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Jordanian Border Guards Clashed With Large Convoy Of US-backed Proxies Moving From At Tanf – Reports


Jordanian Border Guards Clashed With Large Convoy Of US-backed Proxies Moving From At Tanf - Reports

FILE IMAGE: US-led forces at the border with Syria

The Jordanian military announced on Sunday that its servicemen killed five people and wounded 2 others attempting to infiltrate the Jordanian territory from the town of At Tanf at the Syrian-Iraqi border.

According to the official statement, Jordanian border guards clashed during 72 hours with a convoy consisting 9 cars and 2 motorcycles trying to enter Jordanian territory from Syria.

During the clashes, Jordanian border guards destroyed 2 cars and 2 motorcycles. The rest of the vehicles withdrew towards Al Tanf town in the Syrian territory. The Jordanian border guards also arrested two people who tried to cross the border.

At Tanf town is under a full control of the US-led Coalition and militant groups affilated with the US-backed Free Syrian Army (FSA) and there are Jordanian special forces in the town.

The people who attempted to infiltrate into Jordanian territory may be a group of FSA who decided to withdraw to Jordan for an unknown reason. It is almost impossible for anyone to move in Al Tanaf without the US-led coalition approvement. However, it is also possible that these people are local smugglers.

The Syrian desert fronts in the Syrian-Iraqi-Jordanian border have been witnessing complete calm since the arrival of the SAA to the Iraqi border. The US-backed FSA has stopped its attacks on the SAA in the past two days. Most likely, this impacted negatively the combat morale of US-backed militants. At Tanf has little strategic value if the US-led forces cannot build a larger buffer zone at the Syrian-Iraqi border.



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  • 1eeripsa

    Well spoken!

  • Miguel Redondo

    Dumb question ….

    When the jordanians decide to shoot everyone who wants to cross its border to Syria , how will get out the guys from FSA?
    Running into the arms of PMU on the iraki side? Are they waiting that the israeli army comes to rescue them? (irony off)

    • Adam Kafei

      Worst case scenario the Americans will have to fly them out, possibly to Turkey to join the groups either in Aleppo or in Idlib.

      • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

        This is why the control prospects in the region in both put the group in instant conflict with the government forces or within a region with various warring factions that would equally fight them as the government forces .

      • VGA

        Green helicopters to Idlib?


    • Darius

      They don’t care for FSA, they are expendable and their only purpose is to die in Syria. Looks like some of them are not ready to die, but do they have a choice? Obviously not.

    • Justin Ryan

      it looks more like a retreat to me! Border guards were probably ordered to shoot anybody leaving the area because if they allowed them to retreat, the SAA would quickly secure the Jordanian border which means ZERO chance the US will be able to re-try their attempt at a buffer zone!

      • Miguel Redondo

        I understand the point , but the consequences of such orders are desastrous. If a mercenary has no escape to the back than he is open to think about to capitulate to the enemy when he doesn´t see any future in his fight. And more so if he knows that Assad has made many deals changing territories either for free passage to Idlib or to change sides and role into the SAA. Assad is a very smart guy with this behaviour.

  • George King

    Unfolding is no surprise……..
    My previous post; We may see the PMU sweeping down from Baiji West & South converging on Deir Ezzor using N7 South and N4 West to join up and create a cauldron to Al Qa’im pushing West forcing US/FSA/Daesh back into Jordan.

    Of course this would create another problem for Jordan’s participation so we may see the US write off/annihilate it’s proxies before they can enter Jordan. Not sure how the US can continue this Zionist agenda as Trump has oops! the base in Qatar………

    • Miguel Redondo

      I imagine the actual scenes in the israeli government resemble a bit to the movie “Der Untergang”…….

  • Stephen

    Trump army and their proxies are now trapped. One side is Syria and the other side is Iraq. Jordan also joined the fight against Trump proxies. There is just one solution to air lift all their army and proxies and move them out from Al-Tanf. Their presence there in Al-Tanf is like a toad in well.

  • Stephen

    Jordanian border guards clashed with large convoy of us-backed proxies moving from Al Tanf Syria to Jordan– reports

    Trump army and their proxies FSA have now trapped in Al-Tanf. One side is Syria and the other side is Iraq. Jordan has also joined the fight against Trump proxies. There is just one solution for Trump to air lift all their army and proxies and move them out from Al-Tanf. Their presence there in Al-Tanf is like a toad in a well.

    News from southfront.org

    • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

      They need to learn how to hop and say rip-pit right now or make a full tactical airlift of NATO-Coalition specfor groups and hope these NSA/FSA guys can fight it out of there , the expense and the actual value of untrained units is not a good present strategy in this situation. This would only give the SAA greater morale to see a beaten Coalition forces retreat and more would continue to rally to Syrian government side . There could be a tidal wave of support if they don’t renegotiate with Syria an become an Ally with them and defeat the terrorists in the region and withdraw any support to show an act of good faith .The alternatives and prospects are only going to get worse , it is better to be humble and show wisdom than to face the wrath in the future , which would be far greater than the present to a magnification of 1000 fold.

