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JULY 2022

Jihadists Claim to Break Siege of Aleppo, Open Alramousa Road. Govt Forces Deny

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Jihadists Claim to Break Siege of Aleppo, Open Alramousa Road. Govt Forces Deny

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The joint forces of various jihadi factions are developing momentum in southwestern Aleppo.

Following, the morning offensive, they reportedly successfully advanced in the Ramouseh Artillery Base and in the Ramouseh Neighborhood, cutting of the supply line to the government-controlled areas in western Aleppo.

Clashes in the Ramouseh Artillery Base (from militant side):

Pro-militant sources claim that the jihadists have already reopened Alramousa road in the south east of Aleppo city. These reports have not been confirmed. Furthermore any such statements are very questionable because even if they are able to re-open this road, it will be under heavy artillery fire from the Syrian army.

Clashes in the Ramouseh Artillery Base (from the Syrian army side):

Meanwhile, pro-government sources argue that the siege have not been lifted. According to reports, Syrian army and Tiger Forces units were able to repell the jihadist’s attempts to advance in the Ramouseh Neighborhood and even resotred some sites in the artillery base. These reports are not confirmed, also.

Conflicting reports from the ground does not allow to confirm or deny the both versions. However, it’s clear that intense fihting in the area cut off the supply line to the government-controlled western urban area of Aleppo. This is a significant success of the militants that leads to the escalation of this stage of the battle for the city.

Jihadists Claim to Break Siege of Aleppo, Open Alramousa Road. Govt Forces Deny

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dr Assad

Useless saa cowards u desrv whtugt!

john duff

have you ever fight in a war ? It is really easy to comment behind your computer ….

Jens Holm

And You are sitting wounded in a tank at the artillarybase throwing stones.


a lot of SAA soldiers are dead today to defend their own country against djihadists and you call them as cowards ?

Jens Holm

Dr Assad seems not to be even a far out related to General Patton.

If Dr Assad was leader of ISIS they were gone Years ago. .

Erdowie Erdowo

I just started to hate Russia. Why? Because it seems like they don’t want to win this war.

Shit war. Cancerous western countries, Saudia Arabia, Turkey and Arab golfstates will make sure the terrorist rebels won’t lose.

Just mad atm.


How can Russia make the SAA hold their ground?

Erdowie Erdowo

Come on man im quite sure that they can bomb the shit of them. It’s a bit outside of the city so no civilians that can be harm.

If SAA will lose Aleppo. What is next? Latakia? So Russia will lose its base. I always had respect for Russia. When they started with the Syria operation they did so good and now…

Again im just mad because these terrorist rebels just won a big fight (if its true).


No siege in history was maintained by air power but it can only be done by land troops so if the SAA doesn’t do their job all of the bombs in the world are not going to help that.

Jens Holm

Think You forget its very close figting and the way russians do their bombing easy can hit the SAA as well. There are many SAA there too. From an aeroplane You cant see much and the enemy is clever moving around alle the time or try to be as much protected as posiible.

Think the americans could do it a litlle. Their bombs are smarter and more specific.

And why should SAA loose Alleppo. ISIS is slowed down by bug loses and dont claim part of it anymore. SAA has just got a flock of new armered tanks and more.

If You take the whole picture SAA is doing fine and Nuasra and Kaida dont like each other anymore.

Jo Ann Freeboom


Jens Holm

sorry meant ISIS is slowed dow´n by big loses and dont claim Alleppo anymore. That Should help Assad – Shouldnt it with a relativly calm front east and soth-.east of Aleppo.


It seems Russia has been foolishly tied to some deals with Kerry and the Israeli president whereby it agreed to not bomb certain areas.

Jens Holm

Just bla-bla to me. Dont like russians as well. But they are not fools.

Seems nice all syrians can mingle in at least one place not being bombed all the time. Might be a graveyard., where they burn the dead ones and they come faster to heaven by visiting Jerusalem.

