Kata’ib Hezbollah Threatens To “Force” Washington To Withdraw Troops From Iraq


Kata'ib Hezbollah Threatens To "Force" Washington To Withdraw Troops From Iraq

Kata’ib Hezbollah members

On December 30, Kata’ib Hezbollah released a statement calling on the US leadership to withdraw American troops from Iraq before the group will “force” Washington to do so.

The enemy of humanity, the US, can no longer desecrate Iraqi soil, as the fighters of the Hezbollah Brigades [Kata’ib Hezbollah] will not allow them to do so,” the group said in its statement. “The Iraqi government and Council of Representatives need to make a decisive decision about the presence of US troops who should voluntarily withdraw before we force them to flee from the country.

The statement was released on the sixth anniversary of the US military withdrawal from Iraq in 2011. In the statement, Kata’ib Hezbollah also recalled its role in the resistance to the US occupation of Iraq.

Kata’ib Hezbollah is a part of the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units (PMU), which are officially incorporated into the Iraqi Armed Forces.

The analysis below was released by SouthFront on August 27, 2017:



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  • leon mc pilibin

    Let 2018 be the beginning of the end for zionism and return freedom from oppression for the peoples of the middle east..This statement is a good starting point.

  • Blucross

    I voted for You Mr. Trump, because you promised us, prosperity and peace in the Middle East.
    You have done wonderful on the prosperity but on not so much on stopping the middle East war. Please do as You promised, we Americans
    are getting tired of this ‘shifting policy bullshit’. So since you work for us , cut the invasion style ‘freedom Wars’, advisors are lying to You.
    Vietnam Vet and voting Citizen
    Bobby Ingram

    • as

      There’s not much of prosperity given by the Washington sir. Much of it is either to keep aflame of sectarian conflicts or to make sure US based empirical company reaps maximum profit and of it’s continuity. Basically finds some greedy shithead -> give them money to destabilize thr region -> give them weapons -> watch chaos ensuing -> intervene -> set up puppet -> dry their natural resources -> sell them weapons -> rinse and repeat.

      • GRAHL

        I think he meant prosperity at home and peace in the Middle East.
        I agree with Bluecross there. ISIS is now only in control of only a few slivers of land. Everyone around is armed to the teeth and battle hardened. ISIS 2.0 won’t happen again like it did the first time when everyone ran away from them. It’s time to go home. Don’t even think about trying to stop ‘Iranian influence”. That has a course all its own.

        • How much do you guys get paid hourly? Who is your master, Tehran or Moscow?

          Much propaganda horsesheet going on here and most commenters here ain’t Us citizens, all frauds, impostors who are anti-Israeli, anti-west and very pro-iran and pro-russian. You lot don’t fool anyone.

          • as

            I don’t know. You should know better what’s your country currently practices on their own citizens.
            Other than their obvious and repeated pattern of regime change ? What’s really bad about the USA that they are hated ?

            If you’re trying to find some think alike person go to alt-right corner please. It’s all bullshit already.

          • PZIVJ
          • Its cool, lots of Nazis, commies, towel-heads here, and you know what? Fuck em all!

          • s Slippy

            Peter, Im ethnically a jew and yet everything you say is null and void. The atrocities your country has inflicted upon the world won’t be forgotten anytime soon.

          • Jew from Israel or a self hating Jew? Or an Iranian Jew? If either, you need to go read sons of Zebedee. Come back to Israel!

          • s Slippy

            Originally a turkish jew, but I no longer reside in Turkey. I guess that makes me a european jew now.

            “self hating Jew?” what does that even mean anymore?

            Don’t get me wrong my sympathies do not lie with the arabs they are backwards savages they murder and harass jews daily all around Europe and in the Middle East and get away with it. Everyone is in an uproar when the Israelis apprehend troublemakers in Israel but when entire jewish communities disappear all around the Middle East because of persecution everyone is dead quiet.

            The Russians on the other hand are in full communist mode of enslaving their working class into a life of poverty. How no one is mentioning that is also astounding but this website is on Russias pay roll after all.

            Im not coming back to Israel though, too many issues. You are losing the demographic war against the Haredim (the tensions are boiling in society), the Israeli women have adopted the sick western feminist culture and how would a 3 year mandatory military enrolment benefit a medical student?

          • The Arabs hate you, Turkic Jew, lolsss. You better off in Israel, Muslims would take over Europe in some few decades and would start targeting Jews first. Shalom!

          • Larissa Vanderbilt

            Yes. You’re definitely an Israeli troll…note the frequent references to Nazis…so typical of the species . .

          • Larissa Vanderbilt

            With Mossad training in IT, what would you expect?

