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Joe Biden With A Slight Lead Over Trump, As Preliminary Results Show Heavy Contention

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Joe Biden With A Slight Lead Over Trump, As Preliminary Results Show Heavy Contention

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In the early hours of November 4th, the vote for the US Presidential Election is being counted between incumbent president Donald Trump, and former Vice President Joe Biden.

As of 9:00 Central European Time, Joe Biden is in the lead with 49.8% of the vote and 236 electoral votes, compared to Trump’s 213.

Despite the preliminary results, Trump came out after his Texas and Florida wins and announced that he had achieved victory in the Presidential Election.

Joe Biden With A Slight Lead Over Trump, As Preliminary Results Show Heavy Contention

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To secure victory and 4 years as president, the necessary number of electoral votes is 270.

In terms of swing states, Trump currently leads in Texas and Florida, both of which provide the most electoral votes.

Trump is also in a slight lead in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Michigan and Georgia, but counts are not finalized yet.

Joe Biden takes away Arizona and New Hampshire.

These are no final results yet, and it is quite possible that they will not be provided on November 4th.

Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin are expected to finalize their vote counting some time on November 5th.

From the preliminary results, several conclusions can be drawn.

First, there was a final burial of the residual respect for the “mathematical models” and polls of almost all American political technology and sociological companies, as well as trust in the “expert assessments” of the mainstream media.

Even if Biden wins, it will be a very tough win, just barely, as it seems.

And this does not fit with what the polls showed, especially since Biden lost miserably several states in which all mainstream polls gave him a colossal advantage, starting right with Florida, in which Trump received a record number of votes from “Latinos”, blacks and especially “Cubans”.

Polls missed all this or were originally aimed at purely manipulating the vote in order to suppress Trump voters.

In Ohio, judging by the exit polls (which actually give a very rosy picture for Democrats), 56% of workers’ union members voted for Trump, and this kind of hints at the fact that the American “deep electorate” is somehow not very enthusiastic about the LGBT-green-leftist agenda and accusations of racism. Polls also missed everything or were initially biased.

At the funeral of the industry of “polls and models” on Twitter, the button accordion was torn by Nassim Taleb personally, who three years ago publicly mocked the chief sociologist and modeler of the United States Nate Silver, and practice has once again confirmed his correctness.

The legendary “quantum” analyst of JP Morgan Marko Kolanovich joined the kicking of political charlatans, who also pointed out that all this pseudo-mathematical rubbish promoted by mainstream sociology was biased and unrealistic.

Now about bankruptcy. It is not yet completely obvious to everyone, but the most competent observers of international (and, in particular, American) political discourse – Chris Arnaid and Victor Marakhovsky – have already noted that the industry of “militant liberal irony” has suffered serious damage.

As Viktor Marakhovsky rightly noted “for a long time, the most promoted and, therefore, the most successful votes of Donald Trump were not at all the brightest and funniest ironists – but the most heart-rending, moreover, having the maximum number of “signs of voices that must be heard.” In other words, a crowd of hysterical minorities who are not very good at sarcasm simply because sarcasm is a product no, but still a critical analysis.”

Before everybody is the defeat of the “collective American Dudya”, and the victory will go to Biden (if at all) not due to total media domination and powerful propaganda, but thanks to the officials of the “deep state” who have stopped counting in key states and are now stuffing pre-prepared ballots for Biden in “voting machines” or in boxes for storing “mail ballots”.

It remains to find out whether another bankruptcy will be added to the funeral and bankruptcy – namely, the total loss of legitimacy of the American judicial system, which may and will have to determine the final winner of the electoral race.

More than 1000 people protesting US President Donald Trump descended on “Black Lives Matter Plaza” on the evening of November 3rd, just a block from the White House, while hundreds more marched through parts of downtown Washington, sometimes blocking traffic and setting off fireworks.

The demonstrations in Washington were largely peaceful, with people shouting, “Whose streets? Our streets!” and “If we don’t get no justice, they don’t get no peace!”

Groups of teenagers danced in the street as onlookers cheered. Large banners, including one reading “Trump lies all the time,” were unfurled.

The situation in the US is quite precarious, with either Presidential candidate winning having to deal with a largely divided population, with numerous issues.

It is, however, showing that the Trump administration, which evidently mishandled the COVID-19 pandemic, and several other issues, and has gathered so much American ire after months of Black Lives Matter protests, is still heavily contesting the vote.


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Great Khan

hahahhaa Great Khan predict fat man Trump victory….old fool Biden Kaputenheimer…..


Let’s hope. The globalist bitches are hard at work to manipulate votes. There were States were Trump was going up. They stopped reporting the news!

