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Jihadists Blow Up Power Plant In Syria’s Idlib (Video)

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On May 6, terrorists of the al-Qaeda-affiliated Turkistan Islamic Party (TIP) blew up the Zayzun thermal power plant in Idlib’s southwestern countryside, according to the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA). The state-run agency released a video showing the plant’s giant cooling tower collapsing after the explosion.

According to several sources, TIP terrorists are now planning to scrap and sell the remains of the cooling tower, which is made from steel and other valuable metals.

Established in 1997, the Zayzun thermal power plant used to supply northwestern Syria with up to 384 megawatts. The power plant provided work for more than 250 specialists and engineers.

In 2015, so-called “Jaysh al-Fateh,” a coalition of al-Qaeda groups and the Free Syrian Army (FSA), captured the plant in the course of its large-scale military campaign in Greater Idlib.

The TIP, a Chinese Uyghurs terrorist group, later imposed control of the plant. The terrorist group dismantled the plant’s valuable equipment and sold them, then began to scrap what was left.

The destruction of the Zayzun thermal power plant is without a doubt a war crime. Many other facilities in Greater Idlib were looted and destroyed by militants in the last few years. In most cases, these acts were not widely reported.


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Xoli Xoli

The apparent new destructive terrorist government supported by greedy Israel and selfish power hungry Erdogan.

Mustafa Mehmet

yes oli u right

klove and light

great Agreements Putin u fucking treacherous Zionist bibi cock sucking pig


YOU MISS THE POINT (PERIOD),TRY AGAIN SOROS/FLOGGED! Lets https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/ce92fd4abb1ed0806172e618f0a706de6341b392b3a2ec82dbe094ddfb62a6df.png spell it out once and for all,without the crack!


They’re dismantling those to sell the scraps and relocate expensive equipment to neighboring Turkey, Israel and its bitches Saudis and Qataris. Truly heroes, the liberators of the people, right?


which kind of equipment


the things I saw were turbines and boilers, even dismantled power lines

Bobby Twoshoes

What does it matter? Anything anyone will pay for. This is the weirdest trolling I’ve seen in a while, what response will give you that holier than thou endorphin rush that substitutes real social interaction for you autistic children?

Tom Tom

oh, yeah?


wth, lol!


not Qataris any more but the Emirates yes and now the Emir of Qatar says the Kuwaitis are funding ISIS…

Jens Holm

Recycle is normal and the old stuff making it work is gone forever.

Its very hard for me to see morons like Neurathm KLOve,Xoli and Mustefat put in Jews. Mutch like those grow in their own behinds and come out. But Your own little brownies are not Jews at all.

Shall I go on. If it was an Israelian advice, this is a very good deal.

Concrete Mike

You dont “recycle” a 20 year old thermal plant.

“The old stuff is gone forever”. What the fuck are you talking about? Have you ever built ANYTHING in your life? Are you aware there are some humans with actual skills out there, that can still make things, unlike you and your useless art degree.

Any idiot can point out problems, engineers find solutions.

Dont worry though, we have been building thermal plants for decades, they are relatively easy to build.

fayez chergui

hell to israel!


experts please, which kind of cooling system parts do they want to sell?


They probably dismantle the cooling pipes, but the cooling towers definitely just scrap metal and beams. Boilers have value, and there were footage of them carrying dismantled turbines early in the war, sold cheaply to Qatar

Concrete Mike

There selling the copper, no experts needed here, there are copper thieves around the world it seems.

cechas vodobenikov


Kitosan My

they are destroying the country .. the astana agreement is a liability , it is obvious the Turks are akin to USA in Iraq …


Worthless bandits, and some people actually want these thugs running the government of Syria???

People like them do nothing but take, and contribute nothing to the world. No wonder so many of these scumbags love flooding into Europe for freebies off other people’s labour.

Pave Way IV

Dear President Xi,

Seems that some of your Uyghur head-chopper trash have escaped through Turkey and are squatting on stolen Syrian land. I think Erdogan said they could have it if they chopped Syrian heads for him.

In any case, they’re worse than f’king termites, stripping destroyed Syrian infrastructure for copper and other scrap metal to survive. And they’re breeding like rats. They intend to return to China someday and turn Xinjiang into their caliphate. I think they want to kill you, your family and the entire CPC. Maybe you should send these guys (below) to pick them up before this turns into a huge problem for China. Oh, and sorry about Trump. We got him on European Sudafed and he seems calm for now.


MH370 Atok The Deceiver

chinese army are loosers when did we see any chinese expeditionary forces? none

Traiano Welcome

Expeditionary forces? What for? You mean like the American armies of Imperialism?

Traiano Welcome

Are these the same Uyghur headchoppers Xi is trying to reform and eradicate?

The Americans and Europeans scream bloody murder every time the Chinese try to weed out Muslim extremists from Xinjiang.

And when they don’t, the ‘International Community’ screams blue murder for allowing ‘Islamic Extremism’ to thrive.

Pave Way IV

Wiki: “The Turkistan Islamic Party (TIP)… is an Islamic extremist organization founded by Uyghur jihadists in Western China, considered broadly as a terrorist group. Its stated goals are to establish an independent state called “East Turkestan” in Xinjiang… …The UN Security Council Al-Qaida Sanctions Committee has listed ETIM as a terrorist organization since 2002.”

Just like any Sunni anywhere else, most Uyghur Sunni are not Wahhabi-indoctrinated head-choppers. Despite that, the CPC sees a broader threat to the state in fundamentalist Sunni Islam itself, thus the ‘reeducation camps’ for a lot of Uyghurs. The PLA probably puts a bullet in the head of any TIP it finds right on the spot (prior to organ harvesting). No free bus ride to ‘camp’.

Traiano Welcome

Looks like the CCP is copying the Israeli treatment of Palestinians then. Organ harvesting included.

Tom Tom

What, no “hearts and minds” in the community?

Traiano Welcome

Good. That should make it clear to the civilians in Idlib whose side they should be on.


Pretty scabby,seriously these nwo/kweers are that desperate these days,seems it to me! Oh well,let theor disease persist to perish their lands,after all they will reap whats sowed,no exceptions!

Peter Jennings

The Syrian people were right to reject western funded terrorists fake representation of Islam. The caliphate wannabes claim to care about the Syrian people and their way of life yet for the past 9years they have been bombing and looting the country back to the stone age.

It’s time heads started to roll in the organisations responsible for planning the mess in the ME. The national security excuse and the public purse has never been so abused.

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