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Joe Biden, Petro Poroshenko And Co. Stole $100 Billion From Ukraine: Rudy Giuliani


Joe Biden, Petro Poroshenko And Co. Stole $100 Billion From Ukraine: Rudy Giuliani

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Former New York Mayor and personal lawyer Donald Trump, as promised, began posting on Twitter evidence that Ukraine’s power was seized by the administration of former US President Barack Obama and his agent network in Ukraine, led by Former President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko.

Giuliani claimed that more than $100 billion had been siphoned out of Ukraine.

“This is more than the estate of Bill Gates and Mark Zuckurberg combined,” said Giuliani.

Poroshenko and members of his regime were not only allowed to steal, they stole and shared with their patrons Biden, Clinton and other members of the Democratic Party.

“The stolen goods were distributed according to the principle: 70% was sent to patrons in the United States, 30% was left to Poroshenko and members of his regime.”

Regarding the former US Vice President Joe Biden and former Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko:

“They seized power, destroyed a huge country in the center of Europe, and now they are trying to justify atrocious crimes by democracy and a change of course in Ukraine. This is a scam, nothing but robbery has occurred in Ukraine,” Giuliani said. He also added:

“Budapest, Kiev, Vienna. After hundreds of hours and months of research, I gathered witnesses and documents that reveal the truth about the impeachment of Trump, which does not contain any offenses by Donald Trump,” Giuliani said.

“The facts show that corruption in Ukraine was so vast and terrible that the president was obliged to ask for the investigation of the United States – Ukraine. Impeachment is part of the cover of the democrats. Extortion, bribery and money laundering of Biden and Poroshenko in Ukraine go beyond any limits. The National Committee of the US Democratic Party conspired with Ukraine to destroy candidate Trump. Poroshenko and his accomplices directly intervened in the US democratic elections, and they will answer in full,” said Giuliani.

He then spoke of Turchniov and Yatsenuk:

“You can question the credibility of the testimony, but you cannot question the strong documentary evidence that each direct part of the witness of this investigation provides. They used the resources of Ukraine for their own benefit. They used Ukraine as a cheap country for their own purposes,” continues Giuliani.

“Witness Shokin [in the Burisma & Biden’s money laundering case] was fired because of Biden’s threats not to allocate a billion dollars of US [vital] US aid. Shokin’s medical records show that he was poisoned, twice brought to death, but recovered. If this becomes known in Ukraine, many goals will fly. In addition to Shokin, people were killed in Ukraine who might know something. They killed people under the guise of aggression and war,” Giuliani said.

“Democrat-initiated impeachment for innocent behavior is designed to discourage the Obama-era corruption investigation below:

– 100 billion dollars laundered in Ukraine;

– billions, mainly US dollars, were used for other purposes;

– extortion;

– bribery;

– The DNC conspiracy with Ukraine to destroy candidate Trump.

Much is yet to come,” Giuliani said.

According to the provided narrative, that is why Biden didn’t want current Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to persecute his predecessor. And that’s why the Ukrainian citizens were told tall tales of “democracy” and Europe. Ukraine was essentially robbed, and all the crimes were covered by large sums of money.

Furthermore, the interview of Rudy Giuliani with Glenn Beck should be raclled:

Beck: I think you are confronting a more dangerous enemy today than the Gambino criminal clan.

Giuliani: Undoubtedly. And I will tell you why. Firstly, they are capable of killing. They were already killing people. Secondly, they have media protection, which the mafia did not have. 80% of the media are involved in the commission of their crimes. At a minimum, they do not talk about these crimes.

Beck: Donald Trump said that the media are the enemies of the country. I thought that these were very harsh words, and that this was not a very well formulated thought. Now I think he is 100% right.

Giuliani: I spent the whole election campaign with him, and when he first said this, I asked him to moderate his ardor. And now I think that he still softened the situation. Since December 8, 2015, it is clear that Joe Biden and Hunter Biden have been involved in corruption in Ukraine. The New York Times wrote about this. They wrote, “Hunter Biden receives money from the bottom of the most dishonest companies in Ukraine, from the most criminal person in Ukraine – and his father is responsible for allocating money for Ukraine.” I need an IQ in the region of ten to understand that this is a crime.

