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Jihadists Downed L-39 Jet Over Syria’s Aleppo

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Jihadists Downed L-39 Jet Over Syria's Aleppo

L-39 Photo: TASS, Sergey Bobilev

Last night, ‘moderate’ jihadists downed a L-39 Albatros jet (military trainer aircraft/light ground-attack aircraft) belonging to the Syrian Arab Air Force over the Syrian city of Aleppo.

The L-39 Albatros was conducting air raids against militant targets in the area between Aleppo Citadel and the National Eye Hospital when it was hit from the ground.

Both pilots died in the crash.

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Otherwise, Albatros is only training plane. never should be used in battles. This is also on the costs of SAA.

Keep it Real

In war you have to fight with what you have! No time for window Shopping!


Aha! So, you should use agricultural machines :)

I do not agree with yyour opinion. I flew with albatros, i knew, this is like civil plane.


Russian nightwitches, as Germans called them, also fought in old training aircraft.


And abandoned pilots. For nothing.

Keep it Real

everyday SAA soilders on the ground are at risk. welcome to the front pilots!


This is no argue. I know something about military and tatctics. Such mentality is only vaste with menpower.
I know, most of you never was soldier. It is easy create theories, the hard thing is the battlefield. For example, 1 month ago all of people on this forum lughed, when I told, should be the ratio of corps 3:1 in favour of attacker. They told, it is old conception. I did not discssed with people, who know nothing. But look at this vide fro, AMN. You will hear, the manpower ratio is 4:1 in favour for government forces.


This is the reason, why has the SAA momentum. Of course, also at manbij was and in Mosul is at least 10x more attackers then terrorists.

Back to the pilots. You should do such decision only if there is a last stand. But now in Aleppo thos is not the real situation. An i tell you, 1 albatros will never decrease the risk for ground forces.

Keep it Real

again, in war you fight with what you have. if this was the only plane ready to do the job at that moment and SAA soilders where in trouble on the ground there might be no other option to take the risk, and its not like 100 planes were shot down. your paper work on war is a study, fact on the ground are different.


only bloddy idiot do what you wrote.


let you enroll and go fight with knife! : ))) idiot :)))

Keep it Real

le i said, you have to fight with what you have, it aint christmas!


NO! Pilots are more important then planes. SAA abandoned both. For nothing. SAA did not need use training planes. It was stupidity.


The L-39 is a very capable light attack aircraft. It’s agile, fast, and carries a lethal ordnance load. The pilots were brave men, and they were not abandoned by the SAA. This entire war is stupidity, and another product of the good old USA.


yes, we produced it and in OUR army was NEVER attack aircraft. it was produced ONLY for training purposes. you are stupid!


You are a foolish man who hides his ignorance behind insults.


If you think the L-39 is only a training aircraft you need to check out its capabilities. Where do you get off blaming this on the SAA? This was an act of war, and it was the pilots’ day to die. It happens; get over it.


i know this plane personally, not from papers like you :)))

if you do not understand what does mean traaining, go back to kindegarden.


If you do not understand the meaning of light attack aircraft you should learn to read.


Boyo, this pane was never concipated as light attack. You and some idiot in SAAF can tell, that it will be attack plane, but in reality never will be. You can tall, that renault megane is light infantry vehicle. and you can use it in that way. the result will be the same.
discussion over.


sólyomszem you talk too much….. And you are wrong!!!!

from wikipedia:
Significantly upgraded L-39ZO for armed training and light attack, employing sturdier landing gear, a higher payload (total 1,290 kg (2,844 lb)) and notably provision for a GSh-23L 23-millimeter twin-barreled cannon attached in a conformal pod under the pilots’ compartment, having a 150-round magazine within the airframe. Outer pylons wired to carry K-13 or R-60 air-to-air missiles. Two prototypes, with first flying on 29 September 1976. 208 aircraft delivered.

The Syrian Arab Air Force has operated a number of armed L-39ZA light attack variants.[50] Since the early stages of the Syrian civil war, the Syrian Air Force’s L-39 aircraft have been routinely deployed in counter-insurgency operations against various rebel ground forces, a number of these aircraft have also been shot down by ground fire. They were first used operationally during the Battle of Aleppo, launching several strikes upon rebel-held positions.[51][52][53] It has been claimed the L-39 was the first fixed-wing aircraft to be employed against the rebels.[54]

In February 2013, insurgents successfully captured a number of intact L-39s, along with their support equipment, after raiding and later taking over the Al-Jarrah airbase.[55][56] In late 2013, reports emerged of claims by Islamist fighters that they had successfully flown two of the captured L-39s.[57][58] In October 2014, the Syrian Government claimed that at least two rebel-held L-39s had been airworthy and had recently been destroyed by Syrian Air Force aircraft.[59]

According to Reuters, by 2014 the L-39 had allegedly become one of the favoured platforms of the Syrian Air Force for performing ground attack missions due to its slower speed and higher agility over other aircraft in its inventory; the L-39 was also being supplemented by deliveries of the newer Russian-built Yakovlev Yak-130.[60][61] In December 2015, following the securing of the Kweiris airbase by government forces, the resumption of ground-attack missions by L-39s in the vicinity of Aleppo commenced shortly thereafter.[54]

SO… sólyomszem shut the F.U.


So, tell me, does the sun rise in the east ?

Marumiyu Moriame

the noose is getting tighter the question is when will they finally choke. the us will regret the day it gave manpads to terrorists, the day a civi aircraft falls from the sky over Europe. the missile will have made in the usa etched on it, and then we all will know who truly is to blame.


Last night? I read this info 2 days ago!

John Smith

Has the Russian Yak-130 made a debut in Syria? You think it could be a better choice for SAA pilots?


Hopefully soon the Syrian army gets to the area the anti-aircraft missile was launched, captures the equipment and kills the militants.

Lord Humongous

The pilots (may God rest their souls) did not die in vain. When they were hit, they were conducting a raid against militant targets between Aleppo Citadel and the National Eye Hospital. The National Eye Hospital is now fully controlled by SAA. And I look forward to tomorrow (December 5, 2016), when I believe SAA will drive from the National Eye Hospital to the Citadel and on to Old Aleppo. Terrorists North of the Citadel will be cut off and destroyed piecemeal.

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