Great Khan

Grasshopper….Great Khan predict horseshit fight in fat AmeriKKKan street…Orange monkey man get angry and fat AmeriKan with gun attack each other…,,,AmeriKa become another Armenia as Jew bank make more money….Walmart burn down…dadadadadada


Here we go a trump supporter crying about being hard done by in case you haven’t noticed trump has had a dream run in the media not one msm outlet has exposed trumps close relationship with Epstien or highlighted trump been accused of rape more times than Bill Clinton.


This headline is utterly misleading. 2020 is a repeat of 2016, except that Creep joe teh hair Sniffer managed to snag Arizona. Other than that, there is little (if any difference). Of the states yet to declare, Biden only leads in Arizona and Hawaii, while Trump cleans up in East. By my prelim calc Trump will get ~280 EC votes.

Biden will LOSE. People need to accept reality and just accept it. The Dems used the same shitty playbook (again) and like the lunatics they are, they expected a different outcome. Ain’t gonna happen, so 4 more years of the Golden Golem will result.

Great Khan

old fool Joe plant hair on head and take money from Ukraine….so goneski…hahahhaha

Kenny Jones ™

Ok americunt


Scream louder, he can’t hear you from your shithole

Kenny Jones ™



Me? nahhh. I’m in a shithole but not that dirty.

Kenny Jones ™

Free healthcare instead of guns, it does wonders


There was an interesting analysis by the BBC US bureau. If you’re worried about dictatorship, Covid19 and justice, you lean towards the Democrats. If you’re worried about a job, the economy and don’t question the means of how things get done, you lean Republican.

BLM, Bible belt and everything else aside, it seems that even the most marginalised in US demographics could go either way. It seems it isn’t as straight forward as an African American votes for the donkey because the elephant hates him.

Concrete Mike

so its not how the democrats treat with open contempt poor people that prevented them from gettinf the white house? Oogh not those deplorables again!!!

Pelosi doing everthing she can to cockblock more financial assistance for the american people did not help.

Trump is a zionist dick, we can all agree on that. Biden as a globalist stooge would have been even worst for america amd the world, hard to beleive i know.


Pelosi and dems benefiting from all the msm support could have easily stolen the financial assistance in their favour.


All swing states are for Trump except for Biden, doesn’t look like it will be a narrow win.


If only these political experts had listened to Tommy Jensen, Great Khan!

Vox Populi

In all recent elections and even Euro polls like Brexit, the so called “experts” have been proven totally wrong and same in US. People these deliberately mislead their opinions to sow confusion. Biden supposedly has a 11% lead across US and now it appears that he may even lose the popular vote. Even Hillary did better. So pollsters have the same credibility as old hookers.

Kenny Jones ™

Iran hopes for Biden win, going good

Vox Populi

Both are hostile to Iran and in Zionist pockets, so Iran could hardly care. But this result is good for the world as US is so polarized now that domestic violence is a certainty. Trump is a nasty narcissistic and will not take defeat graciously and his racist redneck base is armed to the teeth. Interestingly 71% of Jew voted for Biden according to ABC poll.


Trump will WIN. Don’t be a fool. Take the RED pill.

Vox Populi

Not sure, this is heading to the Supreme Court.


Why would it? Whats to argue about? One needs a better reason to contest an outcome other than “we dont like the result…”

Vox Populi

I see a lot of polarization and the losers would not be gracious. Let’s see how it unfolds in next few days.

Kenny Jones ™

Honestly, I just hope the side that can destroy the US the most loses, a Biden win would make Trump supporters revolt and create a civil war, that is the best option for the rest of the world, the downfall of America
Then, Iran can just finish off Israel quickly as well

Furkan Sahin

If Biden wins he will go to war against Muslim countries like Hillary and Obama

Kenny Jones ™

Better, easier for Iran to remove the US from the Middle East, the fast way


iran destroys itself by supporting zionist azerbaijan

Vox Populi

Why? Armenia was part of USSR and not Iran’s responsibility. If anyone, Russia stopped supporting Armenia’s illegal occupation of NK. Blaming Iran is like blaming an innocent bystander as two kids fight over their lunch.

Kenny Jones ™

Two things
Actions > deeds, if Iran supported Azeristan, the best thing they could do to help them win is to close the border with Armenia and also the airspace, they didn’t do either
Khamenei himself may be Azeri, but Iran is a Persian country, with most of them in the government too, if he planned to make such a foolish move, he would be removed and replaced with Rouhani, who himself is very anti-Turk
Azeris won’t win this war

Kenny Jones ™

Your username is correct, did you watch the bitchute video as well? The greatest story untold, 6 hours long documentary, very interesting


Iran does not hope for Biden, Iran’s “reformists” hope for him, idiots believe with Biden there will be milk and honey.
Other sane Iranians know there’s no difference between the 2 suckpuppets as long as Iran is concerned.

