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Journalists Found Boy Filmed In White Helmets’ Douma Chemial Attack Video. He Did It For Food

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Journalists Found Boy Filmed In White Helmets' Douma Chemial Attack Video. He Did It For Food

Hassan Diab shown in Al-Jazeera’s coverage of the alleged chemical attack. Click to see the full-size image

A group of Russian correspondents led by Evgeny Poddubny has found a boy filmed by the White Helmets in their video showing people “affected” by the alleged chemical attack in Douma on April 7.

According to Poddubny:

  • 11-year-old Hassan Diab is fine;
  • He suffered no injures from the “chemical attack” because there was no attack (at least then and there);
  • The boy participated in the video for food (rice, dates and cookies).

Poddubny also contacted Hassan’s father – he also said that there was no chemical attack in the town.

Journalists Found Boy Filmed In White Helmets' Douma Chemial Attack Video. He Did It For Food

Hassan Diab during the “chemical attack” and after. Click to see the full-size image

A full video by Poddubny:

Hassan’s story is quite similar to the case observed during the battle for Aleppo city in 2016. A photo of Omran Daqneesh became popular in the mainstream media and was widely used for propaganda purposes against Syrian forces fighting militants in the city.

Journalists Found Boy Filmed In White Helmets' Douma Chemial Attack Video. He Did It For Food

Omran Daqneesh

“We were very harmed because of the gunmen and how they used things to their benefit with my child,” Omran’s father told Ruptly after the city was liberated. “Thank god, he was only slightly wounded. Thank god after the army advanced and retook these areas; we are now back in our homes. The situation now is very good, thank god.”

Daqneesh’s father also accused militants of using his son for propaganda purposes.

Not only Russians say that there was the Douma chemical attack was staged.

Earlier Pearson Sharp, a reporter of One America News Network also visited Douma and found that all the locals say that the so-called April 7 Douma chemical attack had been fabricated by militants.

The alleged chemical attack in Douma became an excuse for the US-led missile strike on Syria on April 14.

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Promitheas Apollonious

Well I dont think any thinking person any more believe the false flags of the desperate west and their lies.

Deep Space

Problem is that most people in the West aren’t thinking.

Daniel Castro

They have lost their ability to think…

Not a fan of Israel

…but it’s weird, even Alex Jones realises the chemical attacks are a False Flag…and like it or not, a lot of people in the US seem to believe his other nonsense.

Daniel Castro

Yes, but he keeps creating excuses for Trump, he is in denial.

Deep Space

Got that right. Infowars Employees Expose Alex Jones https://youtu.be/wam0ZdjY57k

Micky Gluck

You asshole, hiding behind made up names!!!! If you have at least one testicle and 2 gray-cells, you would post under your OWN name whit your own disgusting ugly NAZI wanna be face. This type of FAKE NEWS we heard a lot and “SURPRISINGLY” all from liberal bastard TROLLS!!!!! So at the end, I wish that you get a testicle cancer, loose your manhood and be desperate for the help of a “FUCKING JEWISH” doctor. The problem is that THEY will NEVER refuse a HELP to ANY IDIOT ANTISEMITIC BASTARD!!!!!! So….please F*CK OFF!!! You are plainly a dumb-ass antisemitic LIBERAL dumb nazi wanna be. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/265e5c2a1dd4bd24ce3430735949784de4c54c242868772e1bfeb606eee19668.jpg


Mmmhhh… nah… define “the West”. Most ppl I know do think. Who do you know?


For starters I know my relatives, and despite the presence of a number of engineers in the gene pool, my family tree is full of alt right “trumpets” who praise his every action. My youngest sister married a misogynistic, amazingly lazy, god obcessed, redneck who grew up on military bases and is dumb as dirt. The whole lot of them believe whole-heartedly in anything that is said to them by a person at a church pulpit. I do mean anything.


So outside of your very narrow scope then? I mean I know I always form opinions on up to 200 million people based upon my family………. DERP


Most people in general, not just in the west, aren’t thinking. Of course, in many instances, “not thinking” would be perfectly fine if the government in your society wasn’t involved in warcrimes or a massively destabilizing, irrational, and often contradictory foreign policy, which unfortunately many western countries governments are engaged in.

