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Joe Biden Wouldn’t Pardon Donald Trump, And Other Populist Remarks Of President Hopeful


Joe Biden Wouldn't Pardon Donald Trump, And Other Populist Remarks Of President Hopeful

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On May 14th, US Presidential candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden said that if he were elected, he would not pardon current US President Donald Trump.

He also said that any prosecutorial decisions would be left to a more independent Justice Department.

He was asked by a viewer if he would follow the example of former President Gerald Ford, who pardoned Richard Nixon in large part to help the nation move beyond the Watergate scandal.

However, Biden said he wouldn’t do so.

Biden said he was committed to ensuring that any prosecutorial decisions would be dictated by the law, in contrast to what he called the “dereliction of duty” by Trump and his attorney general, William Barr.

Essentially, the politics in the US and the election campaign is basically shifting away from actual politics and policy promises and rather towards setting scores and chasing popularity. After all, if Biden were to only promise not to pardon Trump, and make no other promises and he were to be elected, then, he has leeway to follow any agenda he chooses.

“It’s hands off completely. The attorney general is not the president’s lawyer. It’s the people’s lawyer,” Biden said. “We never saw anything like the prostitution of that office like we see it today.”

Biden was also asked to clarify whether he was aware of or participated in decisions related to incoming Trump national security adviser Michael Flynn during his final weeks as vice president in 2017.

Trump and Co. have accused Biden and former President Barack Obama of a conspiracy to entrap Flynn as part of a larger scheme to undercut the incoming administration, which they have dubbed “Obamagate.”

“I was never a part or had any knowledge of any criminal investigation into Flynn while I was in office, period. Not one single time,” Biden said.

Biden was asked how he didn’t know anything about the FBI investigating Flynn at the time when “you were reported to be at a Jan. 5, 2017, meeting where you and the president were briefed on the FBI’s plan to question Michael Flynn over those conversations he had with the Russian Ambassador Kislyak.”

And that question was deemed “accurate” because according to an unnamed senior Obama administration official “with direct knowledge” the meeting did not include any discussion of an FBI investigation into Flynn or of FBI questioning of Flynn about his contacts with the Russians.

Most of the discussion, as it can be seen and heard, was focused on COVID-19 and how in an alternate reality, if Joe Biden were president, he would presumably handle the entire situation, much better than Donald Trump, of course.

“I hope if I’m president that Dr. Fauci will stay on in the administration,” Biden said, offering a vote of confidence in the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

In conclusion, the presidential campaign is turning more in a blame game, which only shows the level of current US politicians. On the one side is US President Donald Trump, essentially shifting responsibility on whoever comes before him, on the other side is Joe Biden, who presumably would be doing a much better job as president, but that’s entirely based on his claims, and there’s really no way to prove it.

Populism par excellence.




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