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Kathy Griffin Abandons Accountability, Says Trump “Personally Ruining [Her] Life”

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Now, Kathy Griffin is saying that she is the victim of Donald Trump and arguing that the president is “personally ruining [her] life”.

“I’m not afraid of Donald Trump… He’s a bully. I’ve dealt with older white guys trying to keep me down my whole life… He Broke Me”

So, according to Griffin, Trump is guilty that she made “beheading of Trump” photoset earlier this week.

Kathy Griffin Abandons Accountability, Says Trump "Personally Ruining [Her] Life"

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Posing with a severed head isnt comedy, its a politcal statement and a threat.


She is not smiling in this picture. Her profession aside, it is presented as a threat. That she would even do this, with information readily available as to the state of things in places where IS is involved, this was a very dumb move.

However, she is right in line with those wearing the PPHs. Her and the rest, have no idea what they are doing and are mere food for those that do. I do not have a lot of sympathy for the grilling she is receiving. She is an adult and responsible for her actions, as are all adults. What she did was just stupid.

I wish a good weekend to all.

Tudor Miron

You call it grilling? In fact this was not stupid, this was intentional. There’s an interesting theory how this world is ruled – it is done through images. Image of something that is not present yet (in actual realitry) = prediction. Now if there’s enough support (or resistance) from people than this image (idea) start to receive energy and may become reality.


Hello Tudor. What you have descibed is not new. It has probably been part of humanity as far back, if not before, the first cave paintings. Further, even things that are well planned can be completely stupid. I wish you a great weekend and will leave here something that more precisely explains what I am referring to in my comment. Ladies and gentlemen, may I present Percy Bysshe Shelley:

I met a traveller from an antique land Who said: `Two vast and trunkless legs of stone Stand in the desert. Near them, on the sand, Half sunk, a shattered visage lies, whose frown, And wrinkled lip, and sneer of cold command, Tell that its sculptor well those passions read Which yet survive, stamped on these lifeless things, The hand that mocked them and the heart that fed. And on the pedestal these words appear — “My name is Ozymandias, king of kings: Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!” Nothing beside remains. Round the decay Of that colossal wreck, boundless and bare The lone and level sands stretch far away.’

I wish well to all.

Tudor Miron

Thanks for your reply John and wish you have a nice weekend, Also thanks for this beautiful piece of poetics (sorry for my English)


The tactic or even strategy of blaming others for what we do ourselves is very common, even in family squabbles etc. However this becomes very dangerous what nation states use this method of obfuscation in attempts to conceal their wrong doings.

What we are witnessing now ,principally in the West, are the corrosive effects of this ‘blame everyone else’ narrative by the US and EU.It is an obvious side effect where citizens of these nations refuse to accept personal responsibility for their own actions.

The result is national hysteria that can destroy the host nation.


I think this is what they are planing for a long time, i heard many storys and even WORLD bankers who say that the world is changing and europe/america will not be as powerfull as it was in he past, its a planned destruction and it will shift unto india and china, so sick if u know it many many years before it actually happening from people who controle this shit. They want to make eu/na a thrid world country. But why is the big question, and the answer is because they want to eradicate white humans, they are many reasions for why they want to do it, it is an endles war against the parasites the white race(russia for the most part) is fighting against and so many people still do not get it and even help to make this plans into reality.



Tudor Miron

Very good quote that reveals a lot. Also comparing “The protocols of Zeon elders” or whatever it is called in English – comparing it to current reality is very revealing.


I keep on hearing this and I keep on thinking: Why would rich white men want to eradicate white men in general? If the banks were controlled by the Chinese, or Japanese I could at least understand. But it just doesn’t make any sense. And please don’t bring in the Jews ™, because they are as white as the rest of us.


Actually Jew(the Real once) are not 5the same race, did u even knew that? There are more then enough facts and evidence for that jews are NOT WHITES. And go watch some rabbis from israel who OPENLY say that the rest of the world is to SERVE them and white people are the slaves for the jews. One of the most prominet of this rabbis did say this until he died. Did u know that all of the tech they got there in israel is mostly all German tech ships construction all the heavy gear and shit, because why? Jews are Milking germany since at least 200 years. And they even got the best publicity for them too (holocaust), they always can blame the racist people get there money let them work for us Narative.

An old russian saying goes like this: The Jew will Gladly explain that he got attacked, but he will never explain WHY.

The Kabala and the Talmund are Evil, they allow them to LIE and Betray and do Sodomy. Everybody says Islam has to be eradicated from the earth, but did u know that it is just a follow up Cult from the Jewish religion?

