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JULY 2022

Jihadists Desecrate Bodies of Fallen Russian Pilots in Idlib (VERY GRAPHIC FOOTAGE)

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The US-backed moderate rebels jihadists released a video, depicting the jihadi fighters that are desecrating the bodies of 2 dead Russian servicemen. The footage also depicts the buring wreckage of the Russian Mi-8 helicopter that had been shot down earlier today in Syira’s Idlib proviince.

According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, the helicopter “has been shot down by ground fire in Idlib province after a delivery of humanitarian aid to the city of Aleppo.”

Fighters on the video was identified as members of the moderate opposition group called the Army of Conquest (Jaish al-Fatah).

One of the pilot was woman. A comment of the UK-based “pro-opposition” journalist:

“If the Russian woman was captured alive we would’ve been more happy”

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Heiko Demonus

This ongoing was a great mistake by the rebels. The Russians will promptly put up their forces again. Their plane carrier comes already. Now the rebels won’t find any pardon by the Russians. This gets personal to the Russians. You will see.


Erdogan is a good leader because he is strong. People like strong leaders not like Putin who has showed a lot of sissiness in his action in Ukraine, Syria and at home. Even 10,000+ Russian killed in Donbass, Russian plains shot down by terrorists, etc don’t move him too much. The slaughter in Syria by U.S. and Israeli terrorists should be won long time ago. Russian should exchange him for Erdagon. That’s better choice.

Heiko Demonus

How can anyone believe such stupid things … . Erdogan is nothing in the entirly world, not worth to talk about. One time he cries for help from NATO, one day the cries for help from Saudi Arabia and one day from Russia. He is the most imbecile leader of a country. Not a single country, except Turkey itself, is believing in a honorable Turkey anymore. Turkey is a weaky and rotten state these days and a ISIS supporter, not more and not less.


Yes – but note that Erdogan takes care of his own, those on “his side”, whether inside Turkey or outside of it, to the best of his ability. He never throws away the lives of his own people, those on his side, for the sake of trying to help enemy civilians, or because of worrying what the enemy press will say about him.


Less than 10,000 people have died in Ukraine but 10,000 Russians have died? What


Exactly! Putin cares more for what the Western media and elites (that is, people who already hate him and Russia) will say about him, than for the Russians and allied Syrians getting killed. Back in February, just as the jihadis in Northern Syria were about to be smashed, he stopped the successful military operations and called a “truce” to “talk with our partners”! Look at this beautiful and heroic Russian female pilot killed while trying to “deliver humanitarian aid” to enemy civilians – isn’t this a waste?? Russia should simply carpet-bomb jihadi-held areas until all resistance is broken, and to hell with “collateral damage” to jihadi civilians. That is what the U.S./NATO would do if they were fighting Russians – oh wait, they are already doing that in Donetsk!

Real Anti-Racist Action

These Sunni trained by Zionist do not care about their own lives, let alone other peoples lives. As the bible says, “they are drunk on killing” Israel has already won. #1 They depopulated Syria by millions. From 400,000 dead, and several million completely abandoned Syria in favor of other lands away from Israel. #2 They destroyed the infrastructure of Syria by 80%. #3 They finished taking and claiming the Golan Heights inside of the Zionist line. Syria and Russia are helpless to do anything about it. #4 They eroded the Syrian military, cause the Syrian military has suffered 63% casualties in the past 5 years. #5 Israel showed the world that even the combined strength of Syria Lebanon Russia and Iran together cannot defeat militias within a 5 year period. This makes Syria and their allies look weak and ineffective. #6 Israel has suffered less then 25 casualties in this war. – Syria and Iran and Lebanon and Russia has suffered estimated over 107,000 casualties. And less then 25 Israelis dead. Israel has won this round. And now Israel is supplying advanced weapons and training to the Ukrainian forces to do the same directly to Russians.

Lesley King

oooh man..! this is not war, trampling your slain enemies corps, this is perversion. I wouldnt be surprised is those guys came back in the night to enjoy some necrofily

Schalk Willem Burger

I think its time that russia drop one of the termobaric bombs on then, the father of al bombs and send them all to hell.

A Kornél

Mr Putin. Please do what you see fit !!!

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