          • sadly , he accomplished his mission , his trolling and agitations change the discussion and make it off topic..

            that’s the mission of hasbara troll , to change the focus of discussion ..

          • Robert Ferrin


          • You are an idiot who isn’t American, your grammar is atrocious and clearly by your dumb writing, English isn’t your first language dumbass!

          • Surely your English is great: “You lot don’t fool anyone.” Plus, insulting others speaks volumes about you.

          • Calling someone what they are isn’t an insult, use you brain before you embarrass yourself which means u don’t get paid by your masters for trolling!

          • Dumbass and idiot are not insults? How “intelligent” on your part not to address your ignorant statement “You lot don’t fool anyone.” You want to teach others about the use of your native language but you cannot use it efficiently. How do you like being called out on your poor language skills? Speaking of embarrassing yourself LOL.

          • PZIVJ
          • Larissa Vanderbilt

            His name isn’t Peter. It’s more like Avi, Cohen or Myer . .

          • yeah he posted in tel aviv working hours..

          • Larissa Vanderbilt


          • Eskandar Black

            u need to stop calling people troll, address the content, or go kill yourself.

          • Aubrey Garrett

            I warn you.
            In the history of paid internet trolls, the payment has never been below $0.13 per post.
            You are in danger of placing your worth below the current price!

          • Tony B.

            But obviously, you do

          • Maybe you should see all the commies having a go at me for having an opinion, well, fuck you all!

          • Larissa Vanderbilt

            Peter Bond is an Israeli shill. It drips from his mouth like verbal incontinence . .

          • ragnhild

            Clever observation. Thank you!

          • Eskandar Black

            Your analysis of this guys english just tells me you are a fool. Everyone who disagrees with you is a foreign conspirator? There is medicine for that sort of paranoia.

          • You again? Trolling behind every of my comments huh? You should see the name calling here when I try to debate you all, you are just a big hypocrite, go away troll!

          • Eskandar Black

            you are literally a lying piece of shit. We never spoke before, busted.

          • You must be drunk, almost every comment from me, your filthy comments come next; lying is an art, Eskandar Black the expert!

          • Eskandar Black

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            Oh and before I forget lying Black, Happy new year!

          • Eskandar Black

            Once caught lying, he just cant help himself. bar bar bar bar bar bar

          • Peter

            @peter Bond…”when I try to debate you ALL”?….careful people, Mr. Bond here is a master-debater!!

          • Peter Bond thinks that thowing insults is debating LOL. Maybe in Tel Aviv or DC.

          • Ali is that you? You ain’t no Peter. Very weak coming from a retard!

          • Peter

            @peter Bond. Remarkable! In the one sentence you attempted to cobble together, in attacking Robert Ferrin, you couldn’t even manage to rise above simple, scurrilous name calling as the strength of it, i.e.: Robert Ferrin is “an idiot”, a “dumb” writer. You then close with this killer gem: “English isn’t your first language dumbass!” (Well, it most certainly isn’t yours). In fairness, can you grasp at all how your simple comment must make you appear to others?

          • What’s so fraudulent about opposing the criminal actions from your country, you fool? We are people from all over the world, and rather than getting all offended about our opinions, you should use your brain a little and think about what your country does to others: invades, plunders, destroys.

          • Yawns…Iran, a Shia Islamic country that exports terror, contributed nothing after invaded by Arab masters and made to dress, think, talk, dark like its master, Arab, it even dropped its own religion and took up the religion of a Bedouin desert dwelling Arab. After doing all this, still the Arabs hate Iran, the GCC masters call them Infidels!!! Oh Persia, you have lost your greatness forever under the yoke of Islam!

          • Can you name a single instance of Iran exporting terror? BTW, the case of the bombing in Bs As was never proved to be Iran-sponsored. The bombing of the Marines barracks was legitimate because it was a military target, especially after the US Navy used its 16-inch guns to bomb civilans over the Chouf mountains. Hezbollah by the way is not terrorist regardless of what the braindead media in your country may say. In fact, many of these terror attacks are carried out either by the Mossad and/or the CIA. On the other hand, the US is a known purveyor of terror activities: ISIS is a case in point.

          • wwinsti

            I’m not sure why, but some well meaning individuals can’t get it in their heads that Hezbollah is the the only major force keeping the peace in Lebanon. There are no Israeli settlements in Beirut because of Hezbollah. Israel b can’t move deeper into Syria because of Hezbollah. The ONLY source of stability in the middle East is Hezbollah and other Iranian backed militias. Iraq hasn’t fallen apart yet because of…*you finish the sentence*.

          • Persia still belongs to Arabs boy, they got their asses kicked by tent dwelling nomad’s!

          • Aubrey Garrett

            I assess rates paid to trolls. This post of yours? I place a troll payment of $0.13 on the worth of your words.

