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Kafr Nabudah Falls Under Militants’ Pressure. Army Withdraws To Nearby Positions (Map, Video)

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Kafr Nabudah Falls Under Militants' Pressure. Army Withdraws To Nearby Positions (Map, Video)

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The strategic town of Kafr Nabudah in the northern Hama countryside has fallen into the hands of Hay’at Tahrir al-Shame (HTS) and its Turkish-backed allies, once again.

In the noon of May 22, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) withdrew from the town after more than 12 hours of heavy clashes, during which several waves of attacks by HTS were repelled. The army is currently holding onto its remaining positions in the town’s vicinity.

HTS’ news network Iba’a released a video from Kafr Nabudah showing several destroyed battle tanks and vehicles. The terrorist group claimed that 50 Syrian soldiers and officers were killed in the town.

Pro-government activists claimed that the withdrawal decision was taken due to the lack of Russian air-support. Earlier, some sources reported that the Russian Aerospace Forces were taken part in the battle.

The recent developments around Idlib, including the temporary ceasefire, suggest that the SAA will not attempt to recapture Kafr Nabudah. This would represent a rare achievement for HTS and its allies.

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  1. Rob says:

    Withdrawal is not good because it causes casualties. Where was the weakness. How terrorists took places of SAA. Its a serious question.

    1. Pave Way IV says:

      Weakness?? FFS, Rob… Syria isn’t a global superpower. Idlib = al Qaeda terrorists backed by US, UK, France and the usual Saudi + Gulf degenerates, with Turkey providing logistics, troop rotation and rear area medical support. The SAA and their allies are taking a deliberate, disciplined approach to this campaign – soldiers respect that. Compare that with the history of Arab army failures – cowardly, pampered officers sitting in the rear ordering cannon-fodder into the meat-grinder until ‘the objectives are met’. With Russia’s help, SAA has moved beyond that useless model.

      1. Rob says:

        If this is true then why not Syria and Russia declare these Al-Qaeda terrorists and eliminate them instead of watching them like ducks. Am I right.

        1. Pave Way IV says:

          Why doesn’t the U.S. declare these Saudi-Wahhabi nutjobs as terrorists and eliminate them? Saudi-Wahhabi terrorists have killed thousands of U.S. soldiers, hundreds of thousands of civilians and are a far greater threat to U.S. national security than Iran, yet CENTCOM protects and aids al Qaeda (HTS).

          That’s f’king treason – by U.S. commanders AND by the Israeli-firster neocon cucks in Washington D.C. that order them to do it. I don’t have time to bitch about how fast/slow Syria and Russia seem to mow down terrorists in Idlib – I’m a U.S. citizen and directly responsible for the head-choppers there. Why do Syria and Russia have to clean up our crap?

        2. Jens Holm says:

          How SAA are already is well descriebed.

      2. Vitex says:

        When your enemy has the UN Security Council as a tactical asset it makes things difficult, eh

    2. Jens Holm says:

      Withdrawl often is the best to avoid more casualities too.

  2. Saddam Hussein says:

    SAA betrayed by a Russian Turkish alliance? Things are not looking good.

  3. Ashok Varma says:

    Looks like Russia is not interested in defeating the terrorists and did not provide any air support?

    1. Mustafa Mehmet says:

      Tiger force don’t need Russian help. they just planing new attacks thats why they pull back

      1. Edvin R says:

        Who is planing if their General and Colonel are captured?

        1. Concrete Mike says:

          maybe your spreading dis info?

          ever thought of that?

          of course you havent!

          1. Edvin R says:

            I dont give a f..k! Go cry somewhere else.

          2. Mike says:

            Go fuck yourself jihadi faget.

          3. Edvin R says:

            Lol…u mad bro? Khomeini wouldnt like your language ;)

          4. Concrete Mike says:

            cant even answer a question pfft


        2. Mustafa Mehmet says:

          Assad calling putin ‘where have you been fucking idiot look what they did to us man?? we need your help.

          1. Mike says:

            Terrorist calling help from Edrogan, yup never trust a Turkish scum, instead of selling S-400, Russia should just nuke Turkey and exterminate the subhumans that are Turks.