Beck: They call it the “conspiracy theory.” I am holding a document. This is a document from the office of the prosecutor of the Republic of Latvia. From the office for the prevention of money laundering from criminal activity. Both the name Burisma and the name Hunter Biden, as well as their partners throughout this document. What is it?

Giuliani: This is a confirmation from the Latvian government to the Ukrainian government that two or three weeks before Shokin was fired, they had a suspicion of a significant money laundering transaction. And later I received documents confirming this. They are in Ukrainian, but I personally translated them using a special application.

And they say that $ 14.3 million was transferred from Ukraine to a forged company owned by Victor Pinchuk, another oligarch.

It looked like a loan, but then the amount was transferred to Cyprus and distributed among the board members of the company. And on this list there are two surnames – Hunter Biden and Devin Archer.


The prosecutor called the office of this Cypriot company, and he was told that “the American Embassy does not allow me to give information about Hunter Biden.”

Devin Archer was convicted a year later in the southern district of New York for insider trading. We got the records of this court. According to these records, Devin Archer received $ 3.2 million from Cyprus on the very day of the above transfer. It is clear that this is the same money, and we can prove it.

We call this the “simplest money laundering case.” When I was a prosecutor, I turned over such matters to my most inexperienced assistants. The court took a maximum of three days. And I didn’t even need witnesses, just authentic documents. Such cases can be given even to the most incompetent assistant prosecutors – all the same, they cannot be lost. Even if the accused’s name is Hunter Biden.

And I’m furious that Joe Biden is still not under investigation. This is absurd. And it shows not only the double standards of our media, but also offends the judiciary.

The man confessed to bribery! Publicly confessed to bribery!

It seems that they do not understand who I am and what I have been doing all my life.

And this is not “Rudy Giuliani came up with”, these are documents of the Latvian government.

I also have testimonies from an Austrian doctor, a specialist in poisoning. He saved the life of Viktor Yushchenko. Do you remember him?

Beck: A person with a face …

Giuliani: I was at a CIA briefing where they said that this was the only person who could save Ukraine if Putin did not kill him. Putin did not kill him, but took his face (oh my God, what nonsense they periodically carry – approx. Rogers).

The surname of Dr. Korpen, and I remembered these events especially well, because the clinic was called “Rudolph”. This is a well-known expert, and he confirms with documents the results of the initial examination of Mr. Shokin three months ago, when he went to the hospital.

Back (reads): Dear sir / madam. Primary diagnosis showed mercury poisoning.

Giuliani: The doctor says that the only way to get such an amount of mercury in the body is poisoning. I have a document in German saying that the permissible amount of mercury in the body is up to two. And Shokin had 9.2. He was able when his liver was already collapsing. It certainly was a murder attempt.

Beck: Therefore, we tried to contact him.

Giuliani: Our embassy did not allow him to come to the United States, because our embassy was involved in this. Including Ambassador Taylor. Taylor did not allow this man to come to the United States, because he could testify.

This is not some kind of anonymous snitch (“whistleblower”, the codename of an intelligence officer whose testimony is used to impeach Trump – approx. Ѝ Rogers).


This is a man who openly calls his name – Victor Shokin. He puts his hand on the Bible, vows to tell only the truth and says, “Joe Biden bribed my president to fire me.”

Shokin and several of his colleagues (four or five) can show us how much more money Biden stole, of which we still do not know. Including money laundering.

Beck: So, Rudy, you and I discussed this yesterday. I spoke with your guard and said, “Please keep this person safe.” Because this case is much more than just protecting the president. This is much more important than Donald Trump, Hunter Biden and Joe Biden. If this is not brought to clean water, then we will turn into Mexico or Ukraine.

We are following the road where we can no longer trust law enforcement agencies, can not trust the courts, can not trust our media. And we will no longer know who is dirty and who is not – we no longer have real justice. We need to cleanse ourselves.

Giuliani: You will not exaggerate a drop. We destroy equal justice for all. We have been doing this since the Clinton case.

But on the other hand, they blame and persecute the Republicans! For insignificant things, on far-fetched occasions. Look what they did to Flynn. Look what they did to Papadopoulos. He should not have been given even two weeks in prison!