            This is the bottom payment rung on the ladder. Don’t accept a penny less.

          • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

            Yes ! totally agree heckle and haggle for every Shekel !

          • Tony B.

            Dream on, the Persian mind has no resemblance to the Arabic mind, religion or not.

          • I don’t know what your point is. I gave you specific instances of why Iran is not a “… Shia Islamic country that exports terror.” as stated, and you write a stupidity?

          • To hell with your points, my point is Iran has a master and he is Arab, they talk Arabic, dress have similar cultures having taken master Arabs culture, they both export Islamic terrorism at its finest!

          • why so many israeli paid trolls aka hasbara in this website ?

            they seem to like the name peter , paul , john ,

          • Go home comrade, you have had too many swings of vodka!

          • hasbara , what a pitiful sad bunch of people who live by lying everyday .. though it is not strange considering their history

          • Lol What a fool. Iran is Persian and they do not have masters, not even the Russians, let alone Arabs. There are Turkish dialects as well as Kurdish but the main language is Persian, not Arabic. The only terrorism exported comes from your country and its allies.

          • The joke is on you retard, you are the Persian fool whose ancestors lived in walled cities, embraced the religion of its conquerer, the Arabs whom where desert living nomads!
            You lot should thank Arabs for given you Islam instead you support terrorism in middle east!

          • I wonder why they pay an idiot with such a low IQ like you. I am not Persian. The fact that Persians embraced the Arabs’ religion makes them Arabs? Terrorim is what your country supports and perpetrates.

          • Retards like you should be culled, we need more intelligent humans, master race; weak imbeciles like your very self should be gathered and shot!

            Shot with a dose of truth cocktails… Hahaha, fucking with you, stop with all your lies, don’t be like the forked tongued devil!

          • I’m getting on your nerves? Poor little thing. Your bosses should not hire such sissies. LOL

          • The sissy is your clownish cleric Ayatollah and revolutionary bitches who have arrested a thousand peaceful protesters

          • Now I can see your real tendencies. You like the Ayatollahs eh? You wanna be their bitch? Naughty boy Peter hehe.

          • Ayatollahs and the Saudi monarch are cut from same pile if excrement, then you my friend not!

          • Boris Kazlov

            The exceptional imbecile insults a civilization that gave mathematics, chemistry and general literacy to the world, and what did Murika give: Hollywod idiot films full of propaganda, pop music and endless wars and lies for the benefit of Israel, the only nuclear country in the middle East.

          • Alex

            the biggest terrorists , murderers and thieves are the western countries, no country has done as many bad things as those fucktards.

          • Muslims killed more people idioten!
            And Mohammed, wasn’t he a womanizer, pedo, thief? Same as ISIL!

          • Alex

            Lol, if you want to go that far as mohammed, your ancestors the brits have killed at least 100 million people in other countries while they were an empire, your hollywood is filled with pedos, your country STILL destroys other counties for your own gains, i don’t see any other doing that besides the west and your coutry in particular.

          • Tony B.

            Yes, the U.S. is STILL

          • Alex

            Quite right, too bad most people in US don’t recognize that they are being used like a cannon fodder.

          • Uche Anthony Esealuka

            If only you know how woefully wrong you are.

          • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

            SFW so was Abraham a thief ,murderer womanizer, pedo?,he raped his own daughters how does any of that matter to fanatics like you , Dutchman.

          • Lolsss, Idioten, Abram had no daughter and was no thief , raider or bandito like Mohammed!

          • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

            He still slept with his sister Sarah and he slept with his brother Haran’s daughters still a pedo and just because he felt G-d gave these thing still doesn’t make him any less a thief , can go on and really destroy the image you think of Abraham.


          • Haha, what an idioten!

            Abram was not Sarai’s biological brother but cousins. Show me links to your lies Muppet!

            I can tell you a great deal if your lying schizophrenic last unholy prophet who spread Islam with the sword.

            Did you know he died by complications of poison he tasted served by a Jewish Lady? Allah couldn’t save Mohammed or his chummy peso friends that ate of same food.

            Mohammed was and still remains a fraud!

          • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

            Your argument is weak still and the only ones who try to push that story are pedos themselves. Look at who the real fraud was Jews follow a man that was mentally disturbed and you seem to be of the same order , go get some kip and tucker.

          • Uche Anthony Esealuka

            Please give it up. You neither understand the argument nor the source.

          • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

            Why don’t you stop being such a out of date twat since much of these stories are always updated with more of the narrative , yet they are only partial and incomplete today.

