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John McCain And Lindsey Graham’s War Against Russia And Against Donald Trump (VIDEO)

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John McCain And Lindsey Graham’s War Against Russia And Against Donald Trump (VIDEO)

Written by Adam Garrie; Originally appeared at TheDuran

Two of Trump’s war party Republican opponents spent their New Year in Kiev where they spent time taking photos with war criminals and speaking with the leader of the fascist regime.

With much of America glued to Trump’s Twitter page and Obama’s increasingly nasty decrees against Russian diplomats, two of the President-elect’s must vocal opponents from within the Republican party made a move designed to weaken Trump’s international prestige, sow internal Republican discord and weaken improvements in US-Russian relations in the aftermath of the 20th of January.

Republican Senators Lindsey Graham and John McCain spent the New Year in Kiev where Petro Poroshenko gave them both state medals, the Order of Ukraine. They were later pictured with a group of military men drawn from units engaged in the genocidal, anti-democratic war against the people of Donbass, which in recent weeks has become ever more violent, with Kiev continually violating the Minsk II agreement.

Both Senators are beyond reproach. To try to bestow international legitimacy on a blatantly neo-fascist, genocidal, racist, corrupt, rogue and loathed regime, is an insult to the civilised world.

But no matter how heinous the two men’s actions are, they are not surprising.

McCain for years has posed for photos next to a wide array of violent extremists from ISIS leaders, various other radical Islamist terrorists, to the leaders of the Kiev coup of 2014.

Graham too is known for his militarism which knows no end.

The two Senators are two politicians who think that the Obama/Hillary/Kerry policies of constant regime change don’t go far enough.

McCain also once re-wrote the lyrics to the tune made famous by the Beach Boys, Barbra Ann as ‘bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb-bomb Iran’.

Not level headed to say the least.

What’s more is that both men have a personal dislike of Donald Trump and this is to put it mildly.

McCain was taunted by Trump who said that he prefers war heroes who don’t get caught, a reference to McCain’s period in a prisoner of war camp in Vietnam. He later went on to call McCain a ‘dummy’.

Graham who ran against Trump in the Republican primary, had an early spat with Trump which resulted in Trump giving away Graham’s private phone number, and asking his supporters to inundate it with messages, which they soon did.

So not only are McCain and Graham true believers when it comes to the backing of any extremist who hates Russia and also Assad, but they also have very personal grudges against Donald Trump.

The most important question is, will this actual amount to anything?

Here are some possible scenarios.

The best case scenario for Trump and his rapprochement with Russia is that McCain and Graham are increasingly seen as two voices in the wilderness who are out of touch with the modern political movements that propelled Trump and other Republicans to power. In this scenario, McCain and Graham would still be invited to torch-lit neo-Nazi rallies in Kiev as guests of honour, but the wider world wouldn’t really give a damn.

Another possibility is for the dangerous duo to use their relationship with Russia’s enemies to try and help US mainstream media wage a propaganda war against Trump’s ‘operation cooperation’.

Although the US mainstream media coverage of Ukrainian events from the coup up to today’s war in Donbass have been woefully bad, the silver lining is that the coverage has become increasingly sparse. Most Americans care far more about events in the Middle East than in Kiev or Donbass. Even many American Neo-Nazis with posters of Hermann Göring above the fireplace,  would scratch their heads at the mention of the name Stepan Bandera.

A third possibility is that the two men would defect to the Democrats where anti-Russian hysteria is now the norm. Although it would technically affect Trump’s quorum in the Senate, if the two men are going to vote against Trump time and again anyway, it could be a blessing in disguise for Trump, as the media could no longer paint the two men’s actions as signs of a Republican civil war.

The most dangerous possibility is that the two men could form a kind of pseudo-third party whereby they could try and create a congressional quorum made up of Democrats and anti-Russian Republicans to form a bloc against Trump. One could liken it like the Southern Democrat/Dixiecrat faction who happily united with members of any party to try and halt the passage of anti-racist legislation.

