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Juan Guaido Threatens To ‘Authorize’ US Military Intervention In Venezuela

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Juan Guaido Threatens To 'Authorize' US Military Intervention In Venezuela

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On February 9th, US-proclaimed Venezuelan Interim President Juan Guaido said that he would not rule out authorizing a US military intervention in the country.

He still said he had faith in the Venezuelan armed forces.

“The armed forces have a huge dilemma, whether or not to accept the aid. It would be almost miserable at this point of huge necessity not to accept it,” he said.

“Inhibiting the entry of this aid could be seen as a crime against humanity.”

Guaido said the military has to decide whether to “take the side of the constitution” or to “continue on the side of an increasingly isolated dictator.”

But he said “fear” was preventing more top ranking members of the armed forces from switching sides and joining air force general Francisco Yanez who last weekend disavowed Maduro.

“We’ve seen some National Guard sergeants who’ve shown unhappiness and they’re being tortured. One of the sergeants’ relatives is missing.”

He received an immediate response on Twitter by a Republican Senator and member of the House Armed Services Committee, Ro Khanna.

Notably, the tweet was deleted shortly after being posted.

“Mr. Guaido, you can proclaim yourself leader of Venezuela but you don’t get to authorize US military interventions. Only the US Congress can do that. We will not. https://t.co/rbPldFOnOZ

— Ro Khanna (@RoKhanna) February 9, 2019”

Khanna also slammed the Trump administration’s recognition of Guaido as Interim President in January.

“The United States should not anoint the leader of the opposition in Venezuela during an internal, divided conflict,” Khanna said in a statement last month.”There is no doubt the Maduro’s economic policies have been terrible, and he has engaged in financial mismanagement and also political authoritarianism. But crippling sanctions and threats of military action are making life worse for ordinary Venezuelans.”

Meanwhile, another Venezuelan officer defected to the opposition’s side. Active-duty Venezuelan army colonel and military doctor Ruben Paz Jimenez said in a video released on February 9th that: “Ninety percent of us in the armed forces are really unhappy. We are being used to keep them in power.”

Furthermore, the US-sanctioned Venezuelan state-run oil company PDVSA is telling customers of its joint ventures to deposit oil sales proceeds to an account recently opened at Russia’s Gazprombank AO, Reuters reported on February 9th citing anonymous sources and documents the outlet had seen.

“We would like to make formal your knowledge of new banking instructions to make payments in U.S. dollars or euros,” wrote PDVSA’s finance vice president, Fernando De Quintal, in a letter dated Feb. 8 to the PDVSA unit that supervises its joint ventures.

Separately, US National Security Adviser lost no time in mocking Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro. During a speech, Maduro was interrupted twice – first by lights flickering, and then the electricity shutting off for several seconds.

Bolton tweeted his “attack” both in English and Spanish.

It happened while Maduro was explaining that the humanitarian aid that the opposition is planning to cross into Venezuela from Colombia is part of a Washington plan to intervene in the South American nation.

According to Bloomberg, in the dark, Maduro asked his Electricity Minister Luis Motta Dominguez what was going on.

“Let me check,” he responded.

“You should already know,” Maduro replied.

The indigenous Venezuelan tribe, the Pemon, who live along the border with Brazil vowed to allow any foreign aid that may arrive to the country.

Six leaders of the Pemon community residing in the “Gran Sabana” municipality bordering Brazil told Reuters that the population’s pressing needs should trump any politicization of humanitarian aid.

“We are physically prepared – without weapons – and willing to open the border to receive the humanitarian aid,” Gran Sabana Mayor Emilio Gonzalez told Reuters. “Neither the National Guard not the government can stop this.”

“We are the natives of Gran Sabana and we will not allow some generals from outside to decide for us,” said Jorge Perez, the region’s councilman for indigenous communities. “We are the legitimate authorities.”


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why he isn’t hanging from a lamppost by now is hard to understand – thus up with him now.

Bigaess Wangmane

Because his US-Backed Puppet replacement will be any better? The same problems or worse would continue in Venezuela, the only difference is, like Libya/Ukraine etc.., you won’t hear about it anymore.


Just another idiot in a suit and tie. Send him back to New York City with all the other bankers and shysters they deserve him.


Should be definitely hanged…

Doom Sternz

If he is murdered it will will be by the CIA when he is worth more to them dead than alive.

S Melanson

Which will be minute after Maduro falls.

George Evans

maybe this rascal should get elected first…how can a self appointed guy ” authorise ” anything…even with the connivance of the USA…????

paul ( original )

To my judgement Maduro looks rather ineffectual in his response to what is blatant treachery . There is definitely a lack of ‘an iron fist’ response and I think in the long term this does not bode well for his future. We will see what happens but his fate may be the same as Allende. Personally even the look of Guaido turns stomach. He is in the style of Macron – a half made whimp of uncertain sexual nature.

Brother Ma

I agree. A molded , bootlicking type who has been blackmailed with evidence of his likely perversions.

Kelli Hernandez

But he has badass Cuban special forces backing him up and Russia to the Cuban rescue with weapons and defense systems..remember just like psycho Bolton’s axis of evil this is his ”Troika” of evil, Venezuela, Nicaragua and CUBA…


Sadly he is no Chavez.

Brother Ma

Piece of crap traitor I would normally want shot out of hand. Asks foreigners to intervene in his country ,against an elected leader who third -party election officials said was voted in just as fairly if not better than what goes on in the US.

I urge Venezuela using realpolitik and keeping him alive for the duration, in incarceration. Then once it is over , drag him out in chains and execute him.

I can’t stand looking at his smirking face.

