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Karabakh Drums Of War: Armenia, Azerbaijan Ramp Up Forces Near Contested Region

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The Azerbaijan Armed Forces are carrying out a large-scale operational and tactical exercise between March 15th and 18th.

The drills involve up to 10,000 military personnel, 100 tanks and other armored vehicles, 200 missile and artillery systems, multiple launch rocket systems, and mortars, and up to 30 military aviation assets, as well as unmanned aerial vehicles for various purposes.

According to the Azerbaijani leadership, the goal of the drills is to “fight against terrorist groups, in particular, illegal armed formations, and to conduct counter-terrorism operations” in mountain-wooded areas with difficult terrain. In other words, Baku declared that its forces are training for another clash with Armenian forces in the Nagorno-Karabakh area.

The military exercises follow those held on March 5th, when the Azerbaijani Combined Arms Army conducted intense live-fire training with crews of the armored fighting vehicles with same purpose.

As to Karabakh itself, the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry continues releasing videos of the areas they captured, largely showcasing abandoned buildings, debris from various structures and the beauty of the hills.

Pro-Armenian sources expectedly claim that Azerbaijan prepares for a new offensive amid the deepening political chaos in Armenia. Nikol Pashinyan hold on to his power like grim death despite the popular demand for his resignation and the fact that his policies led the Armenians to the tragedy in Karabakh.

At the same time, the Armenian Armed Forces are holding their own exercises from March 16 to 20. The drills involve 7,500 servicemen, 100 armored vehicles, 200 missile and artillery systems, 90 air defense units. The numbers of troops and equipment involved in the drills serve another confirmation that the Armenian military did not participate in the recent Karabakh war and abandoned local self-defense forces in the face of the Azerbaijani-Turkish bloc.

In the current conditions, the only factor preventing the further Turkish-Azerbaijani advance, which is unlikely to be repelled, is the presence of the Russian peacekeeping contingent in the conflict region. However, it does not seems that the Pashinyan clique understands this as it continues providing a de-facto anti-Russian course regularly releasing tries to lay blame on Moscow for the failures of the Armenian leadership during the war.

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Armenians deserve everything coming to them while this creature is still in power.

Kenny Jones ™


Raptar Driver

So does everybody who has bad leadership. That would be most of the world. The regular person does not deserve To be punished for the evil of a few people.


Yes, sadly, I agree. He represents the US and UK globohomo agenda. They don’t give a sh*t about Armenia and will continue to grind it down until the people throw him out and go back to working with Russia.



thomas malthaus

Significant funds and weapons must be flowing from Washington to Baku.

Got hypersonic missiles!


Not at all. Azerbaidschan has good relations with Russia.


“Significant funds and weapons must be flowing from Tel Aviv to Baku.”

Fix’d that for you.

Fog of War

These latest developments prove there was always something more to the NK conflict besides control of some mountain passes. Seems to me that conflict is far from over.

Icarus Tanović

Pashinyan is just pupet of ziowahhabi globalists. Just like Macron and co. so what do you expect from wankster? Personally nothing.


Since when is Soros a Zionist or a Wahabi? Soros is a cultural marxist. He is financed by US billionaires and EU. He gets over 120 million Euro from EU every year. His family is intermarried with the Clintons. In Israel he is hated like no other. You are on the wrong track.


Wait, aren’t the Zionists and Wahhabists also “financed by US billionaires and EU”? “Israel” officials claim to hate Al-CIA-da, too, yet how legit do you think that is? At the end of the day, Ulli, “cultural marxists” like Soros, Zionists, and Wahhabi mercenaries are ideologically similar in that they view themselves, other humans, or human authorities as, in Soros’s words, “some kind of god, the creator of everything.”


If there is anymore trouble, Iran needs to act and stop this nonsense immediately. I’ve mentioned this before here that the turks have half a dozen countries out east to call home, where they are originally from. A vast area the size of China or the US. If they persist in pulling shit around the Caucasus, then its open hunting season on them.

Mustafa Mehmet

Mullah to busy shaving there asses getting ready to bend down. For”’ ” ‘b52


been waiting 42 years for those B-52’s……they never come……but for you mongols, there will be nothing but an eventual dismantling of your little Al-Qaeda republic. You just watch.

Jihadi Colin

So what happened to the Putin worshippers’ assertion that Putin didn’t intervene in Nagorno Karabakh in order to let Pashinyan be removed from power? Pashinyan is still there, and no sane Ottoman Azeri Alliance will want such an incompetent replaced.


Article is an overreaction to simple military drills that any country does, based on challenges/objectives that may or may not arise in future. But all these self comforting articles shunning current Armenian leadership might not lead to anything other than frustration. He still seems to be able to get more people on the street than opposition. Ever wonder what will happen in elections? I have an assumption, and it will not go along the self comforting narrative. Meanwhile few anti-Russian protests happened yesterday in Yerevan and upcoming participation in NATO exercises. Tell me more about Russian influence in the region.

He who laughs last laughs best

Russian influence in the region? simple, if the russians leaves the Nagorno-Karabakh, the Azeris will capture what is left.


so in 5 years then

He who laughs last laughs best

They will not leave in 5 years. Their troop’s presence is programmed be automatically rectified every 5 years, unless Russia will have anything against it.


you might need to read the agreement again

But will they capture more, is the question?


Nobody will take Armenia seriously until Pashinyan is ousted.


of course

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