This would require a lot of effort by two men who seem happier to take selfies with murderers than actually get any work done, but it is still possibility. However, this too could play into Trump’s hands.

Donald Trump was a third party candidate in all but name. The Republican establishment was against him during much of his campaign, and this goes far beyond the lunatic McCain fringe. Trump is well aware of this and now that he’ll shortly be assuming the Presidency, it will not be difficult for Trump either to form his own party or more likely purge the Republicans of his enemies, effectively turning the party into his.

If McCain and Graham form an official Congressional alliance with Democrats, Trump could turn around and say ‘look how the establishment are against me because I’m on the side of the people’, ‘look at these sore losers’. His followers on social media would then post pictures of McCain with ISIS leaders who unlike the Kiev mafia are known figures among the wider US public.

It would take a great deal of political courage for McCain and Graham to pull this particular political trigger and Trump has generally come out more popular whenever the Republicans start tearing themselves up over his controversies.

If Trump could survive being exposed as talking about ‘pussy’, then surely he can stave off attacks by those supporting the fascist regime in Kiev, because of course in today’s America, so dumbed down by the mainstream media, talking about ‘pussy’ is far more severe a crime than supporting a regime whose soldiers murder children because their parents voted to succeed from a neo-Nazi controlled regime.

Try as they may, McCain and Graham have far less influence than they like to believe. Apart from the more surreal elements of the mainstream media and some in the anti-Russia deep state, their mad crusade will likely fall on deaf ears…so long as they’re not recorded speaking with Poroshenko about grabbing pussy.

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Poroshenko and Kiev junta supported not only from Americans neocons but from the Russian oligarchy and their representatives in Kremlin.If Moscow wanted Porky should topples in three days.
Poroshenko is building another factory in Russia Roshen. Transl…https://www.novorosinform.org/news/64057?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter


Lavrov..Poroshenko is ours and Putin s partner…Brake the silence about the dirty role of Kremlin and the betrayal of Russian Mir…https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0fKdEswysdA

Arthur Smith

Haha, fuck Russian Mir, and fuck panslavic unity as a whole. The latter pulled us into WW-I and the former won’t pull us into WW-III. State’s interests are not russians’ interests, nationalistic interests are not russians’ interests, church hierarchy’s interests are not russians’ interests. Russian Mir never was russian and government didn’t follow this shitty idea in the first place, therefore couldn’t betray it.


The Yeltsin s successor has the same policy like new liberals-Oligarchy, few new rich Russian friends of Medvedev administration and poorness for the majority ,one visit the Russian province will convince even the most fanatic fun of Putin.Misery is everywhere out of Moscow and Saint Petersburg .

John Whitehot

misery is where people are livid and venomous like you.

Arthur Smith

I’m so glad there is no misery in fairyland you live in, but Russia lost countless millions fighting for traitorous “brother slavs” against Turkey and Europe, and everyone who wants russians to sacrifice themself over some moronic idea like Russian Mir deserves to be catcalled.

John Whitehot

so instead of being only able of criticize, like your boyfriend byzantine, come up with some form of proposal of what you see as a “good fight”. My “fairyland” is not that fantasy as you seem to be stating – there are a lot of people that are not venomous and livid around the world, although you seem to be so avulse from the concept not to even understand what it means. The rest is rubbish, Russia lost millions only when fighting to defend itself (succesfully, especially against nazi scum), and actually has not meddled into other countries matters since like the 19th century. And don’t even try to put Turkey and Europe on the same level, because they got nothing to do with each other: Russia AND Europe succesfully defended civilty against the barbary of the various ottoman invasions, and know what, probably it will happen again.