Xoli Xoli

Venezuela was long before young traitor Guiado.So USA threats to Venezuela will never shaken or intimidate the will and self determination of Venezuela people For any single blood of Venezuela people Guiado and family will pay the price together with its puppet perpetrators.Any wrong action and it will be over for Great satanic strong hall United State of America together with biblical fat fuck goliath Donald Trump.Oversize Pompeo will never outrun any Venezuelan people stupid Bolton will wish for peace and freedom.USA will never ever be the same this year their military equipment will break and sink and their will wish for freedom and peace.Traitor Guiado call your white masters.


John Bolton the drug abuser has forgotten the Washington defeat in Afghanistan, Iraq, Turkey and Syria.

Brother Ma

Why a drug abuser? Evidence?


the regime change is full in progress including the lies


El Mashi

When the invasion is imminent, the CIA will murder puppet Guido Bandido, and blame it on Maduro. He should be put in protective custody, and put a gag order on him.

Joe Kerr

Not sure about a gag order… every time he opens his mouth, Maduro gains more support.

Brother Ma

Parfait! Like the British have on the Skripals.


I am amazed by the restraing shown by Venezuelan government. If was in charge, Guaido and his gang would been shoot or beheaded by now.


Its getting level headed advice from Russia. You know them, the adults in the room. The ones who kicked my country’s ass in Syria by being patient. Trump will be done if he starts another war.

Kelli Hernandez

He promised his constituents no more war liar. Trump is a bought and paid for Zionist. Sheldon Adelson Israhelli billionaire bankrolled Trump’s campaign for 124 million


Yeah, didn’t this guy just observe what happened to the Kurds? The way his expression strikes me, it is as if the lights are on but, nobody is home. There seems a never ending supply of us that appear ever ready to play the fool, all in the name of greed.

Julian Clegg

Colonel Jimenez couldn’t find his proper shirt.

Julian Clegg

The article doesn’t mention where Juan Guaido is. Is he in Venezuela or someone else? I think it should be stated in every report concerning him.

Brother Ma

He is the a Latin Obama. Despised by many and a likely future disappointment to those who actually do have faith in his sincerety.

Len Zegelink

kill that usa rat .he is a scumbag,i hope maduro and russia china and isran and the turks,stop this mad usa plan .

peter mcloughlin

Guaido could be authorizing a Latin American Spring. A similar ‘Plan’ has wreaked havoc in the Middle East, even been disastrous for Europe. Already two major powers in the region, Brazil and Mexico, are lining up on opposite sides. We don’t need any more instability. We already have increased tensions in Europe and a race to re-arm with more nuclear weapons; growing tensions between the two biggest world economies, the US and China, that seems certain to end in conflict; and strategic and energy-security rivalry in the Middle East. The pattern of history signs to another world war. https://www.ghostsofhistory.wordpress.com/


What if the citizens of these countries told the politicians to go to hell? Where they belong. What has the government done for you lately? Except to make themselves rich at our expense. The enemies are the greedy rich and their servants. Humans need to smarten up and stop defending the evil rich.

peter mcloughlin

People empowering themselves through greed – an excellent point, very true.


In my world its pretty simple. money is power, power runs government, people don’t matter. The US constitution has been turned into the funny papers for a reason.

S Melanson

Attention, employee of the month for the third month in a row is John Bolton who scares even a lot of us here at the CIA.

Exciting news, the CIA is hiring again. We have several positions to fill for an exciting career with the CIA, with our famous retirement plan known infamously as “what happens when we don’t need you?”.

Below is the job posting and the number of positions is based on how many governments we are trying to overthrow – lots, always :-) – in order to bring democracy to the people’s of nations we dearly care about. We care so much we take on the heavy burden of tough love like carpet bombing with cluster munitions. The world should be grateful for all we do here at CIA headquarters which we affectionately refer to as the ‘Ministry of Love’.

Job title: Leader of Opposition

Qualifications: Raving idiot with a big mouth able to read off a Teleprompter official CIA scripts. Lack of independent thinking is a must and a willingness to declare yourself leader as only you can uphold democratic principles.

Experience in overthrowing elected governments and killing everyone that does not agree is an asset for this position. An MK-Ultra Robot Parrot Slave is particularly suited for the position. Salary is commensurate with how well our drug trafficking operations are going.

Kelli Hernandez

The Zionist mafia of death & destruction planning to send weapons and “rebels” into the country to kill VENEZUELANS while the Jewish mafia goes in for the kill and theft of Venezuelan resources. No wonder Trump screaming to get that wall built as MILLIONS of migrants will flood our border. Trumptards think a wall will keep them out and that the Southern border is the only border that these Zionist war torn refugees will flee too. They will come by seas and land..look out Florida another ZIONIST regime change war on the horizon. STOP THE KILLING BY THE ZIONIST MAFIA..


Is he Jewish?

Kelli Hernandez

Guido Bandido made in Zionist America by the CIA. Excellent article on this far right fascist. Like the one installed in Brazil. Notice Israhelli flags raised at Guido Bandido rallies https://grayzoneproject.com/2019/01/29/the-making-of-juan-guaido-how-the-us-regime-change-laboratory-created-venezuelas-coup-leader/amp/?__twitter_impression=true

Rodney Loder

The transition fron a concentrated US Latin American Neo Liberal operation to the comparatively anything but banal Neo Conservative strategy is coming at an opportune time for Trump to the oil glut implemented by Salman and economic slowdown everywhere except the US where safe haven Capital flight is bolstering the US economy even if interest rates stay on hold because the Investment Community are genuinely factoring in War with China and Russia.

Certainly if the world wants to continue maintaining Jesus Christ is a dead dirty old heathen Freemason then I think the World can expect the worst.


Could not someone lend him some kind of teleprompter…

… you might think, that somebody who feels passion and anger about the situation, would be capable of giving a statement without reading of like an idiot.

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