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June 18 Strike On Syrian Forces Near Al-Bukamal Was Carried Out By Israel: US Official

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June 18 Strike On Syrian Forces Near Al-Bukamal Was Carried Out By Israel: US Official

An Israeli F-35 fighter jet performs in an air show at the Hatzerim base in the Negev Desert, near the southern Israeli city of Beer Sheva, on December 29, 2016. JACK GUEZ/AFP/GETTY IMAGES

A US official told CNN on June 18 that an airstrike, which hit a position of Syrian government forces in the village of al-Hiri, located southeast of al-Bukamal, was carried out by the Israeli Air Force. Originally after the strike, the Syrian state media accused the US-led coalition of being behind the attack.

This map provides a general look at the recent tarets of alleged Israeli strikes on Syria. If CNN’s claims are confirmed, the June 18 strike will show an extension of Israeli operations in Syria:

June 18 Strike On Syrian Forces Near Al-Bukamal Was Carried Out By Israel: US Official

Click to see the full-size image

This claim of CNN’s source was immediately spread by other mainstream media outlets that described the “Israeli strike” as a move to interrupt Iranian supplies through the Syrian-Iraqi border.

For example the Jerusalem Post reported (source):

“In the background of the strike stands Iran’s attempt to construct a network of friendly forces stretching from Iraq through Syria to Hezbollah in Lebanon. In 2016, pro-western sources in Iraq warned that Iran was building just such a conduit. In December 2017, The New Arab reported that convoys of unmarked vehicle had passed into Syria from Iraq through checkpoints manned by the Hashd al-Shaabi, the mostly Shi’ite militias that are known as Popular Mobilization Units (PMU).

These militias play a complex role, forming one of a patchwork of similar groups that Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps has enlisted to support, train and seed throughout the region. Along with Hezbollah in Lebanon, Iran also helped train PMU fighters in Syria.Danny Danon, Israel’s ambassador to the United Nations, said in April that Iran had trained 80,000 militia members in Syria.

There are thought to be some 100,000 Iraqi members of the PMU, which include groups such as the Badr Brigade and Kata’ib Hezbollah. Kata’ib Hezbollah’s leader Abu Mahdi Al-Muhandis is a close ally of IRGC Quds Force commander Qasem Soleimani, and in 2017 he even bragged that his units in Iraq were working with Lebanese Hezbollah.

Until the June 18 airstrike, Kata’ib Hezbollah’s 45th brigade of the PMU was operating in Iraq and Syria, ostensibly carrying out anti-ISIS operations near the border. After the air strike, the Iraqi government Joint Operations Command sought to distance itself from its own units that had crossed the border, saying that those members who crossed were not “regular” units, according to AlSumaria TV.”

Following the June 18 strike, the PMU announced that it’s ready to contribute more efforts to secure the Syrian-Iraqi border and is not going to abandon its oeprations there.

It also should be noted that the PMU also accused the US-led coalition of being behind the attack.

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  1. François says:

    Wel, well should it be the US or Israël, both are muppets of Rotschild’s and co. Both countries are slaves and their people will be finally sacrificed for NWO goals. Tragic!

    1. potcracker2588 says:

      spot on

    2. Freespirit says:

      2 sides of the same “COIN” -The Shekel

    3. Nod says:


      poetic is more appropriate.

      And your country is slave too. In case you missed it.

      1. Merijn says:


        1. Nod says:


          dimwit alert, beware :P

          When they are too stupid to think, they call people labels hoping that will act as rebut.

          1. Merijn says:

            Folks that copy paste and tell others what to think can Fuck Off… I Hate Liars & Pretenders… the Majority of the World is a Cunt Like that! 90% they have plenty of Forums for that…
            got a Question:

            How much will the Waterlevel Rise when All the Ice Melts? Simple Question

          2. Nod says:

            Listen up dimwit. Issue is not predicated on me knowing, or finding out from the internet, how high the water will rise.. Nor do I think your ignorance and babble is relevant.

            And nor is your sub normal IQ attempt at obfuscation working one bit.


            flat earther.

