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Kalashnikov’s Assault Boats for Russian Special Forces

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Kalashnikov’s Assault Boats for Russian Special Forces

Photo: kalashnikovconcern.ru

The Kalashnikov Concern has launched serial deliveries of transport and landing boats and assault boats for special forces units of the Russian Defense Ministry, the press service of the Concern has reported.

Two newest models: BK-16 and BK-10 were designed in collaboration with specialists from Russian power-wielding agencies.

“In 2015, the boats has successfully passed the tests and were received by the Russian army”, CEO of the Concern Alexey Krivoruchko said. “Technical characteristics and equipment of our boats are not inferior to foreign analogues, but at the same time they are much more attractive due to the price.”

For the first time, the newest boats were showed to the public at the International Maritime Defence Show IMDS-2015 in St. Petersburg.

The assault boat BK-10 can take on its board 10 troopers and reach a speed of 40 knots, having a cruising range of 400 miles. Transport and landing boat BK-16 can take on its board of two man crew and 17 troopers. The boat can reach a speed of 42 knots and have a cruising range of 400 miles.

The both new boats can change weapons depending on a combat mission. For example, BK-16 can be armed with four machine guns of 7.62 mm in combination with a combat module, or with two machine guns 12.7 mm, or with a grenade launcher caliber 40 mm.

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