          • Uche Anthony Esealuka

            I may be wrong but I think that you are confusing Lot with Abraham. By the time, Abraham entered our imagination, he was too old and too tired to rape anyone. Sarah, his wife, did not even believe that he was capable of impregnating her on account of his old age. Lot offered his daughters to be raped by strange and vicious men because he was determined to protect his guests who these vicious men wanted to kill.

          • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

            Actually she believed she couldn’t become pregnant, now do some brushing up.

          • Tony B.

            It’s a false religion, no doubt. But so is protestantism in its hundreds of ignorant sects, each claiming to be the true one.
            So what? The Middle East is the problem of Middle Easterners, no western nation has any rights there and Israhell is a totally criminal theft of a whole nation which is the crux of all the Middle East problems.

          • Uche Anthony Esealuka

            Tony B, please permit me to differ slightly from your observation. You see a religion is much more than it says it is. It is also what its followers do in its name. Every religion is often a melding of contradictory tendencies and so every religion is engaged or ought to be engaged in working out its insoluble issues. The Jews do this by arguing among themselves.

            The Catholics by forming different schools of thought or orders. Within the Magisterium, you have the Jesuits, the Fransiscans, the Dominicans and so forth, all debating in order to formulate an acceptable theology or doctrine that is subject to peer review. As a result, loony ideas do not come to the fore because they are detected and suppressed. The Protestants are different. When they disagree with their home church or doctrine or their pastor, they step out of the old church and form a new one thus the remarkable explosion in the number of Protestant churches.

            The Muslims are drastically different. You cannot question the faith or disagree with a teaching of it without inviting Fatwa upon yourself. Many writers or people who dared to do so have had to hire private guards and security for their safety. It is a violent religion that is, despite almost 1400 years of existence, is still stuck at the where Christianity was during its primitive phase. Even the Jews learned to give up their violent ways following their dispersal by the Romans in AD 70 and sought other avenues to direct their temperaments and energies into. My hope is that the Muslims too will do the same but I have almost given up hope.

          • ragnhild

            -idioten? Peter Bond from Scandinavia ;)

          • Boris Kazlov

            Womanizer maybe, so am I , nothing wrong with that, would you prefer faggots like you?

          • Muslims are like the Nazis, evil scum, they invaded much of the world back then killing and rampaging, spreading Islam with the edge of the sword, Persia, a once mighty empire was brought to its knees by the invading Muslim savages, even India wasn’t spared. Now the pathetic Persians are trying to outdo its Arab masters on Islamic carnage. They scream Allah Akbar while chanting death to the free world.

          • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

            Does a Hasbara troll have anything to say or add to the conversation here or are they wanting to leave Israel for India. Well you will get your shekels for being inane having others waste their time trying to explain to them how much an idiot you seem.

          • Larissa Vanderbilt

            This is a common reaction of Israeli Zionists; to blame the evil of Zionism on Iran. The other favorite is to try to drive a wedge between Arabs and Persians, Muslims and Christians and Sunni and Shia. The yawning is also typical . .

          • Uche Anthony Esealuka

            It is not clear that the United States has engaged in “criminal actions” as you wrongly stated. The United States is a great power that is engaged in the great game for influence and for allies. The same way that other great powers like Russia, China, Great Britain and France does. Sometimes, within these countries, the points of views of a certain faction carries the day. I read somewhere that Russia has reengaged the Taliban or a certain faction of it by supplying it with arms or materiel. It will be irresponsible of me to refer to this Russian engagement as a “criminal action”. I do not like our engagement in Syria on the side of the rebels or approve of the way Israel deals with Palestinians by their never ending expansion into Palestinian territories. Do l like Palestinians? Heck, no, because l think that they and their fellow Arabs are some of the most racist people’s l have ever met.

            But l understand that not everything is in black or white. That within any group you will find people who fit the broad gamut, that some will be good, some evil and some who will park themselves in the grey areas.

            The United States despite its shortcomings is the greatest and most generous country that one will encounter. Sometimes, it engages in very bad behaviors but given time it always returns to it place of goodness because that is its natural inclination. I have lived in a number of countries, mostly in Western Europe and l can confidently assert that the United States is the greatest country there is. Interestingly enough, the day l discovered that was the saddest day of my life but there you have it.

          • PZIVJ

            ” Sometimes, it engages in very bad behaviors”
            The US invaded Iraq in 2003, and for what reason ?!
            So now it is 14 years of countless people being killed by US action and in action in the middle east. Are you relaxing in a nice chair watching CNN bull shit !

          • Uche Anthony Esealuka

            We all now agree that the invasion of Iraq was a tragic error cooked up by flawed and dodgy intelligence. Unfortunately, almost every western intelligence service bought into the ruse that Iraq had WMD. And Saddam Hussein did not help matters either. We got played.

          • Tony B.

            Again, bull shit.
            The neo con crazies knew exactly how and when they were lying.