            97% consensus v. your babble :P

          3. Merijn says:

            You are just the Enemy.. Boy… tryin’ to see if you can Fuck Up some things here and there…? You are just some Hasbara-Cockroach…I.Q. Or not…. Bring on your Fucking War & there will be Red Mist in them Woods when I pop your Brains out….

          4. Nod says:


            stupid and violent, there is a surprise..

          5. Merijn says:

            Just show your fucking face on a recent Post Coward…I’ll tear you a new Arsehole…you ain’t nuttin’ but a cheap little Whore

          6. Nod says:

            wow, were you all 3 actors in the movie called “dumb, dumber, and dumbest ” ?

          7. Merijn says:

            Bring it on in a recent post you little Maggot…I’ll be waitin’ for ya cockroach…

      2. François says:

        It’s truely tragic for innocent people that must pay for for their governments submission to Zionist and NWO “leaders”
        Oh, and of course France is part of the gang as most countries in the world,

  2. Joe says:

    So bad for US forces .. PMU is joining into the Syrian battle and more likely using guerrila tactics

    The few air strikes would not make much difference to attacking power of SAA’s and allies.

  3. Drogba says:

    The israhellI Isis air force will do everything to prevent their defeat in SYRIA and Iraq. They are hiding behind their American puppets to protect themselves from being blown out of the Syrian skies.but this won’t go unanswered for too much longer.

    1. John Whitehot says:

      really, so far it’s a tryumph for the other side. The articles with israeli bombings in syria or irak are for propaganda, because israelis need to stay convinced that they have God on their side so they can do whatever they want.

      1. Tudor Miron says:

        Blood thirsty Jahve on their side? Rumors are that he demands kosher blood in the near future. Lots of it. Yes, their own master, just as he did many times in history.

  4. FlorianGeyer says:

    If unarmed Palestinians continue to demonstrate against the illegal occupation of their homelands and murderous IDF sniper fire in Gaza today, do the Israeli thugs in government really think that armed and experienced Syrians, Iraqi’s ,Lebanese, Palestinians,Russians and a plethora of other allies will run away at the sight of an Israel’ aircraft or tank ?

  5. as says:

    It is US strikes. So now it’s bad enough that the goy has to use Israel name to shield themselves of the responsibility.

  6. Siegfried says:

    .. And PUTIN’s S-400 systems sleep in the sun “enjoying their vacation in Syria”.
    Oh, sorry it was ISRAEL, newest PUTIN-partner…

    1. Freespirit says:

      They have always been partners, since the Bolshevik “party”, which Germany tried to warn the world about. but got “taken out” by the Ashkenazi Jews, for his service

      1. Tudor Miron says:

        “but got “taken out” by the Ashkenazi Jews, for his service” So that’s Jews who got out Germany in the 40s of 20th century? I thought it was CCCP (with UK/US seating on the fences)

        1. Turbofan says:

          You know he has a point so you get into technicalities now..

          1. Freespirit says:

            Check the video I gave him :-)

        2. Freespirit says:

          The TRUTH about Germany and HITLER, never told: : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3HWxKahieBY&bpctr=1528836269 (6.16)

          Make a POT of coffee, or Tea or three, and your favorite
          snacks because this is a long one, and so it should be!

          1. Tudor Miron says:

            I see very well like you snakeheads are trying to sh$t all over the history. Inventing “fake news” about Great Patriotic War. Truth still fights through you lies.
            Shove that documentary up your a$$. You will never be able to still our victory :)
            You, snakehead. Pray to jahve that you don’t meet me in person.

          2. Freespirit says:

            Actually should consider yourself lucky you don’t meet me in person

            If the British never stopped me or my other Irish rebels, you, BIG MOUTH would not last but a minute, so SHOO, little fly and go pester some children…..more your speed. You’ll be much safer in Israel,UNTIL we arrive to take you out

            We are done TROLL.

          3. Tudor Miron says:

            Is this why you hide behind keyboard and even affraid to post under real name? When zios try to accuse me of what? zionism? Lol! Now that’s funny.

          4. Freespirit says:

            You’re welcome

      2. John Whitehot says:

        bullshit. Stalin put the zionists to the sword in the 20ies.

