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Joint Militant Forces Launched Advance On Suran In Nourthern Hama. Car Bombs Reported

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Joint Militant Forces Launched Advance On Suran In Nourthern Hama. Car Bombs Reported


The joint forces of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham, Jaish al-Izzah, Jaish al-Nasr, Jaish idlib al-Hur, Ajnad al-Sham, the Turkistan Islamic party launched an advance on the government-held town of Suran in the northern part of the Syrian province of Hama.

The militants started andvace with a suicide vehicle-borne improvised explosive device (SVBIED) attack against government positions near the city and reportedly captured few check points as a result of the attack. Pro-militant sources claimed that the militants had captured a battle tank but no videos or photos were provided.

Now the “opposition” is attempting to enter Suran. Reports also appeared about the second VBIED attack in the area.

Separately, artillery units of the joint militant forces shelld the government-held Hama Airbase.

The militant advance in northern Hama came aimd an intense fighting in the Qabun industrial area in the eastern countryside of Damascus where another militant advance is ongoing.

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SAA is in trouble. Damascus and Hama are likely to fall.


Ahahaha, good one. Let’s see in 1 month from now how things are going …

Trustin Judeau

I love such people. Any time the rebels capture few sites Assad will fall. They are like some clowns which want to embarrass themselves more and more.


Yep, but Russia should stop any talks with opposition bcs they are same as ISIS

Trustin Judeau

Yes . Stop with these useless ceasefires


This front has been quite all winter I think. Is their still infighting in Idlib to keep Jihadi trash occupied. If not this may be a problem. I think there was an ISUS affiliated group in this area, but many of them took off for Raqqa across the desert.

Trustin Judeau

The infighting seems over .

Trustin Judeau

I heard the same about Aleppo .Can you remind me what happened because I dont have good memory

Real Anti-Racist Action

Damascus about to fall? You either are to dumb to have basic comprehension skills, or you are just another Zionist-Troll. To take Damascus would require a minimum of 50,000 attackers and would be a battle fought over over a one to two year period. IT would be a long battle such as Stalingrad. These are minor incursions not designed to take Damascus, but to simply tie up government solders hands that could other wise be spent on other fronts. These terrprost struck at this hour at Tel Aviv’s demand.

John Whitehot

yea sure. After that they’ll move to capture Moscow and Washington.


Just for a reference Suran is town approximately with the size of Deir Hafer, and it took them like several hours to overrun it defense. The frightening bit is that thous barbarians are starting to fight like a properer cohesive army. They did artillery preparation, followed by fast and swift storm including armored units. They claim that 6 SAA tanks are captured and by the looks of it that’s the end of the ceasefire. Russia will have to bring more Airpower and start a new Air campaign to safe the day once again.

Solomon Krupacek

saa is bunch of cowards. they should shoot the deserteurs.

Free man

You don’t create motivation with fear. The Syrian soldiers who are manning checkpoints etc are at a low professional level. They’re unfortunate not cowards.


One must to be blind for not seeing that SAA is short of manpower. 5th legion is composed of men over 50.


Naval personnel was employed to catch again Palmira. Most of the brigade is made up of unskilled personnel (for example NDF), except for RG, 4th Armoured Division and Tiger Force. Russia is already providing police services to Aleppo, Damascus. Russia is providing mine clearing services because SAA has not technicians. Jihadists can count on a well-motivated constant flow of personnel that practically runs the whole Syrian border. Damascus, Aleppo sypply road, Hama. Have you noticed these attacks were carried out simultaneously? Maybe there is some clever direction behind that. I blame Russia because it intervened too late (2 years later) and is still providing steam tanks instead of pickups and ATGM which are the most useful in this hit-and-run war.

James Bucan

I think this attack is aimed at diverting SAA troops away from West Aleppo and Raqqah. A standard strategy, by military standards. The best answer is to bomb the **** out of them, and then launch a counter-attack when, and only when troops can be spared. The SAA are on the verge of liberating key economic structures around Palmyra, and are winning against ISIS in the Raqqah battle. Only when one of these two targets are liberated should the SAA target Idlib again.

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