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Dear Friends,

We address to all of you who concerned about the fate of the SouthFront in these dark age of censorship.

In the current difficult conditions, we are forced to act as being in a besieged fortress.  We stay still to save the vestiges of freedom of speech and to show you the real face of the world most dangerous crises around the globe.

Without your participation in SF life, our activities will be stopped. SouthFront is a crowdfunding endeavour and without your support it is done for.


We appeal to all our dear readers and viewers who care about the fate of SouthFront, with a request to continue your support using our CRYPTO ADDRESSES:

BTC (Bitcoin): bc1qjgk8l47fcexhgxmrdm0a5c94tafqxens23gz6c

BCH (Bitcoincash): qrjlfmvjj947hpv2prekmhju2vxg90lfcgkneku22k

XMR (Monero):



If you do not have the opportunity to use cryptocurrencies, if you face any problems sending funds to the cryptocurrencies addresses given above or if you have the opportunity to send a donation only to PayPal, credit cards or checks, please contact us: info@southfront.org and southfront@list.ru.

Also be aware that many email services such as Hotmail, Yahoo etc. may block correspondence with info@southfront.org.

Support SouthFront


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Elohim Kosher Bar

I believe I speak for many here. I wish SF to succeed and prosper. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be posting here. Could SF please get a new moderator? The current one is incompetent and needs to be replaced. In addition, SF should publicly address its problems to its readership customer base and not stay silent like a bitch.

Addressing these two issues publicly would help SF significantly.

Elohim Kosher Bar

“An evil enemy, will burn his own nation to the ground…to rule over the ashes”. – Sun Tzu

This is the thought process of the current owners of the West.

Jews hate truths, facts and criticism.

Covert war between Russia and Khazarian Jewry.


Elohim Kosher Bar

Know thy enemy.

The Hidden History of the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia


Ignorance is curable. Talmudic mental deficiency is not.

Elohim Kosher Bar

Know REAL history and not the shit you have been fed in school and through controlled media.

Turkish police recover stolen jewish torah scrolls decorated with Satanic Illuminati Symbolism.


The owners of the world want global peasantry to be mushrooms. Kept in the dark and fed shit.

Elohim Kosher Bar

Last one for today.

Know thy enemy throughout THEIR symbolism.

Turkish police recover stolen jewish torah scrolls decorated with Satanic Illuminati Symbolism.


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Michael Lubin

Elohim Kosher Bar, you should join the Azov Battalion. Your Nazi thinking would be right at home there.

Elohim Kosher Bar

Jews DESPISE truths, facts and criticism.

Throw the jew down the well and your country will be free.



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Last edited 1 month ago by Anglia

Dark age of censorship but keeps deleting user posts but not scammer bots 🤔

Lazy Gamer

With censorship implemented in this site, i am forced to leave after more than a decade here. This site has become like the msm.

Last edited 1 month ago by Lazy Gamer
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