But yes, most people in the world aren’t really “thinking”. They’re just existing, leading meaningless, pathetic lives of quiet desperation.

Humanity is like a hive of maggots, and I believe the maggots will go extinct after consuming the world and one another.


Everyone in the west watches a media controled by Jews

Andy Johnson

oh we are thinking , and most people in the east dont realise this ,but if they put those strikes to a vote it would have been an outright No , Our PM didnt consult parliment ,and she did it all before proof was provided , we know what shes doing .

Audun Nilsen

No, it’s that the They don’t know what thinking is.

Val Shadowhawk


Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The Media and the Government uses argumentum ad populum , argument of the people (if everybody else says this it must be true!) and argumentum ad verecundiam, argument of authority( If the government says so it must be true!), These are all fallacious arguments used today and you don’t think they can pull off a false flag when people are so ignorant of the world around them.


re: “look at BBC Persian and Jerusalem Post both showed Tehran’s Meherabad International Airport flipped 180′ as a secret Iranian base in Syria.”

WHAT!???? Are you kidding? Is that for real?

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Yes this is for real couldn’t believe it myself!

Eouz Cuemarz

Because there are overwhelming think- tanks behind these three stooges leaders of the west.


I did a small test in cognitive dissonance on Scott Adams blog (Dilbert creator but has a political blog as well). I started with RT, RI & Sputnik links and those were shot down as “Russian propaganda” so I posted links to several alt-news sites and those were dismissed as “conspiracy nonsense” so I posted links to sites of old time Reagan folks like Pat Buchanan, David Stockman, Ray McGovern & Paul Craig Roberts …. All dismissed and nit picking over minor details.

Don’t underestimate the power of propaganda. Either the trolls are out in force or people will just not accept anything that challenges their preconceived opinions.

I hope it was just trolls because you draw the most flack when you are over the target. If not then the uncritical acceptance of what they are told by the government is going to be fatal to them and others.


Problem is: Most people in The West DO believe the lies and propaganda.

Promitheas Apollonious

I know they do, or pretend they do, been on the payroll of Soros as MKO or NGO or allegedly human rights activists. But then I was referring to thinking people not zombies of the system.


lol.. I was about to say something like that.. but then i realized that zombie’s brain does not work.. they are like cattle to be slaughtered.. hehehe


Rice Dates & Cookies Given to 11 year boy for Acting in Stage Event by White Helmets ,that cause USA/UK/& FRANCE TO BOMB SYRIA


Trump, May and Macron have hired these Zionist White Helmets for their henious crimes. Now everybody should know that Adolf Hitler was a righteous person. How these animals Trump, May and Macron tried their best to make Assad and Putin defame.


That’s the most efficient way to use rice, cookies and dates that I’ve ever heard of.


I think there should be now referendum that these bastards Trump, May and Macron are eligible for the positions that they are holding now or they just creating more issues for the nations.

jerry hamilton

We all knew this to be the case but having the proof to shove up Trumps Arse is very warming.


Proof? There is no guarantee that is the same kid. All I see is confirmation bias at work

jerry hamilton

Ha ha ha ha. A lot of people do not believe your narrative. Proof of a chemical attack is what you didn’t have before attacking Syria.

Bjorn Metaal

He should become a Hollywood actor. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/645cf88e9fe0585c5b12f2ba3306f9d1dc9a9d4ff81943732ae8507cdd916d2a.png

St. Alexiev

we should call the CNN journalist to smell the boy and determine if it was under the chemical’s retreat. :)

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

She smelled an acrid smell only associated with smoke and fire and translation as usual bad, like Dutch TV4 translated USA and foreigners must leave Syrian lands to Russia ,Iran and Regime must leave Syrians land. They must be using the same translators for Kim Jung Un!

Hide Behind

Sad part of episode, overall, is the damned ignorance and souless peoples of U.S., U. K. and France, supposed democracies, where the f is their collective mindset? Then the thousands of killers in those mercenary forces who voluntarily, and not mindlessly but with homicidal pathology launched the machinery of death. Not any Honorable or even people with conscientious understanding just how F’n terrible the actions they support are. THOSE NATIONS SUPPOSEDLY DEMOCRATIC POLITICAL PARTY MEMBERSHIPS NOW SIT AND SAY NOT A F’N THING. Sit there in rich white people’s clothes, cold blooded reptiles.