Juan C. Mendizabal

It’s normal they (Lavrov and Kerry) agreed to don’t hurting themselves. And so don’t scale the war. The “dialog” among them many times can be measured through those “hurts” they inflict to each other.


But fact is Russia had been doing well against ISIS and was quickly shrinking its territory. If Russia avoided/refused those talks all together, I think Syria would have less terrorists still in its territory today. U.S. uses terrorists as a tool against a country, and usually helps them under the guise of fighting terrorists.

John Whitehot

are you stupid? “what if the SAA gonna lose Aleppo” after it basically encircles the whole of it? Jihadists may well be occupying 100 meters of territory of said circle, that does not mean they can supply the city. If i were a wise commander I’d let them keep a narrow corridor and then bomb everything coming in or out, also without the idiotic western medias depicting a siege like srebrenica aand the like

Jens Holm

Think the russians are and Hisbollat probatly too are helping as much, as they can.

Russians threw cluisterbombs yesterday too, and children again can play with the non exploded. Dont know if it was the terri´tory, where they last week threw non exploding toys out – or is so called nor yets or happy birthday.

Weapons Expert

Russian cluster bomb ammunition has a special fuse triggered by centrifugal force. If it doesnt explode then, it will never explode.


Don’t use me as reference for your bullshit because the US air force is the biggest user off cluster bombs in history from Korea,Vietnam,Bosnia,Serbia,Iraq and so on,you didn’t care when they drop them in those countries but now you are worried about the children of Syria,shut up already.

Jens Holm

If You want facts on munition users by a list from wikkeed: Armenia Azerbaijan, Colombia. Ethiopia, Eritrea, France, Georgia, Iran, Iraq, Israel Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, Morocco, Netherlands, Nigeria, Russia, Saudi Arabia South Africa/ South Africa, Sudan,Syria, United Kingdom, United States & Sri Lanka.

But here is a 2015 convention.

Juan C. Mendizabal

Arent you confusing with Yemen?

Jens Holm

You must be blind Erdowie Erdowo.

If so, the rebals had very good RPG`s and Stinger missiles too taking down at least all slow and low flyings from Assad and their friend Putin.

ISIS/Daesh seemes to be bombarded very much from Manbij to Mosul. Thats nothing and supporting terrorrists. A few days ago it was Falluja.

Then Ypu could say Kurds are terrorists as well. Then they are and Daesh should be friends for them.

Very traditional writing from You. Everybody else are doing all the bad things and You treat everybody nice especially muslims are friends – and You have no respeonsablity for things going on in this part of the world. None.

Your problem is the same during many years. A complicated country cant be ruled by fathers in families, in tribes and with a all mighty father in the top controlling everything. Thats impossible.

A comlipcated country give trust and responsability to everybody. And Yes we can for own and alls benefit.

So if You want to rule fx Syria, You either have to divede the power giving everybody real part of the totally responsablity – or divede the country in homogene parts, where the dictators, warlords or religios leader can see and help all corners.

You learn to obey too musch and the women are not equal and You are also loosing much by that. You have to learn to make better decissions.

By the way its also the bíg diffrence to the Jewes. They get clever from child learning to ask questions and make conclusions. how, why, if, whome a.s. o.

It doesnt matter how many arabs, there are as long as they insist in not learning – 1948, 1956, 1973 and so on and a kind of WW1 & WW2 among You.


“Your problem is the same during many years. A complicated country cant be ruled by fathers in families, in tribes and with a all mighty father in the top controlling everything. Thats impossible.”

It is a very good insight. But I think you are an european and you fail to recognize that there should be a transition phase, just like europe had for 100s of years- in order to achieve a good fonctioning political and social system based on human rights, justice and social equalities. europeans were eager to celebrate Arab Spring as a victory of democracy- very foolishly- and you see what do we have in those countries now. I understand european frustration towards dictators. However dou you also recognize that all arabic dictators were representing the most secular groups – which were minorities- in their countries. Whenever west removes a dictator, the people, I mean religious groups replace it. Immediately begins a transition into more islamic and traditional social life. And because the economies are torn apart by war -mostly caused by US bombings and interventions- Clan structures and fundementalist groups take control and rebuild their own socio-economic structures.