You have no idea about the genocide of Russians IN DONBASS .Putin promised them to independence and after let them be sacrificed from Nazi.The .coward feared the West sanctions to the Russian oligarchs who have invested in west financial system and real estate

Arthur Smith

Putin promised them nothing. Strelkov-Girkin and his ilk worked for oligarch Malofeev and provoked bloodshed as much as ukrainian nazis. You are either lier or ignorant.

People in Donbass are not worth thermonuclear war and earned this bloodshed by accepting destruction of USSR. Most of them voted for Yanukovich and thus responsible for his decision to not stop the Maidan. They aren’t worth more than any other people being butchered in different parts of the world, so why make them special?


You repeat the Kiev NAZI-Banderists propaganda.If Crimea why not Donbass?The truth is that Nazi started the genocide when after the west threat Putin withdraw Russians troops from his own borders.So coward…
Ps i know what happen in Donbass very well. http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-26787051

Arthur Smith

I can’t repeat things I didn’t hear. In Crimea we had military base and our forces just moved from Sevastopol.
Again, if people don’t want to risk a genocide, they shouldn’t have supported Ukraine from the beginning.

>Putin withdraw Russians troops from his own borders.So coward…
Well, go build some nukes of your own and be very, very, very brave provoking someone’s thermonuclear war with you.

>i know what happen in Donbass very well
Oh, so then you know how traitor Strelkov-Girkin abandoned Slaviansk after recieving 10000 AKs, AT-launchers and other from russians? After all, that’s what started the genocide for real. Ukrainian army could have been broken once and for all at fortified Slaviansk and Girkin swore to fight to the death. Yet he fled. If he doesn’t get life term at the tribunal, he will be killed by LDNR veterans.


People in Donbass feared to burn alive like ODESSA .Strelkov stopped Nazi in Slaviansk ,otherwise the Nazi should burn alive people in Donbass.Strelkov asked help from Moscow but he was never got.Maybe because his popularity that time was higher than Putin.He made tactical moved and retread to protect Donensk .He fought and betrayed like new Kong Leonidas in Thermopiles with only 300 warriors. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T1OqU3abolg

Arthur Smith

Now look who is spewing propaganda, you bastard.

This Man fought for Donbass and his brothers in arms call Girkin a traitor.


All these heroes like Motorola were the Strelkov children they fought together in Slaviansk and later in Donensk.No one accuse Igor for traitor.Only the Surkov and the corrupt oligarchy because was afraid for the Russian spring.Show one link that someone from the warriors accusing Strelkov.


The paranoiac American mercenary named“ Texas “probably a CIA agent with the same rhetoric and accusations with the NAZI UAF officers..this guy is nothing and not represents the heroic N A F ,leaders.Alexander_Zakharchenko ,Givi and the other few leaders who still alive respect and admire Igor Strelkov
Watch the Nazi in the video he says exactly the same accusations about Igor like you and the mercenary-CIA agent Texas..https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a-fEjpPqsWk


“Girkin swore to fight to the death. Yet he fled. If he doesn’t get life term at the tribunal, he will be killed by LDNR veterans.

´No one Veteran left .Everybody from the heroes murdered from F S B in order to establish the high treason Minsk truse.Just why none from their murder found.everybody in Donbass know the dirty role of Vlad Surkovcomment image comment image


About oligarchs ,Rinat Akhmetov and CO , their connections with the Kremlin Vladislav Surkov and CO if you are interesting read…https://niqnaq.wordpress.com/2015/05/28/marmots-business-interests/

John Whitehot

here you go, finally we know from which shithole you type from and to which tune you sing. And, I’ve got a pretty clear idea about what is happening in Donbass and in Ukraine in general, contrary to most ppl living westside.

Arthur Smith

>like your boyfriend byzantine
Next time I hear such insults you are getting blocked.

So, Russia didn’t lose millions in WW-I started over protecting Serbia? Or maybe WW-II would happen, if we didn’t shed german and russian blood without measure? Or maybe Japan didn’t commit genocide against Ainu people, our subjects?
And Europe deserves it’s disgrace since teutonic crusade on orthodox christians. Or maybe Napoleon didn’t brought to Russia what we call “The Army of Two Dozen Tongues (nationalities)”?

