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Jordan Accuses US-backed Militants Of Crimes In Syria’s Al-Rukban Camp After Murder Of Refugee

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Jordan Accuses US-backed Militants Of Crimes In Syria's Al-Rukban Camp After Murder Of Refugee

US forces in the Syrian town of al-Tanaf, by Hammurabi’s Justice News

On November 11, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) claimed that the Jordanian border guards had targeted and killed a Syrian woman around the al-Rukban refugee camp. According to the pro-opposition monitoring group, Jordanian forces opened fire at the camp several times during the last two days.

Syrian opposition sources released several videos showing the body of the victim, who apparently died from a bullet wound. However, none of the videos show the moment of the supposed incident.

From it side, the Jordanian military denied the SOHR’s claims in an official statement and accused the US-backed groups, which controls the al-Rukban camp, of committing several crimes against the refugees there.

“These groups and websites, which belongs to elements from the [al-Rukban] camp, publishes such videos from time to time in order to spread confusion and false rumors … They use this to cover the crimes they are committing against the residents of the camp, which is located inside Syria territory,” the arm’s statement reads.

The Jordanian military went on warning against believing in the information provided by these groups and accused them of “spreading corruption and perversion.”

Earlier this week, Jordan announced that it has accepted a Russian plan that includes dismantling the al-Rukban camp and allowing refugees there to return to their homes in the government-held port of Syria. This could explain why US-backed groups, which are benefiting from the situation of the camp, are accusing Jordan of committing crimes.

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The Jordanian military went on warning against believing in the
information provided by these groups and accused them of “spreading
corruption and perversion.”

How nice of them to say that, because they had no problem whatsoever with their lies before, when they accused the Syrian government of chemical attacks, Russian aerospace force of dropping barrel bombs on civilians and Iranians of ethnic cleansing.

Now that they taste how lies can create trouble they warn us to not believe them.

Nothing in that concentration camp (and others in Syria’s east) goes without the US force’s knowledge and consent. Mr. Abdollah of Jordan, expect more of these lies because you agreed with Russia on something which benefits your own country and you neighbour’s, but is against the will of US establishment.

You can call me Al

I was going to pick up on this part “They use this to cover the crimes they are committing against the residents of the camp, which is located inside Syria territory,” the arm’s statement reads.”; …. it is in Syria, but it is definitely NOT Syrian territory….. another clever manipulation of words.

Jens Holm

Main parts are in the neutral zone between them. You can find very good and also old maps about it.

You seemes not to be a factsfinder, but it doesnt matter to You as long as You for free can come with Your infected bip-bips.


Remember Jordan is effectively occupied by the USA.
If the war in Syria continues as it has been, a grand alliance between Syria Iraq Iran and Jordan might be able to eject the US disease from the Middle East.


Hashemi family are British loyal subjects to the bone, so as long as they rule over Jordan (and Iran remains independent) an alliance with Iran seems unlikely.

September 1980, riding a tank, Saddam and King Hussein (King Abdullah’s father) fired the first round together and thus imposed an 8 year bloody war on Iran


Wow I didn’t know that. Ttime for some kind of colour or spring thing to occur in Jordan?


It did happen during the Arab Spring. When people poured in the streets chanting against the government and demanding changes, King Abdullah came too, went to the front rows and shouted on top of his lungs and louder than anybody else, against his own prime minister which he appointed!
They (governments of Arab Spring countries, including Jordan) successfully derailed the protest by sacrificing a few scapegoat and their people’s energy and will drained when they saw nothing changes. What came next was even worse than before, like Sisi in Egypt and Hadi in Yemen.
The next “spring” is bound to be violent and bloody because of those governments’ own stupidity.

Jens Holm

More likely Syria, Iraq and Iran will.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

The truth is coming out about Rubkan.

Jens Holm

You have no idea about anything there.

