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JULY 2022

Kata’ib Sayyid al-Shuhada Says US To Continue Agressino Against PMU, Prepares Response

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Kata’ib Sayyid al-Shuhada Says US To Continue Agressino Against PMU, Prepares Response

FILE IMAGE: Kata’ib Sayyid al-Shuhada members

Kata’ib Sayyid al-Shuhada (the Martyrs of Sayyid Battalions) has released an official statement at its website commeting the alleged US military strikes on positions of the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) in the Akashat area near the border with Syria.

Kata’ib Sayyid al-Shuhada is a part of the PMU and its members were among the PMU units allegedly targeted by the US-led coalition on Monday.

The group said in a statement that the US-led coalition was aware that it was conducting military strikes on the PMU instead of ISIS and that Kata’ib Sayyid al-Shuhada is sure that the US-led coalition will continue similar actions.

Kata’ib Sayyid al-Shuhada called on the Iraqi government to launch an investigation of the incident. The group added that it calls on leaders of the PMU factions to held a meeting in order to discuss the incident and to prepare an appropriate response to the US-led coalition agression.

Up to 70 PMU service members were killed as a result of the ISIS attack and the US-led coalition military strikes on Monday, according to Iraqi sources. The US-led coalition denied that it had striken the PMU in the border area.

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It appears that the US has not given up attempting to control the Iraqi,Syrian border that the PMU has been clearing of ISIS. I hope this ends very badly for the US.

Colin Oskapy

I hope Americans die, but this US air force attack on the Iraqi PMU does yet again prove the Trump support for ISIS.

Jan Tjarks

It wars artillery, not air force. The HIMARS system from At Tanf can shoot that far.

Jan Tjarks

So far the connection between Syrian government and Iraq only have been established in the south of Syria, but not anywhere else. While this connection already is a success in itself, it is not what has to be achieved overall. It is clear that the USA are trying to stop both sides to connect even further beyond the already established connection in the border area.

However, it clearly shows that the US strategy is falling apart more & more, but no one should be mistaken that they would give up. They are simply changing their approach on what to achieve within the given strategy.

The strategy is to neutralize Syria as a state and local power, that can be achieved in many different ways. Because the US failed to achieve its target to “balcanize” Syria like it already did with Libya, doesn’t mean that the goal of neutralizing the power of Syria is gone.


Syria is balkanized now. Just look at a map of Syria.

Jan Tjarks

Currently this is true, that’s why I wrote, that there are many ways to achieve the strategic goal. Delaying the end of the war as long as possible is one of the methods.


USA has succeded. USA goal was to enter Syria. Before the war, no Americans in Syria. After the war, Americans in Syria.

Jan Tjarks

Luckily for us all, it’s not that simple.

Jens Holm

No, it wasnt. It was as a minimum a replacement of the Syrian Gi´overment and Assad by normal elections or uprise.


Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Delaying the end will only look bad for the US in the end once the conclusion comes , ISIS is seeing desertions from using forced conscripts and failed battle plans. The inevitable conclusion can’t be postponed anymore since ISIS is crumbling in leadership and force wise. They have failed with counter attacks which are being countered with huge success by the SAA. The US seems to be frustrated and are now attacking Iraqi troops which have been successful in clearing the border region. Syria wants the coalition dissolved because of it’s inability to recognize civilians from combatants.

The problem seems to exist with the UNSG who is still on the mistaken belief of Syria was responsible for alleged chemical attacks based on faulty data collecting there, which he believes they will be able to see these sites because of the areas are more secure, since nothing has really changed. This shows the UNSG is a buffoon like every corrupt UNSG before him , which has catered to the US, Israel and Saudis, Ban Ki Moon recieved great largess while UNSG.

The issue with the OPCW is the media has given them more credence than they deserve since this group has ignored the other side and have no judicial powers. This where the issue will be fought even though they have made no attempt until now to visit the area inquestion, so you see this where the real game will be played out since they already have their ducks lined up.

The Syrian Govt is winning and they need to start the chemical weapons story, since people are questioning why the US has been bombing civilians and hospitals and using banned weapons on civilian targets. The media is being forced to answer questions they have no answers for , why the chemical story will keep playing in the background even though no merit exists to blame the Syrian Govt.