Personally I hoped for another Trump term. Trump (and Bibi in occupied lands) are the best we could hope for so they weaken the enemy from within.

Kenny Jones ™

Biden would never order the assassination of Soleimani, Trump would, that is the difference, and Iran took that very personally


I know that and it’s not something we forget nor forgive, but Trump being an idiot and surrounding himself with lesser idiots is far better than a possible sane administration.

Harry Smith

Gentlemen, do you really think that Trump was the decision maker in case of Soleimani?

Vox Populi

Regardless of who “wins” this ego fest of two old senile white men, US is so polarized and divided that its decline will accelerate. US is now viewed even in Europe as an embarrassment.


Yeah, evidence of Trump syndrome generated by massmedia. He can’t be senile and run all those business, that can’t be pure luck. Second, some Europeans are obsessed by Americans, since you has intense feelings of embarrasement or pity or anger for Americans. Just change the channel. Mind your own life.


“He can’t be senile and run all those business, that can’t be pure luck.”

Trump’s a 1950’s vintage trustafarian who went through dads money like shit through a goose then landed a job playing a businessman on TV and a business man.

He bankrupted 6 businesses including 3 casinos. I don’t believe he legitimately fucked up at the same business 3 times. i think he was money laundering for shady characters but the pittance he was left with … or all that was left of his inheritance … by the 1990’s left him working as a actor doing commercials. Successful billionaires don’t do ads for Pizza Hut and McDonalds.


Thankfully for Donald he was a pretty good actor so he landed a part playing a successful businessman on “The Apprentice” and he continues this role to this day not only providing him a source of income as the president but he also provides jobs for his children and cronies

He’s not senile, he’s not stupid either in fact he’s very smart but he is a sociopath with a learning disability and that is NOT the profile of someone you want to trust with a nuclear arsenal. If it weren’t for his daddies money which allowed him to play the part of a dealmaker in the 1980’s he’d be making a decent living running pump and dump schemes for the mob while selling New Yorks bridges to tourists on his days off.


How many times did he multiplicate his dad’s money? He was successful even in tv showbiz. Why don’t you try it if it’s so easy? Why did he pizza ad? Why not? Successful billionaires can do anything they want. Even became presidents. He was even in a scene in Home Alone. Wow! So evil you cN’t trust him with a nuclear arsenal. Hillary called, she wants her arguments back.


“How many times did he multiplicate his dad’s money?”

No one knows. His businesses are held privately and he hasn’t released tax returns. He could be worth billions, he could be worth millions or he could be running on credit … who knows?

“He was successful even in tv showbiz.”

the man can act!

“Why don’t you try it if it’s so easy?”

First off I don’t have an ego anywhere near as massive as ‘the Donald” and I don’t crave the attention.
Second I don’t have a wealthy New York real estate developer daddy to bankroll me.I did. I started contracting at 25 and had a long career working for general contractors and developers just like Trump.

“Successful billionaires can do anything they want. Even became presidents.”

In theory yes …. but if you had a billion dollars and just one life to live would you want to spend it in meetings with Mitch McConnell, Mike Pompeau and Nancy Pelosi arguing over money for border walls or do you think you could find something better to do?

“So evil you cN’t trust him with a nuclear arsenal. Hillary called, she wants her arguments back.”

I never said he was evil. I said he was a sociopath …. there’s a difference. Sociopaths don’t know good from evil, those concepts are meaningless to them …. they are amoral. The man literally can’t tell the truth from a lie.

Do you really think a thin skinned, egocentric, sociopath is the ideal profile for the man who controls a nuclear arsenal?


He controlls it well since I’m not dead yet. Talkung of how we chose to spend times, you should been talking at CNN instead if me but it’s too late niw I guess. Better Kemala keep that nuclear arsenal so the senile don’t play with it ir give it to his crackhead son :)


“He controlls it well since I’m not dead yet.”

By “it” I assume you mean his personality disorder … no he does NOT hide it well, in fact he doesn’t hide it at all. Just yesterday he wanted to launch a law suit because he ‘felt’ vote counting should be cut off when the polls close because “no one should have to wait days to find out” despite the fact that it’s taken days or weeks to count votes in every US presidential since the birth of the USA.