John Whitehot

then fucking block me if you can, instead of bitching about. At least I don’t change name a dozen time per day because I’m too coward and interested in spreading shit around to have a single face.

Joseph Scott

And a Serbia that was actually trying to provoke the Austrians, per British instructions, just like the Poles got conned into doing for round 2. (Remember, Gavro Princip was sent on his merry way by Serbian intelligence). In fact, Freemasons have had it as a key objective to weaken or break Russia and Germany most particularly, and keep them at odds, and all of Russia’s idealistic attempts to help Europe have only gotten them dragged into trouble and double-crossed, as Alexander I found out. (Which is not to say all of Russia’s interactions with Europe, but pretty much every item they were, they got stabbed in the back for being the nice guy). I recall Alexander even ended up challenging Metternich to a duel over sheer perfidity and wretchedness of the latter’s machinations, and the British weren’t much better, to say nothing of Napoleon taking the trouble to make peace just to turn around an invade. After everything that has happened, I can’t say I would fault Russians for being wary of all their involvement with Europe, and if/when they’ve finally gotten over their fascination with being accepted as ‘European’ by European globalist elites who don’t even represent European people or culture, and the associated and unwarranted inferiority complex that went with it, they are/will be very much better off for it. There are signs that some people in Russia are seriously looking towards a more advanced level of human civilisation, while the West remains largely obsessed with fancier baubles and more engrossing distractions. Russia merely surviving and continuing to advance those projects will be doing the world a huge favour.

Arthur Smith

>There are signs that some people in Russia are seriously looking towards a more advanced level of human civilisation

We always were. It’s the reason for our reputation of crazies. Harsh environment breeds ingenuity.

>Russia merely surviving and continuing to advance those projects will be doing the world a huge favour.

Well, as I already said in comments to other articles, we are past the point where backing from “own” state is mandatory. Our ideas can survive without it, they are bullet-proof after all.

Joseph Scott

>>We always were.

So I have been slowly been discovering. Anglophone culture is pretty egocentric, and of course on top of that Russia has been a long time favourite target for a good deal of snobbery and propaganda. I discovered Ouspensky a while ago, and only very recently people like Tsiolkovsky and N. F. Fyodorov.

>>…we are past the point where backing from “own” state is mandatory.

That may well be so. On the other hand, it seems to me, albeit with my outsider’s impression, that your state takes at least some interest and pride in some of your advancements, whereas here, the state and corporations have for at least a century been very actively suppressing anything truly revolutionary, anything that can’t just be turned into an endlessly saleable product, anything that really threatens their control, using everything from buying up patents, to legal injunctions against ‘fraud’ or ‘malpractice’, and even going as far as assassination at times.

Likewise, your educational establishments seem from the outside a bit less reactionary, less scholastic and dismissive of whatever doesn’t follow the the fashionable mainstream hypotheses (which are always falsely promoted to ‘Theory’). Just look at physics in America. If you don’t worship Special Relativity, or adore Dark Matter and Dark Energy, but instead dare to speak about plasma currents in space and the electromagnetic foundation of gravity, then you are dismissed as a ‘tinfoil hat wearer.’ Nobody even tries to seriously debate you. And philosophy…it’s all fine and well as long as it’s something you like to talk about at the cafe, but actually wanting to put anything learned into practice? The you’ve become just a ‘deluded idealist’ who has ‘lost touch with reality.’ In your country, the system might actually take you seriously some of the time.

Arthur Smith

>people like Tsiolkovsky and N. F. Fyodorov

Be careful with cosmism and God-building, their most successful inheritors today are either manicheic (kabbalah-infuenced) or parascientific (if not outright occult).