        1. Tudor Miron says:

          In fact a bit later – 29th it started and by 39th he almost did it.

        2. TS says:

          Correction; Stalin let the Khazar elements attack each other in the name of their Bolshevik Revolution. He was well versed in their ideals from the time he was old enough to work, as he worked for a very influential Khazar after his father left his mother. This may also have been a major reason that Seminary school just didn’t coincide with his learned views of how things really worked.

        3. Freespirit says:

          thanks for he laugh

          1. John Whitehot says:

            you can laugh all you want, but zionists were out of any structure of power of the soviet union by ww2 start.

            i notced that ziotrolls push the concept that nazis were good while soviets were jewish dominated, and i can see perfectly the reason for this agenda in propaganda.

            my hope is that you will all hang from a tree, although i’m perfectly fine at simply see the world go on without the influence of you scum.

          2. Freespirit says:

            Of course Soviets were and Russia still is, Jewish dominated, so where did I say otherwise???

            You really do keep me laughing

            Maybe your reading skills need improving?

          3. John Whitehot says:

            of course that’s what jews say.

            see, i don’t suffer for other people laughing.
            perhaps because i’m not a zionist, or a jealous or envious person.

            maybe you’re one of those that “that goy has a bigger car than mine, i’ll find a way to kill/humiliate/disgrace him because this just won’t do”.

          4. Freespirit says:

            perhaps !

          5. John Whitehot says:

            “Be good now”


    2. John Whitehot says:

      what part of the phrase “S400s are there to protect Russian personnel” your fucked up brain fails to grasp?

      1. Otto Heinrich Wehmann says:

        This is Psyops and Disinformation. Don’t worry 2-3 months Syrians will reconquer the South-Southeast, keep calm and carry on.

        1. John Whitehot says:

          could be earlier than that.

        2. Real Anti-Racist Action says:

          In over 30 years the South West part of Syria has not been liberated.
          If Syria cannot accomplish this simple task of liberating the land right against Damascus (The Golan) then the SAA has failed 100%.

          1. John Whitehot says:

            the attempt to put a saudi regime in power in Syria and the occupation of the Golan heights are two different issues.
            otherwise, logically speaking, the SAA would had failed 100% even before the “revolution” started, which is bullshit.

            this sounds like one of those zionist propaganda attempt at gathering something from total defeat.

      2. BBHermes says:

        What’s f….d up are the double games that Russia continues to play with its “allies”, whether in eastern Ukraine or in Syria. Syrian, Iranian, even Russian lives in eastern Ukraine, appear as little more than pawns on the chessboard and bargaining chips: Support them enough to survive, but never enough to decisively win.

        1. Feudalism Victory says:


          Just enough not to get their hand chopped off but enough to keep enemy attention and resources outside of the russian federation.

          Sorry but playing politics at the top level isnt pretty or idealistic.

          1. John Whitehot says:

            “Sorry but playing politics at the top level isnt pretty or idealistic”.

            Wrong. That’s what the jew owning the medias has forced inside your brains through terrorism and lying.

          2. Feudalism Victory says:

            Ah jews and their resources. The media has no effect on me.

          3. Wise Gandalf says:

            you are ruskie payed troll

          4. John Whitehot says:

            you could say that, although I’m not Russian and I’m not paid.

          5. Wise Gandalf says:

            And also liar. :DD

          6. BBHermes says:

            “Sorry but playing politics at the top level isnt pretty or idealistic.”

            Yes, but it can be more principled and moral. Even an utter apologist for Russia such as the Saker recognizes that Russia’s approach is more self-interested than moral. This, in contrast to Iran and Hezbollah whose approach is more moral than self-interested. Again, to quote the Saker, Russia is playing a dangerous game. The end result may be that no one fully trusts her, not even her current “allies”.

            As to Mr Whitehot: It is utterly ignorant to assume or suggest that every criticism of Russia is automatically Zionist propoganda. That kind of binary thinking does a discredit to this forum and to the entire anti-zionist cause.

          7. Feudalism Victory says:

            Principled sure. The old ways. The feudalism ways. People with purpose and place and work. Lords responsible for their serfs in a mutually benefical relationship.

