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K9 Thunder Self-Propelled Howitzer (Infographics)


K9 Thunder Self-Propelled Howitzer (Infographics)

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The K9 Thunder is a South Korean self-propelled 155 mm howitzer developed by Samsung Techwin for the Republic of Korea Armed Forces.




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  • Zionism = EVIL

    The Iranian upgraded Raad2 is much better, battle tested and a third of the price. South Korean products are still total crap, had a company top of the line Hyundai once, it was as shitty as the Zionist Avivam barracks.

    The Iranian Raad 2 range was reported as 30 km (19 mi) and 45 kms with base bleed propellant, and it also includes features such as a laser range-finder and a semi-automatic loading
    system. The gun looks exactly like 155mm/39-cal M185 gun from M109A1 and is fitted with a double baffle muzzle brake, fume extractor, screw breech mechanism, hydro-pneumatic recuperator and a hydraulic recoil brake. It uses the Iranian-made Boragh APC chassis, a conversion of the either the Russian BMP-1 or Chinese Type 86 (WZ-501) IFV. It was described as being able to move with a speed of 70 km/h (43 mph) on the battlefield and has been successfully used by Hezbollah and Iranian forces in Iraq and Syria..



    • Barba_Papa

      It looks like a modified clone of the US M-109. Like they took its turret and stuck it on a modified chassis.

      • Zionism = EVIL

        It is. Iran had over 440 of the M-109 and they played a crucial role in the war against nutty Saddam. Iranian artillery forces rank number 4 in the world in sheer firepower. Iran has one the largest M-109/ Raad I/2 inventory.Then Iran started manufacturing an upgraded version with laser range finder and started converting all artillery with base bleed configuration to hit across the Persian Gulf, especially mobile SP guns.


        • Barba_Papa

          If only the Iranians could clone the SU-30 or SU-35.

    • Zarathustra

      That’s a bit of a stretch. Iran produces and maintains military equipment suitable for its geography and sufficient to combat a hypothetical attack from any of its neighbours. While more competent than Ba’athist Iraq under Saddam, it would be on the defensive against a modern and capable opponent. The US has the potential to fix its problems, but has lacked the political will to do so since the creation of the Federal Reserve in the year 1913.

    • Zarathustra
  • verner

    only a tel aviv shill will have such knowledge of iran’s proficiencies as zionism=evil appear to have.

  • kirthigdon

    Shouldn’t the stat on the main armament be 150mm rather than 15mm? Or maybe 155mm?

    Kirt Higdon