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Karrar Main Battle Tank (Infographics)

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Karrar Main Battle Tank (Infographics)

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The Karrar is an Iranian main battle tank announced on March 12, 2017. During the announcement, Iran claimed that it possessed an electro-optical fire control system, a laser rangefinder, ballistic computer and could fire at both stationary and mobile targets in day or night.


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A total copy from T-90


I think Iran should stick with what they master, drones


Drones are less capable than manned aircraft.


That’s not bad idea at all

MH370 Atok The Deceiver

its ok to copy established design that to construct wow new like Qaher stealth fighter


It resembles a prototype aircraft design from Boeing. I wouldn’t rule out Iran reverse engineering it with specialist assistance from Russia, it’s possible that Mossad stole the plans and sold them to China. From there it’s possible the design was transferred to Pakistan and from there to Iran.


It resembles a Boeing prototype. I wouldn’t rule out Iran reverse engineering it with assistance from technical specialists. It’s possible that Mossad stole the blueprints and sold them to China. It’s possible they were transferred to Pakistan and from there to Iran.


Mossad might well have sold the plans direct to Iran. They do love their money. :-)


Maybe leaked by a traitor in their ranks since both countries are hostile to each other?


Certainly cheaper than importing it from Russia, I wouldn’t expect their version to equal Uralvagonzavod’s manufacturing quality. Their reverse engineered model of the T-90M/MS is still a valuable tank to keep in their arsenal, it would be good for them to not allow it to fall into enemy hands if they ever decide to use it in assymetric military operations beyond Iranian borders.

Lone Ranger

It seems every non NATO country is either license building or copying the T-90.


Nobody has really been able to destroy one in Syria, that’s why. Occasionally they get knocked out but, that seems only temporary.

Icarus Tanović

Well it isn’t, T 90 is way heavier have different powerplant and transmission.


Would love to see their junk against our Merkava-MK4, send some to Hezbollahs.


You in the barrel would be the only attraction.

Wayne Nicholson

I thought you were a soldier? You would think you of all people would understand the role of a tank yet you have them going head to head with Israeli tanks. You sound more like a gamer / fanboy than someone who understands how battles are fought.


I know the role of a tank in the battlefield, I just said it would be interesting to see who’s better if we ever met head on. Ofcourse it will never happen, but I have no doubt we win.

Wayne Nicholson

That implies a tanks value is it’s ability to fight other tanks. Like penises how far you can spray relative to your buddies is no measure of it’s usefulness to you. If that were the measure of a tanks value in the early years of WW2 the Wehrmacht wouldn’t have stood a chance against the likes of France. It’s interesting to note when they had superior tanks later in the war all they could do was retreat. Israel won their wars against Arabs in the 20th century with superior tactics, intelligence, leadership and discipline. This is the 21st century and the Iranians aren’t Arabs. In a war you’re likely never going to see an Iranian tank …. Iranians won’t come near you at all …. they’ll just spray you with missiles.


I hear you lost some 300 tanks in South Lebanon not so long ago and had to make a truce. Unlike the Israelis, Hezbollah respects its truces. The Jews only respect a truce when it is to their advantage. As soon as things change, they break the agreement. As Putin said about the Americans, “they are not agreement capable”


No we lost 3000 tanks, we lost all of our tanks, we are now tankless.


more like brainless as well…


That was a good joke that I honestly laughed out loud at. But regardless, I refuse to upvoat the comment.

Icarus Tanović

That’s right, and that ship too, helicopters etc., not so long ago.

opet ja

Quite enough for their needs and quite enough to confront any of equipment their enemies have. What happened to their fleet of Chieftain tanks, couldn’t reverse engineer spare parts for them?

Raptar Driver

I believe that tanks are Obsolete And countries should focus their resources on something new and different .

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