          8. John Whitehot says:

            so the pantomime ends here? very bad, I was hoping for some lols.

          9. Feudalism Victory says:

            Im not joking.


          10. John Whitehot says:

            “Im not joking”

            never thought you ever was able to.

          11. Turbofan says:

            “As to Mr Whitehot: It is utterly ignorant to assume or suggest that every criticism of Russia is automatically Zionist propoganda.”
            So true..Its not just this idiot “whitehot”.. there are a good few of them here..When they have no defense left thats what they resort to.. Its similar to the idiots in the west. Speak any good of Russia and suddenly your are a Russian bot or something.. The idiots here criticize the idiots in the west when in truth they are doing the same thing.

          12. John Whitehot says:

            “As to Mr Whitehot: It is utterly ignorant to assume or suggest that every criticism of Russia is automatically Zionist propoganda”

            I dont’ automatically think that, I just point out how the “criticism” serves zionist interests and is a zionist manipulation from a troll rather than a comment from an honest person.

            At times I may be wrong, but I’m betting that 90% of the times I’m not.

            Besides, one may well move many critics to Russia, right or wrong they may be, but on these pages only finds those that suit zionist interests.

        2. John Whitehot says:

          Russia doesn’t play double games, Israel plays double games, the US plays double games. Russia has publically told the reason they are in Syria and they have behaved coherently.

          At this point even an elementary school kid is aware that you zionist propagandists would sell their mothers to convince people that Russia play games at the back of its allies.

          Israel lived through lies and betrayal since 1948, and if it keeps up like this, it won’t have a chance of surviving an evolved world based on pacts among equals.

      3. Feudalism Victory says:

        The socialist part that says others who can should do his work.

        1. John Whitehot says:

          some argument. perhaps would be more clear if written in plain english.

          1. Feudalism Victory says:

            Its a creed of laziness.

      4. Tudor Miron says:

        He’s brain may be able to grasp the obvious but his desire for shekels is overwhelming to the point that they don’t realise that they are digging their own grave.

      5. Wise Gandalf says:

        Putin several times stressed, that any attack on saa west from euphrates will be punished.

        russkies always shit in mouth of allieas and itself, too.

  7. Redadmiral says:

    The only way IsraHelli AF could carry out this attack is by using Yanki transponder codes. Syrian Air Defence units have been avoiding engaging Yanki AF at the request of Russia. Should this be verified Syria will be able to make a powerful argument to the Russian Military that they will in future have no option except to engage all aircraft using Yanki transponder codes.
    Not too long ago Putin censured Benji for a similar attack. I can only presume he got a worthless commitment as demonstrated by this latest outrage. This of course, is not the first time for IsraHelli cowards to hide behind Uncle Sam’s coat tails.
    Maybe Benji is trying to facilitate Yanki War Mongers by provoking SyAD Units into downing Yanki warcraft

    1. John Whitehot says:

      “The only way IsraHelli AF could carry out this attack is by using Yanki transponder codes”

      Outside of hollywood movies, I mean, in real world air defenses, transponder codes mean nothing if not being able to discern FRIENDLY planes from all the others.

      Of course, if a plane takes off from Tel aviv and has a friendly IFF code, you can be 100% sure that it’s not going to be treated as a friendly plane.

      Stop thinking like the zionist want you to think in military terms.

      1. Redadmiral says:

        Agree, John. But…. Please refer to above reply “bonami”. My C&P is no longer working and I’m too tired to rewrite

        1. John Whitehot says:

          understood, just don’t think that planes are discerned by iff codes by unfriendly air defences. iff is not a secure method to discern a us from an israeli plane, such assessment are made on other several basis.

    2. bonami says:

      I think it is more likely that the US carried out the attack and Israel is taking credit to give the US cover with/from Sadr’s likely reaction to the US killing Iraqis and for Bibi’s street cred back home.

      1. Real Anti-Racist Action says:

        The US covers Israel, Israel covers for no one.
        The US invaded the ME to destroy Goyims for Israel.
        Israel publicly offered to send troops to Afghanistan (it was a public show, behind simi-closed doors it was agreed that no Israeli is going or to go die just to kill Afghans)
        So no Israels went. The US covered for Israel, Israel never covers for the US ever.

