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Jordan Government Is Indignant at Israeli Ambassador’s Comments on Situation in Kingdom

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The Jordan government and the Israeli Foreign Ministry have been indignant at a publication of the Israeli Haaretz newspaper, which cited statements of the Israeli ambassador to Amman, Einat Shlain.

Jordan Government Is Indignant at Israeli Ambassador's Comments on Situation in Kingdom

Photo: haaretz.com

Representatives of the Jordan government have been indignant at statements of the Israeli ambassador to Amman, Einat Shlain, which were mentioned in a publication of the Israeli Haaretz newspaper, the Jordan Al Ghad newspaper reported, citing official sources.

According to Al Ghad, talking with chief of the Israeli General Staff, Gadi Eizenkot, about the situation in the kingdom, Shlain said that the situation is becoming more and more unstable.

Information about the meeting between the diplomat and the general was obtained from an anonymous source, according to whom the meeting was held in October 2016. The main discussed topic was the impact of a massive influx of Syrian refugees.

The same source reported that a few weeks later, speaking at a closed forum, the chief of the General Staff admitted that the ambassador’s words caused him serious concern. “If necessary, we will have to lend the shoulder to our eastern friends,” Eizenkot said.

In response, an official Jordan source told Al Ghad that Jordan is a stable state, whose population is in safe. “We know this without consultations of the Israeli ambassador,” the source added.

The newspaper also cited a commentary of the Israeli Foreign Ministry, according to which the words about the “instability” of the situation in Jordan, allegedly spoken by the ambassador, do not correspond to the truth.

“The ambassador described the difficult situation in the kingdom, stressing that the international community should provide great help to Jordan in the acceptance of refugees. Good neighborly relations have a fundamental importance for us,” a statement of the Israeli Foreign Ministry reads.

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The problem is that the wahabists have not learned any lessons from the failure of their ISIS experiment. They blame America and Russia for their failure, and so all the Sunni governments in the region, Turkey, Jordan, Saudi – they are all at risk from instability as the wahabists look for routes to setting up caliphate v2.1

Khal Muhareb

Keep your freinds close and your enemies closer. Isreal is not a trustworthy state, its the reason we have crisis in the first place no thanks to the Zionnists English Belfor agreement that provided the pernicious foundation for the longest colony in modern history.

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