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Dear friends, the idea that inspired us and gave birth SouthFront was both very simple and complicated at the same time. We sought to shape an endeavor that would be able to provide information on ongoing conflicts, military-political and geopolitical issues based on facts and public expertise, so being “beyond drawn borders and paid influences”.

Today SouthFront is a mostly volunteer endeavor that is driven by audience donations. Thanks to our donors and volunteers from around the world, we produce over 900 pieces of content per month, including exclusive videos and text analyses, with expenses of only about 5000 USD. Many believe that this is impossible and accuse us of taking funding from the CIA, FSB, Mossad or VAJA – depending on their personal grievances. We face ostracism in mainstream media whether western or Russian or any other “globally financed” source. This is expected and well recognized. In the global information world, any independent point of view is dangerous for the establishment.

In spite of all difficulties, we continue to do what we do.

However, if we wish to gain the opportunity to develop further, we must make additional efforts to motivate our audience to support our struggle.

Our readers and subscribers have repeatedly suggested to limit access to our content in some part and to only make it fully accessible to those who support us by donations. We, the SouthFront team, believe that this is the wrong way.

At the same time, we want to inform you that we have decided to introduce some innovations that will in no way limit access to our content, but will provide additional opportunities for those of our supporters who regularly support SF and wish for our further development.

Now, people supporting SouthFront via Patreon will have the opportunity to enjoy additional features. Depending on the chosen subscription option, you can get access to various features from one-day early access to analytical videos to the ability to suggest and vote on future topics to cover, to participation in monthly Q&A sessions among other options.

To find out more about these features and to support SouthFront, please, visit our page on Patreon. A first list of possible topics for future analytical videos is awating your vote.

Join the SouthFront Army!


Dear friends, the aforementioned features are not aimed at our Patreon supporters only. If you support SouthFront via other channels and are interested in getting access to these opportunities, please, contact us via info@southfront.org

We want to emphasize that these innovations, will not limit the access to SouthFront content for those of our readers and subscribers, who have no opportunity to support the organization. They are designed primarily to provide additional opportunities to SouthFront supporters.



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  • Beron Garcia Daniel

    is there a limit of money account to be donated to get the features?

    • Dear @berongarciadaniel:disqus you can find all details here: https://patreon.com/southfront
      Sincerely yours,
      SF Team

      • abuqahwa

        Like many others I don’t like locking in to a monthly subscription. Is it possible to deposit direct a single 12 x month subscription, for example Tier Lieutentant 12×20 = $240 for one year access ?

        • Dear abuqahwa, as we know Patreon does not allow to make this kind of deposit. This is the limitation of the service. In the case of “Lieutenant” deposit via PayPal, SF can provide a day-early access to analytical videos via email and add a question sent by you via email to the monthly Q&A video. However, the vote option is currenty available on Patreon only.
          Sincerely yours,
          SF Team

  • DontBelieveEitherPropaganda

    Dear SF: I and i guess 90%+ of other recurring readers here would not care if you would be in fact financed by some Oligarch.. We are here because we want to read the Russian side that our western MSM tries to hide. Most of us can judge for ourself, no matter the source.
    You are doing important work, no matter who stands behind you.. ;)

    • SouthFront is a mostly volunteer endeavor that is driven by audience donations. This allows us to continue to do what we do. In other cases, SouthFront will not be able to produce the type of content you have become used to seeing.
      Sincerely yours,
      SF Team

  • vladput

    so this forum, the radio of FSB now calls to fund terrorstic group!

  • Nigel Maund

    SF fills a very important gap and provides vital information missing or utterly distorted in the “Western MSM” which continuously trots out its “narrative” regardless of the facts and moral issues involved. I feel I am speaking for all on these pages when I say we want a return to genuine honest journalism which gives us the facts without pushing some narrative generated by vested interests. Intelligent people are capable of making up their own minds on the issues involved. Paying for greater access and involvement with SF is a good idea and helps the site generate needed revenue to fund quality articles from quality contributors and high quality and informative videos. To date SF has done a fantastic job and we’re all truly grateful to your staff and contributors! keep up the great work you’re doing. One day the West will have to change once most of the electorate finally “WAKE UP” and see the truth for what it is!

  • Gregory Casey

    Will it be possible to do this and become a Patron outside of Patreon?