Tudor Miron

You may find this interesting (Russian view on this matter) https://youtu.be/M6HqVDEXKxg

So called “conception of public safety” (Russia body of theoretical work) claims that Romanic Christianity and Islam are simply “Export versions” of jeudaism but this is not that simple with Koranic Islam and it took them some work to create all those fractions of that religion so it can be used as planned – to enslave and manipulate Human kind.


Exactly, what im thinking all my live, somebody or something IS trying to control us to be in this shithole of society, the western world is working there ass off and still they need more money because some NEW rule is beeing implemented to get your money, work until you are 67 years old nowadays, and no FUCKING protests against that, the sheeple in the west are just accepting this pure BS. SOMETHING out THERE has to help us against this satanistic CULT, the people are just to bissy to fucking stupid, ignore the FACTS, stupidity is kind of a sake for the mind, but how are we supposed to get rid of this parasites?! Our Whole history is based on lies, most people think this shit is going on for eternity, but again this is not true. For real we are FUCKED. Some kind of “Civilisation” HAS to help us here in this shithole of demons.


Generally, Jewish people do not consider themselves ‘white’ in the European Christian sense. They have own Jewish cultural and ethnic identity, regardless of physical appearance any actual mixing with European DNA, and this, separate, self distinguishing identity applies to both secular and Orthodox Jews.

Tudor Miron

That’s exactly what some Russian analytics were saying BEFORE Tramp was elected – they claimed that Tramp’s task is “reformating” (not reforming) US and that “Global predictor” intends to move center of power to the east (China/India). But the reasons are different in my view. “Global predictor” doesn’t care about race/skin color etc. That’s just one of ideas implanted in humanity in order to rule and manipulate it. “Desintegration” is one of the common strategy that it uses in many forms. Multiculturalism is just a way to create “sheeple” out of people :) Ultimate plan of “Global predictor” is Global control over productive resources of this planet (what is called globalisation nowadays) with global “concentration work camp” for chipped (implanted electronic chip) sheeple (human kind).

Tudor Miron

This ugly witch has a nerve to clame that this is Tramp family attacking her and not the other way around?


Like Hillary Clinton, this nasty woman is a ‘victim’ of herself.


She’s done a great job, the trumpet the other functionary FBI, CIA, DIA, SRI, GRU, FSB, Police, Army, etc. behind this mess are to blame for cowardness, they are the shame of the humanity and her picture show it correctly. Why cowardness ? Well beacause they claim the power then they cry like babies when they have it. Sorry, but …


She is just dumb, maybe an Ok girl, and OK program host for what I know because I never watch Wankeestan bullshit spewers anyway, and if she had managed to shut the f…. up after the initial c….up, she would have survived, wing shoot, but still alive, but when She drags everything into more stupidity, and on top of it blames the victim of this, by that, dragging More people into this, and attacks children, boy oh boy, she have lost everything, what little she could have if handled this more, ugh….. mature, but again, this is the new hit, blame the victim, I am so f…… fed up with this pervertion of actuallitys, that is makes me wanna puke. Dunka, dunka

What an stupid bitch.


eric zweistein

It’s all staged. A little ‘mocking the goy’ plot by Zionstream media. But why is SouthFront participating in this idiocy ??

Alex Mayers

Because they know that comments are going to reveal an interesting part of how the world is ruled by images, which is already done thanks to @tudormiron:disqus

Tudor Miron

Thanks Alex, I will live a couple of links for you, Jonh, Kell and Orcbuu and anyone that may be interested to learn what Russians (at list some of them) have to say on this matter. There’s a movement here behind a large body of theoretical work called “conception of public safety”. Very little is translated in English so far but I hear that work started on translating materials to English. Take a look if you don’t mind to broaden your horizon regarding Russian thinking/view on this matters, another look at history and may be some ideas (ideology?!) on the way to a better society? https://youtu.be/Qh1c0Hn1jOA

For those who don’t mind a bit of reading http://conceptualpower.com/en/home/about-cps-in-brief

A “down to earth way of explaining things” :) https://youtu.be/9Is2pe3ukzg?list=PL1up3ffLQR3MICrnPNcr9uzBJvKDtkSmA

Some English (tranlated) material on this page https://vk.com/koben

I would love to hear what people from other countries think about views and ideas presented in above links.

Sorry for my poor “self learned” English :)

Alex Mayers

Damn thanks mate, I’ll come back to you when i read the whole pile :)

Tudor Miron

You’re very welcome Alex. I’m grateful that you find it apropriate to spend some of your time taking a look at what I would like to share.


This was a deliberate act to convey a message the leftists has been howling for months, it started with comedians making personal jokes at Trump’s expense, suggesting incest, his mouth being a holster for Putin’s manhood….and now this. This is all an attempt to desensitize the American public and project the leftist hatred towards Trump. Forget the fact that CNN fired her, it is all window dressing; American society makes very poor choices and then plays the victim card, not taking responsibility for their actions.

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