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Joe Biden Recognized Armenian Genocide

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Joe Biden Recognized Armenian Genocide

Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Source: AP Photo

On April 24, US President Joe Biden recognized Armenian Genocide in a statement that was released by White House.

“Each year on this day, we remember the lives of all those who died in the Ottoman-era Armenian genocide and recommit ourselves to preventing such an atrocity from ever again occurring. Beginning on April 24, 1915, with the arrest of Armenian intellectuals and community leaders in Constantinople by Ottoman authorities, one and a half million Armenians were deported, massacred, or marched to their deaths in a campaign of extermination. We honor the victims of the Meds Yeghern so that the horrors of what happened are never lost to history. And we remember so that we remain ever-vigilant against the corrosive influence of hate in all its forms.

The American people honor all those Armenians who perished in the genocide that began 106 years ago today.” – the statement reads.

Joe Biden is known for close relations with the Armenian-American and Greek-American communities. During his presidential campaign, he vowed a new focus on human rights, promised to recognize the Armenian genocide.

Meanwhile, Biden’s relations have already been sour with Erdogan. Before entering office, Biden described him as an autocrat.

On April 23, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan spoke by telephone with Biden. Details of the phone conversation were not unveiled. In a readout of the call, the White House said only that Biden urged a “constructive bilateral relationship with expanded areas of cooperation and effective management of disagreements.”

Turkey adamantly rejects the label of genocide. Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu warned this week that Biden’s move would sour bilateral relations.

“If the United States wants to worsen ties, the decision is theirs,” he said.

US-Turkish relations deteriorated over the purchase by Ankara of Russian S-400, as well as its incursions against US-allied Kurdish fighters in Syria.

The last anti-Turkish measures were taken by Washington on April 21st. Turkey’s Anadolu Agency reported that the US and eight other countries had abolished the 2006 deal regarding the F-35 program and signed a new agreement that has excluded Turkey.


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johnny rotten

This administration is trying to piss out everyone, both at home and abroad.
Erdoghan is smoking as a petroleum fire.
Where is this administration going, this is the unanswered question, maybe it want to suicide? It is likely, seen who is in commando.

Kenny Jones ™

Russia must do a coup in Armenia, there is no other choice, I am pro coup

Steve Standley

This is reasonable, since the current leader obtained power through western subterfuge, and scads of Armenians see him as a traitor; even their own senior military have asked him to step down.

Lone Ranger

Russia shouldn’t sink to CIA level.
People are already on the brink of revolt, Im positive sooner or later the CIA/Soros trolls will be booted out.




Again Armenia being used as an asswipe when global powers need to posture against each other.


Armenia needs to understand its place and act as a good vassal to whatever master they choose. They seem to think of themselves as overly important though.

Icarus Tanović

Just Pashinyan, no others. I’d say that he’ll be overthrown.


Frankly, Armenian military is in the same league as Saudis, both incompetent, corrupt and extraordinary cowards.

Icarus Tanović

That’s right.


Tragedy, but that happened a hundred years ago, it did not move Biden to help the Armenians a few weeks ago.

Fog of War

When does the timer on the holohoax expire ?

Ivan Freely

When Israel cease to exist.

Fog of War

Lets have it sooner please.


coup attempt 2 on the way

Lone Ranger

I think this time President Putin won’t pick up the red phone…

Ivan Freely

Even so, I can’t see the next President to enjoy support greater than Erdogan with that label hanging over Turkey’s head.

Kenny Jones ™

This is only to make Armenia further away from Russia and closer to the West, they should not fall for it!


Nope, Russia already recognised it back in 1995. This is just America catching up.

Kenny Jones ™

Why would a genocidal regime acknowledge another genocide? You think this is for good will? Don’t trust the US

Fog of War

Not to mention Israhell always forbade the US from recognizing the Armenian genocide before. Knowing how Biden is a self avowed Zionist this move is highly suspect.

Black Waters

A political movement, nothing else.

Icarus Tanović

That’s always like that.


I wonder if someone in Ankara is stopping to reflect on how much Turkey lost diplomatically last 5 years.Erdogan isolating Turkey hitherto unprecedented.

