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Kabul Doomed To Lose Control Over Kandahar And Herat Provinces (Videos)

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Kabul Doomed To Lose Control Over Kandahar And Herat Provinces (Videos)

Taliban’s Badri-313 Special Forces

The airport in Kandahar has come under rocket attack, and as a result all flights were cancelled. The attack took place amid the ongoing clashes near the main provincial capitals in southern and western regions of Afghanistan.

On August 1st, at least three rockets were launched towards Ahmad Shah Baba International Airport in Kandahar. Two of the projectiles hit the runway.

All flights have been canceled, but are expected to resume later in the day, as the runway is being repaired, the official said.

“Kandahar airport was targeted by us because the enemy were using it as a centre to conduct air strikes against us,” a Taliban spokesperson Zabiullah Mujahid claimed.

At the same time, the Afghan Defense Ministry published video, showing air strikes on Taliban militants conducted in Kandahar on July 31st.

Kandahar is Afghanistan’s second-largest city located in the south of the country. It is of strategic importance as it may be used as a control center for all neighbor provinces in southern and central Afghanistan.

Kabul Doomed To Lose Control Over Kandahar And Herat Provinces (Videos)

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Gul Ahmad Kamin, an MP in Kandahar, told that there was a serious risk of Taliban taking control over the city, adding that the militants wanted to turn Kandahar into their temporary capital. It is of a symbolic importance since the Taliban movement was first created in Kandahar province.

Meanwhile, Taliban’s advance continues in other provincial capitals all over the country.

The heavy clashes are still going on around the city of Herat in western Afghanistan, where the Taliban militants are narrowing the ring around the city, coming closer to the center.

On July 31st, Kabul sent hundreds of more troops to Herat, as the Taliban is reportedly 5km to the city now.

Clashes between Afghan forces and the Taliban are going on for the fourth day in a row, and are mainly taking place in the southern part of the city, where the Taliban has recently seized the Malan Bridge. On July 30, the airport in Herat was also targeted with rockets.

Another strategic city that is falling under the control of the Taliban is Lashkar Gah, the capital of Helmand province. Amid the clashes on the streets, people are fleeing the city. Taking into account the footage from Helmand, Lashkar Gah is turning into a new stronghold of Taliban militants.

After having taken control over the major territories all over Afghanistan and having encircled the strategic cities, without facing any important resistance from the government forces, the Taliban is now targeting the provincial capitals. Taking into account that the main roads to the cities are already under Taliban’s control and the airports there can be easily targeted, Herat and Kandahar may fall into militants’ hands in coming days. If so, Kabul will likely be doomed.


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What’s the differences between ? taleban . Iranian Shia mullahs.hesbo . They’re all blood thirsty terrorist bastards

Diaper Hasbara Dan

Nothing beats the Americunt losers and Zionist terrorists in sheer genocide of civilians.

S Balu

You mean like zionist so called IDF and zionist settlers in occupied Palestine or like modi and his extremists Hinduveta RSS/BJP in what they doing to minorities with India and in Kashmir

Americunt LOSERS

Hopefully, the ISI can channel the Taliban towards Srinagar line in 1948 :)

Arch Bungle

Can’t remember the last time the Taliban drone-bombed a wedding though.

You may want to sit your retarded ass down and think about what “bloodthirsty” means.

I dunno, maybe look it up in the dictionary, you’ll find it right under “American”, just above “Asshole”.


we are all blood thirsty terrorists in so many ways-so what?

G2 Man

From a purely military point of view the Taliban are basically Pashtun tribals and Pakistani Frontier Force under Pakistani military control and will overcome the poorly led US trained and highly corrupt ANA just like the ARVN has over 50% strength as phantom soldiers for the officers skimming. This time the victors will ride into Chilsitoon Presidential Palace in Toyota Hi-lux pick-ups rather than Soviet T-55 as in Ho Chi Minh City circa 1975. Hopefully, Ashraf Ghani has packed his bags for a return trip to his home in Washington DC.


The Taliban today are at least 30-40% Tajik, Uzbek and even Hazara. The old “Pashtun Taliban” template is at least a decade out of date


Sensationalism is all this is……The USAF is bombing the daylights out of the talibunnies day and night. ANA is fighting back……So far so good.

Americunt LOSERS

The US cowardly losers also bombed the Vietcong until the tanks showed up in Saigon LOL. Afghanistan defeat will be faster. Kandahar will fall soon and then Kabul will be encircled. There is no way the ANA mercenary military can hold on. That is a fact, like or not. No fan of Taliban but they will win.


No, the educated Persian speakers can’t accept primitive basturd wahabbi talibunny. If SHTF, then Iran will help divy up the country along the educated vs the jahel lines. We can’t go back to fuckin 600 AD like Osama motherfucker……..sit on the dirt and eat with your feet culture again. No way!


Since the Taliban aren’t even Wahhabi, I suggest you dial back the logorrhoea and educate yourself.

Americunt LOSERS

In essence, then, the current Americunt headlong flight posture is best defined as “The Great Retreat.” The US is pulling in its battered military horns, at least for the time being it is ending the Jew fanned endless wars to deal with imploding economy and unraveling society hooked in drugs, leaving erstwhile stooges in Europe and puppets like India, South Korea and also especially the Wahhabi Arabs exposed and uncertain, crapping in their diapers.

Under the circumstances, many current US vassals are seeking accommodation with China or in the Middle East aligned instead with ascendant Russia and Iran. As the editorial in Asia Times elaborated, NO ONE CARES ABOUT AMERICUNTS ANYMORE.

S Balu

Please note without popular support Taliban could NOT make such progress and control 85% of the country
Taliban has internal support this shown by fact that Taliban is able to feed,cloth and give logistics support to their fighters

Americunt LOSERS

No question about, in rural Pashtun countryside they perhaps have 80% active and latent support, in Dari speaking metro areas perhaps less,but you right they could not control 85% of Afghanistan without popular support. It is a conservative society and wants to live by its ancient Pashtunwali code. The Americunt arseholes have totally messed things up as usual.


The Taliban will exact a bloody revenge on all of those comprador c*nts that have dared to help the accursed Yankistani aggressors and invaders.

Karma is a bitch, and she won’t relent until the debt is paid, in FULL.

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