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Jordanian Army Deploys Troops, Military Equipment On Border With Syria’s Daraa Province (Photos)


Jordanian Army Deploys Troops, Military Equipment On Border With Syria's Daraa Province (Photos)

A Jordanian M-60 battle tank en route to border with Syria

The Jordanian military is deploying reinforcements, including heavy military equipment, on the border with the Syrian province of Daraa, according to Jordanian and Syrian sources.

The photos available online show at least one M-60 battle tank moving to the border.

The deployment of additional Jordanian forces on the border comes amid the increased tensions in southern Syria. Earlier this week, the Syrian Army and its allies made a limited advances against militants northeast of the city of Daraa. A local retreat of militants triggered a deep concern in the US Department of State, which even threatened the Damascus government and Russia with “serious repercussions” of what it described as a violation of the de-escalation zone.

According to experts, the deployment of Jordanian forces on the border is pursuing two goals:

  • To prevent militants from withdrawing from southern Syria to northern Jordan. Such a scenario will increase security problems in the kingdom.
  • To limit a possible military operation of the Syrian Army on the border threatening it with further escalation with the US-Israeli-led bloc. A limited US force is deployed in Jordan.

More Photos:

Jordanian Army Deploys Troops, Military Equipment On Border With Syria's Daraa Province (Photos)

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Jordanian Army Deploys Troops, Military Equipment On Border With Syria's Daraa Province (Photos)

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  • Paulskiy

    I had a wry smile reading “A local retreat of militants triggered a deep concern in the US Department of State”. I’m sure it did, given Washington’s continued support for its jihadi mercenaries.

  • leon mc pilibin

    The satanic Zionists don’t want to lose control of occupied Syria,Jordan has been given its orders to support Isis.

    • HardHawk

      Jordan always been a part of the problem and supported isis as long it stay away from her land. It does not need orders, to do what she is doing.

      • David Pryce

        Correct, Jordan has played the loyal puppy to the Anglo Zionists agenda a long time now
        What happens to Syria is of little concern apart from a refugee problem
        It amazes me how many Countries are happy to pick up the refugees and migrants after the US has destroyed a Country
        The European Union has and is still picking up refugees since Qaddaffi was brutally murdered
        The US regime is a Corrupt gang in DC, leader of the free world?

        • HardHawk

          it is called demographic change. europeans are too expensive to the system unlike the muslims and africans from one side and pakistan and afghanistan on the other feeding their population into europe. No war needed no mess created just change the populations into cheap and profitable ones.

    • northerntruthseeker .

      Close.. Jordan has turned into another poodle of criminal US/Israeli interests and they are doing as their masters command.

  • seawolf

    What Americans really mean? Are they going to start bombing SAA together with Israel? Or they let militants reconciliation with Assad? Time is very close

    • Siegfried

      Bet on the 1st version.. They ALREADY do it..

  • Smaug

    It appears that Assad’s diplomacy is not going as planned.

    • Daniel Miller

      hey it like this i wanna see those M60’s get blow apart by some T72’s. Or T62 ether way i will be happy.

      • Smaug

        Is war for your amusement? Want are you, a Black September affiliate?

        • Daniel Miller

          No it will be a intresting test of the same generation tanks the M60 and T72 to see witch is better :D

    • Siegfried

      Depends on the CHINESE via Tehran (China needs Iranian OIL, because dumped the US-OIL-products in the trade “war” with Washington).
      The CHINESE are always quiet.. AND DO THINGS, not bark about them.
      But you know that, Shlomo : . Bibi has worries about the CHINESE-aid for IRAN, with PUTIN he got a dirty agreement as we may suppose..

      • Bill Wilson

        China bought quality finished products from the USA. Iranian refineries produce garbage.

        • Sinbad2

          China bought American, because it helped balance trade, but there is nothing made in America that can’t be made elsewhere.

    • Sinbad2

      Working perfectly, how long before Jordanians rise up against their Israeli controlled Government, and we see Hezbollah 2 forming in Jordan?

      • Smaug

        Please, don’t be so inept to think that any one group has tgat much control over the situation

  • Siegfried

    Yeah.. JORDAN, the new Israeli dog.

    • John Whitehot

      rather old dog.

    • Sinbad2

      Jordan was a British dog, but the British gifted it to the US/Israel, just like they gifted Australia to the USA.

  • Bobo Voxar

    this bussiness is just for support ISIS… they do not remember cage burning of their pilot – F-UK-US-IS deal at its best…

  • Real Anti-Racist Action

    Proof that ISIS is an Israeli creation is this…
    ISIS claims they are going to turn everywhere into a Caliphate. What about Jordan?
    Why don’t they turn Jordan into a Caliphate? Why not attacked the moderate King who likes to appear in Hollywood TV shows.
    Funny how no ally of Israel is every attacked by ISIS. Why would Mossad defeat their own allies after all.

  • World_Eye

    Ah fucking Zionists they had played their hand assholes.

  • Sinbad2

    Rushing to defend ISIS.

  • In September of 1970, Syria invaded Jordan with hundreds of tanks in support of the Palestinian revolt there. This was the origin of the term “Black September”. The Palestinians were evicted to Lebanon and were one of the causes of Lebanon’s Civil War. Only two months later in November 1970, Hafez Assad seized power in a coup d’etat!

    In this part of the world memory of past abuse lasts a very long time, and the chance for some payback brings joy to the people and the leaders alike.

  • Elmarie Muller

    If Jordan was against ISIS it would have with draw its force a bit back from the border. Just to all Syrian forces to put heavy attack on terrorists and also to avoid friendly skirmishes. But as Jordan is a terrorists manufacturer it has to risk been hit by friendly fire in order to allow harbourer USA to weak reasons to attack. Same tactic of so call friend Erdogan terrorists ARMY.USA is hindering terrorists elimination their arm SDF ISIS terrorists and transporting them from one de escaping zone to another . Russia must cancel this illegal deals with USA which SYRIA never signed for. No more Russian deals with uninvited terrorists armies of Turkey, USA, JORDAN and ISRAEL. Israely flag represent Satanic Sign.