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Joe And Hunter Biden’s Profitable Ukrainian Adventures

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Joe And Hunter Biden's Profitable Ukrainian Adventures

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On December 27th, a press conference in Ukraine established the connection of US President-elect Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden and large corruption in Ukraine.

This is a follow-up of more than a year worth of reports and press briefings by various Ukrainian officials claiming the same.

It all started back in 2019, when Ukrainian members of parliament demanded from Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and US President Donald Trump to investigate billions of dollars of corruption in Ukraine that is tied to the U.S.

The long video addresses Joe and Hunter Biden briefly, with most of it focused on other figures of corruption.

“At one of the first press conferences about a year ago, we showed bank transactions for hundreds of thousands of dollars to the family of former US Vice President Joe Biden, namely to his son Robert Hunter Biden. The latter was a member of the board of directors of the infamous gas production company Burisma.

Burisma belongs to the fugitive Yanukovych-era minister Mykola Zlochevsky.

The inclusion of Biden in the Burisma leadership and payment for his services is nothing more than a political cover that protected Zlochevsky from the Ukrainian law, namely from the criminal code.”

Joe And Hunter Biden's Profitable Ukrainian Adventures

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Two foreign witnesses whose identities are protected – Witness 1 and Witness 2 – came forward to testify about the facts of the case. Konstantyn Kulyk, the Head of the Group of Prosecutors of the Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine, explained what the witnesses offered:

“All the described financial transactions were fictitious. And a lot of money was paid in Ukraine so that the state authorities turned a blind eye to it.”


In the period from November 2014 to October 2015, the Witnesses noticed strange recurring payments that, at the direction of Oleh Nelin (Zlochevsky’s assistant in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine), were sent from the account of BURISMA HOLDINGS LTD, which was opened for the personal needs of Mykola Zlochevsky, in the Latvian PrivatBank AS to the account of the American company ROSEMONT SENECA BONAI LLC.

The witnesses drew attention to these payments since about 20 times the same uneven amount was recurring – $83,333.33 as payment for consulting services.


In the period from November 2014 to October 2015, the money stolen from Ukrainians, located on account of BURISMA HOLDINGS LTD with the Latvian PrivatBank AS, was transferred to the account of ROSEMONT SENECA BONAI LLC in the American bank MORGAN STANLEY in payments in total amounting to $3.4 million for consulting services.


This is a payment for the political “cover” that Biden provided to Zlochevsky.”

All this money, in a total amount of about $5 million, was stolen from the Ukrainians and laundered through the above shell companies.

HINT: from left to right the prompts are – “Sender”, “Amount”, “Recipient”.

Joe And Hunter Biden's Profitable Ukrainian Adventures

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Joe And Hunter Biden's Profitable Ukrainian Adventures

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This is a payment for the political “cover” that Biden provided to Zlochevsky.

This is only part of the payments for a short period, confirmed with documents by the witnesses. And it was also confirmed by the reports of the Financial Intelligence Units of Latvia, Cyprus and Ukraine, which are posted on the NABU-leaks website.

A plethora of documents can also be viewed on the Nabu Leaks website.

Andrii Derkach also spoke at the press conference.

He focused on Joe Biden’s conversations with former president Poroshenko when Viktor Shokin, a prosecutor, started looking into Zlochevsky’s graft.  As it is known, Biden openly boasted about holding up money from the U.S. unless Poroshenko fired Shokin.

The press conference included audio from a November 16, 2016 conversation between Biden and Poroshenko.  Biden was wheeling and dealing for influence and money — and conducting foreign policy behind Trump’s back.  The men spoke again in February 2017, at which time Biden smothered Poroshenko with fulsome compliments.

The video of the press conference is rather viral in Ukraine, since it proves that Biden provided heavy support to a very corrupt Ukrainian government, and he also profited quite a bit from it.


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Ashok Varma

It is interesting to note that both Trump and Biden are equal opportunity crooks who are taking bribes from the same suspects like Saudi Prince Talal’s Citibank and Ukrainian Jew oligarchs. The same people are funding a lot of Indian RSS politicians as well in order to weaken ties with Russia. Indian media and diplomatic establishment is now subservient to Kamala in her anti Russian views. Biden will create tensions with Russia but kow tow to China.

Samuel Vanguard

joe and hunter deserve to spend their lives in prison

Just Me

Biden is the most corrupt demented sleaze ball in US politics, which is not saying much.


The deep-state must be thrilled that cronyism is back in vogue. So much money to be made off of failing/failed states now that they have one of ‘their guys’ back in the White House.

Al Balog

I don’t know why, but as a Hungarian when I think of Ukraine, for some reason the first thing that comes to my mind is fast-food. Not Nazis, not Donbass & Zakarpattia, not crappy politics, but freakin’ fast-food.

Whenever I hear anything remotely Ukraine, I have an image like this in my head. Is my brain degrading or something? I don’t know anymore heading into 2021… All I know is that Biden would eat this ?.


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