If there’s a suicidal terrorist in my country I’d help them on conditions that they target the craziest hawkish politicians family.

Daniel Castro

Well, they say everyone once in a while dream about killing their bosses, but in the end they won’t hurt those who give them money…


You mean F.UK.US. because that is job#1

Tudor Miron

Here’s prediction that I’ve heard from credible (to me) analyst – May and Johnson are going down most probably. Macron is either going down or under complete Trump’s control (for giving unreliable proof that led to embarrassment of Trump who acted on good faith to his nato ally. Also there will be changes (you’re fired!) in the ranks of those that pushed for the strike within US establishment (more country level elites will be changed for global level stooges). Let see how it unfolds.


Trump needs to ADMIT he made a mistake in both False Flag Chem attacks.

Tudor Miron

He will never admit that (mistake) – he acted right but with wrong input information and who gave that false information? Those will have to leave or obey.

Daniel Castro

It is easier for Trump to start nuclear war than to admit a mistake, let’s face it, he is a hardcore narcisist.

Well, I think his election was something positive, but even during the campaign I was suspicious his real motive is he wanted to be president to feed his own ego, for that matter he said what he had to say to the people, and I even think he believed himself to be the hero he impersonated, but in the end I reallt think he had no idea of what he was dealing with.


Casual Observer

Why would he do that when the public will never know the truth?


He needs to but given the way the law can work they would come after any one who admits responsibility. What this case unravelling surely does is puts a fly in their false flag formula. But after all the hiccups people still believe this crap. That is what scares me. The great mass of people who just don’t give a shit until it comes to their neighborhood.


I hope you are right.

Anthony Enos Wicher

I think you have no idea what you are talking about. Trump’s response was as fake as the gas attack. This was a show of force before leaving Syria, which he still has every intention of doing and has stated many times.


Do you condone ‘Trumps ‘show of force ‘ ?

Tudor Miron

Show of force? 71 missile intercepted by ancient weponry is a show of force? Even if one wants to stick to us version – 76 missiles on Barza??? Show of farce may be but force? What supposed to be s show of force turned into humilation (Assad walking in his palace office area in the morning after the strike) and that may indead lead to some moves in top to medium brass of us swamp. Lets wait and see.

leon mc pilibin


John Whitehot

propaganda has always been an ugly business in war.

but the syrian “civil” war has seen some of the worst example of it of the entire history.

the indiscriminate usage of children, to generate indignation and disdain mostly in the west, and that is being exploited also by western countries as an argument against russia, is something that will remain among the most shameful pages of human history.

the complete disregard and disrespect by the jihadists and their western and zionist supporters for the sufferance of the weakest, the most defenseless, the most suffering, shows what kind of monstruosity the debt-led western democracies have become.

Societies that allow such aberrations, that don’t stay their guard to avoid becoming accomplices of such crimes, are destined to extinction.


You say all that is needed John I am British and greatly ashamed of what our political leaders are doing and the media for failing in their duty to challenge what our leaders do.

Britain will never be forgotten for the abuses committed in the name of the British subjects in Syria

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Flight Memorandum is suspended by Russia mean anything flying in Syrian Airspace is fair game and oops! will be the answer to any downing of NATO craft.

Tudor Miron

Poddubny is one of the best – always on the front line. Osetia in 2008, Ukraine and now Syria.



Syria: Boy in White Helmets FAKE Chemical Attack Video Reveals Truth How these animals Trump, May and Macron tried their best to make Assad and Putin defame by slander. This is 100% true that these bastards Trump, May and Macron are allied with terrorists in Syria. I mean they are also terrorists.

I think there should be referendum now to find out that these bastards Trump, May and Macron are eligible for the positions that they are holding now or they just creating more issues for the nations.


We should just declare them guilty and get rid of them all. That’s what they do to us.

Ron Stead

Is there anyone who can get the names of the people who serve on the UN Security council, they all should get copies of the info that we have gathered together, I have tons, which paint a vivid picture of all that has been happening, in Syria, Briton, Israel and the US. The extent of the corruption that that exists in the US, Briton and Israel is unbelievable and happily undeniable.


That’s the worst of it, they probably know it’s all a crock. Yet for a few bucks they sell their soul!