          • yes he is most likely a hasbara troll who tasked with spreading lies in this website. Usually they play tag team with other hasbaras to bully people who state truth and fact.

            the great thing about invasion of Iraq 2003 , is that this remove the only thing stopping Iranian influence in the region and with Shia majority vote the iraqi govt become friendly to Iran , totally messing up the israeli / neocon goal..

            plan of mice and men go awry , just like that..

          • Uche Anthony Esealuka

            There you go again, Overwatch. Tut tut…

          • aww hasbara got caught in nonsense and try to tun away ?

          • Tommy Jensen

            We in the West were innocents.
            We believed in the WMD but it turned out to be a lie when it was all too late and we could not do anything about it.
            The dual citizen Jews tricked us in Europe and the Americans are too stupid to notice anything.

          • why you keep spreading LIES ? you are so typical of hasbara troll spreading bullshit without remorse .. western intelligence services never bought the ruse of iraqi WMD , that’s why the US have to go practically alone with iraq…

            you are full of lies

          • Uche Anthony Esealuka

            Actually, almost all the western intelligence services bought the lie that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction. Saddam Hussein inadvertently aided that deception because he wanted to show his Arab neighboring countries that Iraq was not weakened by the first Gulf War. This is not a lie but the truth. You should research these things before you take a declarative position. In other words, you should learn to count your teeth with your tongue before you open your mouth and accuse others of lying. It reveals bad manners and improper upbringing on your part. And what does the hasbara got to do with this? Are you a pagan, Overwatch D. VA?

          • liar , no western intelligence agreed with US fake wmd , even the brits do not agree with the assesment

            stop LYING you friggin hasbara troll , all you post are lies and nothing but lies..

          • You are enttitled to your opinion of course. You can think that the US “…is the greatest and most generous country that one will encounter.” I don’t know where you are from, but for those who are on the other side of the American barrel, America is extremely evil. Your argument may have had some validity before the Clintons et al, but now the US is a country that commits crimes, especially the worst types such war crimes. I wonder what you mean when you say “bad behaviors”. That is a concept that is completely unknown in international law. And international law is what the US ignores, and this has made it a rogue country. You can afford to be exquisite with your terms, but I assure the Syrians, Libyans, Iraqis, and so on are very clear about the real nature of your admired nation. I also made a discovery, and it was exactly the opposite.

          • Alex

            you country is the biggest filth ever and that’s a fact

          • Tony B.

            No it’s not. You must know zero about history.

          • Boris Kazlov

            Wait, he’s right. Murika is not the biggest flth, but it comes in second place after Israel, the controlling stake-holder.

          • Tony B.

            How is it that most commenters here “are so smart” yet seem never to have seen the elephant in the room that squeezes everyone else out, the Rothschild cabal in its City of London?
            Since that has to be eliminated before ANYTHING in the world will improve it makes one wonder just how many here are Rothschild shills, pushing the ancient divide and conquer tactic.

          • Uche Anthony Esealuka

            That is fine. We can disagree but still does not change my earlier assessment of America.

          • wwinsti

            Exceptionalism on parade ladies and gentlemen! Note the white washing of genocide and war with “America eventually comes around” generosity. It’s always a superiority argument folks, they can’t help it, but racial, cultural, and ethnic superiority arguments sound crack pot these days, so moral superiority is the last one that still doesn’t come off like a record scratch to the modern ear.

          • Uche Anthony Esealuka

            Exceptionalism, you wrote? Interesting subject to bring up. As Americans we do not believe that we are an exception to the rest of humanity but our history is very different from those of the world world. we do not carry the tragedies of the past that other old cultures appear to do. We are an always changing people, a people who are always moving into the future.

            Most of us left our old histories and cultures to begin anew, to found a New Jerusalem. In that regard we are almost chosen people as Abraham Lincoln said. We are told in Scripture that God does not care about tribes, nations or cultures. In fact out of nations, God calls out souls to be saved. We have been called out. We are on a journey and whether we get to the destination is moot. What counts is that we know the journey that we are on. We a restless people and our restlessness gives rise to our innovative ways. Even in our movies, the hero never stays in town after he/she has destroyed evil. They always ride into the sunset. We are not good at going to other places or countries and turning them into Americans but we are very good at turning immigrants from other lands who come to our shore into very good Americans. It is not exceptionalism to recognize that but simply the truth of us as a people.

          • Boris Kazlov

            This ode to disguised exceptionalism of stupid ignorant murikans, misses one important point, the genocide of aboriginals, those were not exceptional enough.

          • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

            Have do disagree with everything you said after ” It ” the problem everything is clear in all their actions as they are criminal in eyes of everyone. Just their actions have been always have been illegal since the inception of it fighting against tyranny since the 1750’s.