          2. Mustafa Mehmet says:

            ???? Watchet I’m behind you scumbag Cockroaches

      2. Jens Holm says:

        Tigers as well as others were hardly in Syria without a lot of support.

        Very strange to me tigers and opther makes months of plans and then has to retreat and regroup.Hard to see any good plans. Hardly nothing there can be unexpected.

    2. Jens Holm says:

      You must be blind.The have supported their own agenda well.

  4. @Inc2Get says:

    The SAA has not officially re captured 90% of the town again. The jihadis suffered heavy casualties (80+) and 40 SAA soldiers killed.

    1. Edvin R says:

      If SAA is outside the town-recapturing-how do they know the other side has 80+ casulties? Lets say the rebells counted the dead and captured when they took the town(I doubt they killed 40-50,its not a battle for Stalingrad),but how does the SAA count the opposite sides casulties then? Some crystal ball? Tarot?

      1. Jens Holm says:

        Thats right, its often a problem, but there often are several sources for the same incidents as well as numbers ca be manipulated.

        By thats You cant say SAAs are the coiunters of the enemies, but they can say the enemies often are in groups of 10 and fx have destroyd 2 and partly a third. Adding like that migh be counted into 20 dead and 10 wounded.

        We only can keep our eys and common sense open. We do know who vry iften are the biggest liars and hardly all lie some.

        So I wish You luck

        Danish news more then 12 hours ago told 18 SAA and 36 Rebels were killed. I dont know if the sources are the same being downscaled or the 40-80 might be real.

        At least it seeems for real they kill each other.

  5. Daniel Miller says:

    What pathetic perfformance from the SAA

  6. klove and light says:

    perfect ceasefire…great work…outstanding……give your big ruusian buddies a hug and a blowjob….-sarcasm out

    1. Arnte says:

      Nothing wrong with ceasefire, it was a perfect opportunity for SAA to fortify their position, prepare defenses, bring reinforcements… and then annihilate terrorist counterattack. Blame their incompetence and cowardice.

  7. Edvin R says:

    Btw…Rebells entering Qal’at Al-Madiq atm.

    1. Concrete Mike says:

      you seem overjoyed??

      1. Edvin R says:

        Not really to be honest.I could care less.Kinda funny to see all the salt.

        1. Mike says:

          Bullshit, your more thdn overjoyed for your Wahhabi budies.

          1. Edvin R says:

            gives Mike a tissue

        2. Arnte says:

          Yeah, I’m sure you like salt… in your mouth…

        3. Concrete Mike says:

          So a couple hours later..
          watching you flame the others, i can see you dont care about syrians at all, thats right.

          Thanks for being honest, now please honestly go somewhere else, we actually care for the syrian people, we dont want to nuke the entire “world”.


          I could be your neighbor, would you nuke us?

          1. Edvin R says:

            Yeah,you care about syrians.Those in Idlib are syrians too btw.You dont seem to care about them a lot or do you?Insulting and calling everyone a jihadee who disagrees with you is very mature also.On the one hand you have Syrian,Iranian,Iraqi,Lebanese,Palestinian armies,commandos and militias supported by the worlds second Airforce and on the other some secondgrade militias kicking their asses and dragging their generals through the streets like dogs…sorry for thinking thats kinda cool.

  8. klove and light says:

    and I wont bother explaining the Agenda anymore..totally useless…

  9. Edvin R says:

    The advances depend seems mostly on the reinforcements by those Turkmens (or are those Turks?) that seem very well trained and equiped.On the otherhand the SAA seems to have overexagerated their “Tigers” that got wiped out way too fast and that even abandoned their own general.Maybe they got too cocky with the bratwa after their recent successes because those airstrikes seem just to miss by an inch. ;)

    1. Mike says:

      Typical bullshit from another jihadi propagandist.

      1. Edvin R says:

        ….gives Mike a tissue….

        1. Arnter says:

          You need a tissue to wipe off jihadist semen from your face.

          1. Edvin R says:

            …gives Arnte a tissue too…

          2. Arnte says:

            Keep your filthy tissue, and wipe off your mouth from turkish piss you pathetic little bitch.

          3. Edvin R says:

            Lol.Go jerk off a camel.