Alessio Simonato

“”””I suppose that “the story” our children will study, be this. I have taken it directly from wikipedia, obviously each one of us will be able to propagate it as it sees fit and in the way he lived it, I write from very far from Syria and I know that before anything else the war It is “chaos” and after all chaos … until you forget or die.”””

The Syrian civil war (in Arabic: الحرب الأهلية السورية, al-Ḥarb al-ahliyya al-sūriyya), or Syrian crisis, began on March 15, 2011 in Syria with the first public demonstrations against the central government, part of the context broader than the Arab spring, to then develop into national revolts and then into a civil war in 2012; the conflict is still ongoing. The initial protests are aimed at pushing President Bashar al-Assad to resign and eliminating the one-party institutional structure of the Ba’th Party. With the radicalization of the clashes, an extremist component of the Salafist is added with ever greater force, which, thanks to the help of some Sunni nations of the Persian Gulf, is thought to have reached 75% of the total combatants [38]. These fundamentalist groups have as their primary objective the establishment of the Shari’a in Syria [39] [40]. Because of Syria’s strategic position, its international ties and the continuing civil war, the crisis has involved neighboring countries and a large part of the international community. The governing bodies of the Ba’th Party and the president himself belong to the Alawite religious community, a branch of Shiite that is however a minority in Syria, and for this reason the Shiite Iran has intervened to protect the Syrian government: Iranian fighters are present at side of the Syrian armed forces to keep the Allied government in power. [41] [42] [43] The government front is also supported by Shiite fighters from other countries, including Iraq and Afghanistan. [44] [45] The rebel front is instead supported by Turkey [46] and above all by the Sunni Gulf countries, in particular Saudi Arabia and Qatar, which aim to combat the Shi’ite presence in the Middle East [47] [48] [49] [50]. Within the UN there has been a deep split between the United States of America, France and the United Kingdom, which have expressed support for the rebels [51] and China and Russia, which instead support the Syrian government both in diplomatic and military terms [52] [53] ]. The delicate Syrian ethnic composition [54] was strongly reflected in the field deployments. Although the first anti-government demonstrations had a “secular” spirit and involved all the major cities of the country, including those with the Alawite majority like Latakia [55], the continuation of the crisis has polarized the camps, bringing the Shiite component to support the government together to most religious minorities, who have enjoyed the protection of the lay government of the Ba’th Party [56] [57]. The rebel front remains mainly composed of Sunnis, but they do not constitute a compact block: part of the Sunni population continues to support the government [58] and some members of the executive and a good part of the army are Sunni [59] [60 ] [61]. The massacres perpetrated by the fundamentalist components of the rebels against religious minorities in Syria [62] [63] [64] led the United Nations to define civil war as a “sectarian conflict” [65]. The international organizations have accused the government forces and the Shabiha militias of using civilians as human shields, of intentionally aiming the weapons on them, of adopting the tactics of the burnt land and of carrying out mass murders; anti-government rebels have been accused of human rights abuses including torture, kidnapping, illicit detentions and executions of soldiers and civilians [66] [67].The meaning of “civil war” to describe the ongoing conflict was used on July 15, 2012 by the International Committee of the Red Cross, which called the Syrian crisis a “non-international armed conflict” [68].

Not a fan of Israel

The Syrians should demand compensation from the US, UK and France for damage caused by their missile attacks.

Not a fan of Israel

The White Helmets have been paid millions of dollars by Western governments…and who are they really supporting? Daesh and it’s propaganda. So these Governments are actually supporting those who they say they are fighting. Their own troops are being killed by terrorists that Western governments support!

And now the US is asking the Saudis to take over their positions in Syria! Asking the country that spawned the terrorists in the first place! What a crazy world we live in.

Daniel Castro

Well, the country which spawned the terrorist in the 1st place was UK, they created the Saudi in the 1st place… and Israel…


Oscar laureates, professional “Solzhenitsyns”.








http://www.acloserlookonsyria.shoutwiki.com/wiki/Main_Page https://eadaily.com/ru/news/2017/04/13/chudovishchnaya-fotosessiya-v-siriyskom-han-sheyhune


Let us hear the USA, UK, Frogland MSM spin on this one, waiting.

Tudor Miron

They will look but they would not see. They will simply ignore it as if that little Syrian boy and his father never existed.