Beck: Carter Page. His life is ruined.

Giuliani: I have newspaper reports on ten crimes for which I was allegedly prosecuted by the Southern District of New York. And in each of these cases, I can easily prove that I did not.

Allegedly, I have significant financial investments in Ukraine. Ok, if you find them, I will give you half. They lie, they lie, they lie.

And they prefer the word of a liar over the word of the president, as was the case with Michael Cohen (who testified about the allegedly upcoming construction of the Trump Tower in Moscow – approx. Rogers). These are sick people. Trump’s Mental Disorder Syndrome

I know the southern district of New York. This is the Willow League, these are brilliant outstanding lawyers, they think that they are smarter than everyone on the planet. And they are great candidates for Trump’s Disorder Syndrome when you lose all logic.

Beck: No need to simplify. I think it’s rather, “We control the president, we control the goal-setting of the country, and he comes and destroys our wonderful little system. He won’t get away with it.”

Giuliani: We will try to kill you. Like Mr. Shokin. Or destroy you financially, like Papadopoulos. Or destroy you in any other way.

It’s like cancer. There are various reasons for it. Some of them are ideological crazy. They believe that. Others believe that they have the right to destroy you, because they are morally superior to you. And some of them are just crooks.

And those of them who act in Ukraine are just crooks. There I opened a money laundering system that has been operating for eight years. It started around 2012. $ 7.5 billion for the US Democratic Party was laundered by Yanukovych, the “pro-Russian” president who ruled at that time. He spent the money through American institutions controlled by the Democratic Party, controlled by one person from the Obama administration. He had a bunch of connections with the Democrats. 7.5 billion went through two specific banks, with a yield of 9.5% per annum for all participants in this process.

Beck: Wow!

Giuliani: We know the Ukrainians who participated in this. I have very close ties with Ukrainian law enforcement agencies. The US refused to be involved in this investigation. The Department of Justice and the FBI refused. I have letters from Ukrainian prosecutors to the US Department of Justice in which they beg to intervene in the investigation.

And they turned to the southern district of New York with these documents two months earlier than me – and they were refused. During this time, we would have investigated all this for a long time.

Beck: The Southern District even said in Congress that these documents were just “conspiracy theories.” But this is not so! If you prove to me that these documents are fake …

Giuliani: But this needs to be investigated. They say, “Charges against Biden were debunked.” Show me a report about it!

Beck: Exactly!

Giuliani: I want to show you one document that will anger the president more than others. And you will see why. This is an accounting document from 2017, during the Obama administration. It follows that foreign assistance to Ukraine in the amount of $ 5.3 billion was used for other purposes. About 80% of this amount is American money.

Trump regularly repeats that he is worried about how Ukrainians spend money. And here is the proof. This is not Adam Schiff’s lie, but evidence.

Ukrainians began to investigate this. And then two employees of our embassy came to them and said, “Do not investigate this. We do not give a damn. We do not give a damn about 5.3 billion of the money of our taxpayers.” And then they began to exert even greater pressure on the investigation.

Why did this happen? Because these documents show that the American embassy did not give this money to the government of Ukraine, but to NGOs. And do you know who owns the largest of these NGOs?

Beck: Yes. George Soros.

Giuliani: Oh my god! We are anti-Semites! We said the name George Soros!

But I am not anti-Semite. As a prosecutor, I prosecuted Italian criminals, I prosecuted Jewish criminals, I pursued any possible criminals, maybe even Martian ones.

This money went to democratic NGOs, and they plundered half of them. This was told to me by honest Ukrainians, who are actually many. Emphasizing that during the Obama administration, corruption was much worse. And adding, “You Americans send us people like Biden, and then you give us lectures on corruption.” And then our people laugh at you, because he and his son are the most corrupt people in the country.

Beck: We’re running out of airtime. Can you convince me that this will all come to light? What will these people be judged?


Giuliani: If I don’t die. So they better kill me. There is no reason why they should not be condemned.

This case must be in federal court. I know the federal courts best. It will not be immodest to say, but I am the best and most successful US attorney in the last 50 years.

If someone is afraid to be a prosecutor in such a process, then I am ready to be a special prosecutor. And I condemn each of them personally.




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