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MAY 2021

Journalist Abducted, Assaulted & Robbed In Syria’s Greater Idlib (Photos)

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Late on June 18, Mustafa al-Khalaf, a journalist working as correspondent for Turkey-based Syria TV was abducted in the northwestern Syrian region of Greater Idlib.

Zaman al-Wsl, a pro-opposition outlet, said al-Khalaf was abducted by unidentified gunmen as he was driving his car on the Ma’arrat Misrin-Idlib road. The gunmen tied up the journalist and then violently assaulted him for several hours.

Al-Khalaf’s car, phone, camera, personal handgun and an amount of money he was carrying were stolen by the gunmen, who eventually ditched him near the town of Ma’arrat Misrin.

Following the incident, al-Qaeda-affiliated Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) deployed additional security forces on all roads in Greater Idlib.

These security forces themselves assaulted pro-opposition journalists that were covering the 16th Russian-Turkish patrol on the M4 highway a few weeks ago. The journalists were beaten up and some of their equipment were destroyed.


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SF, please stop calling them “security forces”. It’s impossible that terrorists can have “security forces”.

Jens Holm

They do take care of teh local security even they are not hired by Your belowed dirty feudal Regime.

Peter Jennings

Absolute bullshit. Suppression isn’t security.

Try the bbc website, they would love your nonsense.


Staging for likes and fame :)

John Wallace

No wonder we have to rely on the reports of the biased anti Assad SOHR when on ground supportive reporters get bashed by the very people they support..
On their site they have this which is supposedly US leaving Syria heading into Iraq . ? yesterday


With a bit of luck the US troops are on their way to quell the insurrection Seattle by the Antifa and BLM thugs.

Jens Holm

Thats how it is. You have to have filter every time You get anything from there – or where its created.

I am Your filter here. Everytime You create something below Your bed blanket only, You will know.

John Wallace

You can’t filter the shit coming from your brain Jens so who is going to accept you as their filter on here. You are joking of course because you can’t really believe that bullshit.

Jens Holm

Of course I can try hard and do by fact checking every time I read things. By that a database is a build up and used well. Thats how a brain works too.

Its a dicipline and based on science, which is made by several diciplines. So when You have no dicipline in Your orgastic socalled comments its like: Is there a melody for a piono in this or not. Its also about which melody constructions, which might sound nice but actually are faked constructions, which today by false accusations makes enemies among each other.

As example I dont blame Turks here for the many things, they actually has learned in school. They have listened to their teachers or has prepared themselves and even remember, what they have learned,

BUT I blame those Turks, when they by Internet right here can see bythemslef even with 100s of links given fx by someone like me, that they deny to learn, things are not as theyonce has learned or are the official NATIONALIC POLICY.

A lot is written away as well as other things are created to dehumanize the ones, which actiually was and are just as good or bad as Turks.

It very tempting to see Greeks and Armenians reduced to almost nothing even they were rulers even when Turks or Turk look a likes was there too sharing Anatolia and other areas.

Maps are same thing. The ones telling Turks just didnt took all of Osmans and for that matter Antaolia from almost day one is painted away. Its done all over even history books are written by mainly greeks and romans about it and fx Mongols took half of the Osmans as well as Saladin “came back” from Egypt.

How can greek have detailed maps for all with greek names and in detail as well as ruins all over is inspired or even build by greeks and rromans and not only down the whole Eufra, Tigris and Khabour.

But that was partly taken away by the Osmans and the rest was destroyed by the Nationalistic Turks of today not even showung respect and knowledge about the Osmanninc Empire and why itnbecame such a succes for centuries not destroyed buy others.

Here its obvious the constitutions for Osmans and Turks of 1923 is like black and whiste or east and west.

The Osmans ruled by dividing local power and gave – seen from those days – a lot of influence to local ones and especially many minorities. That was VERY CLEVER because Osmans easy could knock out the minorities if they were not behaving well and the result was those minorities then supported Turks and their helpers against the many big arabic groups.

Turks could never has taken those big Empire areas with no forced loyal citicens and well as they integrated and assimilatedvery very much.

And the result today. Its forbidden Turks in Turkey of today totake a simple DNA test, which confirm 80% of a Turks is from an indo or european source and not Kasakstan and east.

And we see the same by the Turkish enemies naming Turks as Mongols because Mongold according to them is the lowest You can be in the whole world apart from the rest of racisme which is there too.

So its not only about “Turks” but the rest too creating enemyship of the worst kind. All is made as socalled offical knowledge after WW1 and up to maybee 1946 or for that matter 1948/Israel).

So I write no bullshit. I tell how others has written the ME history book much more as it was as welkl as it is.

And Turks and ME didnt invent that way of story telling. You have to add and subtracy in the Roman and Greek Hisory books as well.

But its very visible for the Communisme by the Bolsjevics or for that matter Germany by Adolf from 1924 uniting people making so many others to enemies even they are much less bad then Yourself.

And we know the results are internal and external wars of the worst kind and see very few winners and many many graves just as we see in Turkey, Syria and Iraq or for that matter the conflicts made by Israel made by Jews since 1948.

And in the last part the socalled arabs always forget to mention theor own parts using their own populations as spendables in 1000s as well as weapins for millions as well as those money are not used to improve próduction and lkiving standards(Fx as Turks has done) .

So thats why piono says about how to use it. Ir can make a lot of no melodies and also very faked ones uniting ME in its mainly selfmade quagmire.

Peter Jennings

Filter this

comment image

Jens Holm

Oh yes. The result is this kind of happiness and understanding.

comment image

Jens Holm

Them too. SDFs foryears has denied Turkish Journalists to rapport anything from the area. It only was hostile and evil propaganda of the worst kind supporting The Erdogans.

So this is no surprice. In Turkey only one oppinion is allowed but also demanded.

SDFs has no acted like that.


Marches are originating in the CHAZ/CHOP here in the US local government sponsored sedition zone. Where they have the east police precinct under siege and are marching on the west precinct. The state police have messages on the electronic signs on the interstate highway that runs through the state’s largest city where the government is supporting this activity warning motorists of interstate closures as the demonstrators sieging and marching on the police stations are traveling through this section of the city.

I haven’t reconned the secession zone in a few days. I’d rather spend my time on moving ahead with improving my life and contact work. Particularly improving equipment capabilities and running ops. As well as putting up a cabin on my 40 paid for acres in a remote area of the mountains in from the coast.

There was an American Lacota indian caller on the Alex Jones show who said that during a sweat lodge ceremony a spirit guide, which is a type of angel in their spiritual ideology, said that people in cities hit with bioterror attacks in the US will only have 30 to 45 minutes to get out before it’s locked down and their trapped there. Given everything that’s happening I’ve now got a pack and supplies in my work vehicle as a cautionary preparation.


26.5mm 10 to 12 second parachute illumination and .223/5.56 green tip steel point AP rounds.comment image


.223 survival riflecomment imagecomment image


Set up for precision shooting.
comment image


his next book titled on how I became an al queda sex slave for a day…

Jens Holm

Ypu dont have that much money.

Assad must stay

Pro opposition does that mean pro rat?

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