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Kalashnikov Reveals New Kamikaze Drone Ahead Of Army-2019 Military Expo


Kalashnikov Reveals New Kamikaze Drone Ahead Of Army-2019 Military Expo

The ZALA Lancet. Click to see full-size image

On June 24th, Russian weapons manufacturer Kalashnikov presented its newest unmanned combat air system: the ZALA Lancet.

The director general of the Kalashnikov concern, Vladimir Dmitriev presented the novelty at the company’s booth at Patriot Park at the opening of the International Military-Technical Forum Army-2019.

“We are continuing to develop the technology of strike drones and today we are making the world premiere. The second product in our strike drone line: the ZALA Lancet,” Dmitriev said.

As the general director of Rostec Sergey Chemezov told journalists, the new intellectual complex “ZALA Lancet” includes reconnaissance, communication, navigation and high-precision striking elements.

“Under the conditions of new combat operations, it is capable of striking in the air, on land and water without the necessity of ground or maritime infrastructure. This system is superior in efficiency to standard types of weapons, but it is much cheaper,” Chemezov said.

Earlier at the IDEX-2019 show, the Kalashnikov showed the first in its line of strike drones: the ZALA-KYB.

As noted by Dmitriev, a distinctive feature of the “Lancet” in comparison with KYB will be the ability to receive video from the drone continuously until the destruction of the target.

The loitering ammunition ZALA-KYB UAV precisely hits ground targets, delivering specific payload to target coordinates. The target coordinates are specified manually or acquired from payload targeting image. The KUB has a flight speed of 80 to 130 km/h, an endurance of 30 min and have a maximum payload of 3 kg.

Kalashnikov Reveals New Kamikaze Drone Ahead Of Army-2019 Military Expo

Click to see full-size image

The key advantages of the system are: High precision, Hidden launch, Silent operation, Simple to operate. The UCAS ZALA KYB has successfully completed tests.

The International Military-Technical Forum Army-2019 opens its doors to visitors on June 25th, so expect more reveals of brand-new weapons and military tech in the upcoming days.




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