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Journalists Visit Douma Hospital, Interview Doctors & Patients Over Alleged Chemical Attack


The mainstream media’s version of the April 7 “chemical attack” in Syria’s Douma is rapidly crumbling as journalists have got the access to the area. It appears that it’s almost impossible to find some witnesses or victims of the alleged chemical attack if you search on the ground.




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  • Promitheas Apollonious

    so they lie, no surprises here. They been doing this since they exist.

  • Merijn

    One Thing We certainly learned this War in Syria is: The West & their ZioNazi Masters is a Bunch of Lying M*therfuckers….

    • Neil

      It’s unfortunate that so few people learned that from Iraq, Libya etcetera.

      • Concrete Mike

        Libya was their last..
        Never againa

      • Merijn

        The Bigger Picture is Something of recent Years for most People…first Gulf War…was to Kick Evil Dictator Saddam out of Kuwait right? For killing babies or some shitty lies…Second was about Owning weapons of Mass Destruction by Evil Dictator Saddam…Libya wanted to have Gold Backed Currency instead of this Toiletpaper-Dollar…so Gaddafi had to Die…and his people’s Gold was Stolen…..Hang the Perpetrators, Give back All the stolen Gold…!!! Motherfucking Western Diamondbacks…..

  • Merijn

    Liars & Cowards…..NATO you bunch of Headchopper-Lovers…you will be finished… Nothing will be left of you soon…AngloZioNazis You are the worst kind of Cockroaches….Pest-Control is in Full-Effect….

  • Barba_Papa

    Haven’t you heard? OAN has been dubbed as right wing extremist. Therefore anything it says can be disregarded.

    • Samuel Boas

      Is this sarcasm?

      • Barba_Papa

        Yes. Sorry if it wasn’t clear.

    • AJ

      They cant ignore Robert Fisk – hes a 40 year war correspondent veteran with no liking of Assad & he found nothing. Even the anti regime SOHR said there was no gas attack.

  • sagbotgamot

    How can you find anything created from lies? Macron, May and Trump are liars.

    • Merijn

      High Treason….Warcriminals…..Hang them High! No other Solution get Rid of these Psychopaths

  • w.t.baker

    The “West” manipulated by British “shoot from the hip” conclusions rushed to unleash the unjustified attacks with the explicit purpose of having Trump removed from office for doing exactly what the British conned him into doing.

  • antoun

    eh yes the westmen in the shit! uhuh