>Anglophone culture is pretty egocentric

Oh, it isn’t critical compared to semantic shallowness of English with its commercial genesis. Deutsch is better at that, and Russian’s success is due to it’s closer relation to Ancient Indian.

>your state takes at least some interest and pride in some of your advancements

Unfortunately, it’s mostly done too unscrupulous and because of this some most valuable ideas are getting neglected.

> your educational establishments seem from the outside a bit less reactionary, less scholastic and dismissive of whatever doesn’t follow the the fashionable mainstream

Scholasticism isn’t that bad if used properly. And our official science is a swamp as well, people are just more prone to unorthodox stuff without commercial benefit.

> philosophy…it’s all fine and well as long

Yeah, postmodernism is really nasty out there, “thinkers” majorly gave up historical progress.

Joseph Scott

>>Be careful with cosmism and God-building

Everyone always seems to end up looking for God, and maybe even to stick a human face on too. While there are a number of things typically considered occult I consider factual or potentially factual, because of my experience of them or because the accord well with science (and so, also within the realm of science and subject to observation and measurement), I’ve never been looking for God, so I tend to set such aspects aside when reading things. I try to bear in mind the author’s bias.

Who do you regard as worth reading?

>>Oh, it isn’t critical compared to semantic shallowness of English…

Language, yes, exactly! I have disliked English ever since I began learning Latin and German. Neither technically precise nor capable of subtle distinctions, so good neither for science nor for literature. Besides, it has degenerated horribly over the last 250-300 years. I’m sorry to say I haven’t learned Russian, but it’s been on my mind a lot lately. I’m trying to get the alphabet mastered. Your suggestion of connection to Sanskrit is fascinating. Closer to the Mother Tongue? Your comments remind me of Heidigger’s discussion of language structure vs. thought process. Maybe that is what is wrong with Anglophone culture.

>>Unfortunately, it’s mostly done too unscrupulous

Well, at least they aren’t fighting you.

>>Scholasticism isn’t that bad if used properly.

I have had practically an instinctive dislike of Aristotle since I was a child. Much like with “Dark Matter,” he always felt false, and the more I’ve read, the more I feel he completely betrayed everything Plato was trying to say, dumbed it down, censored it, ripped the heart from it. I’m all for giving due merit to the teachings of the ancients (as was Plato, and more than Aristotle, really), but what Aristotle really did was select what he wanted, with a definite agenda, just like we do now. I suppose it depends on how you define Scholasticism. I never read anything as if it was the final truth or beyond question.

Arthur Smith

Damn, this discussion has gotten too complicated and off-topic =P

Can I contact you somewhere else?

Joseph Scott

Of course. vonLoringen@gmail.com would be one means.

Jacek Wolski

“and actually has not meddled into other countries matters since like the 19th century” What history books are you reading this information from?!?!


Misery is to lick the little mouse ass who hide in Kremlin and let his partners Nazi to slaughter more than ten thousands Russians in Novorossiya.No even Yeltsin or Vlasov permitted that.
Enjoy the traitor Lavrov…“Poroshenko is our brother. Sergey Lavrov Interview.

Arthur Smith

Nice demagogy, Captain Obvious. Despite being correct, things you said don’t excuse Russian Mir in any way.

John Whitehot

and despite the dirty little show you put up, I still believe you’re ukrops trying to spread shit over Russia. Time will prove me right or wrong.

Arthur Smith

Here, check out my fancy ukrop passport.comment image

Jacek Wolski

“Citizen of the Russian Federation” ?

John Whitehot

are you kidding?

Arthur Smith

Sure, let’s topple Kiev junta and get ourselves into WW-III. That should be worth it. Oh, an let’s save artificical construct that is Ukraine and all the people that done nothing to preserve USSR, that would be worth as well. Aren’t we gods, after all?


Caption for the pic… “My John, it’s not very big is it”.