Diana Cornwell


Dear Jewish Zionist leader PUTIN

keeps on collaborating with the Muslim terrorist Turks in the torture, murder and GENOCIDE

of the first Christian nation of the world, the Armenians.

Thanks Putin.

P.S. one more nuclear power plant for Erdogan? After all, dear Jew, it will net you more American dollars which you can spend during your retirement in Tel Aviv.

Shalom, Putin.

Lone Ranger

Hi Shlomo…

Potato Man

Didn’t yankees recognized Armenian genocide when Turkey start killing their terrorists (Kurds) in Syria…
I feel sorry for Armenian, these fuking clowns never gonna stop.

Random Dude

This is huge news, now US troops will take eastern Turkey and give to Armenia. Also court will make Turkey pay reparations based on the post WW2 law on genocide. Backdated court ruling, no one will notice.

Lone Ranger

U.S. is throwing one troll after the other under the bus…

Icarus Tanović

Yes, and what is gonna heppen about that? Sultan will stay Muslim brotherhood Ziowahhabi man, that will do everything to satisfy murcans. That being said, no Idlib offensive, doing incrusions in every single surrounding countries, now even ‘threatens ‘Yemen, and what murica will do, say Joe Biden? Nothing, absolutely nothing. Only rhetoric and that’s about all. He does everything that he’s supposed to.


Frankly, the Turkeys deserved this as a century of kissing US and Zionist proved futile.


The arch vilian Jew Kissinger, said the “friendship with US is a kiss of death “, after in an unheard of act of shameless cowardice, the US removed the shah of Iran on a bed pan from a US hospital.


King turdo has recalled his ambassador from DC……lol…..he pissed now…..lol

Mustafa Mehmet

ar”’… ” l Dumbo flying again


I’m a smack yous on that little turd cutter o yours. All that mehmet goin spill out then.


😁Süleymani piçleri bunlar..yüzüne tükürsen maşallah der…..

Tommy Jensen

I will never recognize the Armenian genocide.
Im tired of paying to all these people who claim to have lost 6 million of their relatives in some ancient war.


Why would recognizing anything as a historical fact automatically nope up the wallet?

Mustafa Mehmet

Why you should recognise something never happened?

Joe Stevens

The U.S. doesn’t really give a crap about this topic or Armenia. It’s an insignificant and poor little country. It has no natural resources and it is the poorest country in Central Asia. First off all, obviously Biden is doing this as payback and to piss of Turkey because of the S-400 missile deal. If that deal doesn’t happen or if the Turks scrap it then this never happens either. Biden and the warmongers in his cabinet are also attempting to lure Armenia away from Moscow’s orbit to give Putin more problems and to further destabilize that region. Just like they’ve done with neighboring Georgia and Ukraine.


bit much considering the genocide the disunited states of insufferable fools carried out on the indigenous people of north america, murder and mayhem just like today, venezuela, libya, syria vietnam, iran and numerous other places, chile, equador, peru and so on, the only ones that managed to avoid the morons’ death grip are the ones with nukes so best advise for iran, venezuela and so on is get nukes ready to use and if the north korean way is the quicker, get a few urgently.


This Democrats accelerate their decline on a daily basis. Economically as well as politically. They are loosing allies and creating lots of foes. China Russia Saudi Arabia and now Turkey. Biden picks too many fights to win. It is obvious.


Well I guess it was a statistical probability that Joe would eventually do something right. Doubly right since it pisses off Erdogan and further erodes Turkey’s place in NATO. win-win.


Exactly…….the smartest comment here thus far……

Ricky Miller

Stupidity but I like it. Turkey, like india, should feel the cost of deciding to be an American satellite possession. Turkey, like India, is and will be sanctioned for deciding to purchase a Russian made air defense weapon system fully capable of keeping Indian and Turkish airspace protected from pushy American combat aircraft and missiles. India just saw an American Destroyer sail into it’s EEZ without permission and Turkey has witnessed over the past few weeks both American exercises with Greece, and recognition of the Armenian “genocide.”