  • Alex Black

    Seems like a fake report. Not all FSA are created equal, these might have been some disloyal FSA, and examples were made. Could have been a miscommunication. I do not see Jordan opposing American interests.

    • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

      This group in all probability were called the Hashemi trying to return to their homes in Jordan, which the US probably acted like Captain Bligh and had examples made out of them since Al Tanf is a nothing burger now . These guys were probably here only to fight IS and didn’t believe in fighting for the US government cause .This would be typical of Recruiters strategy in misleading you about the military service.

    • Darius

      Very likely they tried to run away. Unfortunately for them, they have Jordanian ‘friendly’ machineguns behind them…

      • Alex Black

        Reminds me of Russian battalions of convicts used during WW2 to fight the Germans. There were battalions of special police behind them with machine guns in case they got the bright idea to go for a walk.

        • Solomon Krupacek

          this is the only way how to send to fight cowards. assad should do this.

          • Alex Black

            And you know all about being a coward, since you are a tough talking computer jihadist.

          • Solomon Krupacek

            do not put your characters on me, coward.

          • Alex Black

            Like I said, tough talking internet jihadist, how is your digital jihad coming? No one on the internet respects you and you are synonymous with bs.

          • Sam 1234

            google hasbara if you want to know who pays “Solomon”. why do you guys still fall for all those paid trolls?

          • Alex Black

            I dont think he is israeli, he is some retarded islamist.

          • Solomon Krupacek

            hahahaha :DDDDDD

          • Alex Black

            Solomon, serious question. Who takes you seriously?

          • Solomon Krupacek

            your opinion is less then apeshit

          • Alex Black

            Solomon the projector.

          • Solomon Krupacek



  • boosra

    I’m not sure how seriously to take this report, and what the “large convoy” would consist of if indeed it did happen – but I’ll bet the Jordanians are just itching to rub out the scum they have been compelled to play host to these last years. Whether Jordan would, or could, actually realign I highly doubt, but one lives in hope.

    • VGA

      At the first chance they will work with the syrian government to secure their borders. Their regime is scared shitless that they will face a similar … rebellion.

  • Miguel Redondo
  • FlorianGeyer

    “The people who attempted to infiltrate into Jordanian territory may be a group of FSA who decided to withdraw to Jordan for an unknown reason.”

    mmm, They have probably worked out that the US has no friends, only employees who can be used , abused and dumped. They were likely promised the ‘spoils of war’ that have turned out to be a bullet in the stomach .

    Thats why all the US trained terrorists and armies since WW2 have failed to win, as all of them are only in it for personal gain. Whereas the SAA and all her allies are fighting for the survival and future of their proud nations.

    • Darius

      Yep, but they cannot leave now, CIA owns them, so they must stay and die… if they try to run away Jordanians ‘blocking battalions’ will stop them.

      • FlorianGeyer

        There best way out is to kill their US/NATO advisers in the field and surrender to the SAA.
        Many have done so in Syria and accepted ‘amnesty’ from President Assad. In fact ex terrorists have seen the reality and now fight alongside the SAA to liberate Syria from the bloodstained hands of the USA and her coalition of terror.

        • Attrition47

          Any evidence that they’ve had the good manners to kill USukzioNATO terrorists?

          • FlorianGeyer

            Not yet but I am sure there will be if the US Coalition is killing those who do not wish to fight anymore.

  • RamboDave

    Keep in mind that the US rebel training base was always inside Jordan, not Syria. Even though the US claimed it was at al-Tanf, it was actually about 10 miles south-west inside Jordan. And, there was also a refugee camp in that area of Jordan too. The US was probably recruiting FSA rebels from that refugee camp. And these rebels would much rather fight Syria than fight ISIS. These rebels may have been trying to return to the refugee camp where they probably have family’s.

  • Manuel Flores Escobar

    they were stoned with captagon…. they got confused and take another direction…Jordan border guards thought they were members of Syrian NDF…..

  • Tom Tom

    Jordan shooting anyone who retreats now. Desperation. The Jordan king is a good little
    puppet of Israel.

  • goingbrokes

    Whichever way we look at this it is a disaster for the insurgents. I imagine that the scene in At Tanf camp was where a huge argument broke out because the SAA sidestepping manoeuvre made the glorious At Tanf fortress irrelevant. I imagine the US general got an earful from the dirty Ayrabs and he gave back with interest telling them exactly how much he values them. So then a humiliated group decided to make a run for it. A phone call from the US alerted the border guards who were encouraged to “not negotiate”.

    The thing is, mercenaries morale is entirely dependent on the outcome of the conflict. They accept the silver because the prospect is good. When things turn bad they become completely useless. Trying to hold them in position with a threat (which you can do with a conscript army) won’t work longer than the next chance to run. Valuing their own life they may even start preferring surrender! Being shot at by the Jordanians must be a bitter pill to swallow. I expect the Jordanians are now on some peoples revenge list!

    Going well, isn’t it?

  • Justin Ryan

    Ordered to shoot anybody retreating from that area in order to keep the jordan / syrian border accessible.

  • sagbotgamot

    Poor FSA..Jordan is abandoning you.that’s what you get for failing to defeat the SAA.

  • Solomon Krupacek

    FSA mercenaries, listen to carefully: