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Dear friends,

Today, SouthFront is one of the last independent platforms, which is funded exclusively by the audience. However, in recent months, we failed to gain the minimum necessary budget due to severe blockages and harassment by global financial corporations and banks.
As you may know, SouthFront has been facing extensive censorship over the years.

Our pages, our accounts and even links to SF were blocked on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram. Patreon, PayPal, Teespring and others as well as Russian the SberBank group subsidiary companies blocked our financial accounts “following” the US sanctions. Moreover, PayPal began to threaten people who supported SF or who had participated in the activities of our endeavors.

As a result, we found ourselves in a position similar to that of a fortress that was being heavily besieged.

Some of our supporters persistently request that we provide them with a PayPal account to send donations to. They write us stating that they do not want to waste their time with crypto currencies or by using other methods.

Unfortunately, we cannot cope with every request in the face of such harassment and censorship by the global corporate system. Yes, it does take 10 or 20 minutes to register on the largest crypto exchanges like Binance, Coinbase Exchange, Bittrex or Kraken. However, from here one can freely send funds to SF or anywhere else on the planet. In short, using crypto currencies gives you the freedom to use your money as you see fit. Also we can accommodate other donation methods like bank transfers, just send a request for information to us info@southfront.org or to southfront@list.ru If our readers and supporters bind together with us by making a small investment of time in order to overcome these hurdles to be able to invest in SF then we can continue to endure well into the future. Thousands of individual sticks, even the smallest ones, bound together will never be broken as easily as separate sticks are broken one at a time which will surely be the case without your support.

Today we are forced to appeal to our key readers and friends for systematic support. We also declare that we are looking for strategic supporters. Of course, these supporters in spite of an amount of donation would not be allowed to interfere in the honest editorial policy of the SouthFront.

We once again ask you for the support via crypto currencies:

MONERO (XMR): 49HqitRzdnhYjgTEAhgGpCfsjdTeMbUTU6cyR4JV1R7k2Eej9rGT8JpFiYDa4tZM6RZiFrHmMzgSrhHEqpDYKBe5B2ufNsL

Join Our Fight Against The Extensive Censorship!

BITCOIN (BTC): bc1qv7k70u2zynvem59u88ctdlaw7hc735d8xep9rq
Join Our Fight Against The Extensive Censorship!
BITCOIN CASH (BCH): qzjv8hrdvz6edu4gkzpnd4w6jc7zf296g5e9kkq4lxJoin Our Fight Against The Extensive Censorship!
PAYPAL, WESTERN UNION etc: write to info@southfront.org , southfront@list.ru

We also have other channels that you can use to take part in our fight. Write us to: info@southfront.org and southfront@list.ru. (please write to both addresses simultaneously);

or submit your request HERE


Support SouthFront


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