Like the Xinjiang and Kosovo claims of genocide this declaration is untrue as well. Armenians started themselves a little uprising while the Sultan’s soldiers were far away trying to fight off the British and large numbers were killed in the resulting conflict. A conflict they started. The fact that millions of Armenians exist inside Armenia today and millions more in Armenian communities around the world demonstrates that the conflict wasn’t a genocide. It is however, useful for the United States right now to declare it so. In 2016 the USA backed a coup by Kemalists against Turkey’s ruling party and now that Democrats are back in power they want to pick up pressuring Turkey again. It sucks that Turkey has yet to declare the USA a hostile state and restricted the passage of American warships to the Black Sea on the justified treaty clause that American warships pose a threat to Turkish security under the current American government. Maybe soon.

Ivan Freely

It sucks that Turkey has yet to declare the USA a hostile state…

They’re still trying to keep one foot in the door. Ankara needs to accept it’s over in playing both sides; trying to get the best of both Worlds.

John Brown

Erdogan his family, party, friends, to be destroyed by Zio empire or Turkey to be destroyed by Zio empire and soon


Turkey even dont participate to USA’s SIGINT activities in black sea let alone restricting Usa warships.Here today Usa 2 global-hawks in SIGINT flight with callsign Forte 10-12 near Crimea while Turkish Maritime patrol aircraft P-72 with callsign Martı92 flying only within Turkish EEZ.
comment image



Steve Standley

Azerbaijan also condemned this. I wonder if the US is planning to insert itself into this conflict….


This is great news from an Iranian perspective. Oglu toglu fukkin Al-Qaeda goplu being discredited for free is a great outcome no?…….Awesome!

Roy Sonman

The Ottomans/Turkey did not slaughter the Armenians, the Young Turk Jews did. Same as the slaughter of Russians and Ukrainians in Russia and the Ukraine, the Holodomor, except there it was the Jew Bolsheviks.

Genocide, a tool of the Jews (Holodomor, Maoist China*, etc.). Dig a little and one will find that the power in the Ottoman Empire when the Armenians were slaughtered was in the hands of the Young Turks. The Young Turks were mostly Jews (As were the Bolsheviks) out of Thessaloniki.

The Jews of the West fomented internal chaos and then revolution in the Ottoman Empire for the reason of bringing it down so as to permit Britain to take control of Palestine for the Jews.*

*Yale Extension University trained Mao was surround by Jews.

**The plan failed, so the Jews orchestrated what became WW-I. During WW-I, T. E. Lawrence, “Lawrence of Arabia,” was given the same goal of taking control of Palestine for the Jews. Lawrence’s handler was the Jew Aaron Aaronsohn in Cairo. (See: Setting the Desert on Fire, by Barr, Lawrence of Arabia, The Authorized Biography, by Jeremy Wilson, and Churchill and the Jews, by Gilbert.

Mustafa Mehmet

w*****. Biden should recognise Yankees genocide against red indian first and the rest

U n k n 0 w n

Biden can bark as much as he wants, or use whichever word he prefers to use.. It has no legal meaning..
The characterization of historical events as ‘genocide’ can only be decided by the competent, international tribunals.. There has never been such a verdict on the (Li)armenian claims.. That’s why the UN has never recognized (Li)armenian claims too..

For more than a century, the (Li)armenians never sued Turkey and proved their claims before an international, independent tribunal.. Because they know it very well too that their genocide tale is a fabricated political blackmail tool, nothing more, or nothing less..

On the other hand, the ECHR verdict on Perincek vs. Switzerland clearly stated that (Li)armenian claims is still a historically disputed subject, and there is no similarity between the 1915 events and the Holocaust.. Because the Holocaust is a court-proven historical fact..

So, the politically motivated genocide resolutions and black propaganda are how the (Li)armenians operate to make noise.. Such efforts have no legal meaning and will change nothing..

(Li)armenians are pathetic, the laughing stock of the world.. They allow Westerners to use their identity, and nationality as a pawn for their greater geopolitical designs.. But the fact is that nobody gives a sh*t about them.. Just like more than a century ago, the (Li)armenians wave their tails to whoever throws them a bone.. Because they are not capable of doing something by themselves..

