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Jordan Supports Russian Plan To Dismantle Al-Rukban Refugee Camp Near US Base In Eastern Syria

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Jordan Supports Russian Plan To Dismantle Al-Rukban Refugee Camp Near US Base In Eastern Syria

Jordanian troops near the al-Rukban camp, By: aljazeera.com

On November 8, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Jordan announced in a statement that Jordan, Russia and the U.S. are currently holding talks to find a final solution for the al-Rukban camp, which is located near the US-led coalition base in the Syrian area of al-Tanaf.

According to the ministry’s statement, Jordan has accepted a Russian plan that includes dismantling the camp and allowing refugees there to return to their homes in the government-held areas of Syria.

“Jordan supports the Russia plan to find suitable conditions to dismantle the gathering [al-Rukban], Jordanian-U.S.-Russian talks also began in order to find a final solution for al-Rukban crisis by providing conditions for the voluntary return of its inhabitants to their cities and towns,” the Jordanian statement reads.

Later, a spokesman for the Jordanian Foreign Ministry, Majd al-Qatarnah, stressed that only Syria and the U.N. are responsible for the crisis in the al-Rukban camp as it is not located within Jordan territory. However, he said that Jordan is committed to finding a final solution for this crisis.

“Providing the needs of the gathering is the responsibility of Syria and the U.N., not Jordan,” al-Qatarnah said.

More than 50,000 refugees are currently living in the al-Rukban camp in catastrophic humanitarian conditions, according to local sources. Last week, a humanitarian aid convoy entered the camp after months of delay. However, the situation in the camp didn’t improve, which likely forced Jordan and the U.S. to consider the Russian plan.

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R Trojson

How about Assad using those air conditioned busses that he uses to move ISIS and other terrorists around. Far better use for those busses is getting Syrians back in their homes. While he is at it how about diverting some of the aid away from ISIS and terrorists to helping the people.


Damn! Your grasp on the Syrian war must really hurt your brain when it comes to apprehending reality.

R Trojson

Let’s hear your version of the facts.
You definitely deny Assad has used busses to move terrorists around.
You are against Assad using busses to move Syrians out of refugee camps and back home.

What do you have against the Syrian people, haven’t they suffered enough?

Concrete Mike

Lol your grasp the situation is laughable at best.

You know very damn well the reconciliation agreement between saa and rebels in places like ghouta, daraa, qalamoun ect was to preserve civilian infrastructure and stop harming civilians caught in the crossfire. In all those cases SAA could have torched every pocket and kill and destroy everything, they did not choose to do that when they clearly could have.

So your either a morron…or your told what to do and say.

How does it feel to butt your head against a wall everyday? How does it feel to distort the truth for financial gains? Do you enjoy being corrupted??

Promitheas Apollonious

amoebas have brains?

hore ten

How about you just let the President run the country. Theres more to it strategically. I think Assad is doing a Great Job with help from his country’s allies. We should want less people to suffer and die but there’s many obstacles for the Syrians than what you just mentioned.

John Whitehot

here’s another example of what future humanity will call “an extinct hypocrite”.

S Melanson

I admire your optimism but they will never go extinct.

John Whitehot

it’s not optimism, it’s realism.

S Melanson

It was satirical comment that hypocrites will always be with us as long as humans exist.

S Melanson

You mean the busses flying the American flags… and helicoptors


US forcibly blocks Syria’s access, and Russian aid convoys, to this camp – US has effectively been using the displaced Syrians in this camp as civilian human shield for the nearby US-SOF occupation base in last couple years.

Pave Way IV

“…Jordan has accepted a Russian plan that includes dismantling the camp and allowing refugees there to return to their homes in the government-held areas of Syria…”

Which would be great if the camp just held random Syrian refugees. Russia has their work cut out for them in negotiations because they know that most of the ‘refugees’ there are families of FSA/al Qaeda/ISIS fighters or disabled head-choppers, themselves. Part of the now-disintegrating U.S. scheme was to encourage/herd those families into the open-air al Rukban Death Camp for protection while their head-chopper husbands were busy killing Syrians.

I don’t know what the split would be, but there are also legitimate pro-Syria or unaligned refugees that had nowhere else to go. They have always been used as captive human shields by CENTCOM to prevent attacks/bombing of the camp. They wanted to leave a long time ago, but were not permitted to by the unofficial, well-armed FSA/al Qaeda/ISIS death camp guards and their CENTCOM handlers.

The negotiations are not about releasing the pro-Syrian hostages, but about Syrian/Russian guarantees for the transportation, destination and safety of leftover U.S.-protected head-chopper spawn and families.

Brother Ma

Well said. Exactly !


