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Karabakh War Could Be Stopped Weeks Before Fall Of Shusha, But Pashinyan Was Refusing To Accept Russian Peacekeepers: Putin

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Karabakh War Could Be Stopped Weeks Before Fall Of Shusha, But Pashinyan Was Refusing To Accept Russian Peacekeepers: Putin

Vladimir Putin. IMAGE: RIA Novosti

On November 17, Russian President Vladimir Putin held a kind of press-conference answering media questions regarding the situation in the Nagorno-Karabakh region and the Azerbaijani-Armenian negotiations. Comments of the Russian president provide a great insight into the diplomatic background of the Karabakh war and the posture of the pro-Western government of Armenia, led by Soros-produced Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan.

According to the Russian president, “the most important achievement was stopping the bloodshed.”

I have already said that according to official figures alone, over 4,000 people have died. I think that in reality the figures are higher. Tens of thousands are wounded and mutilated. Look, this is not a movie. This is a tragedy that has befallen real people, real families. Therefore, stopping the bloodshed is the main result.

However, to understand what is happening we will still have to go back into history, literally in a few words. I have to recall that it all started in the already remote year of 1988, when ethnic clashes took place in the Azerbaijani city of Sumgayit. Armenian civilians fell victim to these events, and later it spread to Nagorno-Karabakh.

And since the Soviet Union’s leaders did not react duly to these events… let me say it again: these are sensitive issues, and I do not want to side with anyone or decide who was right or wrong. It is no longer possible to determine this now, but it was necessary to put things in order and protect civilians, and this was not done. At that point, the Armenians themselves took up arms, and this protracted conflict, a conflict building for many years, broke out. Eventually, it led to a declaration of independence, sovereignty and self-reliance by Karabakh in 1991. The Bishkek agreements were signed in 1994 and this Bishkek memorandum stopped the hostilities at that time.

What happened as a result? Karabakh declared independence, as I have said, and another seven adjacent regions came under the control of the Armenians, that is, Armenia.

This is basically what we inherited from the past and this is the problem we had to resolve.

I believe the fact that hostilities have stopped and, importantly, the parties agreed to unblock the roads and to restore economic ties is critically important and creates a good basis for normalising relations for the long term,” Putin said.

The Russian president also revealed that the hostilities in Karabakh may have been stopped weeks ago (in October, before the full collapse of the Armenian defense and the fall of the key stronghold of Susha), but Pashinyan was refusing to accept Russian peacekeepers in the region and allow displaced Azerbaijani people to return to the region, including Susha.

Karabakh War Could Be Stopped Weeks Before Fall Of Shusha, But Pashinyan Was Refusing To Accept Russian Peacekeepers: Putin

Click to see the full-size image

On October 19-20, I had a series of telephone conversations with both President Aliyev and Prime Minister Pashinyan. And then the Azerbaijani armed forces regained control over an insignificant southern part of Karabakh. In general, I managed to convince President Aliyev that it is needed to stop hostilities, but a mandatory condition on his part was the return of refugees, including to the city of Shusha,” Putin said.

But unexpectedly for me, the position of our Armenian partners was formulated in such a way that it was unacceptable for them, and Prime Minister Pashinyan told me directly that he sees this as a threat to the interests of Armenia and Karabakh.

“Bearing in mind that the return of civilians was supposed, while maintaining control on the part of the Armenian side over this part of the territory of Karabakh, including Shusha, and bearing in mind the presence of our peacekeepers, about which we already agreed with both Armenia and Azerbaijan. The prime minister (of Armenia) then said: no, we cannot agree to this, we will struggle, we will fight,” Putin said.

Being an experienced politician, Putin added that accusations against Pashinyan over his betrayal of Armenia “have no basis.”

“Another thing is whether it was right or wrong, this is another question. But here there can be no talk of any betrayal,” he added noting that it is unclear what kind of Armenian interests would be damaged by the Russian-backed peace in October 19-20.

As to the status of Nagorno-Karabakh, Putin noted, it still should be determined.

“Yes, there is this problem, since Karabakh’s final status has not been settled. We have agreed to maintain the status quo. What happens next will be decided eventually by the future leaders and the future participants in this process. I think if proper conditions are created for normal life and relations between Armenia and Azerbaijan, between people in everyday life, especially in the conflict zone, are restored, it will create an environment for determining Karabakh’s status.

With regard to recognising or not recognising Karabakh as an independent state, there may be different approaches, but this undoubtedly was a significant factor, including in the course of the bloody conflict that I hope has ended. Because the very fact of the non-recognition of Karabakh, including by Armenia, has left a deep imprint on the course of events and the way it is perceived.