          4. Arnte says:

            Your mother is a camel.. raped by a dog. Go jerk him off (again)

    2. Arnter says:

      So you made a new account just to troll? Previous 100 fake accounts are not enough, you miserable and pathetic loser piece of shit…

      1. Edvin R says:

        You sound really butthurt dude…wanna hug?

        1. Arnte says:

          You sound really retarded… and gay. Your butt is hurt, 1000s jihadists every day… go hug them.

          1. Edvin R says:

            Very mature…you must be one of Asads shoe cleaners.

          2. Arnte says:

            Very retarded… you must be one of al Baghdadi ass lickers and rectum cleaners.

          3. Edvin R says:

            To be honest i would rather nuke all of your asses to see if the desert can glow.

          4. Arnte says:

            I’m sure you would, you hate the entire world.. pathetic loser without life and purpose except trolling. Nuke yourself in that basement..

          5. Edvin R says:

            No…not the entire world.Just the backward scum like you all toghether are.

          6. Arnte says:

            Backward scum is your inbred, mutant family. Why don’t you join ISIS/HTS and try? Nah, you’re just a little sick coward cunt. And you’ll die like one – in that basement.

          7. Edvin R says:

            I bet Bagdadis dick is still wet from all that Syrian p…y he f….d! Heard that they like it from behind mostly.Watched some on xvideos.Now we got that p…y over here in Europe taking of their scarfs and sucking some white dicks!

          8. Arnte says:

            You bet his dick is wet?? Damn you are a sick bitch. Wait, you think I’m syrian or something? hahaha. Fucking little imbecile, barking at the wrong tree. Failing even as a troll.
            but true, syrian ‘refugees’ are fucking your family instead to defend their country, cowards just like you.

          9. Concrete Mike says:

            look we have a rocket nose jr!!

          10. Jens Holm says:

            They are very innovative being one foot cleaners using only one hand :)

          11. eltahar says:

            Lol Edvin how many jihadi cocks did you take?

          12. Jens Holm says:

            Yerrh, and ISIS selfdetoinate because they get 72 virgins before they die :)

  10. klove and light says:

    ps.… just something to think About….Brigadier General Suheil al-Hassan……..as pointed out in several articles at soutfront…he has a personal protection Group 24hrs.
    this protection Group consists of russian Special Forces!!!!!

    a true traitor!!!!!!

    ps.remember the brave, courageous Major General of Syrian Republican Guard, who was the leader of the syrian Forces in deir ez zoor for the 3 years when besieged and surrounded by ISIS!!!!!
    The EU put him on sanctions list….he never surrended or made deals.a true hero….

    funny… surviving 3 years of total siege and beiing surrounded and having NATO planes bomb them…..

    2 months after the siege was lifted in September of 2017, he got murdered by a bomb on 18th october 2017!!!

    1. Rhodium 10 says:

      Man you have a mental disorder…SAA had Russian air support…but troops on ground are SAA conscript and NDF…they dont have ability to fight and use to flee and die fleeing…Isam Z had in Deir Ezzor profesional RG soldiers, local tribes and above all he was a good tactic and strategic military man..thats why he never was defeated by ISIS!..

    2. JerryDrake says:

      Surviving 3 years of total siege with Russian aid from air, the same Russians guarding Brigadier General Suheil al-Hassan. Is because of that Major General Issam Zahredinne traitor too?

    3. Zarko Ciric says:

      Suheil is a traitor because is guarded by the Russians are you fuckin kidding me?Suheil and Issam are both heroes on the battlefield.The Tiger forces and gen Suheil is the best the SAA has on the battlefield.Without Tiger forces Saa is not capable to liberate nothing.

  11. (ง ͡ʘ ͜ʖ ͡ʘ)ง says:

    cat forces failure xD

  12. klove and light says:

    almasdar News Breaking…
    BEIRUT, LEBANON (5:00 P.M.) –
    The jihadist rebels launched a new wave of attacks in northwestern Hama on Wednesday, targeting the strategic town of Qal’at Al-Madiq near the Al-Ghaab Plain.
    Led by Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham, the jihadist rebels launched a heavy attack on the towns of Kurkat and Mustariyah in a bid to reach nearby Qal’at Al-Madiq. Intense clashes are now ongoing at these two towns.

    Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham and their Turkish-backed rebel allies have already managed to recapture Kafr Naboudeh from the Syrian Arab Army on Wednesday. If they can retake Qal’at Al-Madiq, they will have successfully retake the two most important towns in northwestern Hama.

    and the dices Keep on rolling……

    slowly but surely ..bleeding out SAA….

    first time in fucking history……open land……one Group Zero airpower what soever…….SAA supposedly has the great russian airforce as help….LOL
    with Friends like that who the fuck Needs enemies

    ist getting tottaly unbelievable now…….tottaly ridiculous……ceasefires, Agreements….nope that should open the eyes even of the blind

  13. Rhodium 10 says:

    I wrote here days ago when SAA was failing many times to take a hill in Idlib..that SAA/NDF are not a reliable force to combat terrorist well armed, fanatic and trained!..we have seen along these years that only Tiger Forces,RG 104 brigade comanded by Gen Isam Zahredine, Russian Speznats and Hezbollah..have the ability to launch offensive and defend places!…terrorist in just hours retake easily all places due the incapacity, bad tactic, worst comanders and officers of SAA/NDF…the best example is in Homs desert where ISIS know that its easy to attack SAA outpost/checkpoints..but many difficult to launch attack vs west Eufrates places where IRGC/Russian PMC/ Iraq PMU are deployed!

  14. Pave Way IV says:

    “The strategic town of Kafr Nabudah in the northern Hama countryside has fallen into the hands of Hay’at Tahrir al-Shame (HTS) and its Turkish-backed allies, once again.”

    Too bad. Good news: now the SAA/Russians/Hez know where to go to kill them. Carry on, boys.

    1. Rhodium 10 says:

      SAA are not a trusty force to retake nothing!..Hezbollah easily retake all places…but when you deploy SAA/NDF troops inside these places…terrorist just in hours are coming to retake it again!..and SAA/NDF are unable to resist and fight due its incapacity!..very sad but its the true that we have seen along these years!

      1. Arnter says:

        SAA is trash. Everyone knew the counterattack is coming, where, when, even how many terrorists, SAA had more than enough time to prepare their defenses, bring reinforcements, but they are worthless. There are just a few SAA units that can attack, 90% of the army can’t even defend. Let’s just hope Russians planned this to lure terrorist reserves and destroy them in the open, but I doubt it tbh.

        1. Rhodium 10 says:

          You can see in videos how SAA vehicles with 23mm gun and 52mm were parked and not deployed to repel attacks!…they were sleeping or drinking mate instead of be prepared with ATGM, Thermal vision, machine guns..etc…but sadly this is the true of SAA and the most of all Arab armies!…only an small unit of SAA( Tiger Forces) commanded by a Colonel ( now General)..have been able to fight and defeat large groups of terrorist alongside Syria territory in these years!

        2. dutchnational says:

          SAA seems to have a serious problem in its Command group and their advisors. A serious and consistent lack of attention to the rear and flanks, wider battlefield developments and lack of training of rear echelon units.

          1. Concrete Mike says:

            hah look who just slithered back!! Or did you forget to change username ;)))

            how did that kurdish referendum work out?

          2. dutchnational says:

            Sad to see you too.

          3. Jens Holm says:

            Its not only the top. Tempting to add forced recruitment & exhausted veterans.

    2. Jens Holm says:

      Haha – true :)

  15. straw walker says:

    The rebel forces need to keep Assad’s Assassins in open territory and not let them retreat back into Damascus, where heavy street fighting results in loss of life.
    The rebel forces need to keep advancing on the point of attack and not start a new offense. Once the enemy is dislodged it’s easy to keep pushing . As the great German general Rommel stated. “once your army punches a tiny hole through the enemy, push everything through it, it will create a wind storm.
    Do not open a new offense as this enemy has not defeated, and will put up stiff opposition.

    1. Arnter says:

      They are not “rebels”, they are filthy terrorist jihadist scum, criminals and bandits, and they need to eat shit and go to hell where they belong… with you, you can be their virgin for all dead jihadists.