Media is the tool they will try to use and everyone will be to busy scrutinizing everything said about the attacks, All the while the US will commit more atrocities of the like in the future.

Jan Tjarks

I fully agree to this. =)

The chemical weapons attack has been weakened in the past due to the government handing them out the chemical weapons. This left the USA no choice than not to step in with its own forces, as their media stunt had been compromised.

However, how is it said? If you do not like the population of your country, create a new one, it just takes the media and three months to do so.

This is what is lingering in the background and can be used again, as handing out the weapons is already forgotten by the majority of the people. Especially, as the media already raised the question “if everything had been handed out”, while not having any conclusive evidence for such a comment, it isn’t needed in the first place to blind the masses of people.

We will see if they go for another attempt, as the probably last on failed. The video sequences ending up in the arms of government forces if i remember correctly.

John Brown

No it isn’t. Syria will crush Israeli, ISIS and Al Qaeda and Turkey will crush the Kurds if they try to help Israel in its racist supremacist greater Israel project which includes the break up of Turkey.

Maj Dan

Crushing Israel will not happen. The rest is plausible!

John Brown

I did not say crush Israel, I said crush “Israeli” ISIS Al Qaeda etc. Israeli not Israel.

Jens Holm

how nice.

Jens Holm

Hard to see SAA & Co has learned anything about warfare since and before 1967.

John Brown

The PMU has to keep their cool and not respond militarily for now except legally through Iraqi courts etc to these Israeli, ISISI, USA attacks until ISIS is defeated or the USA air attacks become militarily significant, so there can be no doubt the USA is supporting ISIS and it is not a mistake even to brainwashed American citizen goyims.


I concur 100%. The US wants as always, instant gratification, as all immature minds do. Russia , Syria and Iran are treading a winding path though US/Israeli traps. In time the US will blunder into her own traps as happened in Vietnam.

Jens Holm


Jens Holm


Rob Obrien

Go suck a dick you liberal piece of shit

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

You are an idiot , here is only reasonable and logical people on this forum and of all political stripes . Can you take your empty comment and shove it where your idiocy comes from.

Rob Obrien

Hey terra kiss my ass asshole

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The idiot comments out of your mouth is just like what your made of spam, no real substance and empty of any critical material for any digestion.

Rob Obrien

Wow that hurt not you are not worth my time nice name you have butt Fuck

Russell A Wilson

I just have to say I respect the commenters in this and other forums in the way trolls are handled. I come hear to learn what the opinion from others on world events are as it helps me form my own. Some times I will post my opinion that others will disagree but I will not let turn into a pissing match but I will accept tjought out consructive criticism and If I beleive I am I will apoligize. Like the most of you thoughtless one liners have no place here.


Hope that was aimed at Rob Obrien .


Before, we were told that Obama was helping ISIS and islamists because Obama was a “muslim”. But, we knew that Obama didn’t give a f… about muslims and that the US regime was behind that. They thought that with Trump, it will change. But, now, they start understanding that the US regime remains the smae despite who is the president.

That’s why the US regime never wanted trump to be in charge. They wanted to keep having the scapegoats.

Jens Holm

Its not like that. The power is a democrasy are divided as well as all responsabilities. Here You for Obama being democrat as well as for Trump being republican has the same republican parlament as elected too.

So Obama had to agrre with enemies in USA in several matters and Trump too. But the real power giving money for it are the parlament and its warfare comitti runned by McCain.

Fx Trump can declare war, but can only make a very short and not expensive, because he dont have the money for it himselves as president.

Obama tryed to calm things down being not so active and more friendly. And what was the response: USA is weak hahaha. And soon fall aprt hahaha.

Now You get Trump saying: shit happens, spendables hahaha. They can always make new onces and they are already too many hahahaha.


Sunnis are like “Oh damn, we claimed to fight US imperialism and globlism. But, the world is seeing that we are just useful idiots that only know to kill”. XD.

Sunnis are fighting US imperialism in dreams and theory. If you look at the reality, they are the USA best friends.