Europe has been ruled by ruthless kings and kaisers and napoleons and hitlers and francos and popes and and and and….during this transition years. That was not a problem. But you have no stomach to see dictators in countries which are 100 years behind europe culturally. Why dont you think that they try the same way as the white handsome europeans. Kill all dictators -even not caring about what they say and how their infamous! party programs are- hail to the people, which is culturally and socially has no means to understand what democracy or even statehood is. Who should assure the transition then and how, do you have any answer to that?

Assad bombed their people, kill assad. But brits also massacred Scots in Culloden and after many years long. Scots should go to canada USA and Australia to save their lives. I mean you guys have a great and very rich history to learn from.

To summarize it, I agree what you are saying, but the solution you propose, removing Assad, is very ill fated move, and proves a comprehensive ignorance towards arabic culture and history.


It is not just Russia, Syria itself did not take the war seriously enough at the beginning. Syria let itself be fully infiltrated and the militants set up a huge number of tunnels and bases. Now, part of the problem was Turkey and Syria agreeing to de-mine their common border, just a few years before the militants started setting up things. That was when Turkey was feigning friendship. Syria was a fool to trust a country with a very long and cruel history of harming Syria/Syrians and many others. Then, when Syria started fighting it was doing it very lightly, and most of the war its army waits and just repels the continued offensives of the rebels. It does not stop the offensives before they happen, it did not go after the terrorist bases and camps – didn’t bomb them or send missiles upon them. It made too many deals to allow the rebels to leave if they simply agreed to lay down their arms after they were already surrounding and loses badly in certain battles/areas. By letting go the same rebels who were terrorism civilians and destroying Syria’s infrastructure, it is allowing those same elements to regroup and re-arm after a temporary rest.

Jens Holm

Shit again from You. Do You believe in it Your self.

The main problem is, are and was the Assad Regime keeping 30% of its own population down by all possible ways exept nuking them.

If Assad and The Baaads had done right the 30% wouldnt have felt for doing that uprice and called for help everywhere OUTSIDE the country.

You ignore the reasons. It shouldt be needed for a normal gouverment to protect themselves against 40 very diffrent NUSRA groups as well as at least 2 groups of kurds.

And You defend army and police being not prepared. Assad had an army and the others had none. And Assad would like to defeat Israel and take back Golan Hights too.

You write “Syria was a fool to trust a country with a very long and cruel history of harming Syria/Syrians and many others”.

You was a part of that country for centuries too. And what about all Your own home made massacres. No responsibility for 200.000 asyrians were killed, many Yaseedies and around 100.000 christians and jews, at the same timeTurks murded more then 1 million armenians.

And after that. Thousends of Christian and Jews were killed og trown out of the country especiallly after 1948, where they dint have a shit to do about Israel being born.

And after that Assad and his father systematicly has killed opposition – cities, towns – with artillery, gas and machineguns.

You certainly is a very cencured person or a totally ignorant when writing as You do.

And people free to leave Syria. Syria is not a country, when it does that. Get out or You get shot, be tortured and jail.

Thats a despotic violent regime not respecting anybody meaning something else. Many of them have probaly been in the area since their parent came before the stoneage.

No wonder somebody is rotating in his grave in Al Bab. That wasnt what we meant he mubles again and again.

MrFriendly B

Jens, you’re only a pathetic and disgusting liar.

Dave Brown

take your meds

Boris Kazlov

Same old CIA shit about the tyrant abusing his own people and needing a humanitarian intervention, Same IN Iraq, and Lybia, Jens Hollm Stoltenberg ia the same shit.


“You was a part of that country for centuries too. And what about all Your own home made massacres.”

Wrong. I am not even Syrian nor Middle-eastern – you don’t even know anything about me. Stop assuming. Plus you leave out that the U.S. was preparing its own army of 5th columnists (as it does all over the world) and that there are jihadists from around 100 countries or more who are participating in the Syrian war: you got Tunisians, Moroccans, Saudis, Albanians, Bosnian Muslims, Chechens, Turks, even Uighurs and many more. It is also being financed by Saudi Arabia and Qatar who’ve spent 100s of billions to fund the mercenary armies.


What a load of crap.

Juan C. Mendizabal

Sorry but this seems distortion of history. If you pretend traslate blame of Otoman history to actual Syrians… And about opposition, the interpretation could be very wide, but in the Middle East context you can’t put a standard for Syria or Assad and Baas while backing a opposition financed, armed and mercenaries infiltrated by other regimes in the area that are wrost in any standard and financing wahabies, salafies or repressing their own people far more than in Syria. Besides, there are the US, NATO and Israel interest (aka “the West”) who are not for democracy or human rights in any way. On the contrary, dominion by geopolitics is our only purpose and economy for our rich. We can’t lecture the secular Syrians in any way. Moreover they are suffering a war mostly fought by mercenaries sent by NATO countries and purely provoked by the ambitions of our rich people.


I know how you feel, but the SAA obviously can’t win this war, not even with russian air support (without it – they would be destroyed by now). Jihadists can replace their losses easily, syrian army cannot at all. They need to finish the war soon, definitely BEFORE Killary wins (sadly that’s almost certain), but they can’t.

Juan C. Mendizabal

Perhaps it could be reversed by governmental forces making extensive use of mercs. But these terrorism-like wars cannot be fought but with lots of time and trying to gain peoples minds.


Russia now have 24 fighter-jets in Latakia, right?

Death to Israel

This is clearly Russian manipulation. Note how this offensive went almost untouched by Russian jets. They are blackmailing Assad into full servitude.


they had more sorties during this week then all of the previous 2 months,what on earth are you talking about?This is an SAA failure to defend it’s own positions but there is still to to fix this.

Jens Holm

Whats Israel – Ypur brain.

The maps shows that russians and probatly the SAA too are bombarding all they can – As Eagleson already has been writing.

Seems like You dont care aout facts at all just wanting to put dirt at the russians. And where do You get it from ?


When the battle first started Russian War planes were bombing Nura positions for 24 hours.. all the through Monday night. the ‘rebels’have 10.000 men ..where are they?…they are pathetic…its best to pull back..give the rebels the base then bomb it,..the rebels will lose..

Jens Holm

Same shit again. Agree with eagleson. Seberal being there document it very well too. Russians are bombing all they can.

Assad just could say no. Its not a blackmail at all.


You and i don’t agree on anything moron.

Juan C. Mendizabal

No. Russians suffered a downing just days ago, probably doing work for people being evacuated or assisted during the humanitarian corridors just opened. For my understanding it was but a form of “dialogue” with the US-led coalition. Same as the SU downed by Turkey. Then Russia has to decide if scalate or not. Or… how much do it. As for Aleppo… it’s a matter of time but it will fall.

Hanny Benny

Hey dudes don’t forget the satan-gang get’s every week hunderts of young brainless jihadi-supporters in their ranks, specially beyond the international betittle of the IS, many young turks come just over the border to fight for their “sacred”. So if YOU don’t go to support the defense lines of the SAA, SHUT THE FUCK ABOUT THEM!

And another thing! This war is ending when this war ending, not before. And if we lost THIS war to the satan-“caliphate”, we will get at next more biggest problems in the west. I am angry too, about the lost, but keep calm, don’t go mad. This jihad HAS TO BE DEFEATED! This war is ending when this war ending, not before!


If jihadists, including Turks, are still pouring over from Turkey’s border, it shows that Russia is a big fool to think Erdogan is now its friend simply because Erdogan is also paranoid about the U.S. and NATO to some degree. U.S. is still operating from Incirlik despite the temporary power cut off and protesters and police surrounding it.

Hanny Benny

Putin is NOT such an idiot as others.. And i was before critical with him, i understand he acts sophisticated ;) He knows very well that Erdowhore want to use him because he is with the back to the wall. But he also knows that he holds with a smile a knife on his back. Let us see who makes the next big error.. think about the shotdown last year of the russian Su-24 with murdering commander Alexander Pozynich, they close their doors to Syria ;)

Hanny Benny

The NATO, Europe and USA-members have to think about their policy by supporting “moderate rebels” – as proxy-war to Iran – together with Turkey and SaudiArabia and spreading the whahabit fanatic terror-islam culture out.. And i am WITH NATO!!


NATO is evil and is used to push the NWO agenda. I don’t want to live in a one world government – do you? And do you like seeing democratic/secular countries being destroyed because a foreign elite wants a puppet government installed? There is a saying: Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Fact is that NATO is a gang and is used to help serve the interests of the U.S. government (and shadow government behind it). NATO ganging up on much smaller countries (because the U.S. won’t even go it alone against much smaller and weaker countries), and the mainstream media demonizing the people and country with outright lies and staged and set-up incidences is DISGUSTING TO ME.

Hanny Benny

Nobody is evil… All are the “good guys” ;) (for themselfs..)


Sure there are evil people and sociopaths – those who derive pleasure in torturing and abusing others ARE evil, most definitely. And also some of the cruelty they inflict is senseless and not even good for themselves. You have serial killers who just give in to their urges to kill – and it does them no good. Yes, there is A LOT of evil and human beings can be the most SADISTIC and CRUEL of the Earth’s beings! You are deluded.

Hanny Benny

Yes you are right! sadly Somebody wanna see the world burn!

Hanny Benny

It was more an sarcastic repeating of an ex-CIA-agent who wanna change the world ;)


Oh, I thought you were one of those Pollyanna’s who think no one is really evil, just misunderstood, and that everyone will behave with love and therapy.

Hanny Benny

Yes the stance of turkey is absurd..

Hanny Benny

Hey look now. There is the stalemate i was speaken before 2 days, the SAA lost only a few men (sadly enough) but the jihadists lost more as 1000 men and dozens of armored vehicels, the lost Kinsaba and its the first time the SAA can operate open on a big field with altogether raced satan-fanboys :) Also the reinforcments come, 200 tanks, more as 500 BMPs, and a few thousand men too. In the moment the russian and syrian airforce bomb the hell of them out, everthing that moves on this deathfield, comes to hell on earth ;) In the end we will remind here the last big rearing of the west-supported jihadi-culture in Syria.


As I said a few days ago – the SAA obviously don’t have any reserves, they are stretched beyond their limits, completely exhausted with no additional manpower available, while jihadists have endless supplies of men and weapons… if SAA really fails here, they can’t win/end this war ever, not without additonal ground troops (thanks to those ‘refugees’ hiding in Germany instead to defend their country from terrorists). If -when- Killary wins she’ll increase american support to jihadists, so this is the last chance for SAA to end this war, but, alas, looks like they simply cannot do it….

Jens Holm

US is only giving regular support to some of the kurds, because they are figting Daesh/ISIS.

I would like to shoot down the propaganda parottet by Lars. US only support 1 or 2 very small groups of 40 in the “Nusras/The Rebels). One or 2 now might same some very small support from Kuwait . The mains support come from selling oil mainly by smugling through Turkey and its Erdogan AKP which has help to the ISIS until they started to make bombing attack in Turkey.

Blame US for the corréct things and dont forget that using power against people not always give “Yes Sir” but figthing back whatever it costs,

Real Anti-Racist Action

That is not true. You are propaganda. ISIS is the terrorist Mi6 and CIA and Mossad financed to destroy Libya. Then the CIA helped transfer weapons to Syria to continue the genocide their as well. This was well documented, and an American Ambassador lost his life for exposing the CIA’s role. He was set up and killed by ZIonist-Hilary.

Jens Holm

What a mix You are writing RARA.

Agree ISIS are terrorists, and some was true in the beginning in Syria because a lot of people and nations just hoped that enough united could take the Assad Regime away.

But it changed rapidly step by step just as Turks only support ISIS or not at all anymore.

Very nice of You to make Hillary as only responsible. Obama was not there as president. The senat was not there. The congres was not there. CIA was not there – And Hillary Clinton is a zionist just taken a haircut and som implants.

I know 70% voted for Assad in 2014. That doesnt give normal equal right to have taken almost all constitutionel right away from the 30% – bombing, gassing, no oil money, killing, tortueing, jailing a.s.o.


The majority of the US parlamentarisme can decide that all the people in Texas became slaves too ?

MrFriendly B

Jens, do you really believe the shit that you wrote?

Jens Holm

It is facts as well as they can be by cheking intstead. I think I only forgot Israel are supporting some in south and give a group in Nusra/Rebels advice and maybee training too.


Rubbish. US is behind this entire syrian tragedy, FSA is nothing but CIA project, you are blind if fail to realize that. Ask McCain about propaganda you are spreading his bs.

Jens Holm

Go Bunnyjump or be an scienfiction writer.

The Syrian tragedy started because the Syrian Goverment dont respect its own people.

FSA and others are reaktions to that. More asking somebody called McAbre than McCain. I remember Kain. I`m rather old. It started when it after 7 days became dark somewhere and stayed.


Whut lol, are you on drugs or just retarded?

Syrian tragedy (just as many others) started when the US (and its minions Turkey/Saudi Arabia/Qatar and even France) started to finance, organize, arm and fully support various terrorist, jihadist, criminal and bandit groups in order to overthrow the legal and legitimate government of Syria. The US government don’t respect their own people (ask BLM for example)- go start an armed rebellion there if you dare you dumb sheep. Stop spamming propaganda crap from your mouth, idiots like you are responsible for syrian genocide by supporting your criminal governments. Have you no shame? (you have no brain obviously).

I have no idea wtf is ‘bunnyjump’ (*bungee?) but you should jump off a bridge asap…

Real Anti-Racist Action

Unless Trump get’s elected. He is going to side with Putin and help Assad stay in place and allow Syria to have their own elections without people trying to take democracy away from Syria.

abu kornet

yes the rebels took al ramouseh and all of the artillery base rebels from harakat nur al din al zinki talk a stroll in ramouseh https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k384xjsOYAs

Juan C. Mendizabal

Those that beheaded a child past week?

abu kornet

yes and one of the guys that took part in the beheading of the child was the commander of an assault squad https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b8kNS_YJsc8 https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/d74827aab66552a79c18cd7deef1e8b18ff85d15029fb5a045e05cb0789ec6bb.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/9e1f4b3faf1117e54303bda5739e9e566321eda8dece01b1242ac7f430b8723e.jpg

look at the teeth

Jens Holm

Yes – but its not verified it was some child of that age and that nationality.

Normally they die in groups by firearms – friendly, not friendly or just dont care fire.

Juan C. Mendizabal

For what I’ve read it all is confirmed. They are identified, the group assumed it & there was a gruop commander among them. Ultimately I’ve found some more info that seems deliberately planted for “justifying” the beheading, as if it was justifiably putting some years more to the child. Or there are also some people in denial that pretend it was a fake.

Jens Holm

Thank You for Your answer. Nor easy with all thats plants with or without tears making them grow.

What I meant – and mean – is something like we already know that this barbarism is going on all the times by all methods and used by many.

Something like that. Tnks.


Either way the overall battlefield situation is not satisfactory for the SAA. The amount of territory at the pinch point (around the Ramouseh district and Al-Ameria can be broken any time (lack of strategic depth), and overall this means a longer wait to the conclusion of this conflict.

Back and forth battles like the situation in Kinsibba means those soldiers who lost their lives in previous battles did so in vain.

Real Anti-Racist Action

My conclusion is that to many Syrians especially men of fighting age cowered to Europe, instead of making themselves useful and doing the right thing and defending their homes and country. If they did not defend their old country, they are not going to defend their new countries either. They are disgraceful to all. And should be left out to sob, not handed freebies for being cowards. The free handouts should be airlifted to the Syrians who are fighting to defend Syria. http://www.dailystormer.com/

Jens Holm

If they could, they probadly came back well armed and as a start removed Assad and The BAADS.

Juan C. Mendizabal

But no. There have been made studies where most refugees seem to be pro-Assad. Moreover after seeing what jihadist mercenaries have done when they took control of some city.

Boris Kazlov

Remove an elected president by armed force?, you want them to become like your terrorist friends, blurting all their stuid personal attacks against al-Assad, only true secular leader left in the MIddle East, muricans like kingdoms they can control by putting bases all over them.

Dave Brown

you join the army then mental defect.


Most of them are against assad regime he’s the reason for all this Syria was a peacful safe country like it or not Assad is not loved…He’s feared …his loyalists are just as bad as some of these rebels..his loyalist kidnap people and ask for ransom they can beat the crap out of a civilian if they feel like it no one would stop them so do you really this they would fight for a tyrant and defend him while he lies in his palace? Most don’t think so. I’m with the SAA they’re mostly conscripts who were forced to fight (90% of them) but they’re fighting for a tyrant murderer if SAA would force Assad to resign it could end the war and start peace talks Isis will be still fought tho

Jens Holm

Dayly stormer has blewn har brain out – writing same stuff all the time – must be eccoes in there.

If We armed all the Refuges and sended the back, the first move would be to get of Assad & all tha Baads.

By the way most refuges are in Syria and just outside – Millions of them: Turkey, Lebanon & Jordan.


The siege is clearly not lifted. All that happened is capture of a few blocks that earlier was in govt controlled area. As the map clearly shows, this is at worst the situation during the early days of clash for Castello road. The entire area is under fire control of SAA and cannot be used to supply terrorists held up in Aleppo. This will serve as a PR exercise for terrorists for a short while but siege of Aleppo is a reality and cannot be reversed without a drastic change in the ground situation. As of today, the terrorists gangs are not in a position to force that. The people who know this best are those that claim a “lift of siege”.

Jens Holm

Well it could be so, that they will make the door wider than You think. SAA nust be weak and russian has not so many bombs left for the moment.

And another thing. Now Assads again need much transportation for citycenter supply and therefore has to protect their only line with bad road to it.

The wurst case could be – If You like Assads – that Nusras cut the eastern road too.

Real Anti-Racist Action

Here is the video proof of the terrorist getting inside of the Artillery base and into the bunks and offices. I feel sorry for the good Syrians who gave their life defending all Syrians. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RpI3VLIvdTQ

Valhalla rising

Why is the artillery base still there ? Why is that its not a giat crater ? Why is it that the area west of it are not a giat minefield ? Get the fucking white swans out and pulverize it in a rolling attack 24/7 while doing a flanking attack and just kill them all in a big couldron ?

Ram Aryal

seems like SAA underestimated the rebel offensive, SAA counter offensive after they repelled first round of offensive was a grave mistake. Instead they should have strengthened there defenses and focused on reconnaissance so that they could provide targets for airstrikes.

Jens Holm

Agree, the Assads believe on their own propaganda too much. They dont see how well organized fastmovers the Nusras are when they use their best troops as infantery.

I compare them with the Janishars or the best infantery support germans had for their tanks.

And Yes. Even before the attack, there should have been landmines for infantery and heavy vehicles all over. Wasnt that enough they should have moved back regroupping and make space for free bombing including pointing out targets.

But its not easy. The Nusra infantery will know, that the safest place will be at the toes of the enemy.

Read somewhere Assad will put som militsia types in, and they should be better than most of the army.

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