Not a fan of Israel

Western governments are now mired in corruption on an unprecedented scale. Something has to change. We want peace, not war.


We, ZOG(US) need to send more missiles into Syria for exposing this hoax. Truth telling is a national security threat to these parasites. Truth is their gravest enemy.


This ladies and gents is why I for the life of me can never support the Assad regime or anyone who is associated with them. They are anti-noble, anti-decency and anti everything that is honorable within a human being.

Capturing survives from a legit chemical attack and threatening their families and them in order to make a lame propaganda in a very bad attempt to create doubt of what happened but what happened already happened hence this is only counterproductive but the fact that they are willing to revisit this to use such a lowly tricky in the book shapes their true image as the lowly entitiy they are and what they stand for.

This is one of the lowliest gov’t of all times and on all fronts and this is one of the reasons nobody can support this. This is the definition of someone dishonoring themselves in doing shameful acts that could destroy their own image even to their supporters..

This is very very lowly move and one that is hugely counterproductive

Lena Jones

Ladies and gentlemen, the above message was brought to you straight from Bibi’s twisted lips.


Mountains of Rubbish


Wow man that’s not fair unless you share whatever that is you are smoking. Reckon you think it’s honky dory when white helmets kill kids to star in their Uglywood productions.


Cute but you forgot the /sarc tag. Others here are not getting your twisted humour. Fortunately I grew up with Carlin, Pryor & Python as my philosophical influences. Check out Redacted Tonight with Lee Camp. You’d fit right in :) Cheers


You can see and even just tell from the pictures that these survivors have been threatened to speak on behalf of Assad or otherwise their entire families would be killed.

The small kid who was bloodied, the chemical survivors all of these people are speaking under a legit gun halt at their heads and not only them but their families lives are also at stake.

People know this and this is very predictable. It kinda gets sloppy from their Assad’s side because he has become easily predictable and using such image damagable methods that would even turn your most hardcore supporter at some point.

This is just not honorable and especially someone who claims often I’m winning the war going after relevant people who was chemical victims and holding hostage until they give the interview he seeks. This is counterproductive especially when you have come predictable

Tudor Miron

When something like you is abusing words “honorable” it makes me lough. Creature, how does it feel – to know that we know that you lie? Surely that would be very uncomfortable for a normal human being. Where are you from, creature?

Tudor Miron

Gees! You’re helpless! “Capturing survivors from chemical attack and threatening their families and them in order to make a lame propaganda “. Any journalists are free to come to Syria and talk to this people. Unlike Skripals they are not hidden.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The Journalist who cried wolf about not getting a visa is none other than Shane Bauer who was arrested for illegal entry into Iran with another man Fattal both were arrested for Espionage also, can see why he was refused entry to Syria.

Robert Guilfoyle

Bullshit. You conspiracy nuts are a danger to society.

Daniel Castro

Is your picture a dog because you are a zionist pet?!

Yes you are!

Now, roll over and they are going to give you some cookies!

Robert Guilfoyle

Ah, you’re a conspiracy nut and an anti-Semite piece of shit.

Robert Guilfoyle

Also, you stupid cunt, that’s not a dog.

Tudor Miron

What exactly is bullshit? The fact that boy from that false flag video that supposed to be dead among 70+ victims of Assad’s horrific attack… Wait a minute, the boy is alife and tell the truth. Cgnitive dissonanse?

Robert Guilfoyle

Yes, since it’s clearly not the same kid, you stupid cunt.

leon mc pilibin

No Oscars for the White HelMUTTS this time…But they will get the Raspberry award .Better than nothing,i suppose.


hey guys look at this,she found it …LOL



well let me remind you that the verage Us citizen is stupid as fish, they will eat whatever propaganda they give them untill they burst….well cnn is the master of fish feeding.


The Syricide video translation is total lie. Please get an Arab translator to correctly translate it. As it is a the subtitles of the Adult Arab male is a flat out lie. The English transcript/subtitles do not match what the Arab speaker is saying.


What I’m really worried about is the consequences of exposing these children after every fake alleged chemical attacks.., the next coming fake incident.., they might slaughters all these kids just to cover up evidence of their BS film/videos..!


Most news outlets MSM censor the news. All you see here is their obsession w/ Trump. We are lied to and misled about the real news.

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