John Whitehot

McCain is a man for whom I have a kind of sympathy, one can only pity somebody who has been in distress since his capture, and displays this distress at every occasion. As his age advances, his illness gets worse, and apparently he’s not getting the care he needs. Maybe there’s somebody in the clique that needs him to stay like that. As for Graham, he’s just part of the toxic slag produced by the Reagan era. The kind of slag that decades and settles on the bottom, soon never to be heard of. These folks may well go to Ukraine and entertain the prostitutional junta as much as they want, the truth is that they are old, they still speak from an older era, and will be remembered in history just with one line, small font sidenotes, having failed the objective that they gave theirselves – to “defeat” Russia.


Since he is so deranged as to invoke pity, then he should never be allowed into a position of authority.


It’s interesting that the current anti Russian hysteria and provocations in US politics are largely emanating from Obama and the Democratic Party. Because the US Neo-Cons originally emerged out very late 1960’s Democrats. They were originally Democrats who panicked when they concluded their party didn’t rate Israeli security as an absolute primary concern, at that time, immediately post 1967, when Democrats were more focused on Vietnam and raft of other issues.
These disillusioned pro-Israeli Democrats concluded it was up them to ensure US commitment to Israeli security, thereafter they moved away from the Democrat platform on security and toward security policy more closely aligned to Republican hawks, but primarily focused on middle east. Eventually, after two decades they came to dominate US security policy. But they were not Republicans, in sense of traditional Conservatives, rather, their Neo-Con ideology was a pragmatic, Israeli security, driven position.
Now in the ranks of Democrats and Neo-Cons there is panic again, about the new Trump White House making noises about abandoning the indirect wars in Syria and Ukraine, and relenting on the hostile pressure currently applied to Russia, to either capitulate to NATO hegemony, or face eventual war scenario.


Both of them are Republicans


Am aware – but the Democrats are those in hysteria mode.


They are jealouse of Trump. After a fife years period of Trump rule in USA it will be peace and prosperity and Trump will easily get a peace award so these crooks are simply exposing their own stupidity before the whole world. The whole disagree with them. Their job was to demonise Russia and go to war and it failed all because of Trump. Imagine what they must be feeling?????????


Hello all. I was watching the ‘activities’ of the two US senators over the weekend. My conclusion upon reflection of this was that they are desperate.

Who is they? The interests that back a never ending cycle of warfare, chaos and profitable commercial enterprises engaged in supplying the means to do it, all in the name of patriotism. Another part of the ‘they’ is obviously the Democratic party and those who call themselves Republican and are like minded. They are all exploding out of the closet at this point.

What ‘they’ don’t have a handle on, is that it is over. President elect Donald Trump is not alone. He is backed up by tens of millions of Americans, the ones whose families actually go out and fight all the wars. He is backed up by Brexit, turmoil in Italy, France and elsewhere within the EU. He is backed up by the fact that China is doing it’s own thing now and this is clearly demonstrated by the defense posture in the Pacific and the creation of the New Silk Road. Russia is embarking on a trip to a world structure, which is different from the one that existed since the fall of the USSR. The list of examples of this could go on for pages.

What caught my attention the most when thinking about ‘what the heck are these two gentlemen doing?’, is actually how finished the game really is now. In my opinion, they are acting as if Hillary won and all of the other things going on did not exist. This signifies to me, that they are out of ammo. They don’t have a clue what to do next and so, they will keep banging that square peg into the triangular hole. In a nutshell, I am watching desperate people committing massive stupidity in front of God and everybody. Happy new year and a good day to all.


WHAT A WONDERFUL COMMENT! He is backed by the majority of upper echelon intel operatives, both current and former. THEY are part of “the silent majority” who would not stand for hillary as commander-in-chief. IMO, the worst globalists are only painting large bull’s eyes on their own backs…they just don’t realize it yet.