Jens Holm

Hard to see Your “Sunni version”. Sunnis being 70% in Syria are on all sides and many are no best friends with USA as well as other Sunnis.

Its totally wrong to divide Sunnis into best friends to USA. They and You aremore like an extra chaotic Babylon from ancient times in too many matters.


What is the correct answer :

1 – USA is helping Sunnis destroying countries. 2 – Sunnis are helping USA destroying countries.

Jan Tjarks

While you are very busy declaring and explaining all of this like a religious war, in Syria only Al-Qaeda and Daesh tried to use the religious believe as a tool of war. In fact, the religious war ignition completely failed in Syria and is of no meaning there. This is one of the reasons why it becomes so crystal clear that before mentioned are US proxies, while in Iraq and Afghanistan barely anyone got that.

So, please, stop using the religious hatred philosophy, as you are playing the card of the US masters who want to establish religions as their tool of war in the first place.

Thank you.


I’m sorry. You have to face the truth. Sunnis are the sectarian ones that allowed all this to happen. Who are the “rebels” ? If you remove the kurds that want a state and don’t fiught Assad because he is a dictator but because they want a state so Assad is a good scapegoat, the others “rebels” are 100% Sunnis.

On the other side, you have all religion that are figthing them and even sunnis.

That’s the truth. Sunnis don’t want peace. Sunnis even don’t know what they wnat. kurds want to separate from Syria but sunnis what do they want ??? Nothing.


Yes, most jhihadists in Syria are sunni. But that doesn’t make this neccessarily a big point. That’s their connection. There are many sunnis in SAA, too, heck even Syria’s First Lady is sunni. Perhaps some sunni groups want simply their own sharia state, similar to kurds? I wont call that a religios war. If you go that way, the kurdish war is a war of racism, couse their connection is beeing kurd…


Of course the kurdish war is a race or a nationalist war. What is it otherwise ?

Nobody knows what sunnis want. That’s why the war is endless. With Assad, they could do what they want. So, I Don’t understand what they want excatly. They want nothing. they are just being used by others to advance other countries agendas.

Jan Tjarks

The Sunni’s don’t want anything, Daesh or any other proxies are nothing else than mercenaries financed from foreign powers. For the US they are nothing else than useful idiots who have to get paid for the time being.

As such, I ask you again to stop using the US narrative, which is abusing the religious narrative as a cover story for a geopolitical war. That Daesh and Al-Qaeda probably got their share of land promised by their masters, as Syria was supposed to be “balcanized”, has nothing to do with religion in itself.

Ask the people who had to live under IS rule and how they cared about religion, you will quickly understand that it is nothing else than a scapegoat and cover story.

These people have as much to do with religion as my dog, besides, my dog is more civilized and I do not even have a dog. =)


I don’t know where do you live in, but that’s not correct. Religion and politics are not separate in middle east, there religion equals politics. Sunni islam is the most political religion it exists today on the face of the earth, they do not perceive faith as something private and personal but something the state should take care of – and there you are, you will have people educated to pretend a state in the form the religion pretends the society to be organised.

Jens Holm

far out.

Tudor Miron

Serious…. I posted once and have to do it again. You started posting on this site not long ago. Started with bashing zio/us etc. But very soon your resorted to insulting sunnies in 80% of your posts. Such generalisations (All sunnies are this, all sunnies are that) is anti human and smells very much of zio trolling. That’s typical habbit for zio gang… Where ever some movement for freedom of human kind arises and if they can’t destroy it than than they try to lead it (in the wrong direction), distort it and seed havoc and confrontation between its fallowers. Why exactly you are bashing sunnies? What is your goal here?


I insult sunnis ??? XD. I think they insult themselfs.

Jens Holm

Yes, and many others too.


A troll , sent to destroy this site .

Jens Holm

Your diving the world like this is totally unimportant. If You were right the newsites were full of Imams figting disputing about commas in Sharia, hadits and the Holy Choran.

They dont. Its warlords and dictators

To me its more relevant in Syria to see the poor ones against the rich one and here include town and cities. It make more sense to me, when I see the uprisers then diffrent sunnis and shiits as the peace fullparts.

And I dont see, why You blame kurds for anything in those matters. Actually they are the only ones, which has any and maybee better plan for themselves and the country.

