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Jihadists Released New Video Of Suicide Attack On Russian-Turkish Patrol In Syria’s Greater Idlib

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The Khattab al-Shishani Brigades has released a new video of the July 14 suicide attack, which targeted a joint Russian-Turkish patrol on the M4 highway in the northwestern Syrian region of Greater Idlib.

The video, that is titled Wa yashfi sudoora Dawmin Mumineena [And Heal the Hearts of a Believing People], shows the suicide vehicle-borne improvised explosive device, which was parked right on the side of the highway, blowing up a few meters away from a Russian BTR-80 armored personnel carrier.

Despite receiving a direct hit, the Russian BTR sustained a minimum damage. Only three crew members sustained minor injuries.

The attack was shot with several cameras as well as a drone. This proves that the perpetrators were very comfortable and didn’t face any serious pressure or threats.

In the video, the al-Qaeda-affiliated Khattab al-Shishani Brigades attacked Russia, Turkey and the Damascus government. The group also criticized Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham, which controls Greater Idlib region, and accused it of protecting the joint Russian-Turkish patrol.

The Khattab al-Shishani Brigades’ attack failed to sabotage the ceasefire agreement between Russia and Turkey signed on March 5. On July 22, Russian and Turkish troops completed the first ever full patrol on the M4 highway.

Little is known about the Khattab al-Shishani Brigades. The mysterious terrorist group may be only a front for bigger groups or even foreign sides.


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So one terrorist rat is dead to scratch few Russians?! And hundreds of them rats in Idlib have received Russian bombs up their arse all day long! Was it worth it terrorist rats to lose so many lives? I doubt very much !


Ntz ntz ntz. They have literally more than they can feed.




Where’s the ads that block my phone?

King Cliff

I must say the Russian have a lot patience or they just don’t poosses the mean to stand firm …I mean the Turkish shot down they planed and cause a pilot to die,they tukish back rebel shut down they helicopter and cause a pilot to die,the Isreal cause a plane of theirs to bebl shut down and the united state of America secretary of state mocking the death or Russian they have kills…I mean how much humiliation can one take before standing tall…..They must have good restraint, it must be that cause I don’t know what it is. Those in power don’t respect hand of diplomacy but the hands of strength and once they being smack that’s when they will want to talk

cechas vodobenikov

the turks did zero when Russian planes eliminated 50 Turkish soldiers; amerikans did zero when Iran eliminated and injured at least 70 US military in Iraq after their general was illegally assassinated….US did nothing about S Ossetia, Abkhazia, Donbass, Crimea, pridnestrovia—US planes will not fly east of the Euphrates where Russian installations are located

cechas vodobenikov

civilized people don’t murder and genocide civilians as the amerikans do to win wars…of course, even then amerikans lose all their wars unless it is vs an island nation like Grenada…the feminized, insecure American cowards can only murder civilians, attack grains of sand and claim victory

Willing Conscience (The Truths

LOL, I’m living in fantasy land, Alice didn’t just fall down a rabbit hole, she came out on the other side of the earth.

HTS don’t want or need the highway reopened, they have their own network of roads, operational checkpoints, and tariff collection points, so they don’t need the highway reopened, they already have everything they need to sell goods to the Syrian government, and they sell lot’s of goods to the Syrian government, the Turkish backed factions don’t though, nothing, zilch, zero. But Turkey really wants the highway reopened, and they want it more than anyone else does. If the highway’s reopened HTS will lose major trade privileges with the Syrian government and the Turkish backed factions will benefit from their loss, that’s what really happens when the highways reopened. It’s not in HTS’s best interests to have the highway reopened, it’s only benefiting Turkey and ‘some of’ the factions Turkey supports.

“The group also criticized Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham, which controls Greater Idlib region, and accused it of protecting the joint Russian-Turkish patrol.”

LOL LOL, So Turkey forced HTS to stop a few groups of local people who were protesting against Turkish cooperation with Russia and the reopening the highway, and now this group Khattab al-Shishani Brigade is upset about it, LOL LOL, but most of the protesters that HTS stopped weren’t even HTS supporters at all, most of them were actually pro Turkish supporters, and HTS didn’t do it voluntarily out of any allegiance or gratitude towards Turkey, they did it because Turkey actually forced them to do it. Turkey didn’t want to get it’s own hands dirty so they forced HTS to do it instead. HTS was totally opposed to the highway reopening, some of us may have forgotten all the early reports on SF blaming them for willfully hindering Russian and Turkish efforts to reopen the highway but I haven’t, and they’re still opposed to the highway reopening, and that’s because most of the locals that live in the occupied areas don’t want the highway reopened at all, and not even all the factions that support Turkey want it reopened either. Maybe that’s why the HTS supported Salvation government is becoming more popular than the Turkish backed Interim Government is, they listen to the locals.

Khattab al-Shishani Brigade has no affiliation with HTS whatsoever, it does however have deep affiliations with the Turkish supported groups like the NFL and the FSA, and with Isis too, so when I first read the suicide attack was orchestrated by this group and for the purposes they claimed, I nearly laughed my guts out, that can only mean it’s really a protest against Turkey by the very people that Turkey supports and who normally support Turkey, LOL.

SF is very keen to portray HTS as the bad guy whenever they can, and it’s true they are the bad guy, there’s no dispute about that, but they aren’t the only bad guy in the story, Turkey’s a bad guy too, and my dispute is whether or not HTS or Turkey is the baddest bad guy in the story, and totally contrary to SF’s implied views, I think Turkey’s the worst bad guy in the story, not HTS. But you’d never know they are just by reading SF articles, the journos on SF think that reopening the highway is a good thing for everyone and seem to promote the idea, whereas I believe it only really suites Erdogan’s motives, and I do everything I can to explain why it’s a bad idea to reopen it. HTS is the enemy but they’re not the only enemy, and getting rid of the biggest enemy first should be the highest priority, not getting rid of the weakest first, which doesn’t make sense to a good strategist if taken at face value, but when you add into the equation the fact that the weaker enemy is currently giving the stronger enemy a thrashing in the field because of an internal dispute, then it makes perfect sense to let them thrash it out, even more sense if you help the weaker enemy beat up the stronger enemy.

Assad does trade deals with HTS but doesn’t do deals with the Turkish backed opposition because he’s a good strategist, Putin does deals with Erdogan and wants to reopen the highway because he has geopolitical concerns, that’s why these articles from SF are sometimes more than just confusing, they’re often blatantly biased. You might believe that reopening the highway is in Syria’s best interests but it isn’t, all it does is let the stronger enemy beat the weaker enemy, and that isn’t in Syria’s best interest at all, especially when the enemy left standing is 10 times as powerful as you.

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