In his mind he was happy to disenfranchise millions of American voters simply because he it was inconvenient for him to wait for the votes to be counted

“Better Kemala keep that nuclear arsenal so the senile don’t play with it ir give it to his crackhead son :)”

I don’t know how much you know about US government but generally the POTUS doesn’t give jobs in their administration to blood relatives …. that’s called nepotism and is considered corrupt.

The only president who practiced nepotism in the modern era was Donald Trump when he hired his daughter and son in law as advisors.

Aside from that I couldn’t care less for Biden or his ‘crackhead son”. i wake up every morning at 5AM and look south for an orange glow … if I don’t see one I’m fairly sure there won’t be any refugees that day. All I ask of an American president is to keep their shit within their own borders and I trust Biden to do that much more than Trump..


Thanks for the effort to write a long, long story. And good luck in elections! :)


Trump is not a very good business man most of his ventures fail he is a WWF actor and reality tv show host.


joe biden has no lead they just stopped counting in states where trump is killing pedo biden

Vox Populi

Biden has 71% of Jew vote nationally.


137% in some districts, many people rose from the grave to vote democrat

Vox Populi

Like the Holocaust. Europe had maximum 2 million Jews, but somehow 6 million died :)


Trump has already won this, they just haven’t finalized his wins in GA, NC, PA, MI & maybe WI yet.

Lone Ranger

Pedobide should retire.


Trump surely WIN


From the article:

“Before everybody is the defeat of the “collective American Dudya”, and the victory will go to Biden (if at all) not due to total media domination and powerful propaganda, but thanks to the officials of the “deep state” who have stopped counting in key states and are now stuffing pre-prepared ballots for Biden in “voting machines” or in boxes for storing “mail ballots”.”

This is the big problem right now, as far as the election goes. But there is a bigger problem, and that is economic. The US, and to varying degrees, Europe. Are unable to meet government operating expenses from tax revenue and borrowing that isn’t being purchased by the issuing governments through various types of monetization that increases the money supply.

The unanswered question is will this lead to catastrophic systemic economic collapse of several of the planet’s largest economies, and many smaller ones through an add on effect? In the video below the economics professor makes the case that in a fractional reserve banking system of the type used almost everywhere at this time. The government normally only creates about 10% of the money used in the banking system. And that the other 90% is created by the banks themselves when they lend out more than one currency unit for every currency unit that they have on deposit in their institutions.

In an environment where governments can’t meet operating expenses through revenue and non monetized borrowing. There is little to no risk of hyperinflation. In a government operating expense and debt monetization situation. The currency can hyperinflate if the government issues enough of it to cover it’s expenses and debt payments.

The US$ is the planet’s largest currency supply. Which allows the US government to issue a lot of new currency without excessively diluting this very large pool of money. Government money supply increases can be offset by money supply destruction through defaults on loans that increased the money supply through the fractional reserve lending process.

The other key factor in a potential cataclysmic economic collapse besides money supply creation and destruction is interest rates. Rising interest rates can exponentially increase the debt servicing costs and with it the volume of new money supply creation that needs to be brought into being to pay the higher interest rates.

Which leads us to the million dollar question, are growing budget deficits as a percentage of gdp and government operating expenses that need to be monetized with self purchasing new debt issuances. Going to led to systemic economic failure that results in widespread unemployment and commercial and government bankruptcy? And will the run up to this failure if it does occur, be deflationary, stagflationary, inflationary, or hyper inflationary?

Some make the case that a government will never default on it’s debt payments and operating expenses short of hyperinflation. Because it can always issue new money supply to pay it’s operating expenses and debt payments. Because people, businesses and governments will accept the currency for payments, because they can use it to buy stuff and make payments.

So if there is going to be a systemic economic collapse from the government being able to meet it’s obligations without debt and expense monetization. It looks like to me that the only way that it will occur is through a hyperinflationary collapse resulting from worthless wheelbarrow money that is worth less than the wheelbarrow itself.

If and when this will occur if it does is unknown. But given the history of empire over reach resulting in bankrupting the controlling government. It wouldn’t surprise me if it does occur this decade.


Hanke doesn’t think that the US$ is going to hyperinflate. Because the money supply is so large and the percentage of new money creation by the government is normally only about 10% of the new money created.

I’m not so sure that that’s the case. Because these aren’t normal times. And the flaw that I see in the university phd economic professor’s assessment is that it looks like the US and EU governments are reaching the end of their innovative can kicking exercise options. And the time to pay the piper is approaching with no new rabbits to pull out of their hats.

So from my high school regent’s degree college course level math, science and industrial arts majors perspective. This could easily lead to the pendulum swinging in the other direction. From the government creating 10% of new money supply and the banking system creating 90% of it. To the government creating 90% of new money supply and the banks in a collapsing economy only creating 10% of it. Because of decreases in lending.