            The snake is very emblematic of the US and unfortunately time tread on that Snake ! There are many flags from old times portraying the hawk destroying the Snake in many flags Europe and the world.

            You are very much what is wrong with this world ,you see things as a grey area and just a warning there are no grey areas for these actions only what is wrong or right. You try make the case that there is no wrong or right, but this is only what your viewpoint is and not a credible answer. I leave you to deal with your own conscience as that is something you still try to moralize with your childish logic.

          • Tony B.

            Bull shit.
            You purposely mix the COMMON PEOPLE of the U.S. with the COMPLETELY ROTHSCHILD/ISRAEL OWNED GOVERNMENT.
            They are as opposed as Christ and the devil.

          • russia do not supply arms to taliban , stop spreading lies and propaganda

          • “The United States despite its shortcomings is the greatest and most generous country that one will encounter.”

            a foolish sentiment from a person who never read history books , on how US foreign policy destroy countries and kill millions of civilians..

          • Uche Anthony Esealuka

            That is a very extraordinary and an indecent accusation to level against someone especially in the absence of proof. I am an American and l’m offended by your accusation. A word of advice, criticize the statement but never the person.

          • Yea yeah, American on a pro Russian site, you are African mate, everyone noe claims American!

          • Alex

            According to your own logic you are not american yourself.

          • Eskandar Black

            why is your english so bad?

          • Grammar Nazi, kiss my behind!

          • Eskandar Black

            so you are actually the lying hypocrite who doesn’t speak English well, LOL

          • Idioten! Typos!

          • Uche Anthony Esealuka

            Oh, shut the fuck up, you little twit. I am an Americanad much more than you will ever be. You can’t even come up with a decent argument for your position except accuse people of one thing or the other. You silly marsupial.

          • Hey, African boy, chill out…Hypocrisy at its finest, and stop taking the piss, you are now clearly in bed with commies…Trump should deport the lots of you so you can go live in Moscow!

          • Tony B.

            Big, strong words for a thirteen year old. But it doesn’t make you a man.

          • Uche Anthony Esealuka

            I agree. He comes across like an untutored child.

          • Uche Anthony Esealuka

            I am not in bed with anyone, you uneducated deplorable. And if anyone deserves to be deported it is the like of you. It is clear from your arguments here that you lack the reasoning and the capacity to live among civilized people. You see a bogeyman everywhere you look when in fact it is you and your limitations reflecting back to you. You do need help.

          • Go back to Africa dickhead, worse that an uncle Tom, go pick a cotton while you at it boy, you need some whipping boy???spewing ignorance while thinking you could make up some big word English to impress retards here, stop taking the piss and go do something with your miserable life!

          • Larissa Vanderbilt

            An American offended by an accusation? Don’t worry son, mommy is coming to help you. out of the sh*t you have gotten into with your simplistic and inane comments..

          • Uche Anthony Esealuka

            Larissa, please advise what point you are trying to make? I really do not know what you are trying to say or what it is you want from me or want me to do. You come across like an aggrieved dolt if you do not know that most reasonable people will be perturbed by an unsubstantiated accusation.

          • BL

            Wow who could have imagined people who support Russia and Iran commenting on a Russian website. If you don’t like it here there are millions of pro-(((American))) websites owned by your Zionist masters who’re spewing lies to you 24/7. This website is for those who’re sick and tired of Zionist lies.

          • wwinsti

            That’s what happens when you shaft a public mandate to stop wars from 2 presidents. What the hell has Israel ever done for the US anyway? Opened wide when being hosed down with money?

          • Eskandar Black

            well i can only speak for myself. No one pays me, I am a US citizen, really voted for trump and if we keep winning plan to again.

          • Aubrey Garrett

            I suffer from one “anti”.
            I am anti-dead-children-being-stacked-like-cordwood by the woodshed door.
            I care less who pulled the trigger- I am against it! Show those photos to any father, grandfather or great grandfather and their reaction will be close to mine.

          • You need brain transplant ASAP, or you should ge life in a mental facility for criminally insane!

          • Tony B.

            Any real American can’t help but be anti Israhell. Since that Rothschild army has occupied the U.S. the whole country has rapidly gone to hell, just like any other country this scum inundates.
            Get real.

          • In your dreams boy

          • a hasbara paid troll accusing other people of trolling..

            this is rich… so ironic that most of the troll on the net came from israeli internet brigade

          • Am no Israeli mate, just a random guy that dislikes commies and terrorists!

          • haha typical hasbara liar , who pretend to be innocent while constantly post israeli propaganda , at tel aviv working hour..

            imagine that..