      1. MichaH says:

        Are they not the progressive kind of guys, who fight for democratic values, women reproductive healthcare and free voting rights?

        1. Concrete Mike says:

          yes islamic salafist theocracy/ liberal democracy no difference!!

          1. Jens Holm says:

            Colors of coffins and flowers.

        2. Jens Holm says:

          Hahaha. Certainly. In most matters they could be Presidents of Damaskus as well.

          The only difference might be some other Syrians was killed.

      2. Jens Holm says:

        And You are my Aunt.

        Fine minority groups as You are allowed to speak here too.

  16. Arnter says:

    I’m not even surprised, when was the last time that Arabs won a war? 700 year ago. Bunch of incompetent cowards, millions of them rather fled to Germany than to defend their country from terrorists.

  17. klove and light says:

    almasdar News Breaking

    BEIUT, LEBANON (12:00 P.M.) – The Turkish military will not withdraw from its 12 observation posts in northwest Syria, despite ongoing pressure from the Syrian Arab Army (SAA).
    According to the Turkish Minister of Defense Hulusi Akar, his nation’s armed forces will remain at their observation posts and they will not be withdrawing anytime soon.

    Turkey’s state-run Anadolu news agency has said that Syrian government forces have carried out at least three attacks near a Turkish observation post in the Idlib de-escalation zone, one of 12 posts set up under an agreement between Turkey, Russia and Iran last May.
    “Evacuating the observation post in Idlib after the regime’s attack is definitely not happening, it won’t happen anywhere,” Akar told reporters late on Tuesday.
    “The Turkish Armed Forces will not retreat from any land they currently occupy”

    not more Needs to be said!!!!!!

  18. Christian S says:

    This is not a video game, stop demonising SAA, this is war. Don’t underestimate the terrorist coalition, like SAA these groups been around for many years. Tactical retreats are part of strategy, many of Tigers victories have been realised by inplementing retreats like battle of Al mallah farms at Castillo highway, Morek , north Aleppo ( bashkoy )and other fronts. SAA can take Idlib without help of Russians if they want now but that will prevoke the whole media circus and NATO against SAA again. Like the Idlib offensive and Palmyra in 2015/16 the terrorist coalition are aided by NATO giving support using aerial/satelliete information, the coalition been holding these grounds for over 4 years now, the front is deep for tens of many miles and all cities and towns are fortified, blitzkreig will not work in Idlib they will need to exhaust the terrorists reserves this is now in progress while minimising casualties.

    1. Jens Holm says:

      Too many stines in Your bread.

  19. MichaH says:

    The reaction of some of our friends here in the Comments is really strange, to say at least.
    This war entered its 8th year, some assholes conquered a hill and a town and suddenly the world is upside down.
    Take a break my friends.

    1. Concrete Mike says:

      Some sanity finally!!

    2. Jens Holm says:

      Well its only the local ones. As here they are figtig each other in circles with unshawed buttoms not seeing the rest of the world.

      Danish rapports are sober and few. Yesterday it said the Assad attack was as You descriebe hardly anything. The latest killing for nothig was 26 terrorrist and 18 Assads.

      Most people hardly mention civilians unless thet – according to them – are used as human shields by the enemy.

      UN and Red Cross telling about it are americans, zionist etc. pr definition.

  20. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:

    No comments from the usual Putin worshippers today, why not, c/mon RichardD, what do you have to say about the story, the SAA just accused your hero Putin of leaving them with no air support again.
    Back in June last year all parties, the US, the EU, the Arab League, and Israel all agreed that Assad could remain in power, Trump ended support for the FSA and kicked them out of Al Tanf, and then they all allowed the SAA to take back the southern territories unhindered, but one party didn’t agree to Assad staying in power or agree to him recapturing the southern territories, and it was Putin’s mate Erdogan, and he’s still causing trouble by supporting the rebels in Idlib. I wonder why the Putin supporters don’t find it strange that the person who’s causing the ongoing hostilities in Syria, has semi allied himself to the person who’s supposed to be bringing about an end to the hostilities in Syria.