      2. Redadmiral says:

        Agree, it probably was a Yanki strike. However, argument still holds. If IsraHelli sources accept that they did in fact carry out the attack using Yanki transponder codes, then SyAD have a valid argument to shoot down all illegal aircraft in it’s airspace. Should it turn out to be a Yanki A/C all they have to say is sorry, we were under the impression it was an IsraHelli attack. Yanki scum are literally getting away with murder. Time they paid a price…

  8. Tudor Miron says:

    Bibi is running Israel straight to the slaughter.

    1. Joe Dirt says:

      They are winning right now so fuck off

      1. Lena Jones says:

        Winning with Iran and Hezbo at israel’s doorstep? Winning with israel’s zio-wahabi terrorists slaughtered in Syria? I think it’s YOU who should be fucking off haha!

        1. Joe Dirt says:

          Israel bomb hezbo on the other side of syria, surpassing all Syrian air defenses.

          1. Lena Jones says:

            The jewish-supremecist scum cannot win a war by pin-prick strikes on the Hezb here and there AND in Syria lol. FACT is the idf DARE NOT FACE the hezb directly on the Syria battlefield, they also dare not strike at the hezb directly in the Lebanon, or strike at Iran directly. So you can stfu with your ‘israel is winning’ propaganda lol

          2. Joe Dirt says:

            Ohh watch out we got a 50000 star general on SF. Hahaha

          3. Lena Jones says:

            What’s hilarious is how many coward jews were killed or chased weeping out of Lebanon BY THE HEZBOLLAH that’s fantastically hilarious LOL!

      2. John Whitehot says:

        says israel.

      3. Tudor Miron says:

        Your personal stupidity is among many reasons of terrible fate (self inflicted mostly) of people of Israel.

    2. TS says:

      Corectomundo.. History repeating it self..

    3. bonami says:

      He certainly knows how to make enemies; Hezbollah, Iran, Syria, Lebanon and now Iraq and of course the ongoing Palestinian slaughter. I wonder what the rate of immigration out of Israel is right now.

  9. occupybacon says:

    I’d be pretty demoralized if I was a SAA fighter now, knowing that I can get killed any time from the sky no matter how and who I fight on the ground ):

    1. Feudalism Victory says:

      Airpower alone isnt enough to win. Holding ground trumps that. History proves this.

      Also israel seems pretty cheap with it. They dont seem to be able to keep up a heavy tempo. At least demonstrated so far.

      1. occupybacon says:

        It’s easy to project strategies from behind a computer, i’m just saying that fighting for Syrian army right now must suck with the past Israeli strikes.

        1. Mike says:

          Why they have recovered most of |Syria already, the same can be said about you projecting behind the computer, in which case you are hypocrite.

          1. occupybacon says:

            speaking of hypocrisy, how does it feel to upvote your own comments?

  10. christianblood says:

    Iraqi Shiite militia should now respond to this U$/Israeli aggression
    within Iraqi borders! The blood of these brave Iraqi and Syrian men
    fighting ISIS must be avenged!

  11. Joe Dirt says:

    When Southtards don’t know how to respond…lol buttttt Russki controls the skies.

    1. John Whitehot says:

      why don’t you creep back home.

      1. Joe Dirt says:

        low iq response…

        1. John Whitehot says:

          i don’t do iq. you can have all the iq of this world.

  12. danny holmes says:

    hmm.. Could it be possible that there is a deal between US and Isreal where US make the strike but Isreal takes the blame ?!

    We know it’s not in US interest to make the strike and own up to it since US have troops on the ground in Syria and Iraq that could be subjected to retaliation.

    But it is much more safer for Isreal to take the blame as retaliation against Isreal is much more harder to achieve.

  13. LaRata says:

    Move some SAM and EW to this border…

  14. Floyd Hazzard says:

    With friends like Russia, who needs enemies?

    1. Wise Gandalf says:

      yes, the next 20 years you will onanize on this cse. and ignore, that 1348x hit IAF and their planes return safe.