To put it bluntly, after the former Georgian leaders’ undoubtedly criminal moves, I mean the attacks against our peacekeepers in South Ossetia, Russia recognised the independence of South Ossetia and Abkhazia. We recognised the expression of the will of the people living in Crimea to reunite with Russia as just, and we met the people halfway, we did so openly. Some people may like it, others may not like it, but we did it in the interests of the people who live there and in the interests of Russia, and we are not ashamed to speak about it openly.

This did not happen with Karabakh, and this, of course, has significantly influenced the developments there.

In fact, as it was already noted by experts, Pashinyan and his government just betrayed interests of the Armenian nation by sabotaging the Russia-proposed piece deal in October because it would inevitably lead to the further increase of Russian influence in the region that goes contrary to interests of the Western puppeteers of Pashinyan. Thus, the Russia-brokered peace deal was delayed for weeks and the Armenians lost not only the south of Karabakh, but a large part of the territories of the Nagorno-Karabkh Republic, including the key city of Shusha.


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The idiot wanted to move Armenia west and with more Russian peace keepers mean more Russian influence in other regions from where they were already base. The idiot Armenia prime Minister thing the west would’ve come to his rescued and sanction Azerbaijan but Turkey is to important to the west to move against it apparently.

Ryan Glantz

I wonder if the West only likes Turkey because of the strategic location…


Nah they love trukish dk+up their cakewholes these luciferians of incests 4th reichts!


Nobody likes nobody, the french don’t like the brits and so on. In politics are only interests.

Ryan Glantz

there has to be more to the story than that surface tension.


A little bit of drama didn’t kill anyone :)

Kenny Jones ™

Yes no one in the West genuinely likes Turkey, except for some neo-cons like @doranimated on twitter


Exactly,both the eu-epp/deepstate of usa told greece and armenia to fkoff(we need turkey)

Ishyrion Av

So, the truth starts to come out. The traitor was in top of the hierarchy, like always. But for Armenia, nothing is too late.

Jihadi Colin

Hardly a very concealed truth. Most of us knew it from the beginning.

catalin zt

Cannot wait the monkeys of the paedo “profet” to do a mistake now again the Russians for the muslim tribe to be deleted !

The Objective

Russia is trying to keep Armenia under its influence. With 2000 U.S military and civilian personnel in Armenia, that’ll be a near impossibility. The U.S diplomatic mission in Armenia is one of the largest in the world, and for a reason. The problem for Russia is that it lacks the economic muscle to woo countries. The U.S has only to threaten any Armenian administration with sanctions for it to come back to its senses. Russia cannot do the same. Just like it’s bogged down in Syria, it’ll also get bogged down in NK. Seems like a perfect plan to overstretch the Russian military and force Moscow to waste resources on wars it’s highly unlikely to win.

cechas vodobenikov

more CIA propaganda–amerika in quagmires on all continents—30$ trillion debt Russia vast reserves w few troops in other nations–US losing in ME, Bolivia, Venezuela, CAR, Sudan, Asia…LOL

Ryan Glantz

someone’s been playing too much armita 3.

Servet Köseoğlu

Disagree..there is no single chance that Armenia can continue his pro-western policies in caucaus…Russia just gave green light to Azerbaijan and Armenia was speedblitzed..Note that Russia is supplying all energy to Armenia..Seems like a perfect plan to overstretch the Russian military well deploying 1200 soldiers wont have any impact on Russian economy…Usa is playing again over Armenian government and elites assets but from Pashinyan’s interview we understand that he is already in deep regret,pain.

Panthera Pardus

Just like it’s bogged down in Syria,

Russia is bogged down in Syria? they have eliminated thousands of throatcutters, the Caliphat does not exist any more.. who is bogged down ?!


But Russia has between ten and twenty aircraft bogged down doing all that! A gargantuan forcel


Are you gai,dumb or both?

Jim Allen

Prove these parroted statements you so loyally repeat, regardless of facts. Why doesn’t your immense pretense of knowledge give you the facts, and sources backing up your statements ?


What us prescence in armenia,get off the drugs you degenerate piss weak fascist lieing prik! Speak of reality,there is no future in debtwhores,nor subsonic nazi siblings nor the traitors of democracy infact,russia can more than outperform usa in every aspect kg by kg+ payload:

Kenny Jones ™

Would be a shame if the 2k spying us troops would be expelled by a new anti-west government

cechas vodobenikov

Armenian incompetence and corruption failed; now they depend on Russia to prevent the nation from descending to 4th world status, becoming a colony of Iran

Антон С

The funny thing is that Pashinyan fulfilled the colored coup under the flag of fighting with corruption. Soros uses this flag in every country, because corruption was, is and will be everywhere. It’s the same as fighting against adultery – impossible to win, even if fighters are saints. But all people of Soros are corrupt to the bone.