Thank you trid2bnrml. I agree with you and have seen a number of examples that testify to this. I watched a video interview with Edward Snowden’s father. What was not widely publicized is that Snowden’s family has deep roots and connections within the US intelligence community. What was noteworthy, something I have never forgotten, is when in his dealings with the Whitehouse over his son, was the level of unprofessional and amateurish conduct Mr. Snowden Sr. encountered from the White House staff that had contacted him.

I grew up enveloped in the bubble which produces American warriors. Most are not aware that it exists. The examples of people to look up to, are those that have fought and survived. The lessons learned by them and passed onto us, was sacred material. Piece by piece, step by step, we were groomed to fight. It was all openly done, yet it had a subtlety to it. Look mild, even timid on the outside, yet harbor ferocity within. This involves the instillment of a sense of professionalism and sacrificial dedication, which may not show at times on the surface but, beats at our core.

Senators McCain and Graham, as well as their ‘friends’, have made an open mockery of this. For them, the truth be damned. Many who have sworn to defend our nation, which is not buildings or stock options but, the lives and welfare of our people, loathe them. I think, if anybody wants to know the truth about how the confidential cable from the ’51’ at the DoS was leaked and the DNC hacking took place, then they need to look inward towards those who have taken the oath and could stand no more. Fare the well trid2bnrml.


X2! I’m from an honorable military family as well.

Scandinavian Journal

I am amazed at the well versed language. In any case those two friends of war choosing Kiev as their New Years Eve location tells me they are up to something. Re-take-of-Crimea reconnaissance ? On job interview making these two friends Presidents for real ?


Hello Scandinavian. With the likes of McCain and Graham, as well as those in their circles, there is not limit to potential stupidity. Have a good evening. :)

John McCain and Lindsey Graham worship Zionism. And they are extreme Liberals who have infiltrated the Republican Party. But now, The Goyim Know.

John Whitehot

:DDD. Anyway, they’re just products of the cold war, I dont think they worship zionism as much as they hate Russia and would like to destroy it.


I suppose these two windbags are there to show support after Victoria Nuland is history and done with her political appointment. Something is very clear, a battle order is being drawn by the NWO ( made up of a few hundred billionaires in Europe and US) who control the media in the US, and media and political leaders in Europe; the Trump administration led by Brannon and other nationalists have an agenda that contradicts the NWO agenda. Trump’s victory in the US will encourage populist movements in Europe that will compound the difficulties of the NWO.
NWO has soft power, through connections and influence, Trump and the populist movement will have genuine power with teeth to enforce their will in any event of a confrontation; a confrontation will take place, and the NWO is going to loose, Trump and the other populist leaders in Europe will establish a new world order.

Bobbie Taylor

Those two are disgusting. They love the enemies of America. Songbird McCain and his lover Lensey Graham helped Obama create ISIS. The American military cooperated with Russia to destroy ISIS. That is the real problem they have with Trump.


Both Senators need a pair of combat boots and a rifle, and get their asses tossed out of a plane in the middle of the nearest WAR ZONE! I’ll bet THAT will cool their jets for war.

chris chuba

“The most dangerous possibility is that the two men could form a kind of pseudo-third party whereby they could try and create a congressional quorum made up of Democrats and anti-Russian Republicans to form a bloc against Trump”

They will recruit the Neocon, Marco Rubio who already hates Trump as well. They will try to take down Rex Tillerson. That will be the first big test. The question is, will Trump be able to find a few reasonable Democrats to counter the Neanderthal Republicans? That will be interesting to watch and a make or break moment on the future.

Scandinavian Journal

The fact that these two war-proponents and ex U.S presidential candidates decided to spend New Years Eve in Kiev sends unpleasant signals.

Lord Humongous

McCain and Miss Lindsey should just get a room.

Dawid Mytych

“They were later pictured with a group of military men drawn from units engaged in the genocidal, anti-democratic war against the people of Donbass, which in recent weeks has become ever more violent, with Kiev continually violating the Minsk II agreement.”

Wow! the level of propaganda in this article reached the highest possible level, the Kremlin’s level xD

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