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Kalashnikov Kamikaze Drone ‘KUB-BLA’ Battle-Tested In Syria

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Over the past week, pro-militant sources have repeatedly reported some ‘mysterious’ drone strikes on their positions in Syria’s Greater Idlib. Some sources claim that they were carried out by Iranian combat drones, while others speculate that these were the Russian combat drones. The factor is that officially Russia does not have unmanned combat aerial vehicles in service. However, for years, Idlib sources have been speculating that Russia has been testing Kalashnikov loitering munitions in Syria.

The analysis below was originally released by SouthFront in February 2019 (source):

A Russian defense contractor, Kalashnikov Concern, named after one of the most famous small-arms designers of all time, is now producing kamikaze drones designed to destroy remote ground targets.

The “high-precision unmanned aerial system” KUB-BLA was for the first time showcased at the International Exhibition of Arms and Military Equipment 2019 in Abu Dhabi. The drone delivers an explosive charge on the coordinates of the target, which are set manually or can be acquired automatically by uploading image of the target into the guidance system.

The KUB-BLA has a 3-kilogram payload, a flying time of 30 minutes, and a 80-130-kilometer-per-hour speed. It measures 1210mm wide by 950mm long and 165mm high. Typically, the payload is apparently a high-explosive charge. Kalashnikov Concern says that the advantages of the system are “hidden launch, high accuracy of the shot, noiselessness and ease of handling”.

Furthermore, it seems that the KUB-BLA has already been battle-tested in Syria.

On October 19, 2015, a swarm of five mysterious suicide drones attacked a military position of the Ahrar al-Sham Movement near the town of Maar Shamarin in the Syrian province of Idlib. A few hours after the attack, the local SMART News Agency interviewed the fighters who survived the attack. They all seemed to be shocked and terrified by the “Wunderwaffe” that killed one of their comrades and destroyed most of their equipment.

Back then, nobody was able to identify these drones. Some sources suggested that these were the ZALA 421-16E. However, this drone has no offensive capabilities and the vestiges of the employed suicide UAVs showed little match with its design.

In turn, the design of the KUB-BLA appeared to be similar, even in small details, to the mysterious suicide drones, which hit the Ahrar al-Sham position. Another factor is the location of the attack. Maar Shamarin is 27km north of Morek, the stronghold of Syrian government forces back in 2015. Taking into account the declared characteristics of the KUB-BLA, the kamikaze drone should be capable of hitting  targets in the range of about 40km. This range was more than enough to reach the Ahrar al-Sham position even if the drone was launched from the area behind the frontline.

This was not the first time when the Russians Defense Ministry used Syria as a test-ground for its modern weapons and equipment. According to official data, Russia tested over 300 types of weapons and equipment, including the Su-57 fifth generation fighter jet, the Uran-9 unmanned combat ground vehicle and the Terminator-2 armored fighting vehicle, in Syrian since the start of its anti-terrorist operation in the war-torn county in 2015. However, the October 19 event is the first case ever when it is reasonable to assume with a high probability that the Russian side employed an attack drone of any kind during the conflict.


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You keep sending us drones, now we send some back to you, and do it better!

jade villaceran

who will semd better? hts or turkey?


Spoken by the Russians, sorry.

Jacob Wohl

Rusty Russkies don’t even have an armed drone fleet! Ha ha! What backwards, outdated people. Meanwhile a weaker, smaller Turkey has a drone fleet larger than the entire Russkie Airforce. Funny.

good american

Is that before or after the Turkish fleet was shot down in Libya?


Well Jacob, you certainly have an unhealthy and obsessive prejudice against ethnic Russians – so is your negative fixation based on hate and envy then? That fixation-compulsion likely requires anti-psychotic medication and therapy.

Lone Ranger

MK Ultra Hasbarats… On a steady diet of LSD laced matzo balls…

Concrete Mike

They dont have many drones, but do have hypersonic missiles, wich we in the west are not even close to having.

So to each their own. Later creature

Wayne Nicholson

“Turkey has a drone fleet larger”

“had’ would be a little more realistic. I believe “Bayraktar” is Turkish for clay pigeon.

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

Turkey drones keep getting shot down, and they have patriot missiles for aerial defense lol. backward muzzy fuck ups

Lone Ranger

Fake news detected…

cechas vodobenikov

obviously a fake amerikan—-“the banality of amerika–the radical absence of culture”. J Baudrilliard “amerikan national culture is garbage”. Kurt Vonnegut projecting your insecure backwardness again jackie

Jacob Wohl

Ok, Russkie Troll Bot. Try starting up a hedge fund at the age of 17.


Russia needs to up their game in drones they’re lagging behind. This drone doesn’t impress me much since it has such a short range.

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

it seemed to impress the muzzy fuck ups it landed on


I wonder how they found that out. “Hey we just bombed you with our new drone. Yes very impressive we are very impressed by your mighty drones that didn’t kill us.” Dead people tell no tales.

Lone Ranger

Thats a lot of tears… Condolences to your fallen wahabimossad isis operator buddies.


I don’t mind if every daesh member are killed. I asked the obvious question. I won’t mind your terrorist hugging rhetoric.

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

it made a very large impression mate. a crater where they fucking stood also you get a split second from a drone attack to know you are being hit,

Harry Smith

I think you have to find out the price of the drone to make any conclusions.


If you buy 10 at the price of one, that one will find you first.


Yes you need to weight in price in the equation. I do think that many tasks can be solved by ballistic munitions at that range but there are a few cases when you need a more maneuverable munition to precision strike a target. At least it shows that Russia is making some progress with drones.

Harry Smith

Russia has different military paradigm than USA. The paradigm of inevitable nuclear response does not really needs tactical UAV. That’s why Russian army has other spending priorities.


Yes they do have a very different military paradigm than USA but i do think that Russia needs tactical UAV.

Harry Smith

Pardon me but you are not in Russian General Stuff so I have strong doubts you do really know what Russian army needs.

Swift Laggard II

they themselves acknowledge they need drones, and they have been working very hard to develop them. at some point they even bought israeli drones since they recognised they were so far behind after the georgian war in 2008. so other paradigm is nonsense

Harry Smith

There is strategic need and tactical need. Here is the video (turn on the subs) https://youtu.be/kYtfkHspKwE

Harry Smith

[quote]The Russian Ministry of Defence (MoD) has accepted the first Orion unmanned aerial system (UAS) with three Orion medium-altitude, long-endurance (MALE) unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and a ground control station from the Kronstadt Group for operational evaluation, the company’s designer general, Nikolai Dolzhenkov, told the TASS news agency on 20 April.[/quote] https://www.janes.com/article/95682/russian-mod-accepts-orion-male-uas-for-operational-evaluation

Lone Ranger

From Russia with love.

cechas vodobenikov

not very lively—-the CIA spreads disinformation w their racist trolls—jackie, etc the backward culture less amerikans r becoming more desperate as their covid empire nears collapse

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