          • Boris Kazlov

            You are an idiot brainwashed murikan redneck. if I would get paid hourly I would post much more often, that is not the case, BTW I am Russian and I post because of indignation about the hypocritical lies of AIPAC= ZOG (Zionist Occupied Government). Not all Americans are that stupid to not see through the lies of ZOG.

        • wwinsti

          Washington lives to shit out new insurgency groups. It’s quite literally the only thing they’re good at. That’s a pessimistic assessment, but it’s all they have left.

    • BL

      What “prosperity” has the Orange clown brought to America? Surely you’re not gong to quote the same fake economic numbers Trump himself correctly called “fake” before he became President.

      • Real Anti-Racist Action

        From a personal standpoint. So many places are now hiring that I was able to find a much better job. Under Obama only Taco Bell was hiring managers. Now under Trump so much production is increasing from LED production lines to New Balance is staying in the USA and now car manufactures are looking to open more production in the united states and lots and lots of transformer manufactures for electronic are opening up everywhere.

    • Robert Ferrin

      Oh you mean the millions of dollars he gave the corporations and the wealthy in his tax cuts, while the working man got crapped on and his nose rubbed in it, or the $3-$4 bucks the re-tired people got,TRUMP IS NO DIFFERENT THAN THOSE WHO CAME BEFORE ,MORE TROOPS FOR AFGHANISTAN MORE TROOPS AND WEAPONS TO SYRIA MORE TROOPS TO AFRICA.And now you know why I didn’t bother to vote for more wars are coming…

    • It is a bit too early to pass judgement on the prosperity aspect, don’t you think so? Besides, one thing is related to the other; that is, wars in the Middle East means shooting on your foot in the economic aspect.

      • Tony B.

        Only to the citizen, not to the banker.

    • John Mason

      You shouldn’t have voted, was no point since US elections are rigged and all your POTUS contenders are criminals. Happens when criminals take power.

      • Uche Anthony Esealuka

        Really? That is news to me. Please tell us what countries you are comparing the United States elections and political contenders to in order for you to reach that conclusion. You can either factually discuss issues or you can rant. And ranting is not a substitute for fact.

        • John Mason

          Here, go an educate yourself, you obviously need it.

          Obama, Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld Arrest Warrants Issued

          War crimes prosecutor Francis Boyle issues warrant for the arrest of Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld. South Africa issues warrant for Obama’s arrest for war crimes. Video details four year secret war in Sudan, Ethiopia and Somalia the US.



          • Uche Anthony Esealuka

            Interesting. I did check out the link you provided. The blog posting was from 2015. And in case you do not know, not one of the persons that a warrant was issued for has been arrested. That should tell you something about the pretensions of that South African court and its quixotic prosecutor who does not know that he lacks jurisdiction.

          • John Mason

            Not arrested because they won’t go their. US is infiltrated with crooks, period.

          • Uche Anthony Esealuka

            Ok, John Mason, Whatever beliefs floats your boat.

          • John Mason

            Not out to change your views which are distorted and unfortunately you belong to a group that is unable to comprehend through ignorance and lack of education that the US is done and dusted. A has been state that has turned rogue. Believe what you want makes no difference to me and most likely to a majority.

        • Tony B.

          Oh, get off it. There hasn’t been a real presidential election in this country for decades. The cabal owns all the parties so even if the vote really did count, the Rothschild cabal still wins every election.
          When are you going to notice that NOTHING EVER CHANGES POLITICALLY NO MATTER WHO IS IN OFFICE.

          • Uche Anthony Esealuka

            Hi Tony, l do hear some some of these conspiracy inanities but mostly in out of the way, dives. These sort of things are usually bandied about by people who drink more than its good for them and who feel disempowered to engage society and find their own traction. The fault is always someone conspiring against them or some other thing. If you ask them how come they don’t conspire against the person or entity supposedly conspiring against them then you realize the futility of their beliefs. As soon as l identify such people l move to the other side of the bar lest whatever disease they suffer from is contagious.

  • paul ( original )

    I certainly don’t think they are going to depart voluntarily. In a way
    the Iraqis have to blame themselves. They were far too eager to
    invite the devil in after they panicked when ISIS took Mosul. Now
    they will have to live with the curse.

    • Pave Way IV

      Exactly as planned by the neocon chickenhawk psychopaths in DC, paul. It’s been 16 years since we destroyed most of the Iraqi Army’s aircraft, armor and missiles. Plenty of time to retrain and re-equip them. Plenty of time to rebuild their destroyed anti-aircraft capability. Plenty of time to root out the corruption that guaranteed a weak, useless army. None of that has been done – the US, KSA and Israel ALWAYS intended to have a weak, chaotic, divided Iraq that would never be a threat to their land-grabbing, oil-theft schemes. The idea is to have a puppet client that would always NEED to depend on the US military for defence. Dependence on the US means control by the US.

