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Kalashnikov Developing Brand-New Neural Network-Controlled Assault Rifle

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Kalashnikov Developing Brand-New Neural Network-Controlled Assault Rifle

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Russia is developing a new assault rifle that will use a neural network AI, Sergei Urzhumtsev, chief designer of the Kalashnikov Concern JSC, said.

“We have already created individual elements of the system. We have demonstrated them for the first time, including to the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation, as part of a closed display at the Army-2021 international military-technical forum, which was recently held in Kubinka,” he said.

These are systems with elements of artificial intelligence, which make it possible to almost completely automate the processes of identification, aiming and target tracking, as well as the execution of a shot, Urzhumtsev said.

The company will offer the Ministry of Defense to open a research and development base in order to bring development to the level of serial samples.

The designer explained that the new assault rifle should provide an increase in the probability and speed of hitting targets.

This will require the integration of various optical and electronic devices into a single system with weapons. The weapon will not only help in acquiring targets, aiming, calculating corrections, but the rifle itself will also choose the optimal time for a shot.

“In other words, modern technologies make it possible to ensure the production of a shot at a time in which the destruction of a target located at a particular range under certain meteorological and other conditions will be guaranteed. Moreover, the shooter will only need to give permission to fire a shot at this target by pulling the trigger, “said Urzhumtsev.

A person is physically unable to consider some targets at night or in bad weather and trained neural networks are designed to solve this problem, he concluded.

Back in late August, Representatives of the Kalashnikov group of companies showed Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu a prototype of a new set of small arms, including the assault rifle.

“The Kalashnikov group of companies is on its own initiative, in cooperation with co-executors, is developing a promising complex of small arms. Its prototype has successfully passed tests and was demonstrated to the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation in the framework of Army-2021,” the company noted.

The weapon is designed to destroy enemy firing points at ranges up to 600 meters, as well as manpower.

The new weapon is designed on the basis of the principle of modularity, its weight will be comparable to the weight of the AK-12 assault rifle, Kalashnikov said. The new weapon can be integrated with the systems of protection, control and energy supply of the military equipment of a serviceman, added representatives of the group of companies.


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Very formidable tech, well done 😀👍

stephan williams

How do we block these repulsive hasbarabot trolls?


SF should setup a block spammer option in the comment section.


Typical Russian expertise and high technology.

Tommy Lee

Fantastic, we’ve more computerized killing devices in the hands of the state, now jacked directly into people’s brains to force compliance. Maybe there’ll be a kill switch built in that will give recalcitrant soldiers a heart attack. God help us all.

And of course, it’ll be completely illegal for civilian ownership. They have to maintain the power gap, after all.

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