One day licking French a*s.. The next day calling Putin.. And now in bed with Biden.. Just like how their extremist Tashnak ancestors did a century ago which ended in disaster for them.. They never learn.. Even after their recent humiliation by Azerbaijan in Karabakh..

Diana Cornwell

Apparently, now the Armenians can sue you Turks in any court and win?

I guess that’s the reason they didn’t sue Turkey before. Because the US government backed Turkey. No longer now.

Let’s see you Turks cut the BS and kick the Americans out. You Turks are still kissing American behinds and killing people left and right for that green money aka as dollars.


U n k n 0 w n

The US has never been Turkey’s ally, and this should be the last drop.. Action is needed now, not words anymore.. The US is Turkey’s biggest strategic enemy.. Some of the first steps that can be taken..

1- Shutting down the US bases and facilities inside Turkey, sending the Yankees and diplomats back home..
2- Re-evaluating mutual cooperation agreements, and terminate them if necessary..
3- Withdrawal from NATO’s military wing..
4- Erdogan calling Damascus and re-establish diplomacy with Assad immediately..
5- Erdogan calling Moscow and tell Putin that Turkey will recognize Crimea as part of Russia under the condition of Russian recognition of Turkish Republic in Cyprus, as Ukraine is just another banana republic US geopolitical puppet..
6- Issue a resolution in the Turkish parliament to recognize the genocides committed by the US, starting with the Native Indian one and make diplomatic efforts to carry the subject to the UN general assembly..

It’s time for action now, not empty words against this hostile, rogue American regime..

Diana Cornwell

Why can’t you Turks stop genociding, defrauding, killing, raping, and stealing? From your president Erdogan on down to the lowliest Turkish peasant, you’re all a bunch of monsters:


Diana Cornwell

Must read. Found this elsewhere surfing the Net on the subject of the Armenian Genocide:


NEVER FORGET: Jews and Freemasons organized the Armenian Genocide


Jews and Freemasons are as GUILTY and as responsible as the Turks for the Armenian Genocide. The main architect of the Armenian genocide, Talat Pasha was a 33rd degree Freemason who was the head of the Freemasons of the Middle East. To this day, Freemasons are proud to count him amongst their own. How can an organization like Freemasonry which extols virtue and greatness, at the same time thus uphold and legitimize the genocide of the first Christian nation of the world? “An Italian Jew, Emanuel Carrasso founded the Macedonian Masonic Lodge and spearheaded the Young Turk movement.”

Do you know why Armenian leaders never took the extant republic of Turkey to the International Court of Justice accusing present-day Turkey of genocide — in addition to Ottoman Turkey? Read on.

Turks claim Armenians were deported for their own safety in WWI. So why have Turks prevented the return of the Armenians to their homes after WWI? Why are Turks enabled to keep Turkish deeds records and archives out of reach so as to not reveal all the properties belonging to Armenians in Turkey?

Turks are claiming that Armenians abandoned their lands so the Turks confiscated them. This no-one can deny is a lie.

So how to explain the apparently inept and treasonous attitude of the Armenian leadership? Is it because they are Freemasons too — just like Talat Pasha who was the head of the Freemasons of the entire Middle East?

Why have Jews lobbied for Turkey against the recognition of the Armenian Genocide, the REAL Holocaust? Why does Israel refuse to recognize the Armenian Genocide, the Genocide of the first Christian nation in the history of mankind?


[End quote]

bob ajem

We applaud President Biden’s courageous decision to stand down the wiley turk… the backdrop to this historic acknowledgement does seems suspect…nevertheless, we’ll take it…..now to dump incompetent Pashynian and on to reparations and enforcement of Wilson Aribritration Award of Nov 22,1920


genocide a la americana, native indians slaughtered and starved to death and provided with cholera infested blankets. serious crime against humanity and landgrabbing not seen since the british raped india and china, and burma and so on and the fiendish morons in the white house had an enemy they could kill at will with no opposition. the native indians – some serious damages should be considered, in india in china and in burma in africa and so on and the thieving brits could start by returning the parthenon fries also known as the elgin marbles to greece or at least show a bill of sale from the relevant greek party, since there is no such bill the fact that the fries now resides in london is just proof of the brits thievery, the jewish way.

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