Jordan is a terrorists supporter and Israel vassal. But it is goof for the Syria people in Al-Tanaf to move into their country and return to their destroyed homes to rebuild them again. In this wway, when SAA makes the offensive to Al-Tanaf, the terrorists and USA do not use these people as shields.

Brother Ma

True. Jordan was preeminent in starting the Syrian war. It is so nice of Russia to say civilians in Rukban. There are no civilians .They are all IsIs. All civilians ran for their lives.

John Whitehot

God bless Syria, and the Syrian people.


houthis just broke the supply lines of merc forces in hudayda….all invading forces are now circled in, in hudayda….

S Melanson

I just posted my assessment (comment to November 8 development SF article) predicting this as likely as in repeat of June but biger fiasco – do you have link to story

Brother Ma

Australian advisers? Of the Ksa and Merceneraies? Refs please.

S Melanson

I was referring to a few posts discussing Australian advisors (no references provided) and I speculated on possibility someone competent is advising Coalition. But now that is ruled out and so did not try to find sources for this, no point.

Brother Ma

No harm done. I also heard of Colombian ex commandos as mercs heading things there as well as ex Aussie army “volunteers”.that usually means serving Aussie officers who their gov pretends are there unofficially and as volunteers, yeh right.

If it was a football team those Aussies and Colombian coaches would have been fired! Haha

I am happy they are failing because it is an unjust war like most!

Promitheas Apollonious

very good news any links?

Luke Hemmming


S Melanson
S Melanson

From the article about cutting supply lines – “This latest news from Hodeidah comes just 48 hours after the Saudi Coalition forces broke through the frontline defenses of the Houthis at the provincial capital.”

Clarification – they only broke through to entrances of port, not city proper – my reply to potcracker below includes repost of my assessment – i posted before this news broke so it does not comment but you can see the cutting off seemed likely

Zionism = EVIL

Yemeni TV is also showing a mass of burnt Saudi armor, Toyota Hilux 4X4 and dead bodies littering a whole column. The Yemeni special forces in red berets also supported the Ansarollah ambush and have taken many prisoners and captured a large amount of ammunition and vehicles. The Ansarollah are chanting Death to Israel and America and Curse the Jews :) Lanat al Yahood.

Zionism = EVIL

BEIRUT, LEBANON (10:45 P.M.) – The Houthis Ansarollah Movement scored an important
advance on Thursday that resulted in the complete encirclement of the
Saudi Coalition and total destruction of a Saudi armored column on the Hodeidah airport axis road. Videos posted on Yemen TV show jubilant Ansarollah and Yemeni special forces armed with ATGM light vehicles inspecting burning Saudi armor and bodies littered over a wide front. The brunt of the casualties has been borne by Sudanese mercenaries who fled the battlefield after suffering a well executed Ansarollah pincer ambush.

Brother Ma

Screw these Sudanese mercs. Cruel Idiots dying for blood money!

Brother Ma

Shoot them up!


Great, I hope that it happens and leads to the US withdrawal from Al-Tanf.

Rodney Loder

Well done Hashemite Kingdom, join up with us and KSA will be the HK praise be to the Brotherhood if Allah is willing.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

50,000+ refugees in Al Rukban camp, who came up with that figure, that sounds more like an estimation the UN would deliver, not one that’s quoted from a local source, unless of course that source was the local town drunk, and since they’re not allowed to drink in the camp, it’s anybody’s guess who the local source really was.
My estimate 3 weeks ago was way lower than their 50,000, from the info I could gather I thought perhaps 10,000 at most and probably a lot less, I wonder which one of us is wrong, I suspect their estimates are way off and the true figure is closer to my 10,000, lets see if some more data becomes available to work out what the real truth is.
More refugees means more aid if the evacuation is delayed, if there’s really only 10,000 refugees receiving enough for 50,000, someone’s going to make a lot of money.
I posted last week that there were only 7000 refugees here in Rukban, and that half of them were really just terrorists and Isis members, holding the other half that were genuine refugees hostage [at the US’s bequest]. Quite a few people were quite negative about my comments in their reply posts saying my comment was absolute nonsense, but earlier today I read an article in Al-Masdar news, that was very enlightening about the conditions in Rukban, it actually explains the true conditions at the camp and also tells us what’s really going on there, it makes a good read if anyone’s interested. AMN is one of the most honest news sources around and it’s also accurate 95% of the time, and with less propaganda than most other news sources.
The terrorist will gain a bonanza from this aid delivery but the genuine refugees in the camp won’t, their lives won’t change much at all, not while the terrorist are in charge of providing the security and also handing out the goodies.


Brother Ma

All true. I put it at less than five thousand unless those women if, any are superfertile! Jordan is just justifiably scared Syria and Russia will push those headchoppers into Jordan. Those unemployed ,vicious headchoppers will this turn on the Jordanians .oh so sorry Jordan!

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