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Karakurt-Class Corvette (Infographics)

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Karakurt-Class Corvette (Infographics)

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The Karakurt is a class of corvettes developed for the Russian Navy. Karakurt corvettes are intended to be a more seaworthy, blue water complement to the Buyan-M class corvettes, which had been designed for the littoral zone and are currently serving in Russia’s Caspian Flotilla, Baltic Fleet and Black Sea Fleet. The Karakurt is capable of carrying Kalibr or Oniks anti-ship cruise missiles.


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John Brown

Each one can take out a carrier battle group

namulit emperor

It’s only 4 cells, but it can take on an Arleigh Burke class, which costs 1,5 billion $.

Harry Smith

It’s 2×4 which equals 8.

namulit emperor

Even better. ;-)

Proud Hindu

Russian junk.This ship will fail ,then it will be sold to china.The chinese will put in an inferior engine and advertise the ship as a world class navy ship.Thats russian chinese cooperation in producing junk lol.


Wow strong analysis.


Proof? Certainly no engineer let alone on the level,maybe trumps savvy $6.97 pm job for apple will save the economy,their economy,not yours,bitcoined fooled!USA SHT LONG RANGE MISSILES 88% SUCCESS,and whos innovation contributes to Indias superior to the wests missiles,hmm.

jade villaceran

this indian doesnt know that a russian navy once save them from destruction from usa and uk

Lone Ranger

Time to insert your Tampax Shlomo ?
You are bleeding all over the place ?

Lone Ranger

If Russian tech was bad India wouldnt use it.
From carriers to subs, tanks, jets, helos, cruise missiles…
Oy oy…

Rhodium 10

proud Hindu troll

Servet Köseoğlu

”Kalibr” is so potent,essential military product that it has to be mounted from 750-800 tonnes platforms to 4500-5000 tonnes frigates.


same old

Lone Ranger

Probably the most powerful ship in regard of weapons compared to its size and mass.
It doesnt get more efficient than that.
Good job Comrades ???

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