All has been as open as it can since those refugees left the Eufrat valley by many articles and maps.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

I have more idea what’s going on there than you know about yourself. You say “Many maps and articles”, are you kidding me, there’s hardly any info concerning the camp and how it’s occupants are treated, unless of course you know where to look, and I’m sure you haven’t found out anything useful, otherwise you’d be a lot better informed.
This camp his a hellhole created by both Isis and the rebels in conjunction and at the behest of the US, to create instability in the area. Isis uses the 55 km exclusion zone around the base to hide out from the SAA and to also mount incursions into other areas, and it’s the US backed rebels that resupply them from their own provisions, weapons and equipment from the US, and provisions stolen from the refugees, [stolen before and after the aid delivery].
Half the aid destined to help the refugees in the camp will instead be feeding and healing Isis terrorists. No refugees means no aid, so it’s in the rebels and Isis’s best interests to keep this camp as full as they can, they aren’t letting anyone leave and probably even herding in more civilians right now to beef up the numbers.
Women are being sold as slaves in that camp, though I haven’t read that anywhere, that’s just me making an informed guess now, you can criticize me for that too if you like, but I’ll bet we find out eventually this sort of crap is also going on at Rubkan.
You have no idea of the terrible conditions there in the camp and what’s really taking place, but it’ll all come out soon enough, I hope you apologize to me when it does.

Jens Holm

Yes, there are.

And as I recall it only one source ever has said anything that bad about teh semi FSAs being there.

And You right away believe some random high biased source and we all should forget the rest of them , because it confirms, what You are indoctrinated with.

I dont say FSA are fine people. But I say a minimum should be not blindly believe a highly biased source.

Furthermore it seemes to be about 1 DEAD. ONE. 1 DEAD.

If You are allowed and Your internet is not censured, You can by guugle find 353.000 links for al-Rukban camp. Thats nothing even many are almost nothing ????

Syria live has had many. Southfront has. The lebanese Almasdar has. Everybody has at least something – apart from You.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Do know anything at all about Syria, do you even know that Trump stopped supporting the FSA in Syria months ago because they wouldn’t stop fighting and wanted to continue killing, and do you know they and their families were booted out of Al-Tanf and sent to Aleppo because they wouldn’t, it’s only the other nut job militia remaining there now at Al tanf, no FSA at all.
Al Masdar is excellent, so is Syrian perspective sometimes, Syrialiveua is accurate more times than not, but since it was created as a propaganda tool to use against Russia when they annexed Crimea, it’s untrustworthy to say the least. When it comes to important events where one side is contradicting the other, I always come down on the side of Assad and Russia where Syrialive is concerned, but in saying that, quite often other independent sources prove them to be the ones that were actually inaccurate, but since I don’t always expect them, or anyone else to tell me the truth, that doesn’t phase me at all.
There’s at least 7000 refugees at Rubkan but half of them aren’t really refugees at all, they’re really just terrorist and their families hiding out amongst the real refugees, and also holding them there against their will.
You should start ignoring the UN quotes that SF very often publishes with no declaimers or qualifications, they’re the biggest liars around and should never be believed. It always surprises me that SF is so willing pedals their lies that Putin himself very often contradicts, so why does SF publish them so often, I find that so strange. Al Masdar doesn’t rebublish UN quotes without disclaimers or relevant associated information to either discredit or support the quote, but SF does all the time.
SF promotes UN propaganda but is supposedly under Russian government control, I don’t think they really are, they wouldn’t be republishing UN propaganda so often otherwise, start paying attention to how they cover UN quotes and articles and compare it to the way Al Masdar and other alternate media outlets do.


Killing women, it has to be the US or Israel. It’s annoying having to quote both countries, US/Israel, because they are really one and the same.


There was an article recently saying that the new war theater will be in Jordan. It looks like someone is setting the stage.


Yes, quite likely the King has been shown that there are many ‘busses’ out there…and that one could ‘fall’ under one at any time. Abdullah has has talks with Iran and Iraq, very quietly, which is a no no. Jordan has always been the favorite bend-over partner…they have little in the way of resources and have been beggared into their role. A major gas/oil discovery could change that eventually, but not likely soon. The cabal have a pretty tight grip on Abdullahs’ nads…and Jordans’ throat.

Bobby Twoshoes

Normally I would think someone who said “spreading corruption and perversion.” was being hyperbolic but sadly that is entirely accurate when talking about US pawns and puppets. I don’t know the specifics of this particular instance but experience says the smart money is on the Jordanian version being closer to the truth.

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