small artillery ships have fulfilled the task of fire support for the landing of the forward detachment of the amphibious assault. From the air, fire support was carried out by two flights of Mi-24 and Mi-35 helicopters. The helicopters struck at the positions of the mock enemy on the coast,” the Russian Defense Ministry said.

After the cover work of artillery and aviation, airborne assault groups of the marines from Mi-8 helicopters landed on the coast.

At the same time, the scouts of the Caspian Flotilla landed in the rear of the imaginary enemy from the Mi-8 AMTSh “Terminator” helicopters.

Their actions provided the opportunity for tactical maneuver of the forward detachment of the amphibious assault.

“After the landing of the forward and main group, the marines destroyed the antiamphibious defense forces of the mock enemy. To create a situation as close as possible to combat, smoke bombs, blank cartridges and charges imitating the burst of an artillery shell were used,” the Ministry of Defense said.

Finally, a new rocket launcher specifically used to clear mines – the UR-15 Meteor was featured and used at the Kavkaz-2020.

It is reported that the UR-15 is equipped with an original electromechanical transmission. The vehicle is equipped with an active protection complex “Afganit” and a remotely controlled machine-gun mount.

According to known information, research and development work on the UR-15 (code “Meteor”) was carried out by the Chelyabinsk LLC “Research and Production Enterprise” Resonance “.

This enterprise announces that it was established in 1990 and “is currently one of the main Russian developers and manufacturers of modern electrical equipment for road construction, traction, agricultural and earthmoving equipment and urban electric transport, including microprocessor-based automatic control systems, protection and control “, and one of its main developments is “digital platform with electromechanical transmission of tracked and wheeled vehicles TsP EMT”.

It is worth noting that earlier UR-93, UR-07 and UR-07M demining rocket launchers were developed on the BMP-3 chassis, but, according to known data, none of them were brought to mass production.


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Humm. Missiles are more than ok. Marines are good. Pilots too. But infrantrymen are sub standard. There were even a fat ass among them. What the hell!

Watch videos 3 and 5. In the fifth video they shoot like crazy just to try to scratch the opponents. But the opponents, who the hell are them? I mean the ones in unregular clothes ( the ones playing the bad guys ). They are top notch. They fire to hit, not to spray the area in the hope to hit something.

Maybe the “bad guys” are spetsnaz. However they are f****** good. If the russian infantry was 100% made of these men, they could conquer the world 5 times over.

Tommy Jensen

Bragging again!

Ivan Freely

No break down of troops from various countries.

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