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JUNE 2023

Kalibr Cruise Missile (Infographics)

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Kalibr Cruise Missile (Infographics)

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The Kalibr is a family of Russian surface ship-, submarine-launched and airborne anti-ship and coastal anti ship, land attack cruise missiles and anti-submarine missiles.


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Tommy Jensen

Amateurish and unprofessional compared to our US Space Defense Combat Centre Future Super Technology Photonic Precision Ozon Plasma Laser for Freedom and Peace weapon.


I Think That You Are Re Tar Ded Pie Ce Of Troll


but more fun than most

Daily Beatings

… with sharks that have laser beams.

Larry Rabinowitz, Ph.D

In all honesty, the US Space Command will soon be testing orbit-based high powered laser weapons to destroy ICBM and enemy satellites. Russia and China wont be able to use their only powerful weapon – nuclear ICBM. This means the USA using only conventional means could mop up the floor with a non-nuclear Russia/China


blather blather, the hymies will soon be a wet stain in the sand of palestine.

Friend of Russia

Laser needs one hour to burn a small hole in metal or composite. You hope nuclear missiles will stop before your laser crap for hours to get itself destroyed!



Wayne Nicholson

Lasers in orbit powerful enough to destroy a missile huh?

Lasers can be powered by 2 AAA batteries …. I have half a dozen such devices that I use every day.

Lasers that can be destructive from hundreds of KM’s require an immense amount of power. The last one the USA experimented with was housed in a 747 and it proved to be a failure. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boeing_YAL-1 The laser itself weighed 18,000 KG ….. the USA currently has no capability to put a satellite of this size in orbit.

So your now telling us that the USA has miniaturized this laser and have deployed them in space. In order to do that the USA has to have made some kind of breakthrough in energy production.

So tell me doctor, how is this laser powered? Fusion reactor? Anti-matter? And why is the USA wasting time and money playing catchup in the field of hypersonic missile technology when they have an energy technology that would allow them to produce incredible energy weapons that would render all missiles obsolete?

Larry Rabinowitz, Ph.D

whatever you say, Mr Expert

Wayne Nicholson

I’m no expert …. I’m just educated enough to know how to research a topic. Anyone who made it through a baccalaureate should have these skills.

It takes no time to learn that AC-130’s need GPS to operate and the Russians have jammed GPS over Syria or that high energy lasers operating in the earth atmosphere have severely reduced range due to water vapour , dust and turbulence ….. AND because of their size and power consumption the only practical laser weapon outside of dazzlers the USA can deploy is on warships ….. and that isn’t proven yet.

To date the USA hasn’t had much luck with laser weapons … lots of trial projects none of which have proven fruitful …… certainly nothing that could be deployed in space with the USA’s current fleet of rockets. The Russians claim to have one for naval deployment but it too is yet to be proven.

Which begs the question ….. what did you earn your degree in? It’s pretty obvious it’s not in STEM. Social work? Hospitality?

Tommy Jensen

You forget its classified. Russia brag about it in public, amateurish. We always keep the surprise for the ultimo moment, classified, professional………………..LOL.

Wayne Nicholson

You mean like this? https://gizmodo.com/the-awesome-5-billion-airborne-laser-is-in-the-boneyar-5939593

Concrete Mike

You seem to forget the nuclear powered torpedo that russia has developped.

Ignorant fuck.

Larry Rabinowitz, Ph.D

US laser weapons will be able to shoot through water as well. Ya antisemitic little schmuck!

Tommy Jensen

Exactly what Im saying.


I have heard it whispered, that in the near future, the US will be featuring heavy matter weaponry, using materials harvested from neutron stars by Israeli companies. Oh yeah, the fun stuff is coming …………. muuuuuuuuuuuuahahahaha!!!

Icarus Tanović

KH is dangerous, but this is real deal. Just check the speed it can achieve. As well as the range. It is incredible.

Avi Schwartz (IDF:71, hamas:0)

kalibrs are years behind the advanced Tomahawk and Delilah cruise missiles, they aren’t even accurate to a CEP of 10m while a tomahawk can hit a target the size of a coin!

Friend of Russia

Tomahawks can hit coins only. 87 out of 103 tomahawks fired towards syria missed their target and went elsewhere

Tommy Jensen

They were going after the coins?


Oh, they are doing great in Syria right, like 70 percent of them or higher not reaching targets that are defended. What a joke.


Kalibrs are nice, but kh101s are even nicer.


I remember the day it changed the course of the war in Syria back to 2015. Russian Navy, surprising their US counterpart, took part in Syrian campaign by launching 12 Kalibr missiles from Caspian Sea, which is around 500Km, all hit the destined target. Since then, every single US & NATO ships had always been out of Syrian shores least they got hit by one of them, every time Russia launched an attack on the terrorists, Daesh.


I remember too, although I think the number was 26 missiles.

Wolfgang Wolf

stored in an average 40ft container, is for sure a nasty surprise… ))))))

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