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Joint Jihadi Forces Entered Artillery Base in Southern Aleppo


Following heavy clashes, the Jaish al-Fatah has entered the Aleppo Artillery Base controlled by the Syrian army in southern Aleppo. Pro-militant sources say that Jaish al-Fatah has already seized roughly 25% of the base.

The Aleppo Artillery Base is the 3rd biggest military base of the Syrian government forces located in Aleppo. It lays on the way of the jihadists’ offensive in southern Aleppo and prevents them from breaking the siege from the eastern part of the city that is under control of jihadi factions.

Joint Jihadi Forces Entered Artillery Base in Southern Aleppo

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  • eagleson

    So they are on the verge of breaking the siege?

    • Jacek Wolski

      Not on Putin’s watch

  • Jay Kim

    Despite the huge advantage of air power, equipments, logistic ,
    SAA is losing this critical battle. I guess Rebels’ will to fight prevail. That is the most important factor to win the war.

    • yeah right

      Yeah they fight for their 72 virgins…. btw jihadists have unlimited supplies of (foreign) men and (foreign) weapons. SAA literally don’t have any reserves left. Huge advantage my azz.

  • Zuzana Rehakova

    Why does RUssia not use nukes, napalm, phosporus??????????