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Jihadists Released New Video Of Suicide Attack On Russian-Turkish Patrol In Syria’s Greater Idlib


The Khattab al-Shishani Brigades has released a new video of the July 14 suicide attack, which targeted a joint Russian-Turkish patrol on the M4 highway in the northwestern Syrian region of Greater Idlib.

The video, that is titled Wa yashfi sudoora Dawmin Mumineena [And Heal the Hearts of a Believing People], shows the suicide vehicle-borne improvised explosive device, which was parked right on the side of the highway, blowing up a few meters away from a Russian BTR-80 armored personnel carrier.

Despite receiving a direct hit, the Russian BTR sustained a minimum damage. Only three crew members sustained minor injuries.

The attack was shot with several cameras as well as a drone. This proves that the perpetrators were very comfortable and didn’t face any serious pressure or threats.

In the video, the al-Qaeda-affiliated Khattab al-Shishani Brigades attacked Russia, Turkey and the Damascus government. The group also criticized Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham, which controls Greater Idlib region, and accused it of protecting the joint Russian-Turkish patrol.

The Khattab al-Shishani Brigades’ attack failed to sabotage the ceasefire agreement between Russia and Turkey signed on March 5. On July 22, Russian and Turkish troops completed the first ever full patrol on the M4 highway.

Little is known about the Khattab al-Shishani Brigades. The mysterious terrorist group may be only a front for bigger groups or even foreign sides.




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