At which point more money chasing fewer goods and services in a collapsing economy could result in hyperinflationary monetary destruction.

The projections that I’ve looked at from arguably more qualified and competent experts on these matters than me. Is that the US and EU, which account for 1/3rd to 1/2 of global gdp depending on who’s numbers you use. Are preparing to exponentially ramp up new money creation through debt and expense monetization in an effort to offset growing budget deficits from increasing expenses and falling tax revenue.

They can pay zero interest rates on their self purchased debt and coerce banks in their domiciles to keep interest rates at or near zero. But much of their currency is held outside their domiciles. And if rates start to rise for dollar and euro loans and transactions in the other 50% to 65% of the world economy. That’s going to make it more difficult and expensive to sustain their export and import trade. And compete economically with other nations outside of the NATO block.

Which will contribute, in conjunction with the current scamdemic insanity of domestic economic suicide, to rising unemployment, collapsing economies, and budget deficits that need to be monetized with new government issued money creation. That will go directly into the general economy in the form of salaries to government employees, goods and services purchased by the government using newly created money, and unemployment and other benefits to people who’re out of work.

In a contracting economy where the government is increasing the money supply faster than it’s being destroyed by bankruptcies and defaults. There will be more currency units per goods and services provided. And the value of the currency will drop proportionally to the increase in new money to buy decreasing amounts of goods and services and the currency will hyperinflate.

I haven’t looked at the numbers in depth like others have. But it’s pretty obvious that private sector money creation is down. Due to the drop off in lending. One thing seems clear. And that percentage of new money creation by governments vs the private sector is rising sharply. NATO governments are proceeding with the largest new issuance of money to pay monetized deficit shortfalls in history. In an effort to stave off defaults on debt and operating expense payments. From falling tax revenue and rising social support payments.

Modeling the scope of the money supply creation/destruction vs goods and services transacted is something that I don’t have time for at this time. But if the doomers are correct. Inflation, hyperinflation and economic collapse of NATO economies is in the pipeline in the near future. Some of these people have been making these projections for a long time. With the go to excuse for them not materializing being that they didn’t think that the governments involved would be so successful in creating can kicking mechanisms to push the collapse into the future. Which the doomers claim will make the collapse more severe when it does occur.

Economics isn’t my full time profession. Though I am transitioning out of transportation into finance. So I’ll be working with these issues on a daily basis next year if the transition is successful. But I have worked full time in finance in the past and understand it. My view is that the extremes that governments are going to at this time with all of the fear mongering and economic and social control freak machinations. Is an indication that the doomers are closer to being vindicated than at any time in the past. A number of whom did successfully predict the 2008 financial collapse. And the collapse that we’re in now, though not for the scamdemic reason that it occurred.

So if the severity of the symptoms are any indication of the severity of the disease, no pun intended. The NATO governments have run out of can kicking creations to stave off economic collapse. And are now attempting to exert draconian population controls. To stay in power as the disaster that they’re created through malevolence and mismanagement progresses.

johnny rotten

Here too they applied the same scheme, the democratic opposition does not recognize the electoral result, but this time they do it from the inside by blocking the count of the ballots, add the Maidan-style protests to oust the dictator and the color revolution is served, stay to understand who will give recognition as president to the stars and stripes Guaido from the outside.


Giant douche vs turd sandwich. Neither choice is good …. more like the choice is between the worst and the even worster.

As a neutral party I’m just hoping for a soft crash landing for the USA …. as opposed to a hard crash landing that results in nuclear war. The USA is like a load of nitro glycerine that has to be driven safely through the mountains and Americans are voting for a driver.

Trump’s a self serving con artist while Biden is a senile servant of the Borg. Neither of them can ‘drive’ worth a fuck. I expect both of them to crash the only question is which one is the least likely to take my part of the world down with them. The difference would be that Trump would gladly start a war if it would keep him out of jail or distract from his robbing the treasury … I doubt Biden will even remember he’s president in six months if he wins.

No good result no matter which way this election goes …. perhaps a tie and four years of navel gazing, court battles and fratricide will keep Americans occupied while their power slips away?

Potato Man


Lazy Gamer

Who has the better team in stuffing/guarding the votes and the better legal team to contest these “votes”. However, what is apparent is the media domination of Biden who can control narrative and impression as to who won. At this stage, the media might be enough to tilt/maintain the advantage. Media pressure will be enough to make the courts and election officials rule in favor of Biden. Now if someone can execute a brilliant counter ploy. lol

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