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JUNE 2021

Just A Few Words About Alt-Right

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Just A Few Words About Alt-Right

By Mikaprok for SouthFront

Let’s skip useless columnits and dive deeper looking for roots.

It is believed that in the center of the “new right” web is a powerful enterprise called the National Policy Institute.

Behind it sits even more secret “Charles Martel Society”, which, incidentally, knows everybody in the United States.

And behind all this construction is William Regnery II, a distant relative of textile magnate and  Regnery Publishing’s owner.

Until he turned 60 Mr. Regnery was known by the following circumstances.
Despite 40+ years spent in the so-called Intercollegiate Studies Institute (ISI), relating to the University of Pennsylvania, he could not graduated from the college.

ISI as an institution was engaged in recruiting students to work for the Republican Party.

His family stood at the source of ISI, sponsored and continues to allocate funds towards the new blood into the American conservative movement.

Here in 60-70’s Mr. Regnery communicated with the GOP establishment;

Just A Few Words About Alt-Right

After the ISI he began to work as a manager in one of the family businesses, which apparently led to ruin. As evidenced by legal documents from 1981, forcibly removing him from the president position.

At the moment he turned 50 Mr. Regnery became less associated with the Republicans and tried to make an administrative career.

In 1994, he worked in the local government system in Chicago, but there, too, did not stay for a long time.

Finally, in 1999, he made a sharp and generally unpredictable turn toward “white power” support.

He injected a tiny amount of money (by his family’ standards) to several publishers and right-wing radical websites, ranging from the KKK to illegal migration activists.

In 2006 occured his final divorce with GOP, leading to ostracism of the entire American conservative establishment.

His cousin, Alfred Regnery, who inherited family status, control of influential Regnery Publishing, and also sitting at the head of the ISI, disowned his relative and stated that he had not maintained any contacts with him for a long time.

Since then the only friend of Mr. Regnery is “world injustice”.

Just A Few Words About Alt-Right

By 2013, old man united all the marginal forces of America under his banners, creating something like a social network of ultraconservatives. He spends on them about $ 0.58 million a year, and created a lot of noise.

In the same year he met Richard Spencer, a man of a similar fate.

Mr. Spencer is the offspring of wealthy parents. His father had a huge medical practice and mother is an heiress to cotton farms in Louisiana.

He’s got a prestigious liberal arts education, then worked for some time at the American Conservative, but soon devoted himself to his own project AlternativeRight.com.

Before gaining success, AlternativeRight.com was quite an ordinary sheet with a “different” look. As usual: a lot of opinions and a minimum facts.

After acquaintance with Mr. Regnery, they both organized another thinktank called The Mencken Club, which gave birth to the “alt-right” hashtag in 2014.

Just A Few Words About Alt-Right

It is interesting to note that in his articles from 2011-2012 Mr. Spencer actively supported the candidacy of Barack Obama in the elections. As he later explained: “for the destruction and subsequent resurrection of the Conservatives.”

Since 2014, Spencer and Co. have ruthlessly supported the arrival of a new republican leader. In 2015, they occasionally turned up Mr. Trump.

At the same time, the future president did not know about such an active support group.

The rest of the story is well-known: from August 2016 to July 2017, Alt-Right drum up to express its love for the new leader of the nation, but does not meet reciprocal promises.

Finally, in August, there was a clash of cosplayers and from this point on the anerican haters do not leave the TV screens, hanging a sinker on the foot of the acting president.

Just A Few Words About Alt-Right

What do we see here?

“Alt-right” is an alternative to the association of conservative youth mentioned at the very beginning – ISI. They are real conservative backstage, which is not particularly needed by the Democratic and Republican parties. And then “other right” work with young people at street level.

It could be very useful for local purposes to frame up all the right as fascists.

Both branches of youth conservative franchise are controlled by cousins in fact. Good and Bad Cops.

Gentleman’s set of mature politics.

Just A Few Words About Alt-Right

Obviously one of these groups should bury all the shortcomings of the other.

After all, real conservatism is not based on slogans, but on balancing the interests of various groups of influence. With a full understanding of who wins and what.

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Alt-right pushes some of the mildest demands, something that’s barely outside the “centrist” position. They ask the country to stop destroying itself with progressive left bullshit, yet do not actually call for the country to heal itself back to before the leftist attack started. Several of their “leaders” are gays, for Christ’s sake, so of course they’ll never try and roll back all the shitty laws passed to appease LGBT. Or the immigration – think alt-right is going to call for kicking out all the many minorities that refuse to assimilate? No, they limit themselves to preventing more of them coming illegally and no more, conveniently forgetting that the root of the problem is still inside the country.

And yet, despite having the weakest of demands, they’re still branded fascists. What a joke! Hopefully it’ll wake up the people in alt-right to the fact that they can’t fight the PR war against the left when the left owns the media, and embolden them to having some real demands with teeth, rather than this watered down bunch of compromises.

Gabriel Hollows

The very concept of the ‘alt-right’ was coined by a Jew, and several ‘leaders’ of the alt-right are kikes themselves, such as Mike Enoch among others. They are there to give a face for the media to attack and label, nothing more. Also known as ‘controlled opossition’.

They love gays, trannies and degeneracy of all kinds. They do not fight the Jewish threat since they are led by jews themselves. Remember the ‘nazi’ from Charlottesville? He was actually a Jew, though the media wouldn’t have you know it. They also love Donald Trump, despite his treason to the people who voted for him.


“Remember the ‘nazi’ from Charlottesville? He was actually a Jew, though the media wouldn’t have you know it.”

yea, its always handy to have a jew as a trump card, isnt it?


Article while somewhat acknowledging the larger problem of reality that politics is corruption itself, it ignores why people voted for Trump. It was not for some label.

People voted for Trump because the establishment had long forgotten the United States people. The establishment has left a large trail of dead bodies in the Middle East in the name of the people of the United States that most of them would never allow if they knew what was really going on.

Meanwhile the average US citizen pays more in taxes than in basic essentials than food, clothing, utilities, etc while living in crumbling infrastructure and rising crime and a police state. The taxes go to destroying the Middle East and ruining people’s lives over there and enrich the establishment and the Deep State.

Many of the original Trump supporters at this point are no longer in league with Trump, particularly with Steve Bannon leaving because Trump has lost to the Deep State, and with Trump bombing Syria and further escalating the war in the long proven graveyard of empires of Afghanistan. Its up to the US citizens now if they want to use what’s left of their ‘rights’ to break away from the system.


Left and Right are no longer valid political categories but deceptions to fool people into thinking that there is a choice. Alt-left and alt-Right are alt-deceptions.

The Farney Fontenoy

The ‘alt-right’ is utter nonsense, a few upper class snobs trying to steer what remains of the American right in a certain direction, what direction is uncertain even to it’s leaders as they seem to have no clear policy on anything, so they may simply be controlled opposition, I seen Spencer talk candidly recently where he happily endorsed socialism-no joke.

Sam Cru

America is finished. The question is, what will be built atop the rubble?

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