I agrre but I would mention that if someone has to chose to pay protection tax between rich mafia and poor mafia, most of the times the rich are preferred because they can use soft power also.

Lazy Gamer

So we now have a yardstick of Putin’s mind when he thinks the situation is impossible and this also explains his actions elsewhere.

Fog of War

” But Pashinyan Was Refusing To Accept Russian Peacekeepers: Putin ” But all it took for Pashinyan to accept peacekeepers was for a Russian helicopter to supposedly be shot down by Azerbaijan, in an area no where near where the fighting was ? Does anyone else see anything strange with this scenario ?

Lazy Gamer

He did not want Russia to be involved in a hot war but at that time, it was clear, the war will be spilling on to Armenia proper in the coming days.

Tommy Jensen

Pashinyan probably trusted US/Nato would rescue Armenia. Like the other usury loan licking idiots.

Fog of War

I dont agree, if this war entered Armenia proper Russia would be obligated by treaty to get involved. Like I said before, all sides immediately made the agreement as soon as the ” copter ” got shot down. This whole situation is very strange. In fact, were the names of the dead Russian crew even made public ? They were in Syria, why not here ? Why was the copter shot down far away from the war zone ? Why would Azerbaijan do that , especially in that area , and when they were days, if not hours, from having complete victory in NK?

Mark M. Nobelman

There are interviews of Aliyev saying himself before he signed the agreement give us the 7 districts and couple of cities then we sign deal of transfer but Pashin refused and to proud to negotiate share of NK.

Aliyev was willing to settle for less then he got now before the war you can find these videos online it was a BBC interview but now it seems like he got more then he wanted. The peace treaty has nothing to do with Russian copter getting shout down. They apologized and were willing to pay the compensation. It was in the wrong place at the wrong time at night there is not much you can do there


I have sait it before, it was a setup by Russia. The chopper incident served to force the hand of Armenia. Putin said it all. Azerbaijan wanted russian peacekeepers. Armenia didn’t. Azerbaijan was all in in the chopper provocation.

Fog of War

So the shooting down of Russian copter by Azerbaijan forced Armenia’s hand ? Very strange logic you got there.


It’s an atempt for regime change from Putin.


The downing of the russian aircraft is not new, it happens in syria with turkish F16 shootdown the russian SU24 and SU 25 and the Israeli shootingdown of a russian transport aircraft, also in syria.

Rhodium 10

Pashinyan thought that Macron would help Armenia like he did in East Mediterranean assisting Greece….


Yeah like look at greece now leading the 4th reicht obedience resett,democracy? FK NO!


Putin, of necessity, is being diplomatic. Pashinyan is an obvious subversive and traitor. Not allowing Russian peace keepers in to stop the Azeri advance, which the Azeris agreed to, until 30% of N-K and 30% of the Artsahk buffer zone districts had been overrun. Is in your face treason by the traitor Pashinyan. When the only outcome from allowing the war to continue was a continued loss of Artsahk, including N-K, territory.

Tommy Jensen

Russia should stay out of a conflict which only an American and the free and civilised world can resolve. Only democracy with freedom can create permanent peace, and not gulag and dictatorship plus commies under the bed! Russia has thus cancelled the issue of a new IMF loan to Pashinyan and Armenia who now must live in poverty and misery without usury loans because of Putin!

cechas vodobenikov

no civilization in merika—“the people of amerika accept a level of ugliness in their daily lives nearly without precedent in the history of western civilization”. Yuri Bezmenov too much bad meth in your trailer park I surmise u pitiful packuda— you enjoy killing and torture …”the amerikan subconscious is manichean, dualist, barbaric”. Johan Galtung


Он ироничен. (нереальный идиот)

Ryan Glantz

There are still enough good and wholesome Americans, you will see soon enough. :)


All imf funded states are now to be 4th reicht owned by incest,no future in fascism nor fake democracys,nor lgbtq,nor anywhich of whoms are siding with the deep state milita of medias:


Tell em jimi

Ryan Glantz

Gotta love the block feature. :)


Murica is done that has created this monster called Pashinyan. And thousands of people have lost their lives. Thanks Murica, may you burn in hell.