      The US knew half the money we returned to them (US seized it from Saddam’s gov’t) would be stolen before it ever got back to the new Iraqi government. The US knows that most of our military aid money is wasted – mostly by the mil-government Iraqi stooges we made sure were in power. The Pentagon isn’t the least bit concerned about this because they – more than anybody – count on a perpetually weak Iraqi military, an otherwise defenseless Iraq, eternal US troop and base presence, and the ability for the US to launch the Iranian war from Iraqi soil (and order Iraqi troops to die in that war).

      • Who do u mean by we we we? Arab boy?

        • as

          We Christians, Muslims and everybody else with normalcy in them.

          • You meant Muslim, didn’t you? We all know the love you got for us infidels, right? Say this words loud, BULL SHIT!!!

          • Alex

            Dumb to the bone, a fine example of dumbed down human garbage produced by american propaganda, you are really just an excrement inside and out.

      • Uche Anthony Esealuka

        Yeah, what do you mean by we, pale face?

  • Ricky Miller

    The best way for Iraqi’s to put an end to the American military presence inside Iraq…is at the ballot box. The current Iraqi government is allowing American forces to linger inside Iraq and use Iraqi airspace to support their Kurdish/SDF project in Syria. A vote for Nouri-al-Maliki’s coalition would be far faster than a 2005-2008 style armed campaign of violent resistance.

    • John Brown

      You are right for now. Once Syria has freed the rest of Syria except for the Israeli / SDF / ISIS and the USSA north eastern Syria areas, then it will be time to tackle the Israeli / SDF / ISIS and the USSA problems in Syria and Iraq.

    • Nexusfast123

      The empire of stupidity is not going to take any notice of a vote or a formal request to leave. The ONLY thing they understand is force. The US embassy in Iraq is the biggest and most costly in the Middle East ($750m) and they are no going walk away from it. The embassy has extensive housing and infrastructure facilities:
      1. Six apartment buildings for employees
      2. Water and waste treatment facilities
      3. A power station
      4. Two “major diplomatic office buildings”
      5. Recreation, including a gym, cinema, several tennis courts and an Olympic-size swimming pool

      • Tony B.

        It’s the biggest “embassy” in the world. Which means, it’s never been an embassy. What it really is, is the south eastern headquarters of the surround Russia plot of the neo con operated U.S. military.

  • Syria insider

    The armored vehicle base in Harasta has been besieged by rebel forces they ALS captured 350 buildings. And the Ajami district and the Bashir hospital. Syrian insider out check me for updates on southfront.org

  • dutchnational

    Iraqi party militia telling the central government what they should do – or else.

    Iraqi sliding downwards on the path to anarchy.

    As reported here and elsewhere, IS is already reorganising and starting to take back areas from PMU units. Before the end of 2018, it is likely, if this continues, that IS will regain control over some areas of Iraq.

    • PZIVJ

      These groups just like to shout loud in order to be heard.
      As far as anarchy, you should consider that IS does not have a military presence in the country.
      I think the situation there is much improved. Don’t you ??
      You should go watch your fire works. :)

      • dutchnational

        Thanks, I have been watching fireworks here.

        Situation vis a vis IS had improved much over 2017 in Iraq. However, as PMU’s, Iraqi army are now more concerned in persecuting kurds, one can see the situation starting to slide backwards in several regions. Pesh merga will not fight against IS anymore in support of Iraqi army. Not outside of their regions at least. Hawijah has, at least partly, been retaken by IS.

        PMU trying to set national policy is the beginning of anarchy. The government should command the army, incl PMU, not the other way around.

        • PZIVJ

          I recall the Hawija pocket, IS remnants pushed north and some may have returned. This area has been a Sunni hotbed in the past.
          The area is mostly rural. If the Iraqi govt was smart it would invest in agriculture infrastructure to make the people there peaceful, but the govt seems to be a bit corrupt and not helpful at all :(

  • Lumen

    Will force washington out of Iraq? By mass suicide? Oh Shit!!!!

  • Cheryl Brandon

    It is about time; It is more than 15 years? They wish to colonize Iraq .Kick them out!

  • Ger

    Well, there is one thing obvious about the comments of this article …. the warmonger trolls are easy to spot!

  • Cheryl Brandon

    Yep, I agree with Hezbollah, het to F…K out of Iraq; Bloody International Looters! International War Criminals! Long live Hezbollah/ Long Live Iran! It is the USA and Israhell and the ruling elites and fake media and Amnesty International go around pretending to be “helpers” but, are hyenas draped in sheep clothing, only out to destroy countries for pleasure/ for greed and for consumption.