  21. gustavo says:

    This is very important, there was not support from Russia aerospace force !!! Of course, Russia knew about their need in order to stop these terrorists, but Russia looks like it did nothing, am I wrong ? Russia and Turkey do not want SAA to go much deeper Idlib, Turkey has always been Syria enemy and will continue being so. However, Russia ? Russia is just pleasing Turkey (NATO member).

    1. Jens Holm says:

      Again biased crap. Russia has its own agenda. They also kind of protect Israel by letting them take care of Hesbollah and Iran.

      You and several others here certainly are slow learners or worse.

      1. gustavo says:

        Of course, Russia agenda is on pipe line crossing Turkey, on selling S-400 system, on building nuclear reactor in Syria…. that is Russia agenda.

  22. gustavo says:

    Where is Russia air support ? Maybe Putin stopped them to take off.

    1. Jens Holm says:

      Here we go again. After Years, You dont understand Russia has its ownb well descriebed aganda.

  23. goingbrokes says:

    So people are crying why not Russian air support. Those who have followed this conflict know that Russian air support is targeted at supply lines and ammo depots. It has been very rare to see air support in what is basically close combat. They don’t want any friendly fire incidents. This is good.
    So what’s going on here?
    SAA take Kafr Nabudah by a surprise attack. Now we all know that the town has civilians in it. So after deploying a defence, the civilians are encouraged to move away to Government areas in case of jihadist attack. Only now the town is good to fight in.
    When the jihadists attack, as everyone knew they would after reinforcements were sent, the SAA conducts a strategic withdrawal bleeding HTS force, who must bleed just to capture what they lost (but now empty of civilians). Syrian Govt won’t bomb the town heavily because they don’t want to destroy the houses of their own people if it can be avoided. That’s where we are now.
    So what next?
    I imagine that SAA will not prioritise recapture of Kafr Nabudah, but Tel Saker instead. After this, or maybe simultaneously, the town will be encircled and as many jihadists trapped inside as possible. The fact that SAA left Tel Saker alone says that this attack was fully expected. I hope this is the case anyway, or that Suheil Al Hassan has an even better plan.

  24. Vitex says:

    Damn there’s a lot of hasbara trolls in here today

    1. Concrete Mike says:

      i know right, one would almost think there working with/for al nusra. ;)

      the stupid is thick today!!

  25. Ma_Laoshi says:

    Seems these jihadis were underestimated even after they almost managed to overrun the Syrian state. They’ve gotten second and third chances with the various ceasefires and massive green-busing to Idlib. When they started infighting there, the policy was eagerly pronounced “Putin’s masterstroke”. But didn’t those friendly local matches enable them to consolidate under the HTS banner? After previous defeats, seems they have re-armed alright over the past year; I’m rather more curious how the SAA has prepared during the same time.

  26. §âm says:

    These poor conscripts died because of Putins politics, and incompetent corrupt leadership of SAA and Government

  27. Bubba Junior says:

    Poor kid that got captured.

  28. Kell McBanned says:

    An unfortunate turn, I wonder if theres some red line in the Russia/Turkey deal the SAA crossed and was therefore left out in the open to burn?
    The Turks not withdrawing from their OPs and the insistance this is a limited operation with low numbers of troops commited seem to indicate this.
    Disappointing for Syria if this is the case but I guess practical politics at a global level superceeds all other interests.

  29. AlexanderAmproz says:


    The strategy of controlled chaos

    by Manlio Dinucci

    Like a steamroller, the United States and NATO are extending to the world the Rumsfeld/Cebrowski strategy for the destruction of the state structures of countries which are not integrated into the globalised economy. For this, they are using the Europeans, whom they bamboozle into the belief in an alleged « Russian menace ». By doing so, they are running the risk of provoking a general war.


  30. AlexanderAmproz says:

    So Many Wars: Remembering Friends in Iraq, Jordan, Syria, Kurdistan and Turkey

    by CATHY BREEN FacebookTwitterRedditEmail

    It’s been so long since I have written, that I don’t know where to begin. I pick up a binder and begin scanning through past “Dear Friends” letters. As I read, memories of trips to Iraq, Jordan, Syria, Kurdistan and Turkey begin to flood my consciousness. So many beautiful faces and stories. So many years of war.


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