I believe you don’t know what IMF financing is for. May I reccomend the book by John Perkins “Confessions of an Economic Hit Man”

Captain Freedom

No one understands Tommy :( gotta turn your irony detection on people


Funny you mention Gulags. Gulags were closed in the 1950s. When will USA close Gitmo and other political prisons they run?


very hard to believe putin. pissypants was begging for help for weeks and president of artsakh was begging for help to

Kenny Jones ™

He hasn’t once formally, asked for help, he just refers to the csto, don’t blame this on Putin, he saved a big part of Artsakh


Putin flushed Armenians down the toilet. As they say, money doesn’t smell.


Saving lives ain’t flushing anything other than your lgbtq degenerate sad sorros states!

Random Dude

At a point an uncontrolled territory between Iran, Russia and Turkey became very dangerous and Turkey and Russia decided to settle the issue for future stability and before any 3rd party want to get in. Only Iran didn’t get any increase of influence in the region but ended up with a stable border from the north. Its an all win situation.

Kenny Jones ™

Russia won’t allow Turks into the areas where war was, he said that too

Random Dude

You are confusing the territory patrolled by peacekeepers and territories under Azerbaijani military control. War happened in both and Turkish troops seem to be expected in the territory under Azerbaijani military control. Russia already stated that it is Azerbaijani and Turkish sovereign right to place the troops whether they choose to.

Kenny Jones ™

Since when do you believe what Russia’s president says? According to international law Abkhazia and Ossetia aren’t part of Russia either, so that statement has no meaning. And Russia also made it clear that no Turks will set foot in Karabakh area, only in Azeri proper land

Random Dude

what if they do?

Антон С

Armenia have 5 years to recognize Artsah/Mountain Karabah and integrate it to Armenia. 5 years is the term of peacekeeping forces’ mandate. After it ends Baku can start another new attempt to take all Karabah. Troops can stay here for a longer time, if it will be part of Armenia, which is under protection of our country. No other ways to keep this land safe.


Frankly, Putin is a crook and a liar.

Russia moves to protect Putin from prosecution

The Russian parliament’s lower house – the Duma – has backed a bill granting Russian presidents and their families immunity from criminal prosecution after they leave office to protect them from charges of rampant corruption and misappropriation of government funds.

It is among constitutional amendments approved in a referendum in July. Supporters of President Vladimir Putin dominate both houses ofparliament.

Mr Putin’s fourth term ends in 2024, but the amendments allow him to run for two more terms.

He is 68 and has no obvious successor and is suffering with ill-health after being diagnosed with Parkinsons.


Hey dumbassed limp wristed homosexual rant,you got nothing on the truth,no facts,no truth, being the 9th dan obviously mentally stronger and physically too,(snao both ye wrists) You degenerate sprogbreaths are the ones with severe mental disorders as putin yet again proved you insolent fascist lumpchins have no valid reason for a future not to exists,like pfft!

Can’t wait too see more proof how you homosexual sun medias proven liars yet again,fkheds


9dan? And Kim Jong got his driving license at 3yo.


omg yeah yeah Parkinson

because Solovei is a trustable source….my friend, you know nothing of the real world


Truth prevails,Putin proving that he’s fit as a fiddle,spiritually,mentally and effectively,so much for these weak petty trolls of incests who assume experienced leaders have not what it takes? you can tell whom the drama queens are,insomuch to their insolent low iq comments based on blot:


Stop sucking cocks


I am no expert…but what Putin should have done was establish Armenia as she was before the Soviet occupation, which included Azeri land. I believe that this is the root of the problem and the anti Russian feelings of the Armenians. Putin did take sides when he allied with Turkey. You can’t put a bandaid on a serious gaping wound when sided with the perpetrators of Armenian genocide…who up to this day will never repent for it. It’s all for the disgusting filth in occupied Palestine period. The Armenians were between a rock and a hard place with no faithful leader. Pashinyan is a betrayer just as the Soviets were when they est. Azerbaijan. Terrorists from Syria backed by Turkey were imported. This shame will only make a serious wound bigger. How can anyone possibly feel that this will simmer things. Has it in Syria?

Frank G

So from what I gathered, had Armenia recognized NKB as it’s own, Russia would/could of stepped in sooner with more than peacekeepers, like intervened completely at the onset and request but since the Armenian regime is a western puppet gov NKB is still on its own but under Russian peacekeeper protection. That could of been granted from the beginning had Armenia settled NKB issue as Russia did with Crimea, South Ossetia and Abkhazia, as stated by Putin.

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