  15. Lena Jones says:

    The terrorist states of the US and israel have become so interchangeable that does it matter who did the strikes?

    1. bonami says:

      It does to Sadr:)

  16. gustavo says:

    Not way, The attack area is far away from Israel planes not to be detected by Irak and Syria radars, even if these planes went crossing Jordan. USA-Israel can blame each other whatever they one, not problems. What I am a little worry about is Russia attitude, why has not it be a warning for Russia to Syria about this attack ?, knowing that Russia can see and hear everything in Syria.

    1. zman says:

      I agree with you. Not that Israel could not have done it, but that Russian AD will have seen it. Unless that is, the F35 is invisible. Otherwise, Russia should be able to answer the question as to where this attack came from. Earlier reports said the aircrafts came from the direction of US lines. Russian military has already stated that they can see aircraft launching from Israel. Also, Syrian military AD is integrated with Russian AD, why no comment from them? I have to lean towards US drones from northern Syria, regardless of whatever the US military says.

      1. bonami says:

        Only reason Russia would not attack nor tell Syria is if they were US, after Putin’s warning to Bibi I think they would give a heads up to Syria if the plane was Israeli, maybe not, but maybe so.

        1. bonami says:

          And another aspect of this; remember when your enemy is destroying himself, don’t interfere. If the US was so stupid as to attack Iraqi forces that are partly comprised of Sadr’s Battalion, Sadr will know and the US will be thrown out of Iraq (again) the second his people are in charge. So why would Russia hinder them?

  17. RichardD says:

    It wouldn’t surprise me if Israeli pilots and aircraft are already present in northern Syria as part of setting up Israelistan and preparing another coup and partition attempt against the Turks, and other neighboring governments.

  18. Mikronos says:

    The Israelis have started to fly out of US bases in Iraq. They can’t hit eastern Iraq without ‘coalition support’.

    1. bonami says:

      Thank you, by any chance do you have a source for that, thank you again

  19. Jean de Peyrelongue says:

    I cannot understand how the israelis have been able to fly up to Abou-Kamal close to the Iraki border and far away from israel.

    1. John Whitehot says:

      because of God. Israeli planes are cloaked by God’s means so they can do whatever they want.

    2. Sinbad2 says:

      US support, that’s how.

  20. RichardD says:

    If you’re an American you need to come to grips with the fact that you live in the most Jew infested nation on the planet outside of Palestine. And that your government is a Jewish leachocracy. And that you’re viewed as sub human goy and your primary function in life is to serve as an immoral, dumb downed, brain washed parasitical host for the evil Jew blood sucking baby rapers to feed off of from cradle to grave. And for your military to die for Israel and Jew world order hegemony so that Jews don’t have to.

  21. John says:

    C’mon man!! …….Israel hit somebody all the way up there and nobody noticed them? Baloney.

  22. Real Anti-Racist Action says:

    Haha no people in earth fear the Israeli military might more then Russians do.
    They are scared to death to even resist Jewish-desires just as Pontius Pilate feared Jewish might.
    Yet no military on earth is less afraid of Israel then the SAA.
    Russians have a lot they could learn from the good Syrian people if Russians stopped closing their eyes and hiding from their nemesis.

    1. Wise Gandalf says:

      IAF is the best air force on the Earth.

      Btw., In Sy ruskies have so little continget, that within 1-2 h would be completely eliminated by IAF.

      1. John Whitehot says:

        “IAF is the best air force on the Earth.”


  23. Sinbad2 says:

    Would an F35 have the range if flying from Israel?
    Or did the Israeli planes use a US air base?

  24. Domenic Patrone says:

    Then again, the US official may have been lying and Israel did not commit this air strike. This seems like more of the same in that Syria is being nudged to do something back to begin a pattern that requires an international coalition ( an out in the open one this time ) to help Israel in the face of an enemy. Israel would also get the right to respond if Assad attacked them unnecessarily, sort of.

  25. Gregory Casey says:

    I honestly believe this Israeli Air-Strike so far East was designed to protect Israeli human ‘assets’ on the ground who are embedded with IS in that general area all along the Iraqi-Jordanian-Syrian Border

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