They want their part having a sekular sector in public and private matters. If this come true, the religion will loose power and the state by them selves locally in Counsils will win and the State above will win in a federasy.

Why blame kurds for anything. They havnt participated in any uprise, which 2 dictators driven by Baathistas has. They dont feel they are a part of it.

They were until they got 4 new countries with hard nationalism instead of on more cosmopolitic and weak one in Konstantinoble.

Syria is no real country to me. Its based on divinding the collapsed Ottoman Emoire and Franch and britts could get oil from Kirkuk.

By that they also made Lebanon and palestine, where they took out Jordan as beduin state and thought they could devellop the rest mainly by jews.

Do You really see Syria as a succes? I dont. And its a new country treating parts of its citicens bad. But it has nothing to with with sunnis or not. More like You choose wrong rulers and they do anything to You to keep you down.

The only thing You men has to keep You up are You buy Your wife as cattle and cars and its and honor giving respect to other men making Your daugters perfect for sale.

Sekularism by kurds and Uncle Marx shouldnt be reduced to the want to go out of Syria. I could understand it, if Syria was a coutry for all living there. But its not.

If I should compare its more like being back in the feudalism You had before some very important reforms changed it at the time of Gamel Abdul Nasser.

Jens Holm

Dont You ´have a garbage system, where You live.


US is making enemies everywhere. It is happening in politics almost every day, here it is happening militarily. The irrelevant At Tanf garrison wanted to shoot someone! But they cannot shoot at Syrians any longer with the same impunity, they know that there would be a response. So they hit the Iraqis, again. What kind of a low life does it take to give commands like this or carry them out? Americans shouldn’t be trying to help Arabs because they hate them. They want to shoot them! But they pretend to help them to get their hands on their oil.


“Taking the oil” in Iraq is not exactly a secret US objective. The Iraqis bled so much before they got the orcs out, only to let them in again once ISIS showed up. They’ll now have to work through the consequences of those fateful decisions.

Jens Holm

Yes, hard times. But its hard for me to say Iraqies anymore. Bagdad shias has destroyed all possible solutions by taking as amny oil money they can and not spending them for the rest.

I would add, that if US dont take the oil anyone else do fighting among each other as well. People kind of dont see the big fingers from other nations around oil, pipelines a.s.o.

And yes, the consequenses are that iranians would like to have a pipeline to the Syrian coast. There has been one. Saddam gave oil for for food by it. Thats why its also very strange Iraqians dont take their last part of Eufrat right now.

Jens Holm

Those they have shot has swornto kil all americans in Iraq even US and we are inveted back and has supported Bagdads for billions.

Seemes like Bagdads has no control of their own country and the big one for that lack isnt USA and us.You still dont get the chaotic things in this artifical country named Iraq.


The PMU were … useful to the US at best only as long as the battle for Mosul was still ongoing. If these strikes come as a surprise to them, then their leadership needs to come of age pronto. Government investigations are not going to solve this.


Pro-ISIS, U$ backstabbers should never be trusted! This was very likely a deliberate attack to strengthen ISIS.

Jens Holm



Lebanon has allowed US special forces to “assist” the Lebanese Army in its border clean up of ISIS on the Lebanese , Syrian border . Further , it has asked the USAF to back up its troops and those on the Syrian side , Hezbollah . Why would Lebanon allow the US into this war zone ? Why did they not ask Syria , or Russia for air support . Lebanon is not behaving in a neighborly way .

Jens Holm

You forget Syrians almost took it supoporting Hesbollah. I would also say in a more practical matter, that Syria is quite busy now.

Samuel Boas

Then shoot those pathetic US jets down for once.

Kata’ib Sayyid al-Shuhada members should stop just talking about retaliating against the Atheist-US-Imperial-Solders, and actually develop missiles comparable to Hezbollah and launch them against the Zionist base called Jordan and be done with it already. The US is teetering in the ME, and someone needs to finish tipping them off of the boat so to speak.

Langaniso Mhlobo

NO USA= UN Security Council sanctions or Russia and China condemnation.North Korea did nothing to USA but sanctions were imposed because of their military success.

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